"What a cute little guy! His eyes are green!" exclaimed the girl. "Second sister, come and see!"

A girl of sixteen or seventeen came out of the coach in front of the post, frowning slightly and looking at the cheerful girl, "Stop it, little sister, throw it away quickly, where is the little wildcat dirty?"
Ruxiaonan’s hair on the back of his neck exploded as soon as it was blown.
Are you blind? Can’t you see that Lun’s family is wearing a gold collar and two five-color stones? Lun’s family is a serious cat! Domestic cat!
What’s so dirty? It’s delicious. Lord Shaoqing wiped his hair himself.
RuXiaoNan grumbled in his throat.
Holding a young girl like Ru Xiaonan, she started to flirt. "We talked to death all the way. Why don’t we have a kitten to play with? Do you think it has such a good coat and a gold collar on its neck?"
That’s when I saw it. Are you sure your eyes didn’t come for breath?
RuXiaoNan couldn’t help but turn supercilious look.
Just as the two girls were surprised to look at Ru Xiaonan’s neck collar, they stretched out a big hand from the side to "come here".
Light voice with some pride
The two girls didn’t notice that a young man dressed in jinyihua was reaching out to the black cat in front of them.
Chapter 34 I want that little black cat because it smells good.
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RuXiaoNan looked at green ink yan held out her hand.
"Haw" RuXiaoNan twisted her body and broke free from the girl’s hand and jumped to the ground.
"Is this cat you?" Asked the older girl
Blue ink yan didn’t answer but bent over to RuXiaoNan up.
RuXiaoNan raise your head to please seems to be rubbing against the blue ink Yan neck.
Furry feels great.
Blue ink yan hand gently holding her jaw.
Ru Xiaonan instantly narrowed his eyes. Animals can really resist it.
Two girls watched the young man take the black cat away in front of them.
"Second sister, I want that kitten." The girl cried coquetry. "I want that kitten."
Another girl couldn’t look at her. "Stop it. That cat is the man. How can I beg for it?"
"It’s just a cat. What’s the big deal? I’ll pay him how much money he wants." The girl pouted and looked dissatisfied
"Why are you two still here? The caravan has arranged for you to go in quickly." A young man came over and urged, "Little sister, what’s wrong and who made you unhappy?"
"Third brother, my kitten has been caught away." The girl was hopping around and pulling the corner of the young coat, and her body was almost twisted into a twist.
"Stop it," scolded the young man. "This is not the deep house compound of Cai Fu. Please pay attention to some rules. What are you talking about, kittens?"
The girl told me what happened just now, and complained at the end, "I was in a panic in the car with my second sister all the way. I want a kitten to play with me."
"When we get to Shifang Town, you can have as many kittens as you want." The young man nodded her forehead. "Come into the post."
The girl reluctantly followed her into the post, but when she got inside, she widened her eyes and looked around, hoping to see the little black cat again.
Green ink Yan entered the post and never showed up again. Everything was sent to Xuanyu’s room for meals.
Because Qing Mo Yan didn’t bring Ru Xiao Nan’s clothes for dinner, he saw the black fragrant raccoon dog sitting on the tip of the table and shaking gently.
"Change back" green ink yan ordered.
No way!
RuXiaoNan whined and bowed their heads and went into the rice.
Blue ink Yan stretched out his hand and blocked her face "change it back for me to eat"
The Luns don’t want to eat naked!
RuXiaoNan protested against eke out a small tooth.
"If you eat badly, you’ll get all over your face." Green ink Yan said crossly. "There’s no water to bathe you here."
RuXiaoNan leng leng looked down at her shiny black fur and bit her teeth. She jumped into bed.
A faint brilliance flashed RuXiaoNan back to human form.
Blue ink Yan threw it to her from taking off her outer petticoat.
Ruxiaonan wears it quickly.
Green ink Yan no longer stopped her from eating rice. As soon as she turned around, Green ink Yan turned back into a black fragrant raccoon.
Are you kidding? She doesn’t want to sleep with him naked.
Blue ink Yan looks a little ugly, but it’s finally no longer difficult. She puts her in the body and looks up with her arms resting on her head, staring at the roof.
RuXiaoNan knew that he needed to think clearly by himself and didn’t bother him. He curled up on his body and snored in a short time.
RuXiaoNan woke up the next morning and found herself on horseback.
Look around blankly, huh? When have they left the post?
"awake?" There is a blue ink on the top of your head.
Raising her little head, she found herself stuffed in her clothes by him.
"haw?" Leaving so early. Where’s her breakfast?
Blue ink Yan called "Xuanyu"
Xuanyu urged the horse to come and pass me an oiled paper bag.
Wow, it’s awkward!
The drowsiness disappeared in an instant.
When she first ate clams, she was still an unweaned fragrant beaver. At that time, she had a terrible mouth, and she was still bitten by green ink to feed her.
The crispy skin of the delicious cake looks a little soft after a while, but it doesn’t affect the taste at all.
RuXiaoNan quickly stood up and pawed to pull the blue ink Yan clothes.
Come on, come on, give it to me!