Just as we victims were in silence, Feng Kai suddenly cried out in horror, "Look, four dogs, there’s a face staring at us!

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I was shocked when I heard Feng Kai’s words. We stayed in this house for so long. Why did a face suddenly appear when there was no one here?
In the direction pointed by Feng Kai, I saw a yellow face staring at us strangely in a dark corner of this room. Through the light coming in from the roof vent, I could see that the owner’s face was Gherardini and his expression was very strange.
After so many dangers, my psychological quality can be said to be quite strong now. Although I was taken aback, I quickly stabilized my mind and took my hand to take a photo of that face.
The hand light is very strong. After taking this picture, Yi Genjin and Feng Kai and I shouted at the same time in a corner. This thing turned out to be a big bat with a face!
This big bat is twice as big as a normal bat, and its face is closer to the size of a human face. The skin was waxy yellow, and after being irradiated by the strong light in my hand, it closed its eyes and spread its wings in a strange way, flying to the dark and avoiding the irradiation range of the hand.
I quickly chased it with bare hands, and it seemed to be afraid of the light and suddenly flew to the adjacent room. We chased it near and saw that the door of this room and the adjacent one was half open, and the bat flew through the door.
My hand shone into the adjacent room, and this photo stirred up a hornet’s nest. Groups of big bats came at us from the room!
It turns out that a large number of bats have been hiding in that room for a long time, and they have been disturbed by the light of their hands. They have been flying in front of us from the half-open door. Only when they get near, can I see that these dozens of bats are all about the same size, with a pair of harsh faces, and a few of them directly pounce on me. There is a face in my hand, and the bat opened his mouth and bit the back of my hand, throwing my hand to the ground in pain.
These face bats began to turn around, and our heads flew around and dived to attack us from time to time. Their attack method was to bite us with their mouths. We all pulled out police daggers and flew around the head, and the face bats suddenly stabbed to death, but they didn’t deter these guys. On the contrary, they attacked more fiercely.
Not long after, Feng Kai’s scalp was bitten by a bat with a face. Suddenly, blood was flowing. Feng Kai cursed and brandished the dagger in his hand and plunged into these guys. But no matter how high the kung fu was, he could not hold these flying things and besieged his scalp. His face was bleeding and his face was red.
Yi Genjin parried the siege of these face bats and shouted, "Brother Dog, find a way or you will be killed by these things!"
I thought to myself, what can I do? These face bats are so fierce that when they bite them, they will be raw. I shouted at Yi Genjin and Feng Kai, "Run to the other room and die the door before these guys come after me!"
As soon as they turned their heads, they ran to our most advanced room, but dozens of bats with faces moved so fast that they blocked the front and rushed at the three of us at the same time before they ran a few steps!
At this time, an evil wind blew through the wind, mixed with several tiny black particles. After being blown by the wind, this group of face bats all withered and fell to the ground like autumn wind sweeping away leaves.
The three of us looked back and saw that it was Nellie who waved his hand and released this evil wind to shoot down a group of face bats.
Feng Kai couldn’t believe this. He looked at Xiaolian in surprise and said to me, "Four dogs didn’t expect your wife to be so powerful. What kind of magic is this? How did you kill so many bats in a blink of an eye?"
Seeing Feng Kai’s mouth open so wide in surprise, I thought you wouldn’t be more surprised if you knew that my wife was a fierce ghost. I said to Feng Kai, "My wife learned Daoism from me, and this time she learned Daoism from me."
"What?" Feng Kai couldn’t believe it and immediately laughed and said to me, "Don’t brag, four dogs. If you had these two, why didn’t you just take the lead?"
"Of course I won’t do it if I have my wife. Don’t delay. Let’s find where Su Mei is hiding. Grandmother must have told them just now. Don’t let them slip away," I said.
Feng Kai was very anxious when he heard that Su Mei and Grandmother were going to run. What he was most worried about now was whether he could catch Su Mei and quickly search for a house.
We went from room to room looking for no valuable clues except finding some wooden boxes containing arms. Lillian came up to me and said, "Four dogs and grandmothers are scheming. Are you wearing a spell?"
When I woke up by Nellie, I remembered that I had brought a stack of spells with me, all of which were soaked in the river. I had a peach wooden sword and a magic weapon that Master gave me. I felt a lot more secure. I said, "The spells are gone, but the peach wooden sword is more than enough to deal with Grandmother."
Nelly nodded at ease and said, "Brother Four Dogs must not be soft when they see Grandmother. This time, she must be completely solved. She can’t let her run again."
"Well, don’t worry, Lillian, I will personally kill Grandmother and take out the orb in her belly for you. Besides, Grandmother killed Uncle Buta and I killed Grandmother to avenge Zana." I gritted my teeth and said.
Yi Genjin listened to me talking about Zana’s blushing for so many days. I can see that Yi Genjin misses Zana. Yi Genjin listened to me and said, "Brother Dog, after you stop Grandmother, let me do it. I have to dig out this wife’s heart myself!"
Feng Kai heard that Yi Genjin and I gnashed our teeth to kill people, but it didn’t stop us. After all, he died here with four special police officers, which made him sad. What’s more, Su Mei and Grandmother are heinous criminals. Feng Kai couldn’t wait for them to resist arrest and kill them directly.
A few more rooms passed. When we pushed open a door again, there was a light inside, which lit up the whole room. This room was very spacious. There were more than a dozen people looking in the middle. There was a woman sitting in a chair. She was about thirty years old, attractive and charming. I saw that it was exactly what we were looking for in Su Mei!
Next to Su Mei, there is a wife with a sly and insidious face, and a pair of yellow eyes are going round and round, looking at us. This wife is the grandmother, and everyone is wearing a Japanese samurai. Everyone is glaring at us with a long Japanese combat knife in their hands!
In a corner, there are two Japanese samurai squatting there, shaking their hand-cranked engines to give strength to the house.
I was so nervous and excited when I saw Su Mei and Grandmother. After so much suffering, I finally found them. Yi Genjin’s calculation was so accurate!
Feng Kai didn’t know Su Mei and Grandmother. She asked me, "Are these four bitches the ones we are looking for?"
I nodded and said, "The woman sitting in the middle is Su Mei, and the wife next to her is Grandmother. Be careful that Grandmother is half man and half demon. It is extremely difficult to deal with Su Mei. Grandmother’s master must be more insidious than Grandmother."
Before I could finish, Su Mei suddenly sneered with great charm and said, "Yan Sigou, you are really capable of finding here. It seems that I underestimated you and tricked you into killing you at my fly base. Unexpectedly, I didn’t kill you and let you break the old lady’s affairs. I really regret that you found your own door to come to the old lady today, but I saved trouble. Hurry up and kill yourself and suffer more!"
Su Mei’s words almost made me angry. I thought to myself, you dog, I just came to collect you. How dare you talk so brazenly and say more benefits? Let’s just catch these two women first.
I winked at Yi Genjin and Feng Kai. Three people pulled out police daggers at the same time and walked to Su Mei and Grandmother. We walked out of a few steps. At the same time, more than a dozen Japanese samurai armed with combat knives shouted and drank their combat knives, threw away their scabbard and came at us with their hands raised.
The three of us are at an absolute disadvantage in terms of the number of people and weapons in our hands. These dozen Japanese samurai are obviously practitioners, and their combat knives are unstoppable. Among us, Feng Kai’s kung fu is the best, and Yi Genjin’s one-on-one combat ability is also quite strong. They rushed to fight with them to meet these Japanese samurai.
I’m a long way from farming when I was in Helong Village. Although I’ve had a good experience during this period, I’m still not very good at fighting people. I’m not very good at seeing these big knives flying around in front of me, dodging around and fighting back.
Feng Kai and Yi Genjin killed their red eyes at this time, especially Feng Kai, who had thick calluses on his palms. He kept them when he was practicing hard kung fu of chopping bricks with one palm. At this time, his right hand held a police dagger and his left palm stretched horizontally like a steel knife. These Japanese samurai bodies must be chopped down with a dagger in one hand, and two or three people were stabbed to death. Yi Genjin was also unambiguous in stabbing and killing a Japanese samurai, and then he took the Japanese combat knife from his hand to fight with these Japanese samurai.
The house was in chaos. Su Mei and Grandmother watched coldly, especially Su Mei, who sat there and looked at me coldly. Nelly and I seemed to have no interest in Feng Kai and Yi Genjin.
At this time, two Japanese samurai came at me with combat knives, and I was a little difficult to parry Nellie. When I saw my danger around me, I shook my hand and released a black fog, which was right in the face of the two Japanese samurai. Two guys screamed and fell to the ground, covering their eyes and screaming and rolling. I knew they had been caught by Nellie’s black bug.
Su Mei saw Lillian sitting there with a giggle. "Lillian, do you still recognize me?"
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See sitting in the middle of Su Mei spoke. Lillian looked at her. Suddenly, Lillian’s face was very complicated, resentful and sad. One hundred years ago, all kinds of past feelings flashed in her mind again. Lillian’s teeth rattled me, and she trembled when she saw Lillian next to her.
I shook Nellie’s hand, and her cold hands trembled. I’ve never seen Nellie so angry. Su Mei’s previous life was Qin Xiangrao, the woman with a heart of snakes and scorpions. Nellie and I were all directed by this woman in our previous lives.
I looked at this beautifully dressed woman who seemed to have seen the abnormal smile after she and her father Qin Huairen destroyed Nellie more than 100 years ago. Qin Xiangrao still has a peach blossom face and her face. This kind of smile makes me want to slap her a few times.
"Why doesn’t Xiaolian talk? You’ve been looking for me, huh?" Su Mei provocative eyes looked at located and I smile and said, it seems that this bitch has long known her past life, and she also knows her feud with located and me. Otherwise, she can’t say such a thing. It would produce doubts in my heart that Su Mei is a real estate developer. How can she know the past life?
Xiaolian broke my hand and walked to Su Mei with smiles on her face, staring at her for fear that Su Mei would suddenly disappear from her face. "Qin Xiangrao, you made me and Brother Four Dogs miserable. Today I want you to blood out!" Lotus walked to Su Mei and said.
"Ha ha located generation you are not my opponent, so is this life. I heard that your skin is back. Ha ha, you are really good, not only to get your skin back, but also to get your boyfriend’s brother back. Congratulations! But I will make you suffer again, "Su Mei said with a wink at Grandmother." Give them some color to see see! "
Grandmother saw Su Mei speak and nodded quickly. "It’s the master!" The wife said that helping Su Mei was like serving the Queen Mother Galeries Lafayette, holding Su Mei’s wrist and trying to get out of here.
I don’t know what the hell these two women are doing, but it seems that they want to run quickly and quickly to recover Feng Kai and Yi Genjin. At this time, they are still fighting with several Japanese warriors. Fortunately, these Japanese warriors are very Xiao Han, and Yi Genjin’s chest clothes are opened. Seeing that Yi Genjin will not stay up, Feng Kai is also good at kung fu. A police dagger in his hand darts into these Japanese warriors from time to time, and he kills seven by himself.
Seeing that Nellie and I were chasing Su Mei’s grandmother, the remaining Japanese warriors stopped fighting. Feng Kai and Yi Genjin raised their combat knives and surrounded Nellie and me. Nellie was afraid that I would get hurt and said quietly to me, "Brother Four Dogs, get behind me."
How can I hide behind my wife and let her shelter me from the wind and rain? I didn’t pay attention to Lillian’s speech and rushed to meet these Japanese samurai. Today, I also thought it over. Even if I cut my whole body, I would put the emperor Rama away. I can’t let Grandmother run away again. This Su Mei can’t let go, otherwise it will be a future trouble!
These Japanese samurai screamed and raised their knives at me, so they chopped me up, waved their police knives, and stabbed them in their vital parts. When I was farming in Helong Village, I didn’t even dare to kill chickens, but now I have experienced so many dangers and hardships, and I finally got a little bloodthirsty. A Japanese samurai was stabbed in the neck by me. This knife was too strong and sharp, and it fell to the ground than sticking his neck through a dead body.
I actually got pleasure from killing, which was unexpected to me, and Xiaolian was also surprised. She never expected that I would raise a knife to kill people now, but I was forced to kill you if you didn’t kill him.