A pair of neon eyebrows raised, "How can you touch the trace of magic repair so quickly?"

She has no joy.
But a little worried.
Those demons in the Sacred Heart Temple are a group of frightened birds, and they are well hidden one by one.
Now it’s so easy to be found …
It can be said that there is a great possibility-those sacred heart temple magic repairs are about to have a big move!
The so-called "big move" by the magicians …
It can never be a good thing!
For example, Qinghe County had found traces of magic repair, and as a result, Qinghe County was almost infiltrated into a sieve by magic repair, and even the county official was almost controlled by magic repair.
And the most important thing is that the magic repair in Qinghe County was killed and it didn’t take long for the magic repair to stir up.
There must be something urgent that the monks are eager to finish.
Fu Shuangni thought of the information that the white monk told her.
"Give orders!"
Fu Shuangni cautiously said, "Let all county government departments in the 5-mile range of Fiona Fang in Qinghe County center step up their vigilance and let them draw in some people who practice scattered cultivation and cultivate immortals in the clan to fight against the magic cultivation conspiracy."
"At the same time, you sent a message to the state capital asking them to send a large number of troops immediately!"
Fu Shuangni had a bad feeling that "something bad might happen"
The state official was so serious that he didn’t dare to neglect the Princess Hall.
Hurriedly replied, "Here!"
Chapter one hundred and seven Criminal gangs in the monster beast
night falls
Qinghe county looks very quiet at night. After all, most ordinary people dare not go out at night. Who knows if they will suddenly encounter any monsters?
For those ordinary people, even an ordinary wandering ghost is enough to scare them out of their wits.
Worse …
Qinghe county mixed with magic repair a few days ago. I don’t know what happened all over the county.
This led to Qinghe County, and everyone was in a panic.
Even ordinary wandering souls and wild ghosts are afraid on weekdays.
Not to mention killing people without blinking an eye!
this moment
Fu Shuang neon has let go of everything in it, and the cooling of the simulator for cultivating immortals has ended.
Her mood is slightly uneasy.
The reason for being uneasy is naturally that I am worried about whether I can enter the cultivation simulator again.
not bad
When I saw the familiar words pop up, I was secretly relieved in my heart.
I can also enter the simulator myself!
[Welcome to cultivate immortality simulator again! You currently have two choices-]
[Choose 1 to continue a simulated life. This choice will inherit a simulated life attribute and a newborn talent, but it needs to be started from scratch]
[Option 2: Start a new life. This option will re-select primary talents and re-assign personal attributes randomly. Everything will start from scratch]
[Please select! 】