For the older generation, this is a casual topic, and it doesn’t really mean to show off the box office with humility.

Li Yan nodded, and he said that he can’t worry about this kind of thing, so he can take his time.
I chatted with Li Yan here, and it was noon soon.
"Uncle Yan, since you’re all right, I’ll go back to the steel plant first. After all, I came to you directly after the plane. I haven’t even gone to my father. He should know that he should scold me in his heart."
Longyou is really telling the truth.
Now that we’re here, how can Li Yan let him go? Greet him for dinner at home.
"No, you can’t go today! I’m really angry with your uncle Yan if you leave! Don’t refuse to eat for a long time! Otherwise, it’s really unhappy. "
Li Yan a serious said
I know that I can’t get rid of Longyou this time. Naimo wipes her mouth. "Okay, since Uncle Yan said so, it would be really unappreciative for me to refuse again. Then thank Uncle Yan for his hospitality!"
Li Yancai nodded happily when he heard that he was willing to stay for dinner.
Then I went into my bedroom and took out a pot of wine in a short time. It’s been a long time, and it’s been a few years since it was stuffed with that red’ color’ cloth!
This really stunned Longyou. After all, I have seen this wine.
It seems that Li Yan, who noticed Longyou’s vision, proudly said, "Do you know what wine this is?"
Longyou shook his head.
"This is your uncle Yan, and I have treasured it for more than 30 years."
As she spoke, Li Yan opened the jar, and the piece of red cloth suddenly smelled of pure wine, which made Longyou feel a little drunk and drunk before drinking.
"You wait here for Uncle Yan, and I’ll ask your aunt to make you some side dishes that I’m good at, and you’ll want to eat them after eating them."
Say that finish Li Yan went into his small kitchen.
At this time, Long Jingui called because Xiao Si said that Longyou flew back to China today, but now he has not come to the steel plant, so he was suddenly worried that something would not happen, right?
So I quickly gave him a message.
"Hey dad, what’s the matter?"
Took the words longyou quickly asked
Long Jingui, on the other end of the sentence, heard his own voice, and then he let go of his hanging heart. After all, so many people died in the plane recently, but it was scary!
"You said! You flew back to China long ago. Why haven’t you seen anyone yet? Where did the ghost go? "
The first thing I did when I thought of Longyou’s return to China was not to go back to the steel mill to see his own work, but to run around everywhere. Suddenly, I was so angry that I spoke a little bit.
How could Longyou be so clever that he couldn’t hear the tone in his master’s words and quickly explained, "Dad, when Uncle Yan went abroad before, he was worried that he would come back to China now. Come and see the place quickly. Don’t be angry when he delayed returning to the steel plant!"
I heard that it was Li Yan here that Long Jingui’s anger subsided a little-after all, he didn’t go out to do other things, and he and Li Yan looked so good at him, which meant watching himself.
"All right, then you, uncle Yan, come back for a while! After all, our steel mills need you. "
At this time, Long Jingui’s tone of voice softened, and it was no longer as stiff as before, which made people feel uncomfortable.
Knowing that his father’s anger was eliminated, Longyou smiled and answered him. "I know that Uncle Yan has to stay here for dinner, so I can’t just refuse!" How rude that is! Don’t worry, I’ll go back after dinner. Don’t worry! "
Then he hung up. At this time, Li Yanduan came along with several fried dishes.
"Longyou! Who are you calling? "
Li Yan put these dishes on the table, wiped her head and sweated, then asked
Looking at the table full of sweet and delicious food, Longyou suddenly felt that the saliva was flowing in his mouth, and he quickly held back before saying to Li Yan, "It’s my dad. He didn’t think it was time. I didn’t go back to the steel plant when I got off the plane. What happened to me? It’s really hard for you to ask Uncle Yan to cook so many dishes!"
Li Yan wiped his head and said with a smile, "What’s the matter? You come to see uncle Yan. Uncle Yan is naturally happy. How hard it is worth it! Let’s drink to each other. "
With that, he brought two small wine glasses to fill the’ female’ red inside and handed it to Longyou.
"Don’t be strict, uncle. You’re not well. Don’t drink. Why don’t you drink juice?"
"What words! Uncle Yan is in good health! Hurry up! "
Longyou hurriedly politely’ sex’ took a glass of wine, and the aroma of the wine in the glass suddenly made him dump himself, but he had never met such a sweet and mellow wine!
After touching Li Yan in a hurry, Longyou took the cup and gulped it down.
Suddenly, I went from a red face to a bogen and then to the body. I felt a burst of heat and unbearable. Look at the opposite face. Yan Yan is also blushing and thick. You can see how high this wine is.
But Li Yan doesn’t seem to want to let Longyou go so easily and give him another drink.
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Chapter 324 Fuling powder
Hold it high and say with a smile, "Longyou, come to this cup of Uncle Yan, I respect you. I hope you can watch Changhong and get a blockbuster box office! Let’s win glory! "
"Borrow uncle yan favorable that here is the first thank uncle yan! I also did this cup! "
Say that finish longyou once again took a cup of plump and drank it in WWWianhuaangla.—
This cup is even worse than one … no wonder it is said that this wine is old, the higher the degree, but the more mellow it is, the two cups are really unbearable!
Longyou felt as anxious as a stove. Look at the other side. Yan Yan is also sweating, but he is not much better than himself.
I didn’t think that this third cup was actually poured into the cup by Longyou.
At this time, he saw that everything was ghosted. It was silly to hold the cup towards Yan Yan and said, "Uncle Yan! This cup is for you! I’ve always admired you, and you’ve done your best to that Li Shuren, but he’s not a thing. I don’t forgive you for your pains. What happens to such a person deserves it! Come and let’s do it! "
Say that finish directly swallowed.
Followed by the’ fan’ and’ fan’, it seems that I also saw the lie prone table in the hazy, and it is a shame to save no one to accompany myself.
In my dream … this wine smells good … it smells good …
When he woke up again, he lay in bed.
At this time, Li Yanduan came in with a cup of black’ color’ and’ medicine’ soup and said very earnestly, "Oh, you can wake up. Uncle Yan is old, but you can’t help but scare me. If you have a drink and come out somehow, your grumpy dad can’t eat me alive! This is sobering soup. Drink it quickly to sober up and warm your stomach. "
Took the bowl of black things Longyou held his nose and swallowed it.
Then I returned the bowl to Li Yan and looked at the clock. It was already six o’clock in the evening and I slept for four hours! ! ! No, I have to go back to the steel plant now. There are so many things waiting for him, but I can’t delay a minute!
Thought of this, I got up quickly and said to Li Yan, "Uncle Yan is really sorry that I can’t be here with you. You know, the steel mill has to do a lot of things myself, so I’ll go first. I’ll see you again in a few days. Thank you for your hospitality!"
"All right! I can understand that you are busy, so you must come sometime! Let’s get drunk again! "
Li Yanshan said
Walking from the’ bed’, Longyou quickly nodded and then smiled at Li Yan before leaving his house.
"Hello small four where are you now? Hurry to take me back to the steel plant. "
Longyou dialed small four words eagerly said
"Yeah, I see. I’ll be right there. Brother Lung, wait a moment."
I got the news. Xiao Si came here at once.
In a short time, I drove to the intersection and waited for Longyou to pick up the car.
"What did you do?"