"The loan was successful, and the Ultimate Healing started successfully and gained 30,000 experience points."

Seeing that Dragon Father’s body was quickly wrapped in gentle green light, just like being wrapped in cocoon, his wound was’ fleshy’, and the visible speed was constantly recovering. Soon, his body was broken and quickly closed, and his’ color’ gradually became rosy.
Slowly, the cocoon was broken, and the dragon father returned to normal again. After the successful start of shallow breathing at the tip of the nose, the dragon swims’ essence’ and is instantly’ pumped’ dry. Generally, the whole person leans against the window and feels dizzy.
"Little master, are you all right?" The flattering entity came out, and the whole person looked like a nine-day fairy in a white’ color’ veil.
Longyou shook his head and said, "I’m fine. Go and see my father."
E-mail explored the corners of Long Fu’s mouth with a reassuring smile. "Long Fu has been fine, and the wound has disappeared. But if you don’t prevent it, you still have to send Long Fu to the hospital, otherwise I’m afraid the young master will really be regarded as a monster."
"Yeah, I know." Longyou called King Kong and Xiao Si, who were driving in front, and asked them to drive to a nearby private hospital.
Private hospitals and public hospitals are different. If you want money, doctors will never ask you if you can solve things with money. That is not a problem.
Soon after arriving at the hospital, Dragon Father arranged everything. King Kong and Xiao Si urged Longyou to lose fluids.
Longyou dialed Chloe’s mobile phone to tell everything and let her tell the dragon mother that the dragon father has a fever and the hospital needs to observe it for a few days so that she doesn’t worry.
Chloe said that she knew it for a while and came to visit the dragon father with the dragon mother.
Dragon Father, who has been fascinated, gradually wakes up and always feels that his memory is blank and something is broken.
Looking at the infusion dragon swimming next to him, he said, "Xiaolong, what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with me?"
"Dad, don’t worry, you have a little fever and fainted. Passers-by saw you and sent you to the hospital. I’m fine. I’m just a little dehydrated." Longyou smiled and comforted.
Long Jingui shook his head and said, "I always feel that I have forgotten something. Generally, it may be that people are old and miss their bodies and don’t even know that they have a fever."
"Dad, where are you? You are still in the prime of your life." Longyou said indifferently towards him.
Just as the father and the mother were chatting, the dragon mother came in and saw that the years were full of sadness.
"You two fathers really don’t let me worry. Why don’t you know how to take good care of yourself?" "Mom, dad and I are fine. Don’t be sad." Longyou smiled warmly and comforted his mother.
Chloe hurriedly wiped her tears with a handkerchief. "Aunt and uncle are not all right now. I will help you talk about him when I go back."
Chloe was a little surprised to see the scene of Longyou infusion. Although she didn’t know what happened, she was still’ fine’ when she left. It was ten minutes before she saw her, so she became so worried.
Looking at Chloe’s worried expression, Longyou smiled gently and indicated that she had nothing to do.
"Husband, you and uncle have some water," said Chloe, pouring two glasses of water and handing them to Longyou Long Jingui respectively.
The dragon mother saw Chloe doing this, and the old Huai’ an comforted, "Hey, little dragon mother knows that you are a good boy, but you also take good care of yourself. Do you think you are anxious about Chloe and me?"
"How old are you? You don’t even know how dangerous it is to have a fever." The dragon mother suddenly fell ill and her eyes became moist at the thought of a generation of dependent people.
"It’s okay I this is not ok? It won’t be like this later. You cried so much that the children saw many jokes. "Long Jingui said so, but still handed the handkerchief to the dragon mother."
Seeing this naughty smile, Chloe wanted to ease a sad atmosphere and said, "We won’t joke. It says that uncle and aunt have a good relationship."
The dragon mother patted Chloe’s little head and said, "You’re such a nonsense and you canceled your aunt, aren’t you?"
"Aunt Chloe can’t. Chloe still likes aunt smiling. How beautiful!" Chloe said hurriedly.
Dragon mother smell speech corners of the mouth a slight smile "look at this child this mouth is really sweet"
After Chloe said so, the atmosphere in the ward also became better. Longyou’s eyes looked at her tenderly and found that she was hiding in her heart.
"Chloe, I promise you that I will take good care of myself every time." Longyou swore to heaven without an infusion hand.

Chapter 193 Anger
Longyou returned to the yellow wine bar after transfusion-
There are stars in the afternoon bar, where a few people get drunk during the day and sit at the bar on the second floor with an angry face.
Immediately before seeing the arrival of Longyou, he asked, "How’s the eldest uncle?"
"Well, it’s already hindered." Longyou looked cold and didn’t see any emotional changes.
Upon hearing this, the yellow corner of his mouth sneered, "Boss, it must be that Wang Jungan can’t run away. Shall we teach him a lesson and let him taste it?"
"When Huang came back from Shashi, you were not as calm as before. Many reasons why you should be indifferent to him." Longyou said with a serious expression.
Seeing this, Long You Huang seems to be back. When he first met him, he was as deep as the sea, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.
"Boss, I was reckless. What should we do next?"