Xu Yun, the iron-gloved hand, patted her on the shoulder. "Don’t worry, we men are dying. We won’t die." She stretched out her hand at these outlaws. "My husband has ordered me to leave no survivors."

"Husband, there are orders to leave no survivors." Thirteen Taibao of Songshan Sect in the official road, and the elite among the 100 famous families in 20 nights were surrounded by a group of officers and soldiers and forced to be trapped in a mound for help. Fireworks were sent several times, but I couldn’t expect reinforcements. Yingying waved a gun in her hand and went to the position. If the smoke rose to the opposite hill, I couldn’t see clearly, but Yingying knew that Songshan Sect would be removed from Wulin after the battle today.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Purge (2)
After the purge of Songshan Department, even Tang Yinge has been secretly disposed of. Now, most of the thirteen Taibao are left-handed families, and twenty Suyeji has changed their loyalty. It is worrying that although they are at the end of their tether, these dozens of troops are still protecting Zuo Lengchan.
"Dad, we’re finished." The latest replenishment of Taibao is Zuo Ji’s cake shop, Zuo Ji’s weapon shop and so on. Zuo Jing, a famous entrepreneur in Songxian County, is not as eager to gather around Zuo Lengchan as he used to be. "Let’s break through and go back to our hometown. We still have clans and Zhuangke tenants. They may not be able to kill the past."
"Bastard" Zuo Lengchan flew up and kicked him. "What’s the difference between running now and selling their backs? Give me a fight to get through this and get home. I’ll send 300 acres by myself. Everyone is a clan. Together, we will be able to hold this place. We will be saved when officers and men come."
His eyes are bloodshot, and these departments dare not say anything when they see his appearance. First, Zuo Lengchan secretly regrets the five mountains and sends himself to do his best. As a result, the layout of the five mountains has been picked by Uncle Zheng for many years, and the five mountains have been picked by Ningzhong, followed by Songshan. These taibao people have accumulated dissatisfaction for many years. With this tournament, Zuo Lengchan can’t hold back the scene, and Shang Yinge was finally involved and forced to raise his sword against Zuo Lengchan.
At that time, Zuo Lengchan almost recognized that the left home of Songshan was about to become a history, and the whole Songshan control meeting was handed over. However, at the most dangerous time, people from the capital brought a whale and a message from Zhang Gonggong to let him stabilize the situation again. Those rebels were the backbone of Zheng Guobao, but after listening to the latest changes in the capital, no one dared to bet their money on my uncle, Zuo Lengchan, to take the opportunity to fight back, even to win a few battles, and to facilitate the negotiation machine to eliminate Tang Yinge and other leading rebels and regain Songshan’s hands.
Shaolin held a Wulin conference, and when the top 100 Wulin experts or great chivalrous men were gaining access, the top of Taishi Mountain was actually bleeding and fighting, and finally came to Zuo Lengchan to regain the leadership. With Duke Zhang supporting Wuyue Sect, it was still yourself.
However, Zhang Whale’s favor is not good. Naturally, he has to help him. There is nothing to say. Of course, attacking and killing a prince’s maternal uncle is something that Zhang Whale will not really do as promised. Who knows when Zhang Whale will throw himself out to quell Empress Zheng’s anger, or you will ask him if he doesn’t do it. On the other hand, he will tell you not to go to the East Factory to supervise the team. Just watch Zuo Lengchan bring his elite and bring a few hard crossbows with him. This is also the time that Zheng Guobao copied the property too hard and gave the left secret blacksmith shop to the Songshan military.
This scale seems to be cross the rubicon. Even Songshan, the bid team of the East Factory, is really out of the force this time. However, if Zuo Lengchan chooses this road, there will be no big brigade passing by. As he thinks, it is such a fool. Everyone has a step. Even if I didn’t expect to calculate it, I didn’t count it here. I can still meet the prince’s maternal uncle’s ambush.
These holy men were some left-over troops after Yang Lianting’s training, and some soldiers took off their military uniforms. The soldiers were armed with weapons and practiced the wind, and all the firearms were transferred out. Where did the Songshan Sect ban this kind of play? As soon as they met, they were annihilated, and the team of the East Factory was cut off in the first round.
Zuo Lengchan knew it was going to be bad when he saw the ambush. The only hope was to come to an official army to scare off these ambushers. After all, the guns were all fired here, and a responsible official had to send someone to check it out, which could scare off the ambush. He didn’t know that it was the governor of Henan who had already sent a document to Henan to set up an artillery battalion recently. The civil and military officials at all levels don’t have to send someone to ask about the guns. It must be artillery camp training.
Half an hour later, Ying Ying sat on a horse’s face and looked at the hands of people who sent their heads to him. Zuo Lengchan’s head had just been sent to him. Left collar brought some people to try to break through, but before he rushed to the front, he was shot dead by random guns and his head was smashed. This Zuo Lengchan Sun Moon Shintoism also fought for many years, claiming that there was nothing special when a generation of heroes in Wulin died. Even pulling a few people to pad their backs could not be done.
"Miss Song Shan sent all the ambushing people to cut down one."
"Well, everyone cleans a battlefield and then comes with me. The left-behind people in Songshan are no longer suffering from a few leaders being cut down. After that, the left family is in a mess. For a short time, they will become nothing. How to tidy up him in the future?"
Several newly-established water gangs on the surface of the Yellow River also suffered a devastating cleaning. Huang Boliu, the leader of Tianhe Gang, led thousands of gangs and dragged them out. Four large river warships in donkey kong, known as Tianhe Gang, were sitting in these small gangs. The so-called nine-headed dragon king Luoshui Gang was a hedgehog without waiting for people to rush to the boat.
"I’m from the East Factory. How dare you … how dare you treat me?" The captured Luoshui Gang Feng was beaten black and blue all over, and it was hurt at this time that Zhang Dugong strictly had to expose his identity.
After checking the waist tag, Huang Boliu laughed. "It turned out that the water rushed to the Longwang Temple and the family denied the family. After playing for a long time, it was actually one of their own. So Luoshui Gang is a friend of the East Factory to make extra money? Why didn’t you say earlier that so many people wouldn’t have died? "
The prisoners shook their arms when they saw this situation. "If we know that it is one of our own, don’t untie us?" I tell you that after Zheng Guobao’s death, Duke Zhang has the final say on the surface of the Yellow River. How do you calculate the old injury? "
Huang Boliu is with a sneer at a way: "This account is really not good. Old Huang is a clown. How do you know the truth? It’s always worthwhile to settle accounts. Besides, I’m a Jianghu person, and it’s not convenient to ask for personal feelings in front of a few people. But I, Tianhe, have to help tens of thousands of people to eat. The most important thing is to ask a few people to talk to the Dragon King and see what his old man means. Come on, send some lords to meet the Dragon King! "
Wei Hui Lu Wangfu Lu Wang Zhu Yi looked at several emissaries from the capital with a sad face. "You see now, it’s not that Wang refused to enter Beijing on purpose, but that he could not enter Beijing on purpose."
These eunuchs who came to the Empress Dowager are all confidants in Cining Palace, but their knowledge is extremely good. However, they obviously don’t know enough about the complexity of the place. First, the old eunuch is wrinkled but his eyes are bright. He knows that it is a powerful person. He pointed out, "Chitose is just a group of unruly handmaiden in the Jianghu. When I was a teenager, I used to be a ranger. At that time, I didn’t take such rats seriously. Now? It’s not too late for the old slave Chitose to send them to Beijing again. "
"Yang’s wife, I know that you are an old man in the palace, but now it’s not a few Jianghu bandits outside, but a battalion of new troops. You people and the Royal Guard are not their opponents. They have been blackmailing you for three days since the king came to San Francisco. You don’t want to reward or ask for reimbursement. When I don’t want to start work, I can’t beat them. Please ask Yang to accompany my family to consider not throwing eggs at stones."
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Purge (3)
The father-in-law Yang was furious and said, "What a group of bandits! Don’t say this, sometimes the backing behind the net street gong does a big wrong. Chitose can rest assured that there are old slaves. No one is so stupid. Someone has gone to the governor’s office in Henan Province to order Zhou Zehan to send a pacesetter to protect Chitose’s accession to Beijing. He can’t fail to follow the instructions until the pacesetter arrives at these clowns. "
Zhu Yi-suk is frowning. "Yang’s wife Wang is not as sure as you are. I have seen through Henan, where the Zheng family runs the iron wall. But you people don’t want to drill a hole in this."
At this time, the little eunuch came in to see the scenery outside and said, "Chitose is not good. A few new troops outside suddenly fell to the ground. They said that hidden weapons, a native of our house, hurt them. These hills clamored to get revenge on their brothers in the house."
"Ah?" Zhu Yi-Chang also scared face changed "you? Which one of you has the audacity to hit hidden weapons in the face? Don’t you want to die at this time? Command to Sagittarius wall must not let these mutinous soldiers into the house. "
The governor’s office in Henan came to order the eunuch to read out an imperial decree in his hand, but instead of hearing the expected word Xie En, he saw Zhou Zehan’s face like pig iron. "Where did you come from?"
The eunuch didn’t see filial piety silver nor Zhou Zehan buttering up, but he was asked to be angry and his face sank. "This is an imperial decree of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Do you still dare to resist it?" We haven’t let you get up yet. Who told you to get up? Do you still have the Queen Mother in your eyes? "
"This is an imperial edict," Zhou Zehan snapped. "Somebody, take this group of fake imperial edicts and plot chaos. If you resist, shoot them!" Before the eunuchs could react, a group of pacesetters had already broken into the palm of practicing Tianfeng from the outside, and the iron sword was running like flying. In the other hand, they were holding a rotating spring spear without saying anything. One eunuch had been killed, and after practicing Tianfeng’s shooting, he threw the spear and shouted, "The thief pretended to be a Chinese official and tried to assassinate the military gate. Kill them all!" Knife and sword intertwined several eunuchs were cut down without resistance.
Practice the wind on one knee and say, "Report to our military gate. These rogue thieves have come with dozens of sergeants. They have been cut by their leaders, and a special military gate has never left to report the good news."
Zhou Zehan sat in a plush chair with a wry smile. "If you bet on the wrong old Bao this time, your life will be over. I hope you won’t hurt me."
"The military gate can practice at ease to ensure that this time you are not far from being a high-ranking official in Beijing. This is a good bet for you. It’s Lu Fan’s side …"
"The prince’s maternal uncle is not left two battalions of recruits? I also sent them to Luoyang Wangs’ camp. It’s their own officials who don’t mix these dead bodies. I don’t want anyone to know that they have been here. "
Escorting Zheng Guobao’s motorcade left Shaoshi Mountain and rushed all the way to the capital, and went to 40 escort vehicles. The Royal School looked solemn and held the handle to protect a carriage on Monday. A Royal Guards asked Liao Huchen, "Hou, why don’t we go back by water and boat?" That’s not when it’s too late to go by land. "
"You know a ball! Tianhe Gang is the overlord of Henan water, Zheng Guobao, and the biggest backer of Tianhe Gang. If you take the waterway, you will put your life in the hands of others. When the time comes, you will feed the king in the Yellow River. Don’t blame others for not waking you up. "
The hand and a finger with the gentle and graceful figure next to the carriage "what is this bitch? Why do you wrap yourself up from head to toe as if you don’t dare to see anyone? You don’t even talk all day long. When you eat, you go to the carriage to eat. What kind of fairy is this? "
Liao Huchen also whispered, "That’s the double swords of the new leader of Wuyue Sect. Ningzhong is Zheng Guobao’s mistress in Jianghu. Although her man divorced her, her name is that she has a husband who eats and sleeps with her prince’s maternal uncle openly, but she has to worry about calling the roll. It’s just a camouflage to dress herself up like this, but don’t move any crooked brains. This woman’s kung fu is amazing. A few days ago, Lao Zhao suffered a lot. It’s not that you didn’t know that you had enough rest for three days, so you don’t have to die yourself.
This person also knows that Zheng Guobao has a lot of help in the Jianghu. Although others have no idea of escaping from prison, if those ministries insist on robbing him to run away, they can’t resist it. Since Shaolin set off, he seems to be seriously ill. There are no outsiders in the carriage all day long. Ning Zhong waits on others. There are many enemies of Zheng Guobao in those twips, but after all, they dare not really provoke him. In case they act very carefully, they will be diverted or wait for two days before going on their way.
After this day, the ground in Baoding is not far from the capital. The scouts have discovered the official road again. It seems that there is a cavalry team with an unknown origin. The path is bumpy, not to mention that there is enough wormwood on both sides, and there are few pedestrians on the road, which makes everyone feel nervous.
Liao Huchen metal gray face reprimanded the side hand "how do you lead the way? After such a terrible journey, it’s not convenient for my uncle to go back by car, and I can’t ride a horse. Otherwise, I’ll throw away the carriage and ride instead. I’ll hurry to cross this road and find a place to rest. I look at this road and panic. I’m not far away, but I hear a bowstring ringing and a whistling arrow soaring.
"Bad" These Royal Guards are not slow to respond. They know that there will be an ambush, draw weapons from the waist and protect the cart. A few people will jump into the car and prepare to hold Zheng Guobao hostage and let the other side retreat. But at this time, the grass on both sides is in ambush, and there are 200 strong bows in their hands. Without saying anything, it is a shower of arrows. Those people jump into the carriage and the Royal Guards block their arrows and fall off the car.
Liao Huchen said while carving a feather, "Listen to me, gentlemen, this carriage of ours is uncle Zheng, not a treasure. Some heroes may be mistaken."
A few rows of arrows in the past, more than half of these brocade clothes have been killed and wounded. Ningzhong was leaning against the car and riding a horse, and it was those archers who deliberately saved her life. Although the arrows were urgent, they didn’t say hello to her to save her life.
At this time, these people abandoned the bow, raised the weapon and killed it. Without saying that they raised the knife, they cut it down. There were also two dozen people holding the bow behind them. If there was a fierce resistance from Jinyi, they shot an arrow at the first person in the past. "It is certain that we didn’t start work until we know that your carriage is Uncle Zheng."
Seeing that the Royal Guards have been completely killed, Liao Huchen is the only one left with his back against the cart. These big men surrounded him with weapons, and he can be cut into minced meat with one order. Liao Huchen is not surprised and laughs. "It’s no small matter that Zhang Dugong has finally brought the criminals to several lords."
The humanitarian song "How do you know me?"
"Warriors camp, where are so many heroes and villains? How many people make the army strong and bow? They are also good steel knives in the army. How many ways can you not recognize? Not only did the prince’s maternal uncle bring this, but he also sent a beautiful woman to you. It’s you, Keith Downing Xia Kung Fu. No matter how afraid you are, you can’t entertain these hundreds of heroes. "
Then take the lead and smile, "It won’t bother Master Liao. Somebody please bring Ning Xia here first and let us see the quality, and then invite Uncle Zheng out and let him see how we play with his woman."
Chapter four hundred and thirty Purge (4)
Several big men immediately came to the woman, with many people and strong bows. No matter how high the martial arts are, bring up the rear Ningzhong can’t escape cheap. Listen to her roar, "Liao Huchen, you!"
"Save your strength for a while when you call." A steel knife in the hand of a big fellow smashed the sword in her hand, and several others held her down before. "Liao Qian is a wise man who knows who to be with and who not to be with. If you want to sink a sunken ship, you have to be loyal to it. Isn’t this a dream? Come on, let many of us promise to wait on you to fly to the sky, which is much better than the prince’s maternal uncle alone. "
The officer who led the team smiled at Liao Huchen. "Liao Tou, this errand is beautiful, but you can’t go back to the capital. Take a pen and silver and run away. Wait for a few years, and then you will come back and do it again. Even if you are undercover and enter the enemy camp, I will give you a big break. How many levels of your official position is not a problem? Maybe even Luo Sigong will be yours."
Liao Huchen couldn’t help thanking him. "I dare not ask for the credit to make Zhang Dugong’s old man’s house happy. I don’t want this silver. I just divided it myself."
"It’s really a promising thing to do with Liao’s head." The Han nodded and smiled. At this moment, several Han people have caught Ning Zhongze to see her face covered with this black towel. The Han grimaced, "Are they all married women who are still afraid to see? But the more tightly you wrap it, the more enjoyable it will be when you tear it open for a while. Those Hengshan Paigu have a good kung fu, and the taste is unforgettable. I want to see what is unique about the Wuyue Sword School and the Huashan School. "
As he spoke, he pulled Ning Zhongze’s towel, but he met her. The woman’s face is like a peach blossom, and her skin is white and red. It’s a handsome figure, but the problem is that this woman can’t stand the sky. Twenty years old will never be Ning Zhongze.
"Who are you?" Before the Han could talk into the carriage and catch Zheng Guobao, people shouted out. When they got into the carriage, they saw a man curled up at the edge of the car. These people took him out and tore off the towel. Although he was also a young man in his twenties, he was by no means the handsome and handsome uncle Zheng, who moved the capital, a city and two counties to clean the streets.
"Liao Huchen, what is this?" The leader put his face down and thundered.
"What’s the matter? Can’t you see that you’ve been tricked into "Liao Huchen stepped back with a knife across his chest"? I wonder how you acted as an officer. Can you rise to this position by being a child molester for a whale? It seems that the warrior camp is better than our Royal Guards. Do you really think I’m stupid? If I give my uncle to you, you will be shattered immediately. I know this trick better than you. This man and a woman are our dead men. If you want to kill my uncle, just do it. If you want to kill my uncle, you can dream about it. "
The singer was more and more cold. "Liao Huchen didn’t expect you to be Zheng Guobao’s hardcore confidant, but we left our eyes and said Zheng Guobao is now? Say it, and I’ll let you die quickly, otherwise, labor and capital will let you know what it’s like to live without asking for death. Don’t think about any of your wife and children. "
Liao Huchen but nothing "small you want to scare me? It’s too tender, isn’t it? When you scare people with this, you still pee and live in mud. According to my uncle’s words, you Liao Ye, I’m an old gun. If you are far from capable, you can chop me up. Let me see if you have this way. "