I can’t help feeling a little. Yes, the war is coming to an end, and the Annan people are at the end of their tether.

The country can fight again, and the Khmer elite division is blocked by the western front corps. Sabah can’t come back to the river gate to open the hole. This war is really over! After this battle, we can March into Hehe with our heads held high and hold a grand military parade. These are all winners, especially if we win the love. Then what? Then … then it’s time for us to withdraw our troops. We didn’t attempt to occupy Annan’s territory, let alone foster a puppet government to split Annan’s economic strength. More than 10,000 people can be evacuated, and thousands of men are injured. We will keep a cavity of hot bayonets and pour blood on this strange red land, and then withdraw. What can we finally get? Is it worth it? I’ve never thought about this, and I don’t care about it once in a while. I’m a soldier. The state orders us to fight, and we fight. The blood belongs to the soldier. It belongs to the glory and pride of the Republic. It’s as simple as that.
If I have to care about paying more than 20 thousand casualties, it’s worth it in the end. I will answer "yes!" Twenty years after this war, no one will dare to provoke us! "
This is our greatest gain.
I smiled. "Yes, the war will be over after this battle."
Lilac said, "Be careful. I don’t want to see you fall in the last battle."
I said, "I won’t die. People who can kill me here haven’t been born yet!" "
The rumbling cannon silenced my voice, and the cannon group began to fire. In the queue of Annan Capital Division, yellow and white lotus flowers filled with steel slowly burst into pieces, bleeding from them. These lotus flowers painted a touch of sadness and purples …
And chapter 163 Glory belongs to the Republic (2)
This is the easiest and most tragic war I have ever fought.
Easy is for us, bitter is for Annan Capital Division.
All the way back to Annan Capital Division, almost no guns were left. Anti-tank grenades became their last heavy weapons, and what about us? Our position was flat, and two heavy machine guns were paved on several floors. There was a 15-heavy artillery group. We couldn’t support the artillery fire. Within a minute, a signal was sent back, and long-range artillery and long-range self-propelled rockets and even tactical missiles hit their heads. After fighting for so long, the country’s preparations for this war have long been spent, but all kinds of technical weapons have not been reduced, but on the contrary, they have become more and more frequent, and the front lines of the Annan army, which have been given mass killing, have always been shrouded in rolling smoke, flames and whistling. In the shrapnel rubble, the charging infantry seemed to be thrown into a huge meat grinder, and it was terrible to see their flesh flying. Often, their offensive was destroyed by gunfire before we fired, even though a few of them were surprisingly lucky enough to break through the interception barrage, and they were smashed alive by Gaoping two heavy machine guns before we aimed at them a little slowly.
Attack again and again and be crushed again and again.
The wounded beast of Annan Capital Division has invested more and more troops. At first, two battalions are connected, and in the end, the whole regiment is overwhelmed. Modern warfare has long been no more than the number of people and rifles. Modern warfare is a direct fight of strategy, science and technology, and national strength. This kind of open terrain can crush the whole company. Even if you press the whole division, it will be nothing more than a few more deaths
After the seventh attack was repulsed, Annan Capital Division sent 200 or 300 death squads, all covered with explosives, to attack our defense line in multiple ways. Shells chased them and bombed them. Every shell fell and caused a chain explosion. It was amazing that the death squads splashed with shrapnel, and one by one, the explosives melted into a fiery glow. We swept them out and the bombs smashed their bones one after another, but they still didn’t retreat, bite their teeth and howled like beasts. They were covered with broken bodies and rushed forward. I don’t know whether it’s them or splashing these guys. It’s really unbearable, but we’re no better than them when we get crazy. We’ll reimburse as much as we burn with machine guns, mortars and flamethrowers, so we don’t want to go back. Finally, this death squad collapsed at the forefront of our position. The nearest one is only 30 meters away from our trench. He couldn’t rush because a bullet from Guangxi broke his neck and blood gushed out. When he came out, he was probably white. Even if he wore his pants outside, Superman couldn’t rush through such a dense barrage. With a sad expression
Scattered bones wounded two of our soldiers, which is probably the only result achieved by the death squads.
In the evening, we learned a good news that all three main regiments had arrived at the central government and were determined to flatten the river! All of a sudden, the position was cheered and cheered, and everyone was happier than the Chinese New Year. Yes, what can we be more proud of than setting foot on the enemy’s capital? In the past, we have left the front finger alone and are worried that the central government will repair it. Now it seems that this kind of worry is redundant. The division finger requires us to hold on for another five hours, which is enough for the main force of the division to smash the dog’s day into pieces and kill it behind the capital division. Don’t say five hours, even five days. What’s the problem? That’s what we all think.
It turns out that we laughed a little early.
Night arrival took a little breath, and Annan Capital Division launched a fierce attack again. They also knew that they were running out of time, and if they didn’t break through our defense, they would die! God knows how many troops they put in. Anyway, like a Kuroshio, shells rained down on them like hail. They didn’t lie down and hide, so they moved forward silently and quickly. The gasoline grazed the bayonet, and the thin figure of Annan soldier was dim. The shell exploded in the fire, and it was like a group of resurrected ghosts. Their impact was decisive and rapid, and their marksmanship was also very accurate. Several of our machine gunners were shot in the head by them and sacrificed on the spot. I also saw an Annan soldier who had his legs blown off, twisted his machine gun frame and threw bullets at us until it was smashed by mortar shells.
"Secret service?"
I heard Lilac cry out with doubts. I think she has received almost cruel training for the secret service or veterans. Only they can be so murderous and crazy.
The lilac conductor in our class never paused for a second to face the hot bullet rain. In the impenetrable gun, I also heard Xiao Guangxi yelling, "Oh, my god, these bastards are really killing me!" I killed one in Tangshan, Shandong. How many did you kill? "
I’m too lazy to pay attention to him. This guy is just crazy about war. Shandong Han said, "I swept two classes!" "
"Are you? Then I can’t lose to you! " Small Guangxi asked Lilac while changing magazines, "How many have you killed, beautiful monitor?"
Lilac said, "More than you and him combined." The light machine gun swept out a sector, and several Annan agents were pitted all over, and the small Guangxi disguised as a strange rifle to help the Annan people mend iron.
After paying a huge price, the Annan special agent battalion finally rushed into our trench, and the two armies twisted their rifles and almost lost their bitter hand-to-hand combat.
We can avoid all the people in our platoon. Without a retreat, they swept the magazine and bayonets rushed to the mountains and plains. Agent Annan fought to the death! Guns fired round after round at the back of Annan’s special agent camp, and long-range artillery units came. Shells also exploded behind Annan people in groups, cutting them down like mowing grass, but they kept coming! Mom’s crazy! She’s crazy! I’m going crazy, too. I grabbed the bayonet and rushed out alone in the face of three Annan agents. If Lilac hadn’t shot me and knocked down two of them for me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be proud for long. Only that abnormal calm surrounded me and stared at me like a snake, looking for my flaw. I raised my army and stabbed me by rote. I said, "Do you really believe in winning something?" Idiot! " The first step was a sudden stab. This guy reacted quickly, twisted his waist and dodged the bayonet. Mom is a master! But in this respect, I’m not a rookie. The bayonet fended off this fatal blow at one point, and I pushed myself into the butt of the gun and crashed into his lower abdomen. Agent Annan may not have been forced to fend off this blow with my arm so desperately. Hey hey, I guess his arm was numb, right? I yelled at several bayonet knives for attacking the truth, and I didn’t have to defend myself. The key points were protected by bulletproof vests and helmets. I just had to protect my neck and limbs, but he wouldn’t be able to do it, and he would die! He was forced by me to retreat again and again. Suddenly, he slipped on a shell casing. Of course, I won’t miss this good opportunity. I’ll take a sharp stab in the previous step.Several blood lines gushed out from the chest after the chest, and his body curled up into a ball. As a result, a Grenade flew around and fell to a target. The explosion blew me down, making me see stars and trying to get up, but I couldn’t get up. I didn’t see clearly that I was really trampled until the Venus dispersed. But I was not an elephant, but an Annan monkey was stepping on me, waving a sapper shovel and fighting with Shandong. I didn’t know that I was rude. It was too much to step on a big living person! Watching him spread his legs, I admit that I am evil. I loved martial arts stories since I was a child, and I never got tired of listening to them. I also secretly learned them. I didn’t expect to go back here. I was almost conditioned, familiar and flashing. A monkey stole a peach and grabbed his two balls. He made a determined effort, pinched them, exaggerated them and screamed at the extreme, scaring Shandong to take a step back. That guy rolled on the ground with his body covered. He wouldn’t be killed alive and he would have to become a eunuch. This is stepping on our court! I got up and smiled at Shandong. He smirked. I found that he was consciously clamping his legs. Er, I didn’t scare him, did I?
The company commander howled excitedly, and rushed two engineers wherever there were many people among the Annan agents.
The shovel dances into a ball of black wind, which is darker than the black whirlwind. When the blood splashes everywhere, people tumble and bump into his hands. Agent Annan can’t expect to live. I found that his tricks are all called to the neck. This guy is really poisonous. The neck is really too fragile. Five of the ten tricks in the special forces learn to kill. Five of them are attacking the neck. If you don’t die, you have to spread a disabled sapper shovel. Is it still alive if it is so sharp? He is like an ancient general with more than 20 trumpeters and thousands of troops, who killed a seven-in and seven-out. No one can stop him. Many Annan agents have tried their best to avoid him. Lilac is not so fierce, but it is extremely cold. I saw with my own eyes that she was surrounded by three Annan agents for less than a minute. Those three Annan agents all let her stab her with a combat knife, so that she can quickly and ruthlessly watch me. My cold sweat is running.
Handfuls of sharp, sharp, triangular army thorns form a cold dead line and hit this dead line. Annan soldiers have two choices: death or retreat. Speaking of hand-to-hand combat, who are we afraid of? Annan soldiers howled and rushed out of the wall of fire, screaming and fell our bayonets. They rushed three times in a row and were repelled three times by us. Maybe the commander of Annan Capital Division wanted these veterans to tear a hole in our defense at first, but we forced him to go back. He had to put more Annan agents into this unsatisfied grave, and at last the main attack force was replaced by agents. My God, they used these special warfare elites to fight hard. Their teachers are really cruel! The whole battalion of Annan agents took advantage of our artillery fire to transfer, and suddenly they rushed over and were swept down by our machine guns in rows. Whether they were injured or not, they became bloody people. They screamed hoarsely and walked through a pool of blood and continued to rush forward. At this time, Annan agents were a group of wounded beasts! But they are doomed to be impossible to succeed because lilac guided two short-range tactical missiles launched by self-propelled rockets have hit them! We were all stunned when the missile landed-
More dazzling than ten suns rising at the same time, white light from the explosion point almost tore the night into two pieces! Two white mushroom clouds thundered and roared as the earth shook. The Ran Ran rose, and the 100-meter gravel in Fiona Fang was completely melted and cooled by high temperature in less than a second, and then re-condensed into smooth glass particles. The wind exploded at an extreme speed of 9 kilometers per second, and what experienced veterans, mortars and anti-aircraft guns spread layer by layer. This torrent of death was so fragile in front of us, whether it was squatting or hiding in a depression, it suddenly rolled up and disappeared completely in the blast wind, leaving us with faces full of surprise and despair …
What kind of weapon is this? Tactical nuclear weapons?
The explosion wave crashed across the battlefield in silence, and there was still gunfire in the distance. That was our main force beating the seventh division.
Annan Capital Division didn’t attack again, and they only had a little morale, which was blown to pieces by these two terrible missiles. No one wanted to take a step forward because of how the officers shouted, and we were also scared. Naturally, we wouldn’t fight against the impact. The battlefield became very quiet and quiet, unlike the silence of the battlefield. I heard toads croak croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak
I asked Lilac in a low voice, "Were those two nuclear bombs?"
Lilac looked at me like an idiot. "If it’s a nuclear bomb, do you still have life to ask questions?"
I don’t think it’s necessary for the country to eliminate an agent to engage in nuclear weapons. Besides, the two of us don’t even reimburse us for the real thing here. I said, "I don’t think so, but it’s so powerful that it can only be done with nuclear weapons. It’s not nuclear weapons. What is it?"
Lilac gave me a stern stare. "Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t say, don’t say, don’t know. Even if you know, you should pretend that you don’t know these. Haven’t you heard of them? If you don’t want to cause trouble, forget what just happened and pretend you didn’t see anything or hear anything! "
My mother is so strict! I spit out my tongue. I’d better concentrate on finishing this battle and go back to sleep …
Chapter DiYiLiuSi Glory belongs to the Republic (3)
Major General Chen Youzhen’s body shook several times to get rid of the telescope, and the guards rushed to hold him. He waved his hand to show that he was fine, but the guards saw that the teachers were pale and almost white, and their waists had been straight. Suddenly, they stooped slightly as if the sky were falling, as if the proud soldier were under pressure to crush Chen Youzhen. They stared at the two groups almost and hugged each other in the snow-white mushroom cloud, shaking badly and murmured, "What weapon is this? What have I never heard of? " Suddenly "poof" spit out a big mouthful of blood, and the guards were shocked to hold him and shouted, "The teacher is injured! The military doctor is injured! "
The military doctor braved the horizontal missile film and the fire rain and rushed over to check Chen Youzhen’s injury. Chen Youzhen swept him aside with a wave of his arm, and his voice was hoarse. "Let the troops stop attacking, disperse and hide, and call even the cadres for a meeting!"
When the guards hesitated to reach the order, they were blown to pieces and fought again. Annan Capital Division silently withdrew from the attack starting point, scattered and concealed, and suffered from the roaring shells and the emotional torture of the heart. Did you lose like this? What should we do? What should Annan do? The Soviets abandoned us in Japan, but who will save Annan? The outcome has not been completely decided, but the feeling of failure has enveloped Annan Capital Division.
Once the troops have this kind of emotion and the law guides them correctly, then no matter how strong the troops are, they can lose the battle.
A large number of muddy officers in the headquarters were crowded together, and none of them smoked cigarettes. The unspeakable emotional torture deprived them of their desire to speak. Their lofty aspirations had already been shattered by even the sky’s artillery fire, and their blood was almost exhausted. There was fatigue and deep despair, and they tried their best to save the day. There was a major who waved his arm and shouted, "The despicable Chinese army will inevitably invite the world to beg for weapons of mass destruction against us … We should take active actions and never sit still!"
The head of the secret service asked coldly, "Then what should we do?"
I don’t know the little major even said with gestures that all the troops washed away the Chinese army’s infantry defense line like a tsunami and returned to the capital! To return to the capital, our bad situation will be completely improved, and the advantage of the Chinese army will be brought into full play. If they dare to attack the river, they will inevitably fall into a Stalingrad-style protracted street fighting. They have long been exhausted, but we can get help from the Chinese people. It must be them! Glory belongs to Annan, who wants us to act bravely, and the victory must be us in the end! "
Several heads wry smile is really new.
Calves are not afraid of tigers. At present, all the divisions in the capital rely on bayonets to pry open the Chinese army’s defense line. The casualty ratio between the two sides has almost reached six to one, and the Chinese army has sacrificed such terrible weapons. How can we fight this battle? Shock the Chinese defense line like a tsunami? Luckily, he can think of it! Although the stormy sea was fierce, it shook the rocks for half a minute. And that Chinese army is the rock that stand in front of them!
Zhou Fengshan said, "The most important thing now is to find out what weapons the Chinese military ambassador is and what is so horrible! This is very important. If we can’t figure out, his troops are likely to follow in our footsteps, and the consequences are unimaginable. "