"This guy is really amazing, you are a good cook in business. You are right and I was wrong! Ok, you take the high-end route. Otherwise, the 20 million sweats don’t know if you can return to me in the year of the monkey, okay? " Wan Shanhong really has nothing to say. Since then, he has been fascinated by Pi two dog.

"Elder sister, you admit it! If there’s nothing to do, how about this first? " This guy agreed with Prynne that if he became the king of wine, he would get Prynne’s ten-minute kiss. Thinking of Prynne kissing him, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotion and suddenly he became short of breath.
"Don’t hang up. I have something important to ask you for instructions."
"What do you say?"
"We still have 1,300 bottles of anti-fate wine in the winery warehouse. Did the department pull it over and sell it in one breath?"
Listening to Wan Shanhong, Pi two dog touched the dog’s head and thought, "Come on, you announce your intention to buy wine with everyone and ask them to go to Lanfang Department Store to buy one thousand bottles and keep three hundred bottles for yourself!"
"Well, I’ll do as you instructed!"
After the fight, Pi two dog was so anxious that he called Prynne to the rooftop of Lanfang Building and hugged her, scaring Prynne into hiding. "Brother Dog, what do you want?"
"No, Brandon just said that you would let me kiss for ten minutes when I became the king of wine!" He is so anxious to grasp the liver and lung.
It’s a pity that Prynne is a teetotaler girl. Tonight, because Pi two dog’s fate wine is too fragrant, she didn’t hold back and drink two cups of fate wine. At this moment, she felt a fever in her lower abdomen. When she looked at Pi two dog, there was a layer of fog in her eyes. She suddenly burst into music. "Brother Dog, you are talking nonsense. How can I say such a thing as a girl? You lie! "
"Prynne, you promised this yourself. Why do you want to cheat?"
"No, I can’t. I’ll kiss you for ten minutes. I’m not your girlfriend. How can I let you kiss me?" With that, Prynne wanted to slip away as soon as she twisted her waist.
"Prynne, if you don’t trust me, I won’t give you a new batch of Zoyang Maru Market. What do you do?" Pi two dog said that he meowed. I have a way to cure cheaters.
"Shrimp? Brother dog, you can’t do this, can you? Forget it, can I kiss you? " You know, Zoyang Pill is the lifeblood of Prynne. If two dog doesn’t give her Zoyang Pill, then she can’t catch a blind eye. She can earn hundreds of thousands a month now. Zoyang Pill in two dog is her town store, Baopi two dog is also her cash cow. She wants to do everything possible to serve this cash cow.
"Kiss for ten minutes?" His eyes are bigger than his eyes and he looks at Brandon’s way
Chapter 154 Big misunderstanding
"Of course I mean it! But you are a bad guy and you can’t do anything but kiss! " Prynne is just a gesture that I will shout if you dare to mess around. She said that I am a peach blossom in March and I can’t just let people pick it.
"Then I kissed you."
When I said kiss Prynne, I was so scared that my nerves tightened. Shuer, she was so ashamed that she closed her eyes.
Pi two dog is like an eagle holding a chicken and kissing the beautiful lips of Prynne.
God, the lips of Prynne are so sweet!
Kissing and kissing him, this product is simply intoxicated with five fans and three faces full of enjoyment expressions.
Where’s Prynne? The girl quickly stirred up the longing for love and said, Oh, my God, brother dog is really a good player in pick up hot chicks. When a virtuous woman like me gets into his hands, she can’t help but want to give it to him. What should I do? I want him to plow my field, but I’m not his woman. Can’t I let him plow my field?
At that time, Prynne had two voices in her heart. Is it to give or not to give?
She was lost and didn’t know what to do with herself.
Just as she was in a dilemma, Pi two dog’s mobile phone suddenly exploded, and the sound scared Prynne. She shivered and beat her back to her original shape on the spot, and suddenly she was so scared that she rushed away.
Pi two dog’s body ignited a flame and instantly extinguished it. When I took a look at the mobile phone, it turned out to be Zhou Yun. After Zhou Yun turned on, he asked, "Lang Jun, why can’t I find you? Where are you?"
"Aunt Zhou, what can I do for you?" He only slapped his thigh when he shook his head. He remembered that he had forgotten to see Lan Guixin for exorcism.
"Husband is not agreed to see the wife of shop-owner? The proprietress is possessed by silver evil. She pesters her husband Ye Gan all day. How can she do that? You’re going to help her cure late. Ye Ganneng must harm Ma Feng! " Zhou Yun anxious fire death warrant operator way
"ah? Well, I can’t tell now. Tell her to wait! " Two dog said that Niang Xipi Lan Guixin had put on a business-like posture for me before that bitch said that she would rent shelves and enter the market. Didn’t she just look down on my little brand of wine? Since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being unjust.
At this time, I saw the attic door of Tiantai creaking. When I opened it, I saw Zhou Yun find Tiantai here with Ye Miaoyin. When Zhou Yun saw him, he immediately rejoiced, "What’s the matter with Mr. Lang? Yes, I can’t tell what happened. "
Ye Miaoyin also burned his eyebrows and said, "Yes, Mr. Lang, do you have it?"
"ah? Who said I did? I’m thinking about a life-threatening event. Do you understand? " He this cargo dozen careless way
"What life and events are not as big as the silver evil in the boss’s wife?" Zhou Yun grabbed him without saying anything.
"Zhou Yi why are you pulling me? Let me think! "
Ye Miaoyin dizzy way "husband, what do you want? The proprietress can be evil for a moment now. No man can do it. Seeing that Ye Shaoshao is going to have a big accident, his cow is exhausted. Would you please help? " She said that the proprietress is grateful to me, and I will help the proprietress heal even if I throw caution to the wind.
"I’ll think about it again." Said Pi two dog, who simply meditated on the floor with a fart pier and put his hands together.
When I saw the two women, you just looked at me and I looked at you. Ye Miaoyin pulled Zhou Yun aside and muttered, "Sister Zhou is pretending to be better!"
"Ah, husband, do you think he misses a woman? Such a young guy with a strong blood is the most eager woman to meet her age. Why don’t you be his temporary girlfriend? " Zhou Yun poof bursts straight at Ye Miaoyin way
Smell the words of Ye Miaoyin spat and scolded, "Zhou Jie, you grew up eating leftovers. What a bad idea! People are not so casual, or if you are single, it is appropriate for you to be his temporary girlfriend! "
"ah? I’m an old lady. I have to call me aunt. How can I be his girlfriend? Thanks to you! " Zhou Yun said in his heart that if Lang Jun doesn’t dislike me to be his lover, it will do. But I’m forty years old. I don’t have such a heavy taste. Alas, if I were twenty years younger, I could let Lang Jun plow the fields.
Thinking about Zhou Yun spat himself in shame. God, I really don’t want to compare my face. How can I think of this? Shame on you!
"Sister Zhou, maybe Mr. Lang is good at this?" Ye Miaoyin teased her way
"Fuck you!"
Two women are playing, suddenly listening to creaking, and seeing a charming figure rushing out again and again, two women are embarrassed to see that the bearer is none other than the proprietress Lan Guixin!
Lan Guixin came and took Zhou Ye’s two women away. After the attic door, her eyes blurred. "Pi two dog, I must be out of order. I want to be without a man for a while in broad daylight! Is it true that you can exorcise evil spirits? "
"The wife of shop-owner when you have asked me? Exorcising evil spirits and seeing a doctor is my specialty! " Pi two dog sat in situ and saw Lan Guixin, just like a pair of people who hated her.
Lan Guixin knew that he was angry with the goods, but he was ashamed to say, "Boss Pi, after entering the market, you put the golden position of wine against the sky and tied for the national wine, right?"
"What else?"
"Ah and? That is, I really underestimated you before I was ignorant of Mount Tai! I’m sorry to tell you! " LanGuiXin unusually sincere look at skin two dog way
Listening to Lan Guixin’s words about this Pi two dog is not good to continue pretending. This guy said together, "Come on, boss, you can protect me!"
"Thank you, thank you, that’s great! But I heard that it is true to cure this evil disease by taking off your clothes and then casting spells? " Lan Guixin said, God, the thought of exposing her privacy in front of two dog made her feel ashamed.
Lan Guixin didn’t say that. two dog didn’t expect to go to the boss’s wife this time, which immediately aroused his evil thoughts. He said that I’m not finished yet, so that you can get back to the scene by casting spells. When he thought of this, he hid the knife in his smile and said, "Yes, you are a nasty goat. You have to be honest to get rid of the nasty goat!"
"ah? Well, please ask the master to move to my office? " Lan Guixin said in her heart that she would save her husband’s life even if she was called daoshanhuohai.
"The wife of shop-owner like this nasty goat is specifically for your husband to put your husband to kill Ma Feng and die! A ghost like this just chased it away before I called it out at midnight to find out the ins and outs and then prescribe the right medicine. What do you think? " Pi two dog threw a big bang way
I heard that I can’t see Lan Guixin until midnight when I lift my wrist and look at her eyes. It’s 9: 30 in the evening. She said with a bitter face, "Master, I want to die if I can’t get enough of this disease. There are still more than two hours. I’m afraid my man will be exhausted." Can you cast a spell before? "
"Boss, I’m dizzy at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. When the yin is at its peak, the ghost door opens and the ghost walks at night. I can’t call it out without my great power." He this goods a face of Meng than way
Just as he was talking, he suddenly saw the female ghost Xiaohong floating out from the seal of the gods, and said, "Master, this proprietress is a ghost. If you don’t save her, she will die of yin!"
Lan Guixin painfully saw a female ghost floating over her head. Suddenly, she turned her eyes white and fell to the ground with a jerk.