The real Long Changyin uttered an unwilling Long Yin, but Ning Caichen’s eyes finally bent, and there was no way for anyone to cut it. The fish life was pinched by Ning Caichen.
Chapter 767 Back to Beijing
The real dragon flies across the sky, and its huge body passes by. If the fish, birds and monsters are not scared away or the real dragon breath is shivering, even if it is collected by Ning Caichen, the real dragon is, after all, the top creature in the real dragon world, the top predator in the world except Ning Caichen. How many dragons can compete with each other in this world?
It also seems to be that Ning Caichen beat him before venting. The dragon deliberately released its own horrible breath. I don’t know how many creatures were scared by the shock. Ning Caichen’s dragon leader didn’t care much, but he enjoyed this feeling of riding instead of walking with a mount. Especially when the mount is a real dragon, don’t be so cool!
At noon the next day, a sea of fire appeared in Ning Caichen’s sight. It was Phoenix Island in the past, but at this time, Phoenix Island had been separated and collapsed, and it became a veritable volcano. The red flame was burning, and the earth was red and the red liquid was rolling. That was magma covering the whole Phoenix Island. There was no grass left, and the earth was burning and burning, especially at the top of the mountain.
Nearly a hundred miles around Phoenix Island, the sea surface in Fiona Fang is terracotta red. This piece of sea water burns like kerosene. From a distance, it is a sea of fire and flames. The sky is mapped into terracotta red, and there are dark black holes and red flames. This is burned.
The crimson flames are all left by the phoenix in the past. These flames are far from ordinary fires. This is a phoenix fire that can burn everything and is difficult to extinguish all the year round. It was four or five years ago when Ning Caichen and Wei Zhaung came here, but in the past four or five years, it became a sea of fire, and even the sea was ignited. It can be seen that these flames are terrible. Even now, these flames may easily kill ordinary giants.
Ning Caichen stood at the front of the real dragon’s head and looked at the scene from the old place and came to Phoenix Island again. I couldn’t help feeling glad that I was able to escape the phoenix’s pursuit alive. It was really lucky that Phoenix was just awakened by them at that time, and its strength was far from reaching its peak. Otherwise, Ning Caichen believed that he would have been extinguished by the phoenix.
Ning Caichen is a real dragon, with a pair of dazzling dragon eyes looking at the flame of Phoenix Island, his eyes flashed and fluctuated, and then he gave a high dragon sound and loud vibration, which spread around for a long time, even if it was clear and audible outside Wan Li, it was like provocation.
Ning Caichen’s eyes flashed a different color, and he saw a real dragon. He saw a high fighting spirit in the longan, and then he looked at the extinct volcano Phoenix Mountain. I couldn’t help thinking. The three creatures, dragon, phoenix and unicorn, are all in the world, and the creatures are called gods. The three creatures are juxtaposed, but no one knows which is stronger or weaker. The real dragon is called the scales, the phoenix is called the birds, and the unicorn is called the beasts. These three creatures have been seen by Phoenix and Ning Caichen, the real dragon, except Kirin, which is stronger and which is weaker among the three. It’s hard to say that Ning Caichen wants to come, but now that he sees the high fighting spirit in the real dragon’s eyes, I can’t help but guess slightly whether these three creatures will have any grievances.
Since ancient times, the first martial arts, the second dragon, the phoenix and the unicorn are all top creatures at the same level. It seems that it is not impossible to have grievances, but Ning Caichen did not delve into them because he is not big!
"Let’s go and have a look?"
Ning Caichen patted Longjiao Road, and then a person Yi Long flew directly to Phoenix Island. Here, it has turned into a sea of fire, and the crimson flame submerged Fiona Fang for nearly a hundred miles. These flames were all originally left by the phoenix to burn the phoenix, and everything is generally contaminated by the extreme strong. It is not necessarily better than Ning Caichen flying directly to Phoenix Island in a real dragon, and carefully sensing that this piece of land enveloped his gods, and he searched for the phoenix atmosphere.
"Have you left?" I stayed here for more than half an hour, but in addition to the raging fire overseas, his breath of life has no breath of phoenix, and it has long since disappeared. Ning Caichen is a little obsessed with the phoenix, and he doesn’t forget about his strength, but he says his appearance. But in the end, Ning Caichen was disappointed, and the breath of phoenix has long since disappeared. Obviously, the phoenix left Phoenix Island early.
Slightly disappointed in my heart, I am really passionate about Phoenix Ning Caichen, but it’s a pity that it’s gone, and he didn’t go looking for it. Because the probability is too small, he didn’t even find a fart, at least the target clue, lost the trail of Phoenix, and Ning Caichen didn’t leave the mind of the sea to fly directly to the state of Jin in a real dragon.
"Oh, my God, look what a real dragon it is!" "The dragon is really a dragon …"
Two days later, more than half of Tianfu County people in the state of Jin were shocked from Linhai Binhai City to Jingcheng Road. It was shocking to see a real dragon flying across the sky from the sea and heading for the capital. Although the real dragonfly was very high, it was too big, with a huge body of nearly 10 thousand meters flying through it.
The golden dragon transformed by this national movement is different, so people can see at a glance that it is a real creature, not a national movement. This is shocking to see the real dragon flying overhead. No one can be calm. This is the real dragon. For most people, the creatures are famous for remembering things, but they are not seen. Even when they went out to sea to slaughter dragons two years ago, only a few people such as Xiang Yu and Ning Caichen participated.
The real dragon flies to the extreme from the sky to the capital, but although it flies fast, it is too big. It has been seen by many people all the way from the sea through Tianfu County to the capital, which has caused great waves!
Finally, if a high dragon song resounded through the capital, the whole capital was alarmed. Everyone looked up at this moment and then saw the huge body of the real dragon coming out. In an instant, several people were stunned and felt that their brains were white, and many people were directly scared and collapsed.
The so-called Ye Gong Hao Long, although many people clamor to see the real dragon on weekdays, is another way of saying that it is a mentality to really see it. Actually, the real dragon has a great impact on people, even if it does not release its own powerful momentum, but it is this huge body and appearance that gives people a great visual impact.
"This is a dragon!" "How?"
A series of figures from the sky, such as Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Fan Zeng, Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong and other Jin masters, have alarmed the fox family, such as Fufeng, Hu Feng, Yuerou and Changxin, to learn Gongdaoya, Dongbai, Wang Yue, Bixuan Women’s College, Shenyin, Feiya and Yueji …
All the experts in the capital are alarmed at this moment and look at the real dragon appearing in the virtual space. It is Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Zhuge Liang and others who have changed their colors at this moment. A real dragon appears in the capital. This is what they didn’t expect. Although the real dragon didn’t release a powerful momentum, just looking at it can make them feel a huge threat.
"Mother, look at big brother. Big brother is back. Big brother is the leader."
Snow in Bauhinia City suddenly pointed to the real dragon head and cried excitedly. Bai Susu, the moon inviter and others also looked at the past and then saw the real dragon head. Ning Caichen is really a real dragon. It’s too big for Ning Caichen to be ignored. Plus, the appearance of the real dragon just made them all in a state of shock. After that, they didn’t see Ning Caichen.
"Yes!" "hey!"
Soon Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Zhuge Liang and others also saw the real leader Ning Caichen Zhang Liang’s eyes move and then directly bowed to the leader Ning Caichen respectfully-
"Welcome back!"
Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong and others first slightly one leng and then have mouth-
"Welcome back!" Han Xin, Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong, Jiyuan, Li Xiaoyao, Fan Zeng, Yan Chixia and others saluted.
"Welcome back!"
Then the fox clan four big syren college Shenyin, Feiya, Yuejiji Xuegong, and many martial arts avatar realm masters all saluted, and they all saw the real dragon head Ning Caichen.
"positions! Are you back? " "Look, it’s a real leader!" "Has the dragon, the real dragon of my heaven, been taken over and become a pursuit mount?" "This is a real dragon. It is said that the creatures in China have actually become pursuit mounts, so there is such a thing …" "No wonder the real dragon will appear in the capital" "…"
"Welcome back!" "Welcome back!"
Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang and others had previously saluted Ning Caichen in vain, but the sound was not loud, but it was all over the capital. This was their intention to be guided by their words. Soon, many people in Beijing also noticed that Ning Caichen, the leader, was not shocked, but shouted like a mountain call and tsunami.
"All my life."
Ning Caichen said, "Sound cuts through Beijing" and then he controls the real dragon to fly to Qinxin Lake behind Beijing.
Chapter 76 Demon clan minister
"Bang!" At the center of Qinxin Lake, the water surface exploded and splashed with high water, and the real dragon body plunged directly into Qinxin Lake. However, at this time, the body of the real dragon was fully reduced by nearly 100 times, and the huge body was also reduced to nearly 100 meters. Although it still looks like a monster, it is really poor compared with the previous huge body of the real dragon. Otherwise, it is still a problem for the real dragon to reach the truth in Qinxin Lake.
The real dragon body just smashed into the lake, and it didn’t take long for the body to come out again, splashing a large splash. The whole body flew out of the water, hovering and plunging into the water so repeatedly, like playing. Ning Caichen fell to the shore of the lake and quietly looked at the scene before him. A few moments later, a road broke out behind him. It was Zhang Liang and others who came.
And many people came, such as Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang, Fan Zeng, Wei Zhaung, Chen Gong, Jiyuan, Li Xiaoyao, Yan Chixia, Dao Ya, Ya, Tianyi Luo Dongfang Bai, Bi Xuan, Shenyin, Feiya, Yue Ji, Fufeng, Hu Feng, Yue Rou, Chang Xin, Wang Yue, etc. Whether it was a master of Ji Xuegong or a group of ministers of Jin State or Shenyin in the four big witch girls’ colleges of Fox clan.
It’s just that the noise is too big, that is, the whole capital is noisy with a real dragon, but it’s said that the creatures called sacred beasts are brought back by Ning Caichen, and the noise is absolutely sensational, that is, Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang, Han Xin and others can’t be calm in their hearts, especially when they look at them with their heads held high in Qinxin Lake, they can’t help but feel numb and cold. Although the real dragon has not released its momentum, even a calm look is not affordable for ordinary people, and Zhang Liangying’s real dragon eyes feel cold.
"This is the real dragon at the end of Shenlong Island."
Bi Xuan, Yue Ji, Shen Yin, Zhang Liang, Han Xin and other people who went out to sea together to kill dragons all touched their hearts at this moment and determined that this real dragon was at the end of Shenlong Island Mountain when Xiang Yu broke through. They didn’t expect that it would meet again more than two years later. Although they knew the strength of Ning Caichen for a long time, they still couldn’t be calm when they saw Ning Caichen riding a real dragon, especially when the leopard cat family came back, and there were still many conflicts with the state of Jin. But at this moment, she was shocked and frightened by the strength of Ning Caichen for the first time.