"Don’t delay, I would have said that I am an idle person. Besides, even if I have something to do, it is not important to accompany you." Sun Sheng, after being familiar with Youlan, especially just died together, now he has the cheek to finally play.

"loquacious!" Youlan lightly chastised and said, "Oh, by the way, will we be famous for killing someone just now?"
Sun Sheng was surprised to find that he had forgotten such an important question just now. In the game, when a player kills an ordinary player in a non-duel state, the kindness value will decrease a little, while when he kills an official wanted player, the kindness value will increase. The lower the kindness value, the greater the chance of dropping the equipment. When the kindness value is as low as MINUS 100, the NPC guards in the city will attack the players in the city, and by that time, the players will really be unable to move.
I glanced at my attribute status and sure enough, my goodness value showed red "-2".
Sun Sheng can’t help regretting that he knew that he should have let those hooligans fight first and then strike back. At that time, it was considered self-defense to kill people without losing kindness.
"No, it’s only dropped by two points. Shouldn’t anyone come to kill you?"
"I didn’t drop it. I didn’t strike back until the fireball attacked me first." You said here with a sly smile.
"You are so cunning! Come on, where do you want to upgrade? "
"Let’s go to a place where there are few people, or what if someone really sees you and wants to kill you?"
"I’m still afraid of killing? Somehow I also ten levels? "
"Know you badly? But it’s always troublesome. I’m killing those big strange birds, but it’s too far to run back now. Why don’t you take a look around here first? "
"Well, do you still want to ride a grasshopper?" Sun Sheng’s nose itched again when he thought about the wonderful scene of Youlan sitting in his arms.
"No, just walk around. Don’t tire your pet out."
When they walked side by side by the lake, Sun Sheng, the latter, deliberately leaned in the direction of the orchid, and the beauty seemed to feel better, which further encouraged Sun Sheng’s color heart. The two of them almost leaned together, and the nose was full of fragrance from the beauty. Sun Sheng’s head was a little confused and Hu Qi couldn’t help but think of it at random.
The tip of Sun Sheng’s hand suddenly touched a warm, greasy, warm and comfortable feeling. At this time, Sun Sheng’s brain was still in a short circuit state, and I don’t know what it was. Out of longing for beautiful things, Sun Sheng was able to reach out to the warm and moist hand, and when he grabbed it with his backhand, it was soft and smooth, and it was always a comfortable feeling. It seemed that the temperature had risen again after kneading …
Sun Sheng enjoyed it for a while with his eyes closed, and his head gradually regained consciousness. Finally, he wanted to know what he was holding in his hand. It was very quick for Sun Shengsong to move his palm to one side. However, he was thick-skinned and thick-skinned, but he held hands with others less than a day after he met him. Sun Sheng thought that he was not as embarrassed as a westerner. He glanced at the orchid and saw her ears reddish and looked down at the ground. His eyes narrowed and his hands twisted together. Well, that should be to say, he was shy …
"Well, hey hey, it’s a nice day today, haha …" Sun Sheng grinned quickly to ease the embarrassing atmosphere.
The sound of "En" is very small. If Sun Sheng was not paying attention to the orchid reaction, he could hardly hear it.
Say that finish a sentence Sun Sheng don’t know what to say, my head is still reminiscing about the wonderful feeling just now. Following the orchid with a smirk seems to be afraid that she will see her appearance, but looking at the gentle and graceful figure of the orchid, Sun Sheng suddenly regrets how she was so timid that she didn’t even dare to take advantage of seeing the orchid. However, it doesn’t seem to be against the waves, but I want to think about this situation and ask Sun Sheng to chase and hold people’s hands again and say nothing.
After the embarrassment receded, the distance between them seemed to be a little closer. It was pleasant to kill monsters while chatting all the way, but they all killed some low-level monsters of thirteen or fourteen, which was lower than Sun Sheng wanted.
"It’s better to kill monsters with 16 or 17 grades without any trouble or convenience to protect you." Youlan said that it’s enough to kill monsters with 14 or 15 grades, but Sun Sheng insisted on killing monsters with higher grades. "I can only show my brave posture in monsters with high grades. If I kill monsters with low grades, wouldn’t it be a great outfit?" Of course, Sun Sheng said this to himself, and at the same time, another drama of saving the United States by heroes surfaced in Sun Sheng’s head.
Find the cement monster orchid and say they are too disgusting to kill; Finding the grassland rabbit orchid and saying that they are too cute to kill, so finding a kind of monster with suitable grade and appearance has become the focus of the two people. Finally, Sun Shengcai finally met some 16-level lizards, which has been more than two hours since they decided to kill the monster.
Lizards are half a meter long, and their thighs are thicker and faster. Generally, they attack and defend themselves, except biting people. It hurts to hit the body. If the orchid level is too low, they will hide far behind Sun Sheng. If Xiaoyu or Gray are called out, these lizard roots will not be enough to show themselves in front of the orchid. Sun Sheng did not call out two generals, but went to fight the lizard alone.
Lizards are very cooperative with Sun Sheng’s performance plan. Two or three lizards besieged Sun Sheng alone, which made Sun Shengzhi proud. It was wonderful to show his heroism in front of beautiful women.
Chapter 13 Do you have a boyfriend
However, it is still a bit difficult for Sun Sheng to face the attack of three lizards. Avoiding lizards brings him pain, which affects his masculine expression. Sun Sheng tries to avoid the physical attack of lizards, but it is also quite difficult to fight with three things lying on the ground with more than 30 centimeters. Therefore, it is always impossible to avoid them. Moreover, these lizards are very illiterate and spit at Sun Sheng, which makes Sun Sheng a little flustered. However, the beauty can’t fall off the shelf when watching, even if it hurts, but it is insulting to spit. Hide or you will be embarrassed to listen to the beautiful women cheering in front of you with dirty and sticky spittle. With their own equipment, Sun Sheng waved and danced the spirit sword and lizards and fought fiercely. Every time he attacked, he bent down and thought of his ugly posture. Sun Sheng envied those handsome martial arts actors in the film. Wushu? The most handsome martial arts in Sun Sheng’s mind is exaggeration and elegant lightness skill. Although he can’t, can he jump higher? Isn’t it handsome to pose at a height and turn over? At the thought of making a monkey jump, Sun Sheng jumped more than four meters, put on a flying posture in high school, and then stabbed a lizard with his head outstretched and his arms falling freely.
Can there be an accident before the head is crossed? Sun Sheng realized in hindsight that he had never had such experience in performing stunts. Before landing, he doubted whether his idea was clever, but he could not regret it.
With the help of Sun Sheng’s weight, the spirit sword pierced a lizard’s head and nailed it to the ground. With this opportunity, Sun Sheng reduced his speed a little, but he was still at a relatively fast level. Sun Sheng, a player who was killed by a fall, could not show his heroic image in front of a beautiful woman any more. He twisted his waist and fell sideways to another lizard together.
Bang! The ground trembled a little, and Sun Sheng’s shame method achieved certain results. It was very unfortunate that Sun Sheng-shen was killed by a 5% weakness attack, while Sun Sheng-shen’s was even more unfortunate. Previously, Sun Sheng had been cared for by Sun Sheng at most, and there was not much blood long ago. Sun Sheng’s pressure was no less than a heavy blow and moaning. He was almost crushed into a pie and saw that he was dead.
Although there was a meat pad, Sun Sheng didn’t lose his eyes. When he turned over and groaned, he almost didn’t breathe. There was a lizard left. Seeing the opportunity to gather around Sun Sheng’s head, he shot a sticky spit on Sun Sheng’s face. If he didn’t satisfy his mouth, he would have to give artificial respiration to Sun Sheng …
"ah!" When I shouted, Sun Sheng was almost scared to death by the lizard’s bad attempt. The first kiss almost gave a bad breath lizard!
Sun Sheng hid from lizards and kissed them. She quickly jumped up without wiping her face, spitting and wielding a sword to cut at this hateful lizard who dared to ask for a kiss. Few of these lizards also lay on the ground and didn’t move. Three lizards lost two tongues, and Sun Sheng endured nausea and picked them up. Then she secretly cast her body behind the orchid and picked up a few teeth, but there was no dissection. It was not a gentleman! Since elegant blunt orchid hey hey smile, but because of hanging on the face spit in the eyes of orchid is unspeakable ferocious can’t help but cover your mouth and chuckle.
Looking at picking up the orchid’s shyness, Sun Sheng was even more happy, but looking at her strange eyes finally found something wrong. The sleeves wiped their faces and spit and attacked the lizards.
Quite simply, to tell the truth, Sun Shenggen, these lizards, who are two levels lower, can take a one-on-one hit without paying attention to them. Now? For a long time, like Changshan Zhao Long, Sun Sheng also killed a seven-in and seven-out among lizards, but the number of lizards he faced was not as large as that of Cao Cao’s hand soldiers. Sun Sheng hardly had any rest in the process of killing monsters.
It may be that Sun Sheng killed too many lizards and finally angered the lizards. A lizard BOSS was brushed out. Sun Shengyi didn’t know it and didn’t take it to heart. When it was an ordinary lizard, he killed it with a sword after solving it.
Cut, cut, cut! Why is this lizard so hacked? Sun Sheng wondered that, as usual, even two lizards should be killed, but they were still firmly in front of themselves, spitting leisurely at themselves and noticing that there was a difference. Sun Sheng’s eyes glanced at the lizard Lord’s sixth-order 17-level life 721/136 vitality 56/76 endurance 95/ No wonder it turned out to be a small BOSS, but it is the simplest one. Not only is its rank not much higher than that of ordinary lizards, but its ability is limited. At most, it takes a little time, but it is no threat to Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng doesn’t know that the biggest event of this lizard is not a one-on-one fight, but a group fight. When it is attacked, this lizard Lord can call all the territorial lizards to attack the target. Even Sun Sheng may not be able to resist many ants and kill elephants, but it is a pity that Sun Sheng will summon his soldiers early and quietly. This unlucky lizard Lord will have a chance to live to that time.
It’s a pity that Sun Sheng didn’t let it live to that time. Finally, the lizard Lord was unwilling to hang on the ground and broke out a pair of gloves, which were very small.
The battlefield has been very clean, and spearmint came running. Sun Sheng gave up his plan to collect lizards.