Although there are many clubs in every school, there are not many clubs in Jinling University that are more popular than competitive clubs.

Since League of Legends became popular in China, the competitive team in this country has grown stronger.
There are more and more students joining competitive clubs in universities, and Jinling University, a century-old prestigious school, is not lucky.
In this way, the competition club has become a place where students usually learn game skills together.
It is said that the equipment of the former competition club was outdated for a long time, but it took a year for the League of Legends school team to get a good term in the competition of Chinese universities, and then they were re-equipped with the machine competition club, which made more people.
As soon as I entered Lu Zhan, I saw rows of brains in the community. In front of each brain sat a student who was obsessed with staring at the screen.
Lu Zhan observed it carefully. Sure enough, almost 90% people here play League of Legends.
It seems that some time ago, it was not the end to change the name of the competition club to lol club.
"Our competition area is inside," Wang Zhuo called Lu Zhan and said.
There are ten computers at the bottom of the computer room, and no one plays with them. It seems that they are reserved for this competition.
These computers are all new, and you can feel the configuration is very high when you look at them.
Lu Zhan praised and picked an inner position to sit and check the machine.
Wang Zhuo sat down beside Lu Zhan considering that he wanted to play ad.
Xu Jie and Gao Xueliang also sat beside them.
He Hongxiang didn’t arrive until after a while. This lean and tall boy didn’t know much when Xu Jie played ball, but it gave people a feeling of four-balance.
By his solo exhibition inexplicably feel safe a lot.
At this time, it’s almost two o’clock. Xu Jie agreed that the opponent finally came. The four people in front came together, and there was a small white face who looked different from the Chinese people behind him.
That pretty boy is probably An Youxi. He’s been playing with his mobile phone since he came in. His relaxed face shows that he doesn’t care about his opponent in this competition.
"Human Shao was invited by me. Do you dare to show off in an ostentatious manner this time?" Li Guomin to chrno made a gesture of disdain arrogance said
This Wang Zhuo’s attitude towards the other five people couldn’t help it. He shouted at An Youxi, "An Shao is playing WeChat again! Shaking from Seoul shows that the location of friends around you is Jigong Island? "
This mean-mouthed man has also damaged An Youxi’s coming to a small country.
After listening to his words, An Youxi’s face suddenly turned into pig liver color. He glanced at Wang Zhuo and said, "Wang hopes you can be so relaxed after the game! It seems that I have to fight hard. "
Seeing An Youxi’s bright eyes, Lu Zhan deeply felt that the game was full of gunpowder before it was played!
Chapter 21 is not the same as auxiliary
"Xu Jie, how is your intelligence?" Waiting for the other five people to sit and debug the machine, Wang Zhuo asked
Xu Jie knows many people and has a wide range of ways. He is responsible for investigating the strength of several people across the street these days.
"Li Guomin is a bronze, he pulls a competitor, the position is silver five, and there are two foreign AIDS, one silver three and one silver one, which are not too high. In addition, An Youxi’s position is determined to be masonry two." Xu Jie built a discussion group on his qq number and pulled all five people in. Typing in the discussion group replied.
"That’s okay. It’s okay to have a god with four beats and a fight!" Wang Zhuo inspires morale.
I didn’t expect He Hongxiang to reply coldly, "Isn’t our side also devastated by one god?"
Through the previous conversation, Lu Zhan has learned that He Hongxiang is already a platinum position, which is relatively high in Wang Zhuo’s circle of understanding.
And Wang Zhuo and high school Liang are still climbing the pit in the bronze section. Xu Jie is a little taller, but it’s just that silver has repeatedly added him. This firefighter, who is recognized as a novice by everyone, is described by He Hongxiang as a god with four collapses.
"Let’s stop talking and log in for the game."
There are many people competing in the club. Everyone usually plays games scattered in different game areas. It is very inconvenient if there is a game.
So the members of the competition club thought of a way to connect a branch route to the League of Legends campus competition and get a competition.
Different from the ordinary device, the account set in this game is full of heroes, and even the rune talent is randomly selected. This account is almost the dream of every League of Legends player.
Usually, members are not allowed to log in to the competition. This time, the president will make an exception and let them log in to the competition.
By the time Lu Zhan logged in and tested their good names and entered the game, there were already many members watching the competition.
The ten of them are sitting on both sides with a corridor between them. This arrangement can prevent them from peeking at the opposite screen, so that the gap between the two sides will be exposed first.