Sun Ce, the prefect of Guangling, is the youngest general in my hand!

51 Chixing Qianli Tiger and Leopard Riding
"How far is Guangling County from Pengcheng?" I turned to ask Lv Dai.
"Guangling County Magistrate’s Office is nearly a thousand miles away," Lv Dai replied.
"A thousand Li …" I lifted my arm. "Let’s rest in Pengcheng today, it’s getting late."
A thousand miles a day, my horse gallops at a speed of 300 miles a day, which is less than four days, and then it will not necessarily be able to reverse Sun Ce’s fate.
"Yes," he hurriedly leaned over and "respectfully invited the king into the city."
After turning over the horse, I still felt uneasy, so I told Lv Dai, "You sent a fast rider to Guangling Wang to order Sun Ce not to go out and walk for nearly ten days."
"Yes," Lv Dai asked Zheng. "Is this … a king’s ban?"
"No," I waved my hand. "It was to prevent him from having an accident."
"Following the king’s orders", he also dared not ask more questions, hurriedly pulled out half a foot, hurriedly wrote two lines of seals on horseback, and then handed them to the three messengers, who immediately rode away.
At this time, I was a little relieved when Pengcheng officials crowded into the Taishoufu.
Lv Dai naturally prepared a sumptuous banquet, but something in my heart felt plain after being imported.
Lv Dai and Lv Fan are not stupid. I saw that I was absent-minded when I entered the city. Both of them were a little nervous.
"Don’t worry too much, Wang" Lv Dai finally said, "Sun Bofu’s loyalty and courage are both good soldiers who have gone through the war, and his king will guard Guangling for a short period of time."
Lv Fan also said, "Kuang Sunlang’s body and Wu people are bound to be fine in the enemy’s territory. Liu Bei and others will be able to understand when they have military forces mobilized …" He suddenly revealed an epiphany and lowered his voice and said instead, "But Sun Bofu is tired of Xuzhou’s soldiers in several wars. It is better to adjust it to Qingzhou to recuperate and then go back to the front in the future …"
Lv Dai also wanted to understand my mind and immediately echoed it.
I’m too lazy to explain to them what I really think. Am I worried that Sun Ce will be harmed by a "demon"?
Although it seems that the anniversary of Sun Ce’s death hasn’t arrived yet, history has long been distorted by me. Who can guarantee that Sun Ce’s life will not be affected?
I smiled and shook my head and changed the topic. "I’m really happy to get the Jiuding Heavy Weapon King today. Although God’s will is unpredictable, it always seems to favor me. You two can prove that this is not a forgery arranged by the king, right?"
Er Lu quickly shook his head. "There are thousands of fishermen by the Surabaya River who have been fishing in the net almost every day for two or three months. It is no coincidence that Jiuding appeared at the same time when Wang visited Pengcheng. It must be providence!"
Liu Ren smiled and looked at me. "As early as in Liaodong, Ren saw with his own eyes that God Wang Zhen had stepped on a beautiful capital. Since then, Ren has been convinced that Wang Nai’s destiny belongs to people. Later, as expected, but in four or five years, Wang has been sitting in Wan Li, and it is true."
I also smiled slightly. "Destiny is a wonderful thing for the strong; It is a laughing stock for those who are about to perish. "
"What the king said is very" Lv Dai chimed in. "Liu Xie hastily cast Jiuding at that time, but it was just a laughing stock that he tried to prolong the life of the old Han Dynasty by hundreds of pounds."
"Dinggong Pengcheng County Chief found Jiuding today, but it has no credit for you, and the king will not reward you generously. You don’t have a problem, do you?" I gave Lv Dai a wine bottle.
He asked quickly, "Is this where Wang’s destiny lies?"
I smiled without saying a word, although I won’t give him a reward immediately, but I don’t believe he will not be dominant in the court examination at the end of the year.

After staying in Pengcheng for one night, I led a thousand Qingqi speed to Guangling County.
In order to ensure the speed, I entrusted Lv Dai to send military forces to escort Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er to travel with me slowly-after all, Xiao Zhao still took her son, I can’t let my children travel three hundred miles a day …
For this important mission, Lv Dai was delighted to undertake it. He was so happy … I was a little uneasy and quickly sent several close guards to stay with the Xiao Zhao sisters.
Then I spent many years without using the magic method-walking 300 miles a day.
We have always said that "three hundred Li a day" is actually a Chinese system, and it is 250 Li when converted into previous weights and measures. Although it is not slow, it seems to be acceptable.
Maybe it’s too long that I haven’t used this magical skill for the first day, but I’ve just arrived in Pi City, Pi County, Xuzhou secretariat office-the former secretariat office is located in Ganning County, Donghai County, and it’s convenient for Yangzhou military general office to move to Pi further south.
Of course, Gan Ning, the secretariat, and Guo Gong, the satrap, will also meet him for miles out of the city.