Physical attack 3659

Physical Defense 396 Magic Defense 2943
Fast attack speed
Move extremely fast
Attack skill: flying to repel the storm of stoning.
There is a 15% chance to hit the target halfway when you hit the flying start skill.
There is a 5% chance to repel the target by 5 meters when repelling the launch skill.
This skill attack has 5% additional physical damage bonus compared with the normal attack.
Rocky storm drives its own wind element and soil element to condense into a small tornado, which causes physical damage to all enemies within 5m5m range by 1 time, and has a 15% chance of being thrown into the middle by the attacker and a 5% chance of being stunned by the attacker for 15 seconds. In addition, any opponent who enters the attack range will enter the special state of visual range 5 lasting for 1 second and have a 5% chance to enter the 5-second lost state.
Feature 1: This summoner has a good physical evasion rate. All physical attacks on this summoner have a 15% chance to evade.
When this summoner is motionless, the overall physical defense power increases by 15%
Due to the special magic of sandstorm, the attributes of summoning creatures can be upgraded with the increase of summoner’s spiritual attributes.
After the fusion, the properties of the sandstorm demon spirit can be said to be against the sky, and its defense has been greatly improved compared with that of the former Fengling and Shiling, and its attack speed has neutralized the advantages and disadvantages of Fengling and Shiling, and finally reached "fast", which inherits the characteristics of Fengling’s "extremely fast" attack speed in moving speed.
In the end, the skill of sandstorm demon spirit completely inherits all the skills of Fengling and Shiling before the second turn, and the group attack skill after the second turn also combines the advantages of "Storm Fierce" and "Shock Boxing", and once again the foundation has been enhanced a lot. Now this "Rocky Storm" can be said to have reached an extremely abnormal level.
Chapter 60 Auction
In the aspect of compensation and reward for the Prophet, Gao Rong is not as lucky as Grandet. He also gets a skill, but he can’t learn it himself.
The magical guidance of the resurrection body activates the aura of heaven and earth, and then sings for 5 seconds to inject this aura into the body of the deceased so that the deceased can regain 2% of the life of the deceased after the resurrection. 15 minutes when cooling; Professional white-robed priests, red-robed priests, sacrifices, saints and monks are needed.
For the white priest and the red priest, Gao Rang still knows that these two professions are two branches after the pastor’s second turn.
Although both the white priest and the red priest have healing skills, the white priest has a special bonus in healing amount and can also learn group therapy (although the skills are difficult to master); The red priest can learn two attribute bonus state skills (skills are equally difficult to learn), although there is no bonus in healing amount and group therapy. These two skills are bonus physical magic double attack state skills and bonus physical magic double defense skills. Of course, these two skills cannot be added to a person at the same time. If you want to attack, you can’t defend. If you want to defend, you can’t attack.
Generally speaking, the big guild organizations will train these two different priests as needed, while scattered players will choose white priests
Sacrifice to the profession should be regarded as a semi-hidden profession.
Sacrifice is also a more special choice after the second turn of the priest profession. When the priest player makes the second turn direction choice, there will be a very small chance that the third choice besides the white priest and the red priest will appear, and that is sacrifice.
Sacrifice this profession has a certain increase in attack compared with ordinary priests, but the original healing skills of the priest profession will disappear, and it will be replaced by two attribute bonus state skills (it is not necessary to learn skills directly). The bonus ratio of these two state skills is better than that of the red priest. In addition, these two attribute bonus state skills can be added to a person at the same time, which is much better than that of the red priest.
It is precisely because of this feature that players who change their jobs to sacrifice will win over the major guild organizations for the first time, and since then, the upgrade and equipment have been guaranteed.
In the end, the two saints and monks completely belong to the hidden profession. What are the characteristics of these two professions? It is estimated that some professionals know.
Get back to the point
This "resurrection" is the greatest desire for a priest. For a priest, besides treatment, the most important mission is to resurrect his teammates. However, this resurrection is not easy to explode. After the game has been going on for so long, Gao Rong and Grandet also heard that a white priest in the main team of Super God has learned this skill, which shows that this skill is very scarce.
Resurrection is a very important skill for other players. If you want to hit this skill, you must not choose to sell it, but let your teammates learn it, so that your team will instantly become a strong team and the birth rate will increase by n times.
However, for Gao Rang and Grandet, a blasphemous talent and a race opposed to light, resurrection is of no value, so they decided to take this resurrection to the Hongyixuan auction tonight to see if they could exchange it for something precious.
Time flies, and soon it’s late.
When Gao Rang and Grandet came to the door of Hongyixuan, they found that there was already a sea of people here. I didn’t expect so many people to join in an auction.
There are three Jubaoge players at the entrance of Hongyixuan, two of whom sell tickets and one checks tickets to enter.
There are so many people stuck here at the door now because all the tickets have been sold out.
Boss Kang originally prepared a ticket, but unexpectedly, this ticket could not meet the needs of the players.
At this time, those players who didn’t buy tickets were blocked at the door and protested
Gao Rang and Grandet walked through the crowd to show their tickets to the man who was guarding the Jubaoge at the door and then entered the Hongyixuan.
And the people who didn’t buy tickets outside are getting more and more noisy. Finally, there is no way for Boss Kang to arrange more guys to go to the door to collect money and release them on the spot.
Although this method is stupid, it can be regarded as a solution to the problem. It was originally planned to hold an auction at 8: 00, and for this reason, it was not officially held until 9: 15.
The second floor of Hongyixuan is very large, and there is only one seat, which naturally belongs to those who have tickets. All other people who don’t have tickets are around. Even so, the second floor of Hongyixuan is still full of merit.
Boss Kang walked on the stage with great confidence and said, "First of all, thank you all for coming tonight. I just had a little accident to say sorry to those friends who didn’t buy tickets but waited for so long!" Nonsense, let’s auction the conference directly tonight! "
After that, Boss Kang left the stage, and then a posh-looking man came. This guy made a brief introduction and said that he was the auctioneer Agu of this auction.
After the auctioneer introduced himself, the official auction was finally official.
Two girl wearing what look like cheongsam came with a piece of equipment.
This equipment looks very gorgeous, but in fact it is just a green equipment with two levels and two turns.
Agu first showed the properties of this equipment in front of everyone.
Golden armor (green) defense 11165 magic royal 12
Blood volume+1
Additional Attribute 1 Strength+3
2 Agile+3
Equipment level 2 to 2
Agu held this equipment and blew it up. Agu boasted that this golden armor had instantly become a high-end fashion like Versace in the real world.
Indeed, the attribute of this dress is actually very general. The only advantage is that the appearance of this dress is glittering, which is very similar to those glittering pants of Grandet.
In the end, this golden armor was bought by a brother 2 yuan at a price. After seeing the transaction price of this dress, Gao Rang and Grandet were completely unsettled.
In order to increase the popularity of the auction process, every two pieces of equipment will be auctioned.
The first heavy equipment is three pieces of blue equipment after two turns.
These three pieces of equipment are a pair of shoes, clothes, wristbands and a stave.
In the end, the pair of shoes took 16 yuan’s high-priced wristband, but it took 9 yuan’s price. Finally, the stave took a sky-high price of 346 yuan.
But this is not the climax of the whole auction, because the real big buyers have not yet acted!
Chapter sixty-nine Auction tricks
The auction of Jubaoge, an equipment vendor in the game, was not held by the organization.