When Ang Yan and others saw the long-lost goblin figure, they were first stunned, but then they blurted out all kinds of bad words to the extreme, which almost made Ye Zhang sick

During the day, some players tried to enter the former so-called "real glitz" through the two-way door leading to the mainland of the divine domain, and when they settled down, they soon realized.
It turns out that the original root of the so-called real flashy world is the inner world leading to Longque Imperial City.
It’s good for the players to make a comeback because they can regain their old feelings, but for Ye Zhang, it’s a torment for them to look back on it after so much experience.
"Brother Cyclone isn’t going to blame?"
The unified file disappears, and the tears return to normal. Although there are still many bugs caused by Ye Zhang, it does not affect the normal game of players.
At this time, Ye Zhang smiled and shook his head. When Ang Yan and Ming Zhan left, Ye Zhang looked at Xu Yin.
"Let’s walk together."
In this world dominated by Ye Zhang, a couple walk side by side. The glitz is still the same, but the flashy middleman is no longer the same person.
"Should the future get better?"
Xu Yin asked a question, and when she looked at Ye Zhang, she smiled with longing, while Zhang Ye nodded and calmed down to be flashy, which would attract more new and old players to invest. There would be no more wars, no more scary changes, and no one would not like flashy.
In the future, there will be more and more guilds, and the number of players will gradually increase. Moreover, Ye Zhang also learned from Feng Zhi that Zhan Lifeng had the idea of returning to the flashy helm, which is definitely a good thing for him.
Zhan is a pure businessman or profiteer all his life, but he doesn’t have the brains of Tao An and Lin Youxuan. He will be able to make more money and start the flashy virtual online game, which is exactly what Ye Zhang, the real master of flashy, is happy to see.
"I think it will get better."
Zhang Yexiao smiled, but he didn’t give Xu Yin a definite answer, because the flashy edge is still Lin Youxuan’s design of a set of world concepts, while the flashy other pieces of information still hold Lin Youxuan’s original intention of creating flashy, but Zhang Yeke can help all the top management to decide whether to open these pieces of information or not, which is to change them.
Xu Yin gave me a hint of curiosity and seemed dissatisfied with Ye Zhang’s answer.
"It’s not like a leader should talk!"
Xu Yinxiao embarrassed Ye Zhang. Indeed, although he was a leader, he lacked a leader’s vision. At this time, he remembered the residual blood and Feng Zhi. He suddenly sighed that he still lacked that kind of real helper around him.
Because Feng Zhi and the remnant blood from the Brave League and the bloody carnival guild are naturally gone, now glitz is like a loose sand without guild cohesion.
A day later, the soul-eater and the old ghost sent a message to Zhang Ye saying that they wanted to establish a guild and invited Ye Zhang to join, but Ye Zhang declined, and Ye Zhang teased the soul-eater.
"Have you forgotten that we have a bet?"
Hearing this sentence, soul-eating was obviously scared. What joke and GM’s one-on-one hit were not angry? This militant part immediately discussed that Ye Zhang could not ban spells and demigod weapons. He and all his brothers were one-on-one hit.
In this regard, Ye Zhang can turn their eyes. Ye Zhang, a demigod weapon, estimates that he can’t even beat an angry inflammation. Don’t say that so many masters have singled him out.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-seven Lean end
Tao An has taken the road.
When he realized that Feng Zhi, Residual Blood, Shen Cen and others were monitoring him, he knew that he had lost all his retreat.
He endured it for so long for 11 years, and he was able to give Lin Youxuan the biggest blow at the most crucial time and let him feel the darkness he faced in the past 11 years.
It’s a pity that he didn’t think it was the final victory over him, not Lin Youxuan but Ye Zhang.
It seems that, like many rivals in Ye Zhang, they always ignore Ye Zhang, who is just a player after all. What he has is only in a virtual world, and even a player, he has not reached that peak because his skills are really out of the eyes of real masters.
Ye Zhang gives everyone the feeling that he is a very easy opponent to defeat. Some players have made a death record of Ye Zhang in the forum, and even with the cooperation of many old players, it is concluded that Ye Zhang has died no less than 10,000 times.
And this is precisely from the side that it is not too difficult to beat Ye Zhang. If you are interested in targeting Ye Zhang, it is not difficult to hang up Ye Zhang.
Tao An sat in the office of Chuangshi Network, and he didn’t go anywhere because he knew that many people would come today. His bank account had been frozen, and his green card was also blacklisted.
Tao An knows exactly how powerful this group of people is. A year ago, he didn’t say Lin Youxuan, even if Fu Heng was very much a student like Fu Yuesheng, he wanted to kill Ye Zhang.
Just then, the words rang.
The hurried ringing broke the silence in the office. When Tao An pressed the answer key, a noisy sound wave came out, and Tao An’s face was sneered at it.
"Brother, don’t you go out to hide? Do you want me to give you an address?"
Lin Youxuan sounds in the hoarse frequency and Tao An didn’t speak. He knew that Lin Youxuan must be very satisfied at this time because Lin Youxuan rarely plays jokes on another person.
"It seems that you have resigned yourself, brother, but I really want to know that you will take the initiative to fight against the enemy in Ye Zhang. As far as I know, none of them have a good fight with the enemy in Ye Zhang!"
Lin Youxuan’s words made Tao An present a strange idea in his heart. He knew that he was connected with Ye Zhang, and he witnessed the whirlwind with his own eyes and was a bystander.
"Lin Youxuan, you won’t always succeed!"
Tao An’s words are somewhat weak, and he sighed lightly in his heart, because he never thought that he would be defeated by Ye Zhang. Even if he had management restrictions, he could be a clown like Ye Zhang in the eyes of people who have experienced decades of life.
Unfortunately, in the end, it was such a clown who finally killed himself. What about Lin Youxuan?
At this time, Tao An suddenly turned white. In the glitz, Feng Zhi was not the only winner, but Lin Youxuan was another one.
"Am I late?"
Tao An suddenly asked such a question at this time. At this time, the noisy sound wave in the voice disappeared, and Lin Youxuan could be clearly heard.
"You’ve never really known me, including the dead master. You’re all too used to thinking with your brain, but you often ignore that sometimes your eyes can deceive yourself when they see and hear."
Lin Youxuan’s words made Tao An smile bitterly.
Isn’t that what happened with Ye Zhang? They rely too much on their habitual thinking to think about problems, and they can master Ye Zhang. Then they feel that this two-year-old young man can’t escape from his palm.
They are all too confident and too confident in their own judgment, which is the biggest difference between Lin Youxuan and others.
Lin Youxuan can’t think of too many things. His thinking ability is very rigid. He is not suitable to be a game maker, but it is precisely because of this that he can make up for his unexpected imagination with everything in his life.
He instilled everything that was already in the human mind into the taboo power-artificial intelligence, and he relied on the cold brain to replace him with confidence, because brain analysis would never be wrong.
Tao An was silent. It turned out that the truth was always with him. Unfortunately, he never really dug it up. It was the main reason why they failed to judge the development criteria by relying too much on their own experience.