Mu Feng didn’t think Xiao Shengfeng was going to attack himself, and others didn’t react. Xiao Shengfeng’s attack rhythm would be so fast. This offensive broke Mu Feng’s original war plan. What Mu Feng thought was to slowly consume Xiao Shengfeng’s blood to 5% and then release him by fire. Two methods were used to solve Xiao Shengfeng in one breath.

Before that, Mu Feng must never die. He must live to think about Mu Feng’s mind and shout "God is rebellious!"
"Hum!" A buzz was accompanied by Mu Feng’s shout, followed by the flashing purple luster of the Afar suit. At a moment, an array appeared. After Mu Feng’s foot was attacked by Xiao Shengfeng, the array changed from the foot to the front, which blocked everything. The gale attack even passed through the array, and the wind blew in Mu Feng and the figures floated up. There were also two "enemies!"
"Emperor’s paranormal skills!"
Moreover, after the appearance of the array domain, Mu Feng shouted again, "Let the Emperor’s paranormal technique be superimposed on God’s inverse skill". Mu Feng quickly threw the second magic source staff in his hand behind him and let the hidden statue and the true body go wild. Then Mu Feng rushed to the front of Xiao Shengfeng with the purple array domain in front of him. Mu Feng and the hidden statue showed a series of melee attacks on Xiao Shengfeng’s strong body.
Mu Feng’s equipment has always been added with magic attacks and intelligence, and there is nothing to add with physical attacks. The punching damage caused by Mufeng’s fist is about 2,000 points. However, the reason why Mu Feng himself and Yin Zun attacked Xiao Shengfeng is not to hit explosive damage but to provoke him.
Anger Xiao Shengfeng, this is Mu Feng’s real purpose!
Watching Mu Feng and an imaginary figure beat Xiao Shengfeng around, everyone was shocked. Everyone knew that Mu Feng was now in an enemy state. He had a long skill when he put an enemy, but people couldn’t understand why Mu Feng didn’t take advantage of the enemy to run away and attack Xiao Shengfeng with magic and attack him at close range.
With Mu Feng’s fists constantly provoking Xiao Shengfeng, the latter is not to be outdone. He hit a series of violent winds against Mu Feng, which swept Mu Feng into the middle school and threw it out again, but still did not hurt, because Mu Feng was still in a state of rebellion against the enemy.
"Hey hey sword stupid old man has something to continue to hit me." Mu Feng punched Xiao Shengfeng’s face and then said cheerfully that he was still in Mu Feng while the supernatural operation continued. Of course, this guy wanted to "trample" on Mu Feng and Ling Fei.
Although it is np in the attack game, this kind of blow still makes Mu Feng feel sour and refreshing. When he was about to continue to attack him, he found that Xiao Shengfeng’s unique wind sword disappeared. "Hum" sounded and then the unique wind sword flocked to Mu Feng with a huge storm.
The height of the storm is three or four meters high, and its appearance has cooled the whole palace corridor, but there is still a killing gas in the coolness that reaches the depths of everyone’s soul.
"Nana, give everyone a shield, but don’t treat me except for me every month. Remember my words!" Just as the whole corridor was raging, Mu Feng suddenly said something like this in front of everyone so that everyone could accurately hear Mu Feng and sent it on the chat channel specially.
In addition to the magic days, others are puzzled in every way. Although Mu Feng is still in the enemy’s state, this enemy should be faster. Isn’t Mu Feng afraid that Xiao Shengfeng will cast a unique wind sword on him after the enemy fails? After all, the Mu Feng enemy has been in existence for 1 second!
I don’t know that Mu Feng already had an idea in his heart. When Xiao Shengfeng’s forehead was pointed at himself, Mu Feng smiled and then the wind sword pierced Mu Feng’s chest with a snap of his fingers.
There is no pain in the feeling of weapons entering the body. After a few years, the feeling of chest soreness disappears, but the sword of the unique wind does not disappear. Moreover, the storm of the sword of the unique wind suddenly flocked to Mu Feng, drowning Mu Feng in the storm. This feeling is itchy except for acid. Now Mu Feng will not feel pain when he is in an enemy state.
This unique wind sword stabbed Mu Feng in the chest for 5 seconds, and it was not until the last moment that the enemy state in Mu Feng disappeared that the unique wind sword was pulled out and Mu Feng had been enemies for 15 seconds!
If the situation before Mu Feng is made into a video and sent to the game forum, it will definitely bomb the entire game industry for 15 seconds, which is definitely the strongest enemy skill in history.
That’s not all. After the duration, the original purple array in front of Mu Feng disappeared and turned out in front of Xiao Shengfeng. On how Xiao Shengfeng moved and how to cut the sword, he failed to get the purple array away.
And when the array appears, it generates storms. These storms attack him just like Xiao Shengfeng attacked Mu Feng before, and now he attacks Mu Feng to deal with him.
On the side, everyone wiped their eyes. No one would have thought that Mu Feng summoned the array to attack Xiao Shengfeng in turn, and the attack style was the same as that of Xiao Shengfeng just now. This is amazing.
Of course, there is also a difference between the two. Xiao Shengfeng didn’t do any damage when he attacked Mu Feng. The latter was in an enemy state. Now Xiao Shengfeng is constantly losing blood and there is no place to hide. Moreover, the damage caused by this attack is quite high …
"Mu Feng, how did you do that?" Seeing Xiao Shengfeng being cut by his own whirlwind one after another, the root didn’t have the strength to attack all the people. The magic day finally couldn’t help but ask. Others were also very curious about what Mu Feng had just done.
"Well … I don’t know how to explain it. I sent out the equipment for you to see." Mu Feng ha ha smiled and shared the equipment attributes.
Compared with the magic day, they are more curious about Mu Feng’s low-key gods and mad cows. Although they looked at the equipment before, they didn’t see the skills. Now Mu Feng is finally going to take out the skills
Chapter 32 If you die, it’s a piece of cake
"Well … I don’t know how to explain it. I sent out the equipment for you to see." Mu Feng ha ha smiled and shared the equipment attributes.
Compared with the magic day, they are more curious about Mu Feng’s low-key gods and mad cows. Although they looked at the equipment before, they didn’t see the skills. Now Mu Feng is finally going to take out the skills
[Afas combat suit] Purple costume can be equipped in the clothing position. The equipment level is 37, and the demand level is 34. The costume star ★★★ enables professional wizards and doctors to add intelligence to the special professional attributes of France +6 points of strength +17 points of physique +1 point of defense +999 points of additional intelligence +3 points of 5% chance to resist fatal attacks (ps refers to the enemy’s hitting damage more than 5% of his total health in 2 seconds).
After the release of the special enemy skill, the player’s own center will display a three-meter-radius God Inverse domain. When it lasts, the player can move the domain with it and absorb all the damage suffered by the player. At the same time, the domain will absorb all the incoming attacks and 1% will forcibly rebound back to the God Inverse skill. If the God Inverse domain changes from purple to black when receiving an attack, the rebound attack will rise to 2%. When it changes from black to red, the rebound attack will rise to 3%. The skill lasts for 5 seconds and consumes magic. When it cools down, it will last for 6 hours.
Introduction to the equipment: Afar’s combat vestment: Afar wears a vestment. Afar is a high-powered god in the soul world, among which Afar prefers to study the enemy’s anti-itself magic. Afar accidentally acquired this vestment when he first incorporated the enemy’s anti-self magic into the equipment. For some reason, Afar threw this vestment into a corner of the soul world for future generations to find this armor full of two magical powers of enemy’s anti-self.
Then Mu Feng sent out the supernatural art of the emperor.
[Divine Psychic Skill] The active special skill Divine Psychic Skill can be superimposed on another skill surface, so that the effect is to increase all attributes of this skill by 3%.
The attributes of the last two lines of the Emperor’s Psychic Skill were hidden by Mu Feng because it was not publicly displayed by the Emperor’s Spiritual Master and the Emperor’s Weapon Institute in Mu Feng, and Mu Feng Gadi’s Psychic Skill just wanted to tell everyone that it was the superposition of two skill effects that made God reverse for 15 seconds into a majestic enemy skill.
And Mu Feng just punched and kicked Xiao Shengfeng in close quarters for a simple reason, that is, he wanted to provoke Xiao Shengfeng to attack himself. During the duration of God’s inverse field, Mu Feng’s attack will be returned to Xiao Shengfeng without reservation, just like now, Xiao Shengfeng is being ravaged by his own storm.
"Alas ….." Mu Feng sighed after the equipment and skill attributes were sent out. This skill was really a close call to save lives, but what depressed Mu Feng was that he even took out the emperor’s paranormal technique, which actually triggered the follow-up effect to double the attack.
"Ha ha, this is my strongest trick. It’s up to you." Mu Feng sighed and then said with a wry smile to everyone. If the strongest skill of fire inflammation is blood purgatory and blood punishment, then Mu Feng is a supernatural skill.
They nodded, and then turned their attention to Xiao Shengfeng, who bounced back against him. Now the boss has only 7% blood left and his life is still decreasing. Mu Feng is looking at it as "wheezing". As soon as the wind sword in his hand pierces his chest.
Recalling the attack on Xiao Shengfeng just now, I did let go of such an attack, and now it bounced back to him with injury. This sword cut him off by nearly 250,000 blood, and the attack on Mu Feng was enough to kill him by nearly one million blood. This kind of injury made all the men a tiger and all the women a shock.
At this time, 64% of Xiao Shengfeng’s blood is not far from the implementation of the Mu Feng plan. Mu Feng believes that the double tricks of fire inflammation can be released. With the magic day and Qin Mo attack, this boss can definitely be solved. Secondly, there is a low-key god who can send out a set of skills. Xiao Shengfeng can still take away 5% of his blood.
Now you can slow down and grind your blood.
After playing for a while, Xiao Shengfeng put a skill called "unique wind sword storm chop". This skill is a single attack on Mu Feng. What he has to do is to let the person who is stared at by Xiao Shengfeng dodge, followed by Nana to add blood to Shield Jiyue.
Storm chop has the effect of breaking the shield, even if Nana adds a shield, it will make people lose half their blood. At this time, Xiao Shengfeng will flash in front of that person and attack. If Ji Yue and eggplant beauty add blood, that person will run out.
Xiao Shengfeng released the storm, and the target was the magic day. After the magic day flashed, Xiao Shengfeng released the unique wind sword-style square wind crack and blade dance Nana skill, which were still in D. Once released, everyone would definitely not be able to bear it.
Naimu wind energy took out the blizzard anger and released the ice crystal wall. The mad cow also released a skill called "steel barrier", which barely withstood this wave of attacks. After a wave of skills, Xiao Shengfeng would have a few minutes to seize this gap, and everyone would release the attack and bomb him. It took him about half an hour to finally brush Xiao Shengfeng’s blood volume to about 5%.