11. Glory damage has been increased from 45 points to 5 points again.

Third, some associations in CW competition
1A staff refreshes doomsday, and two heroes are abolished in a team battle. How can we fight that team battle?
2A Staff Necromancer can restrict buying live. He is too restrained to some DPS in the later team battle.
3 Lothar weakening powder has been strengthened. IF should be weakening some invisible heroes and props.
Four men can compete in CW with big moves.
Some main wizards can produce bloodstone, not only at the initial stage, but also manually commit suicide to treat teammates.
6 Always getting stronger and stronger, the hero is getting faster and faster! )
Chapter three hundred and nineteen BLACKPINK debut
Chapter three hundred and nineteen BLACKPINK debut
If a tactic doesn’t play an advantage in the early stage and may not be able to take the absolute initiative in the dialogue with the opposite late stage, then seizing the middle stage becomes a very alternative.
DK tactical changes are not unpleasant, because DK is known for tactical changes and execution, and the team’s reasonable play is almost their label.
However, DOA is often unreasonable, and its tactics are changed, and some opponents are changed, especially strategic weapons such as ES Gully and Jumping Bull.
In this game, DK’s quick-pushing tactics completely declared abortion in fifteen minutes. The direct reason was that Lu DP was forced to kill the tower EC for the second time. Although DP desperately resisted CK, he even handed over a big move to take away the same prophet who crossed the tower.
It’s a pity that the prophet is budding and the young tree people are preventing the advance in the middle and early stages. The rice will make the prophet and the young tree people master the skills.
Surrounded by a CK, that is more than enough.
And the clip that almost formed a counter-kill, was finally countered by CKE and finally sent back to the spring water also made the audience enjoy themselves.
However, the most intriguing thing about this game is the middle road confrontation.
Or come turtle tactics can hold out then?
"We can see that Lun Ruiwen is like a temptation to come in front of the Guardian Tower. In the final analysis, it is a turtle. Let’s look at the river CM wandering again and being taken away by flash ghosts. Isn’t it strange? Why should I say’ again’? Because three minutes ago, the same place, the same characters and the same story, Lin Feng didn’t need to control the flash ghost for fifty seconds. It was too IMBA! " The fat fish explained this.
But the audience has different views.
Originally, I was skeptical about EH’s bold initiative. DOAER felt that Lin Feng still had a few brushes to make the competition more beautiful.
EH supporters, on the other hand, are very unkind. At DK’s home court, they have sung a hymn. Four kills are making up for more than 90 dollars. Only at DKC, the dog arc watcher is still very good at holding down the flying shoes K.
Lin Feng’s strategy is simple, then it’s obscene.
If K is online, he will never leave the tower, even if he leaves the tower, he will never leave the tower in the state of full blue K. Once K swims, he will violently push the magnetic field to speed up the propulsion.
Although the effect was not very satisfactory, I still pushed off a tower in the middle of the road in the 17th minute.
Raven K’s swimming in this period is very painful, because once the swimming is unsuccessful, a tower in the middle will immediately pull up the danger alarm, which is actually not a success. Whether the swimming is successful or not, the alarm will be pulled up in the middle is due to the difference.
The most surprising thing for EH fans is that the arc watcher flashed ghosts on the k-walk road twice.
The first time was 20 minutes, when the road charm was refreshed and replied. Raven glanced around to make sure that there were no local heroes. After eating the charm, he replied that the charm entered the bottle and was about to insert his eyes to light up his vision. Suddenly, he screamed in his ear.
K fall to the ground
It turns out that the eye-catching point of the road charm point is also the left platform of the wild monster point map, and the four accumulated ghosts drop K in an instant.
This made DK fans very hurt, because at this time K had already paid 27 mysterious staves, but did not buy mysterious staves.
This time, the charm was met on the way to mystery shop in K, and the eye of the transport plane just arrived at K at this time.
This is the first time to make meritorious deeds in K.
The second meritorious service is even more unexpected.
In the fog, I was going to steal the meat. The mountain dog was directly killed when passing by the road gods.
DK fans continue to get hurt
Watching a flash ghost, but unable to wake up, the team members plunged into the pain, and only those who were present to watch the game could know.
EH audience and DK fans who look forward and lean back in front of the camera are no longer listed here, because they can’t hear even if they scream their throats and watch the signal on the other side of the DK team.
“SHI!” Super, a dirty word has already burst out
And this scene was also keenly grasped by the live director, and the GV director also showed this clip in the live webcast.
The mutual reflection is that Lin Feng is serious, with some deformed faces and corners of his mouth biting gum like a leopard that has been hungry for months and finally found its prey.
The moment of life and death has been hidden for a long time and is about to become a field where you can kill and finally play.
Not only in EH glory
Even your own professional competition is life and death.
But for many viewers, this game is to watch the excitement. I like the team to cheer, and further more, I believe in the support of the great god.
Of course, winning is a good thing, and losing them is at best a sigh.