Even the village dogs are gathered here waiting to eat bones because of the smell here.

Zhang Ting, when they came over, it was time to prepare dinner.
A full face of joy came forward to meet the village chief Hao, and his face turned white when he saw Hao Ren running around Hong Wang.
Hurriedly accelerated the pace to Hao Ren their side came along.
"Wang report, you’re here, report. Forgive me. I didn’t know that the report was coming. Please don’t blame it." This is the first time that Hao Village Chief has seen such a superior person.
Hong Wang Ye glanced at Hao Village Head.
Know that this is the head of Haojia Village.
I know that the village chief Hao still took care of himself when he was a child.
Immediately, Lord Hong was a little more friendly when he replied to Village Head Hao.
"You are the village chief Hao, aren’t you so polite?"
Hao village head bent half-bent with an uneasy mood to welcome Hong Wang Ye and others to the largest table in this field.
This table has been occupied by three old people with white hair.
Hao Renqian respectfully shouted "Hello, Uncle, Second Uncle and Third Uncle" to the three old people.
The three old people’s faces changed after hearing the village chief Hao whispering in their ears.
The three men quickly got up with the help of their great-grandchildren and made a salute to Prince Hong.
"Get up. I told you today that you are not so polite. If you do this again, I will be angry." Wang Hong felt a little uncomfortable when he saw these people being so polite to himself.
As Lord Hong’s words fell, the face of village head Hao and these three old people changed.
I’m so nervous that I dare not go out of the atmosphere.
Seeing the cold atmosphere here.
Zhang Ting and Hao Ren looked at each other.
Zhang Ting stretched out his hand and hit Hao Ren’s arm and told him to think of a way to slow down the atmosphere now.
Hao Ren was urged by Zhang Ting to bite the bullet and break the embarrassing atmosphere in front of them.
"Don’t be nervous about the village chief’s uncles. In fact, my father is joking with you. He doesn’t like people around him to treat him as a sovereign. He likes everyone to treat him as an ordinary person."
Chapter 27 panic!
Hao village head and others listened to Hao Ren’s explanation and sneaked a peek at Hong Wang’s side one by one.
I’m really not angry to see this Lord Hong. Everyone just breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts.
"Sit down and talk." Hong Wang Ye took the lead in sitting down and then told these people in front of him.
"Where is my grandson? Hold him over and let him sit with me." When Prince Hong sat down, he suddenly thought of his precious grandson.
Princess Hong jumped around her whole body with her cloak carefully.
Hearing the words of Lord Hong, Princess Hong shook her head and smiled, got up and jumped in her arms.
"Sun is yours, you should take good care of him for me. If he freezes to a little, I’ll see how I get even with you when I get back." Princess Hong lost this warning to Prince Hong when she left.
Hong Wang Ye’s face was frozen and his hands were a little tight.
Looking down at Sun Wang’s letter in his arms, the grandfather’s eyes seemed to be full of confidence again.
Halfway through the dinner, Hao Ren suddenly got up and looked at the dozen people at the table in front of him and said, "I know everyone has a question in their hearts, and I’m afraid that Hao Ren will follow them back to Beijing to enjoy life after recognizing his biological parents. Now I’ll make it clear to everyone that everyone is worried about not sleeping well."
When the villagers heard Hao Ren take the initiative to talk about this matter, they were so nervous that they didn’t even say anything about their meals, staring at Hao Ren’s side with big eyes.
Hao Ren smiled and said slowly again, "I won’t leave Hao Jia Village if I don’t leave. This is my Hao Ren’s house. I won’t leave everyone and I’m not worried that we will leave."