Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Three flame fan
, JiFangPing words, it is said that the hearts of the scattered practitioners are sharp, and the scattered practitioners are torn under them. They can’t help clapping their hands. Some of them are grumpy and do things without considering the consequences, and even point directly at the disciples of the True Spirit Gate to scold their mothers. Throughout the city of Feixian, the bristle broke out one after another, which was quite lively. More than 20 monks in the air in the middle period of Yuan’s baby all looked angry. They didn’t expect that Xi Fangping should scold so directly. No wonder people say that Fang Xi’s mouth is worse than his golden hammer.
Under such circumstances, Liu Changhe still looks gentle. At least on the surface, there is no sign of anger at all. He still gently shakes the folding fan and says softly, "Fang Daoyou, you can’t say that. We did exactly what you asked. If you think it’s wrong, you can also give us back the magic weapon you took and then destroy your body. We can think about it and let your Yuan Ying escape."
Xi Fangping laughed wildly: "Little joke. Is this the kind of person we are used to? Besides, even if I self-destruct, will you really let me go? Now that I’ve hit this level, I’ll fight you to the end. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if my concubine accidentally touches a friend and is stunned. Lao Tzu’s master is quite justifying a fault, so he will naturally come to your trouble. Come on, gigolo, I want to show you what a real man is. Don’t think that just because you have a face, you can run wild on the Pleiades. "
Scold again and again, even the clay figurine will have fire, but Liu Changhe didn’t, as if he had regarded Xi Fangping as a dead man. Liu Changhe smiled and said softly, "In that case. You’re welcome next time. "
Liu Changhe speaks quite politely. However, hands on, but it’s not ambiguous at all. After saying no, he recited the formula. Then, he shook the folding fan and a fire dragon suddenly flew out from the fan. This fire dragon is a hundred feet long, and the head melon seeds alone are several feet big. With a horrible sharp mouth, he jumped straight at Xi Fangping.
It was not until the fire dragon approached the melee that Xi Fangping twisted his body and escaped the fire dragon’s attack. See the dragon, XiFangPing immediately put down more than half of the heart, the dragon although aggressive on the surface, however, its body contains fire aura is not strong, compared to the fire dragon lizard, sent a hundred miles, even if directly sprayed on their own, also won’t cause too much damage to yourself.
Just, XiFangPing so risks and risks to avoid the fire dragon, in the eyes of others and even Liu Changhe. XiFangPing hiding quite embarrassed, is indeed has reached the point where the oil lamp withered. Liu Changhe’s face showed a grimace of a grin, and the folding fan in his hand shook again, and one share of fire waves came out again. Straight at Xi Fangping. This fire wave. Compared with the fire dragon just now, the power is obviously enhanced, but. It also poses no threat to Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping saw it. The other party didn’t intend to kill himself at once, just holding the idea of cat and mouse and playing with himself slowly. Estimation is Liu Changhe see XiFangPing unexpectedly got the support of so many scattered repair, deliberately to humiliate him in front of scattered repair. In particular, Xi Fangping’s repeated insults made Liu Changhe not want to be so cheap, and he must kill Xi Fangping after suffering, so he didn’t try his best.
XiFang calm down and exultation, the other party after seeing his kill the big fellow, still so lightly. It’s suicide. With the strength of XiFangPing now, it is not difficult to kill Liu Changhe, but there are more than 20 Yuan infant monks watching. If Liu Changhe is easily killed, how can those guys automatically come to die?
Xi Fang moved calmly, and the pagoda suddenly flew out of the storage bag with a clap of his hand. Suspended above his head, colorful light shone on the pagoda, which joined together to form a light curtain, just covering Xi Fangping as a whole.
"Colorful glass tower?" Liu Changhe was taken aback, and the folding fan in hand couldn’t help but pause: "Did you sacrifice it so quickly?"
Xi Fangping laughed and said, "What’s the matter? I just have this ability. You bit me. "
Liu Changhe look a change, then returned to normal: "boy, don’t think you have colorful glass tower, I’m afraid of you? You are just a monk in the early days of Yuan Ying, and with one or two magic weapons, you occasionally go beyond the challenge to succeed. Do you think you will always be so lucky? Tell you, even with the colorful glass tower, can you stop me? The three-flame fan in my hand is not much worse than the colorful glass tower. Besides, you have run out of oil and lamps, and you are dead. "
Say that finish, even dozens of fingerprints, then, in the hands of three flame fan, suddenly rose to about ten feet, Liu Changhe holding three flame fan, a wave of his hand, a black flame, suddenly emerged from the sector, directly sprayed on the screen. Coloured glaze colorful tower immediately out of the buzz. The light curtain also shook in waves and was almost defeated.
Black flame? Xi Fangping was taken aback. Unexpectedly, this seemingly ordinary folding fan has such a function. Even the millions of practitioners below could not help but hold their breath. Monks all know that the highest temperature flame in the fix true world, that is, black flame, can melt gold and iron almost instantly, which is very serious. Even if it is a small state of Yuanying, it can only be done with the magic weapon of excellent quality if it is based on the spirit and spirit in the body alone. From this, we can be sure that this three-flame fan handle has reached the level close to the ancient treasure. No wonder Liu Changhe is so confident. True Lingmen is really deep-pocketed, like a magic weapon close to the ancient treasure. In other sects, all the elders are qualified to use it. Unexpectedly, the monks in the middle period of Yuanying will hold it even if it is a true spirit gate. It used to be a colorful glass tower, but now it’s a three-flame fan. How many such good things are there in the hands of the True Spirit Gate?
However, with such a black flame, I want to hurt Xi Fangping, but it is still a little worse. XiFangPing hurriedly take a deep breath, reiki fast running in the body, soon, colorful glass tower milli light more sheng. It can block the attack of black flame. In fact, this is why Xi Fangping didn’t want to expose his strength prematurely. If it weren’t for this, Xi Fangping would have the confidence to easily block the black flame even without colorful glass towers.
But, even so, for Liu Changhe, it has been unexpected. Liu Changhe didn’t expect that Xi Fangping was turned down so much. Although on the surface, Xi Fangping’s face was even paler, and the sweat on his forehead increased more and more. However, Liu Changhe was no longer as talented and full of confidence. The reason is quite simple. The use of three-flame fans is quite reiki-consuming. With Liu Changhe’s strength, he can only swing three fans at most, and the body is already empty. Now, the first one has been blocked, and the next two. Will it work?
Liu Changhe’s face turned slightly white, and he regretted it. Why did he rush out so badly? If you wait until others consume some reiki in Xi Fangping’s body before attacking, it is almost certain. In order to earn back face, but also to get back the colorful glass tower. The True Spirit Gate has rewarded me handsomely. Anyone who kills Xi Fangping will get a considerable reward. These more than 20 famous young Junjie in the True Spirit Gate. Half because of the command, the other half, but all staring at those rewards, Liu Changhe is also for those things, this just rushed out, unexpectedly, XiFangPing seemingly crumbling, but it has such a tenacious fighting capacity, which made him a little caught off guard.
However, it is too late to regret now. Think of true spirit door that harsh to the extreme. Liu Changhe couldn’t help but worry deeply. He twisted his body and suddenly flew to a place only half a mile away from Xi Fangping. He struggled to lift the three-flame fan and snapped it at Xi Fangping. Just finished fanning, Liu Changhe’s face. It’s as white as paper, and he’s panting heavily, and his chest is constantly fluctuating. Obviously, this one has exceeded his body’s endurance. Even if he wins this battle, he will have to retreat for at least a month or two.
A huge black pillar of fire rushed out from the fan, almost directly crashing into the colorful glass tower, instantly smashing the light curtain outside the pagoda. The buzzing sound of the pagoda suddenly made a big noise. When Liu Changhe was hesitating, Xi Fangping had already felt that he would strike with all his might, and secretly had put the aura in the body to about 70%. Although the black pillar of fire instantly tore up the outer curtain of the pagoda, Xi Fang stood upright and reacted. Close to the pagoda, the curtain suddenly showed extraordinary splendour and became extremely tough.
The seemingly invincible black light beam hit directly. The colorful light curtain shook, but it was continuous and always maintained its original shape.
After the black light disappeared, Liu Changhe was surprised to see that the colorful colored glass tower was still brilliantly suspended in mid-air, covered by a light curtain. Just paler, and there seems to be a lot more blood at the corners of the mouth. However, the whole body is intact, and even the body is as straight as before. The only thing that is a little different from just now is that hateful Fang Xi. There is a trace of fear on his face, obviously. I am also quite afraid of the power of the black light beam.
Liu Changhe ha ha sneer at it, he is convinced that XiFangPing this time is really oil lamp withered, completely with colorful glass tower, this just barely protect the whole body. Liu Changhe believes that as long as you work hard, you can definitely kill Xi Fangping invisibly. Although this final blow is likely to make Liu Changhe have to retreat for several years to recover, compared with the reward he will get, the loss of time in these years is still worth it. Not only does Liu Changhe think so about the true spiritual disciples around him, including the millions of scattered practitioners under the table, but also thinks so. Many scattered practitioners can’t help but close their eyes and can’t bear to see the horror that Xi Fangping was burned by the black flame and couldn’t even find the ashes.
Don’t give XiFangPing a chance to catch my breath, Liu Changhe suddenly spit out a mouthful of JingXie, face suddenly like gold paper, horribly yellow, at the same time, the three flame fan out the beep beep sound, sector, thick black tiny lightning constantly appear, the whole air, seems to be compressed by its great power, around the sector, unprovoked end rolled up a black wind, the black wind into the sky. It looks pretty scary.
Gritting his teeth, Liu Changhe almost put all his strength to use, and this just waved a door slowly. Just net, swing out, Liu Changhe’s body is like a scattered frame, slightly shaking up in the air, as if accidentally, it is possible to fall from the air. It’s not the same as a small talent in the net. It’s a small black light beam. Come up from the sector six this black light crazy deep extremely dog, slowly straight into the colorful glass tower, passing by, out of a crackling sound, as if the air is torn. Everyone’s heart lifted, and they all saw it. This small black light beam is much more powerful than the big light beam just now.
XiFangPing also clearly felt this, he didn’t expect, three flame fan should have such strength. Such a magic weapon with good quality should not appear on a monk who is only in the middle of Yuan Ying, but the monk who can really wield his power should be in the end of Yuan Ying. However, in fact, it is also good for Zhenlingmen to do so. As anyone can see, this Liu Changhe is not the same as the previous Zhong Zhen. He didn’t become an elite just by virtue of his relationship. He really has such ability, and his cultivation has reached the peak of Yuan Ying’s mid-term. Therefore, Zhenlingmen gave him this fan just to let him get familiar with it first. After a few hundred years of advanced Yuanying, they naturally got another expert in Zhenlingmen. However, it seems that. True spirit door idea is dashed, met with XiFangPing, can only blame this Liu Changhe unlucky.
XiFangPing look a tight, ninety percent of the spirit force in the body, all injected into the colorful glass tower, colorful glass tower above the milli light, also had a change. The light curtain, which used to cover the surrounding site of five or six feet, suddenly shrank inward to only five or six feet. However, the light curtain is more tenacious, like a transparent stone with extraordinary splendour. There is a sacred and inviolable coercion. This magic weapon, in the hands of Zhong Zhen, is just a scary thing, but in the hands of Xi Fangping, it really wields its power close to the low-order ancient treasures.
The tiny black light beam hit the screen without any sound, just like a sharp knife stabbing a piece of leather, and it suddenly rushed in about three feet. In Liu Changhe’s feeling, that piece of leather is not tough and it doesn’t take much effort to pierce it, but. That piece of leather is horribly thick, easy to pierce, and the length of the knife is obviously not enough, and it goes in three feet later. I’m stuck. I can’t go any further. Just one breath, the aura contained in the black light beam is consumed. Seven seven eight eight. The power is no longer. Xi Fangping’s eyes flashed with different light, twisted with a jerk, and his body suddenly disappeared. Then, he appeared beside Liu Changhe and punched out with a jerk. Liu Changhe didn’t even think that XiFangPing had spare capacity to fly out from under the cover of coloured glaze colorful tower, and he didn’t have time to respond. His face was dismayed when a small giant fist appeared on the net, and he had already firmly hit Liu Changhe. Liu Changhe, which has run out of lights and oil. I couldn’t bear this punch at all, and I was suddenly smashed into a fleshy foam. Yuan Ying just escaped and was taken away by the net that Xi Fangping later offered.
XiFangPing want to also don’t want to, then pinch out Liu Changhe yuan baby, and then, hand a copy. The net just grasped the three-flame fan that had lost control in its hand, and with a wave of his hand, the colorful glass tower quickly contracted and flew to Xi Fangping’s hand. All this, just born in one breath, is so fast that even the monks in the middle period of Yuanying have no time to react. When they realized that Liu Changhe had been killed, they were thinking about grabbing the three-flame fan. It was too late, and the three-flame fan had fallen into the hands of Xi Fangping, who was playing with it with great interest.
The whole feixian city was quiet for a long time. Millions of monks gave a cheer. Cheers came and went, almost shaking the tall walls slightly. XiFangPing gently wiped the corners of the mouth that deliberately out of blood, a wave of his hands cheers immediately stop. It also increased his heart to kill Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping actually had such a great influence in the practice of Sanxiu. If he escaped from Feixian City and screamed outside, it would probably cause considerable damage to the rule of Zhenlingmen.
While throwing a folding fan, Xi Fangping casually took out half a bottle of jade bee pulp from the storage bag and poured it all into his mouth. Just now, the first world war, although there is no danger for Xi Fangping, however, the cost of reiki in his body is also quite large, especially the small black light beam in the end, which drove Xi Fangping to transport 90% of the spiritual force, which just missed the resistance. Of course, Xi Fangping also knows that if it is not for the purpose of testing the power of colorful glass towers. He could have beaten Liu Changhe faster. Xi Fangping has seen that the three-flame fan is powerful, but it has some fatal weaknesses. First, each fan hits. The cost of reiki is too much, even if a guy like Liu Changhe has the strength of several peaks in the middle of Yuan Baby, he can only barely hit three fans, and he will not even come out with one fan. Secondly, the black flame from the fan is powerful, but. Rotation is not flexible, and it is not very effective to deal with monks with particularly good posture like Xi Fangping. Of course, it is used to deal with ordinary monks. Perfect. After all, most monks. You don’t take the time to practice your posture.

Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Contact
The bee pulp is eaten. Xi Fangping’s spiritual strength, the ancient horse added to the promotion of Jiang Jiang’s self-cultivation, and now it basically has no effect, but its role in the battle is much larger than that of ordinary Dan medicine.
This thing, it is estimated that the whole fix true world, also can have the Xi Fangping, red bees in other places, can generate jade bee pulp almost no, this kind of good thing, if put on the market. It is estimated that a bottle will sell for millions of lingshi. The monks will also scramble for it.
The vigor came up, but Xi Fangping’s face was quite ugly, sallow. It seems that if you push it gently, you may fall from the sky. For the mask you wear. Xi Fangping is quite satisfied. This kind of mask, however, is for monks’ use. On the Magic Star, one piece is worth hundreds of lingshi, which is quite expensive. Ordinary monks can’t afford it at all, let alone mortals. The biggest feature of this mask is that. As long as the aura is injected into it, the color of the mask will change accordingly, and it will become whatever color you want. It is not difficult to simulate the failure of both qi and blood, as long as you practice it a few times at ordinary times. Xi Fangping has been doing business on Cepheus for a long time, and has never seen or heard of this kind of mask on Cepheus. Therefore, this kind of mask should be a specialty of the extinct star, which is perfect for deceiving people.
Xi Fangping seems to be reluctant to suspend himself in mid-air, pointing to the more than 20 disciples of the True Spirit Gate, and loudly saying, "Hey, aren’t you bastards thinking of engaging in wheel-wheel warfare?" Now it’s the Zha "turn to come out quickly, Lao tze to send him to hell. "More than 20 yuan baby brother motionless, don’t have a dare to come out. In a word, among these monks in the middle period of yuan baby. Liu Changhe’s strength is the strongest. His cultivation has reached several peaks in the middle of Yuan Ying, and he is holding a three-flame fan, and he is a monk at the end of Yuan Ying, a small sect. You may not be able to beat him. Originally, according to the plan, Liu Changhe should be the last Zha, come out to fight. However, seeing that there were advantages to be accounted for, Liu Changhe was eager to make contributions and went to war in advance. As a result, he was killed in the hands of Xi Fangping. Imagine, who dares to take the initiative to go out?
Just now, after the first world war with the big fellow, Xi Fangping looked like the oil was exhausted, but. Still killed Liu Changhe. Moreover, everyone present saw that after killing Liu Changhe, Xi Fangping took out a bottle of potions from his belt. Although I don’t know what the hell it is. However, those fine and slippery guys can guess that what Xi Fangping is taking is definitely something that can partially restore spiritual strength, so that. There are even fewer people who dare to go out and fight.
Seeing each other’s fear, Xi Fangping laughed: "OK, if you like to fight, you don’t fight. I can’t help it. I don’t want to be here with you. I went back to sleep. When you find the right opponent, just come back and tell me. "
Say that finish, yawned very affectedly. Turn around and get ready to fly down. Xi Fangping’s action caused a burst of laughter from the scattered practitioners. It’s not a problem for a monk who hasn’t slept for decades. How can he yawn in front of so many people? Xi Fangping, it is clear that you are sweeping the face of the disciples of the True Spirit Gate.
The faces of those true spirit disciples showed anger. However, after looking at each other for several rounds, no monk dared to come out to fight. According to the rules of the true spirit gate, once you come out to fight, it will be an endless situation. They can mix to this degree, but it is very rare. Who doesn’t cherish his own life? Is it worthwhile to quarrel with Xifangping?
Suddenly. A voice came from the sky: "Stop."
The voice is quite familiar, and Xi Fangping doesn’t have to guess. It’s the bad old man with a nasty goatee. Xi Fangping has inquired about it. This old bastard’s name is Che Zewu. He is one of the only two monks of Zhenlingmen in Feixian City, and he is also the commander of the garrison. His task, with 200,000 monks, is to search for the remaining party of Feixianmen and Xiji Firm in Feixianmen and nearby areas. Over the past 40 to 50 years, 80,000, if not 100,000, Feixianmen disciples have died at the hands of him and his subordinates, and many innocent Sanxiu have been affected by their fish and died. It can be said that this is an executioner whose hands are covered with the blood of Feixianmen and Sanxiu, and his fierce name in Sanxiu is quite large. Therefore, on hearing the old guy’s voice, Xi Fangping was so angry that he shouted, "You old bastard named Che, do you want to challenge yourself?" Are you all shameless people like you? .
Che Zewu’s figure appeared in front of Xi Fangping. He said darkly, "Is it worthwhile for the old man to do it himself against a junior like you? Don’t worry, since we promised not to send monks below the end of Yuan Ying to challenge in public, we won’t break our word.
Xi Fangping laughed: "In that case. Then why don’t you stay here and bark like an old dog in spring? If you want to fight one-on-one, fine, but you have to wait until a month later. When my brother comes, you two find a remote place and have a good fight. But … I have to advise you that you’d better prepare coffins, suicide notes and the like in advance. Yun Ran said that the monks didn’t care much about it. Ditch dead ditch buried. Bury in a pit. It’s good not to be quiet and not to prepare, so as not to be caught off guard. Even the body was eaten by wild dogs, which was miserable.
Che Zewu’s face is crooked, and he knows very well. When he bickered with Xi Fangping, he could only give Xi Fangping a bad look at himself. Instead of answering the words, he turned around and shouted at the middle-aged monks who were afraid of onions: "You are all elite disciples who have worked hard and finally cultivated. Don’t, you just look at this boy so insulting true spirit door and indifferent? At this rate, you say. How can we old people trust to give you the True Spirit Gate? "
More than 20 monks looked at each other in the middle of Yuan Baby, and their faces looked different, but no one took the initiative to stand up and challenge. Che Zewu’s face is getting darker. He said coldly, "It seems that I can only call the roll myself. Save this boy within the specified time, if you don’t kill this Fang Xi who insulted the True Spirit Gate in front of millions of scattered practitioners, if you don’t recapture the colorful glass tower and the three-flame fan of the sect, you people. Don’t even think about going back. Even if you go back, you know the rules of the True Spirit Gate, so don’t even think about living a good life like before.
After that, he casually pointed and said sharply, "You, come out first and fight this boy."
The fierce fighting lasted for three whole days, and the scattered practitioners in Feixian City were also fully satisfied for three days. Under the pressure of che zewu. Fifteen monks took turns to go into battle and fought to the death with Xi Fangping. Almost as soon as one monk’s net was killed and the baby was destroyed, another monk made it up, giving Xi Fangping no chance to rest. However, the more down, the more surprised the elite disciples of the true spirit gate are. Xi Fangping is simply a monster who can’t die. Even if the loss of aura is serious, as long as he steals something, he will immediately fight with each other again. Although the elite disciples of Zhenlingmen all adopted Yuto’s method, there was still no way to stop themselves from losing again. Especially. The colorful glass tower in Xi Fangping’s hands is too strong. Under its protection, those elite disciples who only have general magic weapons in their hands can’t do substantial harm to Xi Fangping at all.
The continuous fiasco has caused great psychological pressure to the elite disciples. When Che Zewu’s finger pointed to the 16th monk, that guy finally couldn’t bear the pressure, his face suddenly changed, his chest fluctuated a few times, then he suddenly turned around and flew away in the distance. Che Zewu was furious, and Li Fu showed his posture and chased him up. Without the presence of Che Zewu, six of the remaining eleven elite disciples turned and fled without thinking, and they would rather become scattered practitioners from now on. You have to bear the endless pursuit of the True Spirit Gate. I don’t want to fight hard with Xi Fangping.
There are five elite disciples, although they didn’t turn and flee like their companions, but they didn’t mean to challenge at all, just suspended there quietly, waiting for Che Zewu’s return.