Feng Zhang, seeing Xia Houyuan, always thinks that Er is very vicious, and thinks whether this kind of cold-faced person is good at doing it?

"It’s wonderful to have a rest after hard work." Cao Cao waved Xia Houyuan’s arch and excused himself.
It’s just a matter of thinking. It’s not up to him
"Do you know that you are also present today?" The more Cao Cao felt that this son-in-law found the right one, the more easily he solved such a large case, which was extremely unfavorable to Cao Cao’s family.
If that Shi Ake looks at the other disciples and draws them over …
Cool, kill whoever he wants. Guo Yun said that God can’t kill anyone!
The first one killed Yuan Shao and made such a big trip for me.
Feng Zhang, the "little husband", pointed to the words and said that he had to admit that this punishment was really well written. It’s a pity that he had to die. Otherwise, there are still things about Lombardi that will flow out. I’m afraid that if Cao Cao is in a big event, he will never put such a big risk factor regardless of "this history is likely to be recommended to Lombardi by a person."
"who?" After hearing what Feng Zhang said, Cao Cao thought of what Wan Fu said, "When I passed Zhongmou …" He asked himself and replied, "Gongtai!"
Zhang Feng nodded. "According to my husband’s estimation, it is very likely that my tutor met Chen Gong when passing by Zhongmou. At one time, Chen Gong wanted to recommend Wang Yue to Zhang Miao or Lu Bu, but according to my tutor … knowledge should be rejected, and then Chen Gong recommended it to Yuan Shao, Yuan Shao IV, San Gong, which is also a good choice for my tutor, and collecting Shi Atul is also very likely what happened."
Everyone present agreed with Feng Zhang that Zhang Miao and Lu Bu Temple were too small to be Wang Yue, a giant Buddha, but even Qiu felt that it was not good enough.
"So say master will Chen Gong Palace secretly hook up with Lombardi, otherwise how can you do such a thing?" Guo Jia didn’t comment on Wang Yue for a long time because he and Shi A didn’t understand nature, and now he finally has a chance to get a word in.
Don’t say that Guo Jia is really keen on problems. Everyone present is silent when this statement comes out.
I don’t know why Chen Gong just doesn’t like Cao Cao, except that they just had some contact and then they didn’t hear from him for no reason
Then Chen Gong voted for Zhang Miao Lu Bu. Anyway, whoever did the right thing with Cao Cao voted for him. At that time, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were still in their honeymoon period. It was normal for Chen Gong not to vote for him, but it was not clear that Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were almost in danger of fire and water. Chen Gong took out a dew marriage in that year and suggested to Yuan Shao that he should have sex.
"Zhongde asked Zhong to check Chen Gong." The more Cao Cao thought about it, the more likely it was. What medicine did Chen Gong take? What was it that wanted to spite himself?
In addition to making a lot of money all over the world, Mi family firms have another function, that is, to spy on news and be temporarily responsible for the reliability and authenticity of the news sources, which depends on Mi Zhu, the main book of the Prime Minister’s Office.
"Should the word master be changed?" Cheng Yu has one thing to imitate others’ handwriting.
"Of course, if you want to change it, you must not let Liu Xie children know that Lombardi is also playing his mind, otherwise maybe they will secretly hook up with Zhongde again and hand it over to you."
"Master, you can rest assured that the morning will be good."
The next day, Cao Cao handed in a word saying that the assassin was Wan Fu’s bribe to the ranger, but it was not Lombardi’s business. Liu Xie looked at it and didn’t ask much. He was directly imprisoned in the cold palace after a hundred people were killed in the city.
At the same time, Feng Zhang has contributed too little to solve the case.
Feng Zhang is once again famous in the streets and alleys of the ruling and opposition parties, and has a new talk. This magical general is as good at literature and affairs as he was after losing his soldiers.
Tens of thousands of people crowded around the east gate of Xuchang, scrambling to see if the original was different from ordinary people when they were beheaded without even adding toes.
The imperial guards, Jin Wujia, Xu Changling and thousands of ordinary soldiers maintained order, but they still couldn’t stop the people’s enthusiasm for the upcoming bloodshed. They rushed forward and shouted "kill him" and "kill him" slogans. The eager light in their eyes was the desire and expectation for blood.
Feng Zhang wondered whether these insensitive people would be more enthusiastic if one day they were sent to the East Gate in this sill car.
Numb China people
Or ….. should inspire a people’s wisdom? Let them know what is right and wrong.
There is a saying in the Analects of Confucius that "the people can make things known."
Many people think that Confucius said that for ordinary people, we can make them do what we want, but we can’t make them know what to do.
Some people think that Confucius thought has a kind of teaching, so this sentence should be understood as follows: Do not know.
However, in this era, it is estimated that there will be as many people with second thoughts as those who have succeeded in crossing and living.
If Kong learns to punctuate, maybe China is not like this today …
"The general is thinking?" Dong Cheng, the temporary prison officer, is not a taste in his heart. It turns out that the only old colleague has lost his job and been detained, but he still has to die. It’s a bit of a rabbit and a fox. Feng Zhang didn’t talk all the way, and the atmosphere was so boring that he said
"Today, I laugh at people and people laugh at me. I am hiding in the storm?" Feng Zhang had something in his heart and made up a poem to prevaricate.
I didn’t expect Dong Cheng to lose heart.
Hmm? Is this front implying something to me? No, it seems that we have to think about the way out when we go home, otherwise this Wan Fu will be my day.
Dong Cheng adjusted her horse a little crooked, and Golden Flower took out her energy again to hold out her chest and thrust out her belly, just like a bunch of bloodthirsty flies.
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This ….. What do I always owe to make up for yesterday?
As soon as Feng Zhang returned to the house, five women scrambled to come to Lv Qiling to tiptoe to wear Zhang Fengchan’s hat. Huan-erh threw his account in his hand to untie Feng Zhang’s belt; You personally bent down to put a pair of big smelly feet in your arms and smiled to take off your shoes; Although Lill is clever at ordinary times, she can’t find anything suitable to do at this time. She can pout and is reluctant to follow behind the tea lotus.
"Is everything all right with my sister?" It can be said that Cao Jia’s level of family education has turned a blind eye to Feng Zhang’s smelly feet for a day.
Pull the socks that stink to death, and lean back with a grunt of "hmm".
In the old society, men were so happy. How many men did not give their wives foot washing water now?
The other four women took a step back with one hand covering their noses, but Feng Zhang still had a triumphant batting practice expression.
"Your husband, I’m a horse, of course, everything is OK…… … er, you can rest assured that your sister has lived in Beigong Liu Xie’s small room, and they are still staying there every day with good feelings."
"That’s good. I’m still worried, husband. It’s a relief to say so."
Cao Wei smiled with a little woman’s satisfied expression on her lips. Instead of immediately putting Feng Zhang’s foot on it, she pulled Feng Zhang’s tail toe and then gently pulled it and clicked it, which is a common technique in modern pedicure!
This is, of course, Feng Zhang teaches Zhang Fenghui some strange massage techniques, including the kind that Lv Qiling once misunderstood that would make people hum "R-O-O-M" and "opposite sex massage"
Whether the emperor’s daughter or the beggar’s daughter is happy, it is necessary to have a good man after all.
The same is true of men.
However, I have regretted it when I generally understand it.
So Feng Zhang is happy.
"That’s the Foucault family …" Huan-erh wrinkled her cute little nose and sniffed it in the air as if it didn’t smell so bad.
"All were beheaded except for being abandoned after falling." Although the Fu family framed Cao Cao himself to do Cao Cao’s half, of course, they were indignant, including destroying the criminal officer’s mouth. Feng Zhang also supported it, but this did not mean that there was no pity in his heart.
It is more important than keeping people around you safe.
There was a silence.
"Dad, I don’t know what happened there … husband, I really miss my parents." Well, Yanshi has been gone for almost a year. Although Lv Qiling is careless at ordinary times, everything is not good, but after all, family blood is thick