When Sun Sheng was worried, the red hair ball stayed at Sun Sheng’s head, but it fluttered and flew. Seeing it chirping at the magma pool for two times, the magma in the magma pool started to boil. Sun Sheng hurriedly stepped back. "Boy, I haven’t found it yet, so I can’t find it." I turned my head and thought again, "I don’t see the situation. This should be the little guy’s whole out. It shouldn’t hurt me?" Sure enough, a bridge across the magma pool went straight to the other side, but the bridge was made up of flowing magma. This sight made Sun Sheng look straight. I didn’t expect this little guy to have such a big deal.

Sun Sheng quickly held the little guy who flew to him in his arms and fondled his fluffy body, leaving his mouth to his ears. Now Sun Sheng is absolutely sure that this sparrow is his own struggling to find the flaming phoenix, a creature that can control magma. What else can it be if it is not a phoenix?
"Phoenix, Phoenix, you are really a baby. I’m going to give you a name. It’s not so nice to always call you Phoenix, is it?" Sun Sheng remembered that he could give it a name. "I remember saying that the naming opportunity should be careful once, and how can it afford a prestige and beautiful name?"
Sun Sheng looked at the hand phoenix to discuss tone and it said, "What do you think I should give you a name? Phoenix? No, it’s too flashy. Magma? Bad flame? It’s awesome, but it doesn’t match your appearance. Um … I’ll call you Xiaoyan. Lovely name, isn’t it? " Sun Shengshou Phoenix chirped at Sun Sheng with a pair of beautiful eyes. Sun Shengshou’s hands seemed to be very satisfied with the name. "If you don’t talk, Sun Sheng will take it as your default. Haha, Xiaoyan, I kissed Xiaoyan. Haha …" Sun Sheng played the game interface, and the pet interface was really fucked. Sun Sheng immediately added the name column to "Xiaoyan". After the change, Sun Sheng put Xiaoyan on his lips, kissing and gnawing. In the end, Xiaoyan couldn’t bear to escape from Sun Shengshou and fly to Sun Sheng’s head and lie down.
Sun Shengcai woke up from a surprise when he ran. "It’s better to leave here first."
Sun Sheng glanced at the magma bridge and felt a little nervous. "Can this side leave?" Although the magma in front of us is like a bridge, the rolling magma is really not easy to be associated with the word "An". After thinking about it, Sun Sheng bravely walked away. It’s a big deal to break a pair of jade shoes. With a small flame, even the magma can be controlled. Who are you afraid of? Thought of this, Sun Sheng gave a big cry and then flew to the other end of the magma bridge. As expected, the bridge was soft but better than mud, otherwise Sun Sheng would have a bath.
Sun Sheng’s shoes didn’t catch fire when he ran across the magma bridge. "It’s okay!" Sun Sheng felt glad that he didn’t scrap the jade shoes at last. The magma bridge crashed and splashed everywhere after Sun Sheng ran. After witnessing this scene, Sun Sheng turned and skipped all the time, and the cave ran past.
When Sun Sheng looked at the cave entrance, he found that I didn’t know when the magma had fallen on the cave wall of the whole mountain, and for such a long time, no magma had been ejected from the magma pool to the ceiling of the cave. The magma at the ceiling of the cave had disappeared for the dark mountain wall, and the magma in front of Sun Sheng was still falling at the visible speed at the middle of the cave entrance when Sun Sheng came.
Then there is something wrong with Sun Sheng’s monkey jumping in the highlands. Maybe he can climb the bottom of the cave with both hands, but then Sun Sheng’s hand will be cooked, so Sun Sheng has to wait at a platform at the mouth of the cave.
After a long time, the magma in the cave wall has disappeared, and the temperature of the cave wall has dropped to the tolerable range. Sun Sheng didn’t bother to jump, but climbed into the cave with the magma groove flowing on the cave wall.
Chapter 47 Mount
When I arrived in the cave, Sun Sheng’s persistent spirit sword walked back along the original road by the dim light for a long time, and finally returned to the cave where I met locusts. Sun Shengxian put away the spirit sword. Here, a little light can attract attention. Sun Sheng thinks that he hasn’t sought revenge from locusts yet, so he still doesn’t disturb it. Sun Sheng carefully rubs against the mouth of the cave and doesn’t even stretch out his head. He lies on the stone wall to listen to the long movement and silence, which makes Sun Sheng make a judgment. 1. The locusts are not in the cave. 2. The locusts are in the cave, but they are asleep, no matter which one is less. Now Sun Sheng is an Sun Sheng trying to lift his feet and walk outside. Just after one step, he feels that his feet have touched something. The sound of "Hua" makes Sun Sheng have the impulse to turn around and run. Fortunately, Sun Sheng finally suppressed this impulse. Otherwise, Sun Sheng will definitely have no place to regret going to Sun Sheng after knowing what he stepped on. How can this ruin Sun Shengmei’s life and suddenly appear in front of him when he has lost a good thing? Sun Sheng picked it up from the ground and wiped the sleeve to see that there was no defect. Sun Sheng was very excited again.
Holding the sword in his hand, Sun Sheng was steadfast in his heart. He put his head out of the stone wall and glanced at the cave scene. Then he quickly took his head back and recalled it. The scene just now seems to be less eye-catching than the locust figure. If it is in the cave, there is no reason not to see it. It seems that it is not in the cave now. Sun Sheng leaned out of the cave and looked inside carefully for a while to make sure that there is no danger. After that, Sun Sheng came out from the inside.
When Sun Sheng came to the cave, the stone walls were full of night beads and crystal stones, which made Sun Sheng’s eyes look like gold coins. I knew that there might be danger, but in the end, Sun Sheng couldn’t resist it. Sun Sheng had reason to rush to a place relatively close to the cave to collect these swaying stones. Although Sun Sheng didn’t have mining technology, these minerals were all useless, but they were only decorative words … Sun Sheng knew a lot about women’s enthusiasm for jewelry and other things, and then sold these things that looked like night beads. "How could genius be so clever?"
No matter how hard the stone wall is, it can’t stop Sun Sheng’s determination and the sharpness of jet in his hand. Let Sun Sheng dig a night bead to show that Sun Sheng has become a waste, but Sun Sheng doesn’t care. Anyway, it’s a waste, and the night bead has not changed, which can attract women and harm men’s wallets! It’s not a problem whether you want it or not.
Looking at the night beads, Sun Shengfa stayed for a while and slept in gold coins like a western dragon. When he woke up, he saw a vague shadow on the ground in front of him. Sun Sheng’s sweat came immediately, and the familiar rustling sound behind him aggravated this situation. Many Sun Sheng barely turned around and appeared in front of Sun Sheng’s eyes. It was the bright green locust! Although psychologically prepared, it was really scared, and it kept poking its head at Sun Sheng as if it wanted to get close to Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng was able to lean back against the stone wall tightly. "My life is over!" Sun shengxiang is a girl who is being raped and resisting, but she seems to be leaning against the stone wall and closing her eyes tightly. Of course, the night bead is still a fortress in the package, so she should bring one back anyway.
But this time the locust is obviously a little different. Sun Sheng waited for a long time, but it didn’t attack Sun Sheng. The difference is that this time Sun Sheng was still afraid of it, but he didn’t feel violent from it. On the contrary, his breath felt very peaceful, like he had met any good friends or hadn’t seen his relatives for years.
Although Sun Sheng was a little confused, he didn’t have time to think much about it. Sun Sheng’s head was stunned by Xiao Yan. Only then did he find that he was not alone and there was a very powerful Xiao Yan. It was quite difficult to know who would win or lose when he really fought. Sun Sheng felt so calm in his heart. Looking back at Xiao Yan’s confrontation with locusts, the more confused he became, the more he saw Xiao Yan chirping at locusts, but the sound was not annoyed and he didn’t take any practical action, and the corresponding locust action was quite ambiguous. After listening to Xiao Yan’s cry, he even showed no anger and showed a very close
It seems that their communication went smoothly. Then, in Sun Sheng’s great consternation, Sun Sheng heard the system and said to Sun Sheng, "Congratulations to the player’ Quantity Tianzun’ for getting the pet jasper locust, and the level of jasper locust has dropped by 27 levels."
Sun Sheng is dizzy. I’m really dizzy. Why did he take the locust in front of him as a pet in a fog? And it’s still an exaggeration. Twenty-seven or a drop. It’s too … crazy! Sun Sheng still doesn’t believe in playing the game interface. As expected, there is a jasper locust name in the pet column. Sun Sheng is a little high!
Of course, all this is not because Sun Sheng’s personal charm is so great as to attract monsters to be captured automatically. First of all, this is a unified plot, and it is also quite important. There must be a hidden plot in it. Sun Sheng Xiaoyan has been here for tens of thousands of years. Without protecting it, the array flame must have vanished long ago, and that cave with magma flowing everywhere is a large array to protect it and keep it alive. Sun Sheng is not attacked by array because he has a spiritual sword with him. If another character enters it, it will definitely be destroyed. Suffered a devastating attack, and this locust is a very ordinary locust. It came to this cave because of the special environment inside. It grew so close to Xiaoyan because they were all infected by a large array. Xiaoyan was brought into the large array for tens of thousands of years, and this locust came here and grew up for thousands of years. The monster-level locust was mainly infected by the aura overflowing from the large array, so it can be said that Xiaoyan and the locust were almost mothers. So what else is there? !
Sun Sheng didn’t understand all this. Now Sun Sheng knows that he picked up a very powerful and beautiful locust for nothing. "Well, it must be very good to look at it as a mount. How cool it will be to ride in the street then!" Ha ha ….. "Surprised, excited, excited, etc. After the mood, Sun Sheng naturally fantasized about the future …
Chapter 40 Super locusts down a peg or two
Now that locusts have become Sun Sheng’s pets, they won’t hurt him any more, and they won’t stop Sun Sheng from digging the night beads in the cave. Therefore, Sun Sheng spared no effort to dig the night beads. If it weren’t for the package restrictions, it is estimated that Sun Sheng would have to dig the night beads in the whole cave. Finally, I feel that it’s almost enough. Sun Sheng finally stopped calling Xiaoyan and Xiaoyu, which is Sun Shengbi’s jade locust, with a new name "Xiaoyu … I don’t know if this name is heard. Maybe this is my wife’s name." Little flame still went to Sun Sheng’s head to see Xiaoyu as before, which seemed to have a desire to try. Sun Sheng quickly stopped it. What a joke! Sun Sheng’s head is not the tarmac! Xiaoyu, although there is a small character in her name, has nothing to do with Xiao.
One person and two pets entered the cave together and came back. Sun Sheng wanted to ride on Xiaoyu’s body. The hole was too short to allow Xiaoyu to pass. If Sun Sheng rode on Xiaoyu’s face, he would definitely get stuck. Sun Sheng gave up the idea. So Sun Sheng said in front that Xiao Yan was lying in Sun Sheng’s head and taking a nap. Xiaoyu followed Sun Sheng. Although Xiaoyu usually jumped now, his six legs were not jumping up, and Sun Sheng was not worried that it would not follow.
As the saying goes, mountains are easy and mountains are difficult, so it should be divided into different places. For example, Sun Sheng has been walking all the time, which is almost the same as climbing a mountain. However, there is no way to compare with Sun Sheng who didn’t stop and rest when he came. Now, Sun Sheng has changed to walking tired, and his legs and stomach have been twitching. Sun Sheng insists on persistence or stops and stops on the road. Xiao Yan is at leisure and dozes in Sun Sheng’s head all the way, which makes Sun Sheng envious. Yu Xiaoyu, look at its thick thighs. Sun Sheng can’t imagine its strength. I’m afraid it can’t even know what "tired" means in this generation.
Finally, Sun Sheng came to the cave, but he couldn’t directly pass through the dreamland, and he couldn’t draw the dreamland. Sun Shenghao searched for a groove like the one outside in the surrounding stone walls for a long time before he found a sword-shaped carving. Here, there is a spirit sword that emits light. It took Sun Sheng a lot of effort to find it. When Sun Sheng found it, he scolded those who wrote the game in his heart. "You said it was difficult to find the key eye when you came in. That’s the law. When you protected the phoenix egg, did you still make such trouble? Are you still trapped the newcomers? The editor who wrote this paragraph must be a pervert! "
After putting the sword into Guanghua, Sun Sheng returned to the blue sky with a small flame and Xiaoyu, and looked at the stars. Sun Sheng really felt a little sigh and wanted to improvise a poem to express his feelings, but after thinking for a long time, he didn’t think of a word to say, but he finally howled like a wolf. It was just a poem, but he didn’t expect that this cry would go wrong.
Starlight and green light appear in the surrounding Woods and appear in pairs
"Did I just scream like a wolf?" Sun Sheng easily asked Xiaoyu and Xiaoyan that Xiaoyu didn’t seem to understand and glanced at Sun Sheng with her head twisted. Small flame is just like talking, humming and falling asleep again.
The wolves in the Woods gradually showed their shape in the starlight. Sun Sheng randomly lost a "eye-catching" eye. In the past, it turned out that Sun Sheng had expected that it was really those mindless timberwolves! The top of the headless wolf’s head shows a fifth-order attribute besides the display of more than 20 grades. Sun Sheng guessed that this was a new addition to the pet system, and it was indeed the case. It was not surprising that they were able to chase Sun Sheng. Everyone knows that wolves are a group race, and it is normal to avenge the dead five timberwolves. Although they have found the wrong revenge object, they can still chase and rely on it after such a long time. Of course, they have an unparalleled sense of smell, but their sense of smell is more sensitive than dogs. It’s nothing to chase Sun Sheng more, but Sun Sheng has been in the cave for such a long time that they can wait patiently outside, which really makes Sun Shengpei probably few animals in the world more patient than them.
Petting them doesn’t mean letting them bite you. Now Sun Sheng has grown two levels since he met the Timberwolves, and he is naturally more confident in his heart. Adding two powerful pets to deal with them, Sun Sheng is still very confident.
Sun Sheng counted the number of timberwolves in front of him, and there were about thirty or forty. Well, Sun Sheng estimated that he should probably, perhaps, be able to deal with a jade ten levels higher than himself, so it’s not too much to let it solve it by itself for twenty years, right? Yu Xiaoyan Sun Shenggang just took a look at it. It was unexpectedly low in level one. It was still good to sleep in Sun Sheng’s head honestly, but there was always a thought in Sun Sheng’s head that "the level of small flame is so low, but it can be so severe. If the level is high …"
In order to reduce the complexity of dealing with these timberwolves, Sun Sheng decided to lean against the big stone behind him, so that Sun Sheng could rest assured after facing the attack from the front. However, Xiaoyu didn’t seem to agree with Sun Sheng’s opinion. When the timberwolves came around, he jumped at them and went straight for the timberwolves! This jump is obviously very unexpected to the timberwolves. It was a bit unlucky to watch Xiaoyu fall from the sky, but I didn’t know that it was a little late when I finally reacted. In the wailing, several timberwolves died in Xiaoyu’s legs before they came to take revenge on their companions! It’s not too much to say that they died tragically. Xiaoyu’s legs were so sharp that the locusts were almost stabbed by Xiaoyu’s sharp legs when he stepped on them. It’s better to lose his arms and legs. The scene is terrible! It seems that Sun Sheng, who intends to do his best, knows very well that he has adjusted the authenticity of the picture to a level that he can bear.
Surrounded by Xiaoyu, the timberwolves all wailed when they saw their companions dying instantly. The green light in their eyes was better than that in Xiaoyu’s mouth. More than a few of them simply killed Xiaoyu. If an ordinary locust is definitely not enough, it’s a pity that these timberwolves are not facing ordinary locusts but a perverted super locust! In the face of the attack of the timberwolves, Xiaoyu didn’t panic. She jumped on all fours and started guerrilla warfare with the timberwolves.
Sun Sheng didn’t expect Xiaoyu to have this thing. The timberwolves were badly hurt. In a blink of an eye, four or five of them were killed in Xiaoyu’s front leg. There were a few clever timberwolves going around Xiaoyu to prepare for the raid, but they didn’t know that Xiaoyu’s big eyes didn’t look at their actions at all. (PS said that Sun Sheng had to admire the insect compound eye structure here, which was simply a genius for investigation. There was no dead angle, which really made Sun Sheng sigh that nature was ingenious! ) Jade didn’t wait for the timberwolves behind her to jump up from the ground and bite Xiaoyu, but Jade violently pushed back its powerful aesthetic feeling at both poles and pushed back to pity those timberwolves. When they were attacked by sneak attack, they were stabbed by Xiaoyu’s hind legs in the blink of an eye, and water (blood after picture adjustment) was thrown back.
Seeing that Xiaoyu was going to deal with Sun Sheng’s timberwolves for several years, he changed his mind and turned around and rushed at Xiaoyu, but they didn’t know that they had gone. Apart from adding a few bodies, Xiaoyu died more and more bravely in the Vietnam War. The timberwolves died all around it. The timberwolves didn’t die badly, and there were few timberwolves left. Just then Sun Sheng saw a shadow suddenly crossing his head and heading straight for Xiaoyu’s back. It was almost unprecedented that Sun Sheng had not come to wake up, but Xiaoyu suddenly saw it.
The shadow was miserable, really miserable. It didn’t turn in the middle. It had to bite the bullet and meet Xiaoyu’s wings, and then it crossed a beautiful arc in the middle and fell to the ground. Suddenly, it became three bright blood, and at this time, Xiaoyu didn’t stop killing the last few forest wolves, which unexpectedly became its dead soul.
The evening breeze blows with a bit of coolness and a bit of blood from Xiaoyu’s body, Xiaoyu’s body blows, Sun Sheng shivers one after another, Xiaoyu’s body still has some water drops, but they are slipping from Xiaoyu’s body, Xiaoyu’s body is as smooth as jasper, and it is surrounded by black and red, and Xiaoyu just holds up his green wings like a god of war, and then goes into the sky, and the leaves are trembling all around.
Sun Sheng Xiaoyu was posing POSS, but soon red locusts flying all over the sky told Sun Sheng that you were wrong! Sun Sheng was not only wrong, but also wrong. Those flying locusts turned around Xiaoyu several times and then fell to the ground and chewed on the timberwolves’ bodies, which made Sun Sheng’s hair roots prick.