Lin Weiwei wants another streamer thorn, but at this moment, it suddenly changes.

Shield man as if waiting for him, shield a fierce impact.
Lin Weiwei has a head injury. This is the first time she has been hurt.
However, this injury is very important to her, but when she thinks about it, she finds that she can’t move.
Lin Weiwei soon found himself in an abnormal state, but there was no way to wait for the dizziness to end.
Chapter 16 Gold wings!
Seeing the opponent’s dizzy shield man’s eyes flashed. This is a skill master named Dunchong. The 5% probability of dizziness is learned from a skill.
Lin Weiwei has no resistance because of dizziness, just like chopping block fish.
"How can my goddess be dizzy?"
"Oh, my God, the goddess of war has actually suffered. I can’t believe it."
"I believe that the recovery of the goddess of war will definitely reverse Gan Kun."
Can there be anything worse than this when the audience is indignant and the goddess suffers?
When the shield man didn’t have the slightest wave, the huge shield hit Lin Weiwei and suffered a strong force. Although it didn’t hurt, she found herself hit by a meter or two.
If Lin Weiwei was in a hurry, wouldn’t he bump into the ground again?
Once you hit the field, even if you are full of health, you still lose.
Shield man hit this skill again. When he was dizzy, it was enough for him to knock the other side out of the court in 35 seconds.
At this time, Lin Weiwei is already on the edge of the venue. If he is hit again, he will lose. Although he has not lost a game, it will affect his position in the eyes of fans.
Shield man hit the last blow directly to Lin Weiwei flew out of the field.
"Are you going to lose?" Lin Weiwei was more sorry, but there was nothing she could do. But at this moment, she found that her dizziness was gone
The golden wings are flying high, and she hasn’t fallen to the ground yet, and she hasn’t lost.
"Ah, how is that possible?"
"God, what do I see? It’s incredible."
"So cool and beautiful, the golden goddess of war, I love you so much."
When Lin Weiwei showed his golden wings, it immediately caused a sensation.
"How can …" Shield male a surprised in his victory moment how could such a change happen?
Streamer dance!
Lin Weiwei dare not careless immediately released the increase skills.
Streamer chop!
Lin Weiwei’s wings shook like a golden streamer and beheaded his opponent.
—5121 (Breaking Strike)
Because the shield man has been attacked once before, he will kill directly this time.
When Lin Weiwei retracted her wings in the ring, she felt that she had become the focus of the whole world.
"The goddess of war, the goddess of war, the goddess of war …"
It was a wonderful matchup, a Jedi counterattack matchup. There is no doubt that Lin Weiwei will reach its peak after this game.
"Are you happy that your parents and daughters are now game celebrities?" Lin Weiwei greeted her parents eagerly in a box.
"I really didn’t expect you to rush out of such tricks in the game! ?” Zhou Yuqin don’t have much surprise.
A couple saw an online picture of a woman whose daughter looks very much alike, but when they saw the game, they didn’t expect …
"Did mom and dad see you? I can’t make a name for myself in the game. Now, how powerful and domineering the golden goddess of war is …" Lin Weiwei kept bragging about how the former goddess of war had the slightest charm.
"I think you are because of that set of equipment." Lin Hai can’t stand her daughter boasting directly.
Hearing this, Lin Weiwei was unhappy. "Dad, how can you say that? Equipment is also a kind of strength. Even without this equipment, my daughter can still kill the Quartet and enter the top ten."
Lin Weiwei thinks it should be no problem to enter the top ten without gold equipment and hidden occupations.
"Slightly your occupation, isn’t it?" Zhou Yuqin was curious because before the competition, she found that her daughter’s skill release did not belong to those ordinary occupations, except skill learning, which was a possibility.
"Mom, you guessed right. Your daughter has a hidden career." Lin Weiwei’s nose is going up.
"…" Zhou Yuqin opened her mouth. She was too surprised to hide her career. Even if she has money, she may not be able to buy it.
Similarly, Lin Hai looked horrified. She knew that her daughter had nothing to do but brag. When did she become so fierce? Is she born a master of games?
"Hurry up, mom and dad are here slightly …" Chen Mengyao pulled Chu Yun and ran quickly to a box.
Chu Yun don’t talk in the heart is curious about what must let yourself go to see her parents?
When knocking at the door, the two men took off their faces, masks and veils. This is the most basic courtesy. If you cover your face to meet your good friends and elders, it will be inappropriate.
Knocked on the door, and it soon opened. Lin Weiwei was very happy to pull them in at once.