Just having the original memory and the memory of the first special training for decades, Lin Na is still an ordinary person. How can he resist the murder of the Star River, the star pirate leader, and it is already remarkable that he can not pee his pants?

Day by day!
Lin is still as busy as ever, like a hard-working bee … but she was a little busy and energetic before, but now she looks very tired, and she is very tired when she is very tired.
The reason is that because Lin now knows that he has to practice, he tries to practice from his busy schedule bit by bit.
What kind of forest finds time to practice?
The reason is still very simple, because Arvin and Arwu are two brothers.
Compared with Xinghe, Spark and Stars, the two brothers are ordinary players. They know that there are many things in the game … And Ah Wen and Ah Wu know from Xinghe that they are practicing Xinghe Tai Ji Chuan Lin, too. They are practicing dozens of times faster than Lin, so they don’t shy away from him.
At the same time, Ah Wen and Ah Wu also know that Lin is a free player like them. They say that some games talk about special training things, and they don’t shy away from Lin … They usually talk about these while working, and they will also talk about them while practicing.
I know a lot of information I want to know from the forest.
The day after Lin met Arvin Awu, Lin got a piece of information that he always wanted to know. At that time, the situation was like this.
Awen and Wu are holding bottles to collect some dirty water in the tunnel, and they are doing the same thing not far away.
The two brothers talked directly.
"Brother, did you practice that set of Xinghe Tai Ji Chuan yesterday?"
"I’ve also practiced, and it’s really amazing. I can feel that my physical and mental state is constantly rising and I can’t stop if I want to stop. It’s roughly estimated that my strength has increased by 10% now … this is the effect of one day. If we continue to practice like this, we will be enemies in a few years!"
"I also practiced for a while, and it’s better to go on. It’s still a long way from the enemy."
"We’re so lucky … we can learn such a set of martial arts, so what’s the reward? We can fight for it after we have the strength to reward it!"
"elder brother! On the other hand, can the boss of Xinghe really handle it? "
"This is not what we should worry about."
"Anyway, it’s okay to have a chat."
"Then tell me about it."
"Let’s just say that he’s a Kelong man. He got all his knowledge from Time, and even more so, he won the first to fourth special training champion. He lived in special training for 700 years and entered this special training with such a huge memory … Don’t say that I’ve only lived for more than 30 years now. When I first entered this role, my mind was a little trance, and I felt uncomfortable. If I put the 700-year memory in my role, it would definitely be impossible to say that I would squeeze my brain.
"What else?"
"It is impossible for the roots of Kelong people to learn from reality that we practice this kind of thing … after learning martial arts, we learn it from special training, and we practice this kind of martial arts. Although I don’t know, it didn’t appear until the seventieth century at least, that is to say, the roots can’t have this kind of exercise method that can quickly increase body speed to make up for genetic defects. Even if they can stand it for a short time, it will be strange if their brains don’t collapse."
"There should be more!"
"Of course! If you have not been eliminated or become an idiot now, it means that you also have one or several sets of achievement methods like Xinghe Tai Ji Chuan … Although it is a bit contradictory to the previous analysis, I can’t think of any other possibility except this, and obtaining similar achievement methods may also be obtained from the fourth special training. After all, the fourth special training is related to genetic variation. He should get the experimental information of evolutionary organization, and it is not a big problem to sum up and create a set of achievement methods. If he really created a set of such skills, you can imagine how horrible the intelligence is … In this way, it seems that the boss of Xinghe really has little hope of winning in this special training! "
"Ha ha!"
"Brother, what do you think?"
"You forgot the most important thing!"
"The most important? What is it? "
"A special training reward can be exchanged for us to practice this kind of achievement method … you can think about it yourself."
"No way! How can you think of something that hasn’t happened before? He’s not a god!"
"Ha ha! Second, he has always been a champion of special training. When he can know the special training in advance, it is possible to know what a special training will be and what special training rewards will be in exchange for this very practical achievement. "
Hearing these conversations, Lin’s brain was silly on the spot … He was great to this extent.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Another deal!