"I’m so tired because of you."

My eyes stopped blinking and I forgot that I was sobbing. When hot tears hit the keyboard from the corner of my eye, I woke Zuo Tangtang up.
Have you changed yourself?
The first time Zuo Tangtang asked himself this question for the first time.
Is it because you can’t even see yourself? Change makes her feel afraid, makes her feel tired, makes her feel tired … Do you want to give up?
But what have you changed? What have you done wrong? Can someone tell her!
She changed …
At this moment, Zuo Tangtang suddenly felt so humble that she looked down on the novel and said anything about decisively cutting off her feelings was a lie. By this time, even though he had brought her so much pain and sadness, even though he was tired and bored with her, she still wanted to keep him …
Just tone just words although MuYun idle didn’t say anything, but … She can still feel that they are step by step towards the end of …
But that’s it. That’s why she wants to stop it all the more at the moment. She firmly believes that she can do the right thing, and she doesn’t care if they can go back to the past. Generally, she doesn’t want to let her heart go. She knows how hard it is to feel, how hard it is at that time, and how painful it is.
She has always been timid and afraid of pain, even if she is pleading or threatening now, all means are to try not to experience that kind of pain again
If he still likes her, then she firmly believes that she can be saved.
only if
"You like others, don’t you?"
The cold sentence was thrown out like this, and this time there was no other mind, expectation and so on, full of sadness and anger
She really can’t care about things with little mushrooms.
She can’t accept the person she likes or has told her that the person she likes will be patient and gentle, and all this belongs to her to other girls.
MuYun idle haven’t answered at this time an unexpected sound appeared.
"Fake mother?" Zuo Tangtang was a little surprised as if he hadn’t met a false mother for a long time, but at this time …
After a glance, she was still meditating at an oblique angle. I can’t tell whether it was disappointment or something. Zuo Tangtang lowered his look and tone. When he was just questioned, he excitedly restrained himself and said in his usual tone, "What’s the matter? What’s the matter?"
"You go."
"Ah?" Zuo Tangtang felt as if he didn’t hear clearly.
"You go to the face channel for a while and let me talk to Yunxian alone." Sunny Wan Li dialect is decisive when getting along with Zuo Tangtang.
Zuo Tangtang doesn’t know what the false mother wants to do. She knows that everything the false mother does at this time will be good for her. After all, the false mother has always been a lot more reliable than selling stupid soy sauce.
But now Zuo Tangtang Nai smiled. "Fake mother, this is the result of our two theories. There are some things I want to hear from him myself."
"Say what?" There is a faint irony in Wan Li’s tone. "Does he still like you?"
"ah! Don’t you think! You talk again! Believe it or not, I forced you to the channel! " Sunny Wan Li unceremoniously thrown out of the proper coercion "peace of mind is really the outsider! Hoof, hoof, you stupid girl are not suitable for chatting with Muyun. Just let me be an outsider. "
"Oh" did not refute Zuo Tangtang this time, and he was very obedient.
"That’s right!"
Very pleased to see Zuo Tangtang consciously jumped the channel.
Sunny Wan Li relaxed tone also with a change no longer just jokingly said to MuYun idle serious still in the channel.
"What’s the matter with you two?"
Soy sauce makers feel that they are going crazy.
What’s sunny? I bought my sister without saying anything about this big pit!
My little friend hasn’t left yet!
Sister is coming!
What should they do!
But …
It’s a sister … It’s their first sister …
Soy sauce makers have no intention of saying that if they have tails, this is definitely the happiest time to shake them.
Before, the fudge was still spraying the tyrant bear, and he was not white. He never came here in a hurry, and his friends came!
It won’t be an anti-bone rhythm!
Forgive them for speculating about their little friends in such a dense and malicious way, but it is indeed possible!
Since I went back to my sister, I have never left them. Now I am moved to see my sister’s vest, and I am in tears.
Worse, now my sister is on the same channel as them!