The river city is too crowded, and a large number of players are blocked in the back. There is a Led Zeppelin guarding the root method in each direction of the city. It has almost become the main target of Li Mu’s attack through Ye Zhang. I don’t know what this big BOSS is not affected by separatist attacks

Ye Zhang and others are not depressed about this. In the past five days, the most visited place for this group of players is Ye Zhang Cartoon Castle, where they play strange treasure boxes and then study magic and trap luck.
At this point, the two wizards, Xu Yin and Ang Yan, have shown great interest and talent, and even Canglei and veterans can’t compete.
"Brother Cyclone, look at this sanctuary song venue magic, which can increase the defense of up to 1 person by 5%. You definitely have super defense magic."
Looking at Ang Yan, he stuffed this magic into himself. Ye Zhang gave a wry smile. He was really a shield, but he didn’t return to absolute being. Xu Yin came again with a rune stone.
"Honey, this is for you."
Ye Zhang smiled and took a look at it. It’s a trap called level limit B area. It’s a strange name, but this trap works very well and can make up to one player take 5 damage.
Nowadays, most players’ blood volume has exceeded 10,000, even the mage and assassin with the least blood volume have 12,000 lives, and this trap can make them withstand at least three attacks, which is an absolute guarantee for crispy skin.
Then the residual blood they each took a lot of magic and trap runes and threw them to Ye Zhang. These things needed Zhang Ye to digest for a while, and they all formed a strong team according to the effect that the runes were at most one person.
There is one meat shield, that is, Ye Zhang, a classmate, and Ye Zhang, a person who can resist it in this place.
Mammy, three veterans, wild redemption, little beauty, but Zhang Ye can be a guest nanny …
The main DPS six residual blood, Feng Zhi, Ang Yan, Xu Yin, Cang Lei and Tang Yidao, of course, the most important output is Ye Zhang.
You can’t blame Ye Zhang for his skills. He’s too versatile.
The team decided that they wouldn’t stay in the cartoon castle for a long time, and sometimes the outside was left to the two people, Falling Song and Yellow Flash, who were mainly responsible for the manufacture of hanging warships, and at least more than one hanging warship was formed.
In the cartoon castle, the frequency of magic and traps is not low, and Ye Zhang hasn’t touched the corpse since he came here. On the one hand, he is so excited that the ghost hand can never touch the rune stone. On the other hand, Ye Zhang doesn’t like to expose himself to touch the only secret of elf tears.
But at this time, a friend-adding message came with a strange name. Ye Zhang hesitated to add the stranger as a friend, but the first sentence of the other party made Ye Zhang feel shocked.
"Ye Zhang, don’t worry about who I am. I want an elf tear in your hand. You can make a condition."
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Feng Zhi?
The stranger’s words made Zhang Ye’s heart jump, and then he secretly sneered and deleted this friend.
Almost without guessing Ye Zhang, you can be sure that this person was sent by Fu Yuesheng. Although I don’t know what they want to do this deal with themselves, Ye Zhang has a negative attitude towards paying Yuesheng and things.
Fu Yuesheng can check his information, or give Gu Yu and the scholar a lot of information about flashy hair groups or do some shady activities in a small area, but that’s all.
He can’t force the glitz workers to create a second fairy tear, because it is the only thing, and once it is exposed, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Ye Zhang is an exception, because Ye Zhang’s convulsions have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In the eyes of players, this is not a BUG, but the welfare of every player, which is his Ye Zhang symbol.
"What’s the matter?"
Residual blood see Ye Zhang that gloomy eyes asked doubtfully.
Ye Zhang shook his head to show that it was all right. The purpose of their trip was to continue to explore more secret guarantees in this cartoon castle.
Is very … Chaos magic fighting again.
It can be said that the whole glitz can no longer find another team that can compete with this team now. Just looking at Ye Zhang alone is absolutely impossible to copy.
The first floor of the cartoon castle has been visited by several players who come here in groups of five to explore the road. Presumably, the cartoon monsters here can teach them a lesson.
After Ye Zhang and others entered the second floor, the strange place changed again.
When half the fish and beasts appeared in front of everyone, the blood was left in their mouths.
"This time we use magic and traps to fight this monster."
At present, the cartoon castle is still in a barren stage, and everything is new to this group of players. When Ye Zhang came into contact with half a fish and beast, his blood volume immediately decreased greatly.
"Song of the Cyclone Sanctuary!"
When he was angry, Ye Zhang found the Fu Shiqi in his backpack, and the 5% defense bonus made him firmly resist this monster.
Ye Zhang’s attack is very high, and he doesn’t worry about the transfer of hatred. But veteran Ji can keep Ye Zhang’s blood volume stable by himself, so everything is easy to solve.
After the half fish and beast fell, it was still Xu Yin who touched the body, and this time she touched the hurricane magic.
Going all the way is a single monster, which does not pose much threat to their team now. It is easy for Zhang Yekang to rely on the bonus effect of defensive magic. When everyone enters another passage and hits the door after a room, one person immediately falls into a state of battle.
Blame Ye Zhang immediately greeted him, but just as he released the punishment, he immediately saw that the dragon shadow fish was not hurt, and Ye Zhang ran to the back row.
Ye Zhang grabbed the two monsters, and when the dragon shadow fish rushed to the back team, the residual blood and Feng Zhi almost shot at the same time. The two orcs suddenly saw their blood volume decrease sharply while fighting the dragon shadow fish.
Range attack, corrosion defense veteran, Feng Siyi, and wild redemption suddenly felt great pressure, but Ye Zhang’s side could not retreat to help. At this time, almost everyone’s goal was on the dragon shadow fish.
The residual blood is the first one to fail. He is wearing this 5-level scarab sacred footprint suit, which is almost behind the times. Although the attribute department of the suit is a percentage increase attribute, the basic defense is too low, including Feng Zhi, and so is the suit.
Tang Yidao joined the battle group, and the Wallachi and the orc have the same physical attributes, but it is still a big problem for three people to share the damage of the dragon shadow fish.
"Cyclone brother level limit B area!"
The angry voice rang again. He is really a face-to-face fighting genius, and he is more adaptable to all kinds of changes in the battle than the residual blood. At this time, his words made Zhang Ye suddenly return to God.
But when the level limit B area was launched, Ye Zhang suddenly found that he could not attack himself.
This made Ye Zhang suddenly stunned. He immediately saw this rune, saying that all 5 damage points were effective. It seems that this magical object includes not only the enemy but also the player himself.
Ye Zhang had to give up the scourge and the sword-making spell. Although the residual blood was safe there, Ye Zhang felt great danger
This made him sigh in his heart. Sure enough, each of these magic and traps can’t be chaotic. They can save people and harm people. Now Ye Zhang can’t completely hate him by relying on his skills of magic and magic films. His intelligence is 46 points far lower than that of Xu Yin and Angry behind him.
At this time, when the dragon shadow fish re-turned its target and attacked Ye Zhang, a pair of three Ye Zhang’s blood was instantly slippery, and the three wet nurses also managed to heal him
Ye Zhang had to turn on the holy light, and then along with the effect of black wings, the holy light was refreshed and cooled, but the black wings didn’t. This can drag on for a while
In fact, it is not impossible for Ye Zhang to just hang up a person casually, so that his magic moon beads can be activated or he can go to the Elf Spring to activate the eternal tears effect. With this strongest magic, the 35% life recovery rate per second can also remain unbeaten.
However, these two methods are obviously not the best. He gritted his teeth and insisted that the battle has been dragged on for too long because of the level restriction in Area B.
Ye Zhang’s blood volume fell below 2%. At this time, Tang Yi’s knife was about to be pulled by the residual blood. It is obvious that whoever changes at this time will die. Among these players, Feng Zhi knows the secret of Ye Zhang’s demigod weapon. At this time, Feng Zhi hesitated. He broke out with a higher damage than Ye Zhang’s spell.
This Ye Zhang was shocked, and others were shocked. In the eyes of the remnant blood, Feng Zhi should not be so reckless, and it is even more impossible to make such a wrong decision on the battlefield
However, Feng Zhi was unsealed after being instantly killed by three monsters after attracting hatred.
Ye Zhang was defeated at this time, but his heart was not calm after Ye Zhang gradually cleaned up the three strange parts by the heavenly punishment and Rapier’s super damage after the hurricane destroyed the effect of grade restriction B.