Yuan Gungun didn’t expect that his hand was so strong that he was choked by suddenly flying feathers, both in his nose and mouth.

Yan Yanche looked at her and stretched out her hand to wave the feathers in front of her, but she got more and more stupid. When she waved her hand, the feathers flew to the wall like an arrow
Yuan Gungun wait for a while looked at those feathers embedded in the wall and stared at him.
"Hurry up and eat" Yan Yan Che light way
When Yuan Gungun saw his face, he thought of putting his hand over his face last night and didn’t want him to see it.
This time, Yan Yanche was really unhappy. He pulled her hand and whispered, "What the hell are you doing?"
Yuan Gungun flushed and looked at him with some injustice.
Yan Yan Che looked at her as red as a tomato with a little face leng leng.
"Are you shy?"
Yuan Gungun was even redder by his question and turned away without saying a word.
"Ha ha fool have what good shy? It is normal for us to be husband and wife. "Yan Yan smiled and poked her red face with her finger.
"Don’t say it!" Yuan Gungun became angry from embarrassment and put his hand over his mouth. Diane’s eyebrows wrinkled into a ball.
Yan Yanche easily pulled her little hand and continued to tease "Why can’t you say it after you have done it?"
Chapter 149 Go home
Yuan Gungun looked at him with a playful face and frustrated his eyes.
"This also want to cry?" Yan Yan Che leaned over her lips and kissed her one leng.
"Blare … you bully me" Yuan Gungun covered his eyes with the back of his hand and tears fell from his eyes in a second.
"Shh … don’t cry, don’t cry." Yan Yanche took it from her and was torn in half and wrapped her up.
Yuan Gungun turned his back on him in anger.
Yan Yanche held her rare good temper from behind and gently coaxed "Don’t cry, Xiao Pang"
"You are fat! Your family is fat! " Yuan gungun didn’t good the spirit way
"My family also includes you." Yan Yan wiped her tears with a funny smile.
Yuan Gungun mercilessly stared his one eye and continued to cry.
"I like you to bully you, do you understand?" Yan Yan che wanted to think a little awkward and said
Yuan Gungun looked back at him. "Do you like me?"
"Well," Yan Yan Che faintly replied with a little blush for the first time.
"really?" Yuan Gungun asked uncertainly
"True" anger burned her face with a kiss.
Yuan Gungun gawked at him and didn’t know what to do.
"What about you? Do you like me?" But only he knows how nervous he is, and he is a little scared. It is also ironic to think about it. No one can ever make him feel this kind of fear. Only she has her.
Yuan rolling red in the face slightly invisible nodded his head.
She likes him differently from brother Rui, and she knows very well that he is the man who makes her tempted.
"Mouth" said that the inflammation reached her lips and lured her mouth.
"I … like … you" Yuan Gungun looked at him as if he had magic purple eyes and unconsciously spit out that he wanted to be obedient.
"Good boy" Yan Yanche murmured and kissed her lips.
"Well …" Yuan Gungun closed his eyes and put his arm around his neck, touching his breath.
After the kiss, Yan Yan stroked her blushing cheek, but I couldn’t say how satisfied I was.
"Then do you love me?" Yuan gungun gasped for air and asked.
Hu phlogistic leng leng didn’t speak.