After the three lines of the ghost emperor, the demon nine and the ghost brake, the battle scene became a little cold and cheerless, and the letter geek smiled at the ghost emperor and said to himself, "If you say something nice and want to continue to brush the monster, you can continue to brush it. How can we brush it when you walk three times?"

The geek here just finished, and then I saw the No.2 treatment in the team coming over, wearing a white doctor’s robe and a light doctor’s id. Then I listened to the gust and asked the geek in a low voice, "Hey, what do you say the bosses are? How do you know that so many people won’t be workers in the God Enterprise Department? And that Mu Feng also knows that so much is too great? "
The alphabet geek smiled and glanced at the gust. Although this guy’s name is nice to hear the gust, it is not a good person. Thinking about the alphabet geek, he replied, "I can tell your boss that they are not the employees of the enterprise department, because those employees are all recorded in the database. Secondly, how can they enter the game if they are not awesome? Because it’s the boss’s office, they’re all awesome! White? "
"It’s not white …" The gust of wind answered like a rattle.
"Well … it’s not a waste of time to go back and continue to think about going to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow." Speaking of the letters, the geek packed the package and prepared the line. Listening to the letters and the gust of wind telling the theory of the head, the negative and residual red puppets couldn’t help laughing, but at the same time they were wondering how the ghost emperor was in reality.
Demon Jiu and Ghost Brake have always been on the same line as Ghost Emperor. It seems that the three of them should have been following Ghost Emperor for so long. What they usually do is always following Ghost Emperor’s orders. As time goes by, they feel more and more mysterious. They always know too much knowledge about game scenes.
Even some games are going to be updated. It’s really strange that the ghost emperor can know before. It’s inexplicable to think that a few people should not think about the problem. Don’t think about it. Just play the game with peace of mind. This is what the ghost emperor once said to himself and others …
See the ghost emperor there people have line Mu Feng side also feel about the same, are also tired and tired, negotiating after this wave of strange people is also ready to line.
"Mu Feng adds 10,000 points to reward me, so I can exchange a god-class super-god-class equipment. What do you say I exchange?" Rain glass gathered around Mu Feng and asked sweetly that she hoped that this matter would be decided by Mu Feng.
Chapter 726 Ji Yue weapons
Mu Feng couldn’t help laughing and answering "Tell me where you need to change your equipment now, and I’ll give you a reference" when I heard that Yuli’s integral is about to raise 50,000 yuan.
"Well, the armor position, the belt position, the leggings position, the necklace and the other ring all feel bad. They all want to change positions and let you make up your mind. I listen to you." Rain glass laughed and said that the weapon she didn’t change her mind and the spear she killed was already very good. Thought of this, Rain glass felt a faint sweetness in her heart because these were all typed by Mu Feng.
"Well, you send me all these equipment, let me have a look …" Mu Feng thought for a while and said that Yuli Ma did what he wanted to change a few pieces of equipment. After a minute, Mu Feng got the answer and then listened to Mu Feng.
"Armor and leggings and rings. I think you don’t want to change them for the time being. They are all good, that is, belts and necklaces have to be changed. So you can change necklaces and then you hunter belts. Let’s come early. I’ll go to the auction house and the market to stroll around and buy you a belt. What do you think of Yuli? "
"Well, I’ll listen to you." Yuli answered with a smile. After solving the problem of changing equipment for Yuli, the rest of the blame was also brushed. After finishing the final cleaning work, Mu Feng and others bid farewell to the agreed line at 9: 30 in the morning, but when Mu Feng and Yuli agreed, they went to Yuli to find belt equipment half an hour before 9: 00.
The night was so quiet. Mu Feng woke up at about 10: 00 the next morning and had breakfast. At that time, when he arrived at 50 minutes, Mu Feng, Ji Yue, Yi Jian Chuan Xin and Mad Niu needed to wait for a while for the rain glass, but Mu Feng found that the rain glass was online.
"Hello, Yuli, where are you? I’m online." Mu Feng asked Yuli to send a message.
"Well, you waited for my horse to come over and talked just now. I went to stroll around the market first." Yuli quickly replied.
When Yuli came to the meeting point, she was stunned, an arrow went through her heart, and mad cows were all there.
"When we chatted together last night, it happened this morning that everyone wanted to change their equipment, so they all came," Mu Feng explained to Yuli.
"Oh, there’s nothing for everyone to have fun with … let’s go to the market or the auction house?" Rain glass smiled and then asked
"Wait, let’s exchange equipment with Yueyue first and then go to the auction house." Mu Feng said that in the chat last night, Mu Feng suggested that Jiyue change equipment.
"oh? Are you ready to change equipment every month? That’s good news, so we can be sure to kill Huang Fuke. Are we going to change weapons? Today? " When Rain Glass heard that Ji Yue wanted to change equipment, she couldn’t help but be curious and repeatedly asked. Listening to Rain Glass, she guessed that Ji Yue wanted to change weapons. Mu Feng couldn’t help laughing. It seems that it is a secret that Ji Yue will change equipment and weapons. It is a secret that one of us can guess and think about it. Earlier, Ji Yue also planned to be a secret.
Hear Mu Feng several people chuckle on her face is not a red angry look at the eyes, three people on her pull doubt rain glass go at that time, she was just talking, I didn’t expect to let these people get caught up, now it’s better to stay away from it.
"Ha ha ….." Nai shook his head and Mu Feng followed.
Ghost Town Lord’s Mansion will soon arrive in Mu Feng. Several people want to go in, but it keeps Ji Yue and Yu Li out. Let the three of them wait outside for them to enter the exchange. Looking at Yu Li and Ji Yue on the same front, Mu Feng is also wondering if it’s really a secret to come to the closet.
A few minutes later, Ji Yue and Yu Li came out of the duke’s house. Both of them were cheerful. Look at the expression. It seems that they have changed their hands and equipment. Mu Feng quickly looked at Ji Yue’s hands or the original weapons. So these two people are really going to keep themselves and others’ appetite.
"Hey, what kind of weapon is Yueyue?" An arrow through the heart is the first to meet and go out and ask Ji Yue
"Well, I like it when I exchange it for a very good piece of equipment." Ji Yue replied with a smile to an arrow. From Ji Yue’s smile, Mu Feng felt that Ji Yue was very excited at this time, and she also said that this equipment was really good.
"Hey, hey, since Yueyue is a good equipment, let’s share it with everyone. Let’s take a look and never tell others that your secret is still a secret." Crazy cow also smiled and said to Jiyue.
"No, this month, I said I would give you a surprise, and then I will send you the equipment information. Now I can tell you that this equipment can greatly improve the healing effect of the moon and increase the treatment for additional spells. I can tell you so much." Yuli waved her hand at the mad cow and looked at Mu Feng at the same time
"Wind, what do you think we need to let the month change new weapons in this battle? We have two teams but we have to deal with three boss. Ji Yue and I just discussed whether this battle is based on the original weapons? "
Seeing that several people’s eyes are fixed on themselves, Mu Feng is also a little hesitant. After thinking for a few minutes, Mu Feng said, "Isn’t this also a replaceable weapon in the battle? So, Ji Yue, you just listen to my command and I say that you will change it if you don’t say anything, so that you will always put it in the object column?"
"Ok, just do it. I’ll listen to you," Ji Yueqing replied. "And I think that in today’s challenge, they will not necessarily make them change their weapons."
After Ji Yue’s equipment problem is solved, it’s time to buy a belt for Yuli. Looking at all kinds of belt equipment in the auction house, Mu Feng is all eyes-catching, but looking left and right is always dissatisfied. Most of the equipment in the auction house is medium equipment, and occasionally it can’t get into the eyes of Mu Feng and others
"Hey, Master, why did you visit the market?" Passing through an auction market in Mu Feng, a doctor wearing a green robe suddenly said to Mu Feng in surprise when passing through Mu Feng.
Mu Feng heard someone ask him, and he couldn’t help but stop staring at Mu Feng, a guy with a small beard. "Who are you? We help? " At present, this guy has no name, no gang and nothing to hide.
"Well, I’m sorry, Wang. I’m hiding from the team. Hey, hey, but I’m really our deserted temple. My name is handsome Xiao Hu. You can find that I’m the second group among the gang members. Please believe me." Xiao Hu was embarrassed to say that his attitude was very sincere and respectful.
I don’t care much about whether Xiao Hu helps Mu Feng himself, but he is a little confused about this team being formed. What are the names of the teams and gangs hidden?
Chapter 727 The gust of wind
Seeing Mu Feng’s doubts, Ji Yue gently gathered around Mu Feng and said, "Now the contradictions among various gangs in the game are so deep that some players who don’t want others to know their names and gangs can set up a team system. Players can organize teams without names and gangs. In the team, everyone can’t see each other’s information except life and magic, but once they leave the team, players can display their names and gangs again."