The player opened his eyes again and said, "Base?"

"well! This is a large military base where tens of thousands of people live, and the geographical location is relatively remote. There will be no zombies coming from the base, and there will be a lot of food, medicine, energy and weapons … so you don’t have to worry about health problems, "Long Zhi said." And there are a lot of retired soldiers and mercenaries who help out to catch zombies to do experiments … By the way, I can stay here very safely and finish daily. "
"Oh! Speaking of daily, your state will be eliminated … "Long Zhi paused here and said," By the way, what kind of danger did you encounter to get to this point? "
"In fact, it’s nothing but saving two people before. They can help. I didn’t expect to help …"
"Oh!" Long Zhi asked, "What’s your name?"
"Don’t come back at night!"
Long Zhi blinked at the name.
Don’t come back at night and ask, "Do you know me?"
"How can you not know the Milky Way without the throne!" Long Zhi paused for a moment to come in and listen to the report while watching the night … After hanging up, he smiled and said, "You said that two women seem to be here!"
"Oh!" I don’t want to be specific when I don’t come back at night, but when the two women came, I said very frankly, "I came to ask them to pick me up with a floating car. I didn’t expect them to directly hit me with a floating car."
"I know they want to see you, but let’s talk about Lu Yaxing first. How much do you know?" Long Zhi shifted the topic back.
"Not much. I didn’t actually read too much about Lu Yaxing’s history. I got all my knowledge about Lu Yaxing from the game!" Don’t come back at night and say
"Game?" Long Zhi is puzzled.
"Most of the former zombie doomsday games were adapted from Resident Evil, and since the incident of Lu Yaxing, almost all zombie doomsday games have been adapted into Lu Yaxing’s story blue." I said slowly at night, "I have played seven games, and you just said that the problem is really good. All the games adapted from Lu Yaxing are solved by law or are controversial topics."
"What do you mean?"
"Zombie viruses have been destroyed for decades from their appearance to Lu Yaxing’s destruction. I don’t know exactly for decades. This has not been recorded, but the virus has not been solved in these decades. Instead, zombies have appeared one after another, and even a little bit of’ silver’ has been suppressed at the end. There are a lot of silver to suppress zombie viruses." You don’t come back a little bit at night. "You know some people like to pick game thorns. After all, there are many games that use the banner of’ returning to history’ and’ seeking truth’ Once there is a discrepancy between these games and reality, they will be attacked by competitors … The forum has a very detailed introduction to this aspect. "
"And the zombie virus antidote is a problem that has plagued mankind for a long time … Of course, if we had left a part of the virus blue, technology would certainly be able to solve it now. Unfortunately, the zombie virus department was destroyed at that time, and none of it was left. Maybe there was, but no one knows who kept it."
"All those games are based on zombie virus antidote speculation."
"Some of them are more reliable. It is said that virology students say …"
"The first is to get the virus source. The virus source should be able to suck the zombie virus out of the human body."
"The second ancient Chinese acupuncture makes the silver needle pierce hundreds of acupuncture points in the human body and combine high-tech pulse means to force the zombie virus out of the body."
"The third kind of silver is infused into people’s bodies …"
"The fourth is to protect the brain and then let the virus nucleus form in the body and then solve the virus nucleus …"
"The fifth …"
Long Zhi recorded these methods one by one to tell the researchers … But most of these methods are aimed at the living without virus outbreak, not at the zombies that have already broken out and become longer. In this rare case of’ living’, most of them can’t make methods.
However, it is good to finally give some direction to the research.
If you don’t return at night for a while before the arrival of the night, of course, you will be taken care of by Long Zhi and you can’t go out to kill zombies. You can finish your daily work in the base until you don’t return at night and then lead a team to catch zombies. There is a military base with a lot of equipment. Obviously, you don’t need to go out to fight every day. You just have to catch a lot of zombies at one time and put them back.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Virus Research Institute!
The player who stays at night is the first to join the base and will never be the last.
Every day, the more battles that are unexpected to all players, even the highest player will encounter difficulties. When the first player joins the military base, there will be a second and a third one … This is related to the military base’s vigorous search and four announcements. Otherwise, no one will know that this military base is with other living players, and they will be able to fight separately until they are eliminated.
In the first year of the daily release, I joined the military base from night till the second year. Before the new daily release, a total of nine players joined the military base … These nine players are all loners, and they all like to stay at night. There is a throne on their planet, or even the throne is not a player who is limited to the throne or who has reached the throne level but has not won the title of throne.
"Water dragon king! I want to ask a question! "
"You ask!"
Wang Longzhi, the waterspout, used a fake code name in this special training … which means that he is very water. Yes, he is very water. His skill has been confirmed by nine players who have joined the military base, even worse than some ordinary people who have never been in a fight. If it is in reality, it may be a physical problem, but in it, it can be a mental and psychological problem. After all, there is absolutely no problem with the role in special training.
"What do you want to wave so much energy in the study of zombie virus antidote? This seems to have no place for us players … It should be more than just to make those people work hard? "
Ask Long Zhi this question. The player is also a throne, not the Milky Way, but Tianma (the forest comes from Pegasus, which is a life planet). The code name is’ Fei’!
Sometimes Lin Zhen doesn’t understand that all these thrones need real code names … Is the name really that important?
"Fly to the throne!" Long Zhi took a look at the nine players sitting opposite him and said, "We know the history now. Lu Yaxing will be stopped outside in 32 years, and the spacecraft will be bombarded indiscriminately … even if we hide in the deep underground, we can still come from the underground."
"You can probably estimate the probability, that is to say, it will still be the same. Without players fighting with players, we will live to 32 years at most … 2 years, 24 months, 2 times, and it will be more than a month."
"Even if this robbery has been hidden for 33 years, Lu Yaxing will be sent to the sun … This is definitely impossible to hide, which means that we will have three years at most."
"If you want to extend this training, there is one way to find a zombie virus solution!"
Long Zhi finished, and everyone was quiet!
They never thought that the idea of Long Zhi was … Of course, the idea actually came from Lin. After all, Lin was a special training and the winner stayed in the scene of the 21st century for more than twenty years.
It’s just an excuse to cheat until these players bring accurate information that Lu Yaxing will be able to do it in 33 years at most … So this excuse suddenly becomes not an excuse, which greatly strengthens the flying throne of the zombie virus research institute and asks Long Zhi such a sentence at this time.
And they never thought that Long Zhi’s idea would be this!
"Water Dragon King, do you think you can live that long in this scene?" Asked the flying throne