However, this knife still scared off the paladins, and they also knew that Lin Tianxie would cut the void again. Where did you know that the root of the blow was Lin Tianxie?

It may be that the second paladin on the left hand side of the paladin leader yelled at the knight’s big sword in one hand and immediately split out a white sword light and went straight to Lin Tianxiao.
The blow Lin Tian Jaken has been to the same sacred blow as Johnson’s skill display at that time!
Lin Tianxie immediately raised his dragon sword to block the blow!
A golden iron hand in singing entered the ears of all!
Hey, hey, hey!
Lin Tianxiao took five steps back to stabilize his body. I didn’t expect the paladin leader to be so powerful!
"How dare you bully my boss? You’re killing yourself!"
At this time, the ghost dragon Xiao Siyi roared his blood and immediately chopped out a scarlet knife, which was very fast and instantly cut to the front of the paladin who attacked Lin Tianxiao!
Chapter 27 Give me death
Blood cut a blow!
I didn’t expect that the ghost dragon Xiaosi learned a big move again after rising to level 4. This blood chop is more powerful than blood chop!
With the scarlet knife gas appearing empty, the pieces were broken and quickly came to the paladin, and a knife mark several meters deep appeared on the ground. This blow was too powerful.
The paladin seemed to feel the power of this blow, and immediately clenched the knight’s sword in his hand and shouted "Holy Cross!"
Brush two swords!
A” firm but gentle straight to scarlet knife gas!
A huge sonic boom entered everyone’s ears followed by a huge ripple!
This ripple is a power ripple, like a sharp machete, and it cuts to someone in the place!
"Not good!"
Lin Tianxiao growled and immediately received five *oss and Ghost Dragon Xiaosi followed the sharp ripple on the spot and instantly cut over Lin Tianxiao’s head and went straight to the bishop and the high priest. At the same time, four paladins were shrouded in it.
Poop, poop, poop, poop!
Sharp ripples directly through the bishop, the high priest and four paladins!
Kabbah kabbah! kabbah! kabbah!
Five times in a row, their sacred defense was broken, and a little white light fell like a star, and finally turned into nothing.
The five people were horrified. It happened so fast. I never imagined that the sacred defense was chopped by sharp ripples in the five-person conjoined body!
Don’t say it’s the five of them, even Lin Tianxiao, with a full face of horror. The defense has not been broken for a long time, and finally it is broken in the blood of Ghost Dragon Small Four and the holy blow of Paladin.
Right now!
Lin Tianxie immediately summoned the five *oss and the ghost dragon small four, and even the summoning creatures were summoned. The five *oss and summoning creatures immediately killed the bishop and the high priest, while Lin Tianxie and the ghost dragon small four still blocked the paladin onslaught.
"rescue the bishop!"
The paladin leader exclaimed again and immediately killed Lin Tianxie and Ghost Dragon Xiaosi!
"Twisted foot!"
Immediately, a vine appeared on the ground and entangled the paladin’s ankle to make them move!
"The wind sprints!"
Lin Tianxiao roared again, and when the four paladins were stopped, they immediately killed the dragon sword in their hands, which flashed past the four paladins like a deadly sickle.
Ghost dragon small four also responded quickly, and immediately met a paladin with blood cut in his hand. Although they were struggling to resist, they were stopped by the body method to move and turn around.
Lin Tianxie and Ghost Dragon Xiaosi specially picked their sore spot to kill the dragon sword and blood chop, and constantly cut through their backs to bring out sparks!
Finally, before the vines disappeared, the paladin’s body armor was smashed by two people and sprayed with blood. Lin Tianxie and Ghost Dragon Xiaosi were covered in it!
Lin Tianxie is also good at ghost dragon small four, but because of blood drenching, she immediately sent Yi Long songs to show her painful look and trembled!
Not good!
Lin Tian evil heart andao because the paladin belongs to the light camp has been baptized by their blood with light properties and drenched by the ghost dragon small four body immediately responded.
"The creatures of the underworld are hateful!"
Ghost dragon small four reaction immediately caused four paladins disgust low curse up and then look at them, they actually appeared a pair of wings!
A pair of illusory wings did not expect that these four paladins could actually conjure wings with their strength so that they could have the ability to fly for a short time.
What people in the light camp hate most is not the freedom alliance, but the dark creatures in the underworld and the underworld. The ghost dragon Xiaosi is the dark place. When the paladin sees the ghost dragon Xiaosi, he will kill it immediately.
"Holy shock!"
At the same time, the four people roared and immediately killed the ghost dragon small four. A slaying momentum emerged from them. It is obvious that they are going to slay the ghost dragon small four.
Lin Tian evil where can let ghost dragon small four hurt immediately took back his pet to follow the Youlong pace skills body instantly appeared beside the bishop and the high priest!
Four paladins lost their targets and immediately became angry, throwing all their grievances at Lin Tianxiao. They turned around and rushed at him.
At this time, the bishop’s high priest’s blood volume has been less than 150 million. Lin Tianxiao took the opportunity to immediately cast the red and green poison and changed the free and unfettered fan!
"The group symbol shoots indiscriminately!"
All three thousand soul fire charms flew to the bishop and the high priest!
Poop, poop, poop!
After a series of explosions, the blood volume of the bishop and the high priest decreased by tens of millions!