"Yes, indeed," Tianyu mused for a moment and thought of something and said, "practice on behalf of others."

"substitute training?"
"Yes, we don’t have the money at present, but sometimes it’s also a good job if we don’t go out to work. The most important thing is that it’s very free. What’s more, we are two people. If we are tired, we will change to another person to continue." Tianyu remembered that when introducing those male guests in "Non-gay guy", it would show that there are many occupations of the other party. The occupations of sunshine boys are all games.
"Well, that’s a good idea. It would be better if everyone could have a brain." Erxiu nodded in the dark and said.
"Hey, these will happen sooner or later. What we have to do now is to earn enough starting capital as soon as possible and wait for the game to change into business opportunities."
"Silly bear game really will have big business opportunities? I think I just changed it once yesterday, right? There is no big change in prices. "Two whew questions.
"Do you think there is anything that needs to be improved in this game now?" Tianyu slightly laughed
"Generally speaking, there will be an auction house for currency circulation games, right? It will be more convenient for everyone to trade. "
Really hit the nail on the head
Tianyu immediately said, "There will definitely be another game in the auction house in the future. It can’t be the same. Didn’t you add a few new maps this time and open the abyss of Tiancheng?" There is a new map in Korea, and it will definitely be added in the future. Moreover, the number of occupations is not large at present, and the total number of skills is not large. These will be changed, so will the materials needed, and there will be business opportunities. "
Erxiu was told by Tianyu that one leng one leng didn’t know Tianyu was somewhat sure, but he just said that he had played Korea and there was no doubt. After all, pk technology was there. At the same time, Erxiu suddenly felt that it would be a wise choice to follow Tianyu.
"People have their own strengths, and he has a good idea. He will drag me back, but now it seems that 1+1 is greater than everyone’s specialization and division of labor, so the actual effect should be better than the original effect. If you want to succeed, you must unite." Erxiu said in his heart
It took me two months to start writing because I kept looking for games and tried to keep up with the game changes, but it’s a pity that not all activities are listed in the network, and there is no way to ensure that all the changes will be true.
(The name of the chapter is greater than the number, but the recognition of the greater than the number by the method of slightly pitted net has become garbled, so it can be modified into Chinese characters.)
Chapter 43 Who are you?
"Then let me ask you a question." Two whew listened to Tianyu’s statement and came to the novel.
"What’s the problem?"
"What do you think is the most important thing for businessmen?"
"Businessmen are the most important? ….. business opportunities! " Tianyu thought for a moment and answered
"credibility?" Tianyu to choose a answered.
"Not right either"
"It’s benefit" said Erxiu seriously.
"…" Tianyu language heart way "this is not nonsense?"
"But from the way you received the goods, you have already violated this criterion."
Tianyu one leng after hearing what he said, he really violated the original intention of the businessman.
"But before a businessman, the word’ person’ is the first thing. When a businessman is a businessman, he has to be a good person first. If a person has no basic moral bottom line, he is not a businessman and may be a liar or a robber." Erxiu said meaningfully.
"Have you been cheated by the game?" Tianyu quietly replied
"Yes, a lot of paving says double-click to try on the fruit, and then you really wear it, but you have less money and you can’t ask for a return without three bags," said Erxiu Nai.
Tianyu smiled gently and said, "Novices are novices after all. How many people have walked these roads?"
"Have you ever seen a pet collection website?" Tianyu laughed
"Of course I’ve seen it, but I can tell it’s a horn at a glance, and then I enter those websites and open them. It’s really like that." Erxiu also said ()
"Cherish it. These things are actually beautiful." Tianyu suddenly connected.
Two wheezes and one leng didn’t understand what he said.
There is also Tianyu, a player who has been playing for many years, who knows how much players want to go back to the weak years when they brushed pictures with friends, chatted with pk and dropped calls …
"Ah woo ~" Erxiu yawned and said, "The couple next door finally stopped."
Tianyu picked up his mobile phone and looked at it and said, "It’s getting late. It’s already a quarter past two in the morning. Go to bed early."
"Good night" Tianyu said softly.
"Good night …" Two whew said with some hesitation.
Tianyu didn’t pay attention to his tone is turned over and went to find the duke of Zhou chess.
"Good night, wanan, if the first letter of Chinese characters is interpreted as’ I (w) love a, you n love a, you n’, I said too much in high school …" Erxiu sighed in her heart and then turned over and closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep.
It was only 6: 30 on September 4th, and Yu got up quietly.
"Do not harm people’s hearts, but do not prevent people’s hearts." Tianyu glanced at it and shook his head with snoring. Xiao Naidao
Tianyu really finished his letter to Erxiu because he has experienced a lot of people who know that the society is sinister. If you want to trust each other further, you always need to test one.
Then he tried not to make any noise, cleaned up the room, went to the bathroom to wash, left the living room and left the house.
About half an hour ago, I snored and wheezed. I was awakened by a thunderbolt and cried, "It’s over! It’s over! I’m going to be late for work and my salary will be deducted!" Said hurriedly put on a short-sleeved shirt and get up and wear glasses.
When he finished his expression, he just stood there looking around for a week and smirked, "By the way, I quit my job and came to his house with the silly bear last night to start a new life."
After talking to himself, he took his shorts and put two legs with sparse legs into it. His feet stepped on the shoes and got up the shorts.
Then he glanced at the bed not far away to see it folded, but one person frowned.
Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He immediately took out his trouser pocket and took out some worn-out wallets. He looked at them and said, "The money is still there … but where is Tianyu?"
Erxiuyuan got up early by himself. After all, he didn’t go to bed until two o’clock last night.
Later, he found a bag at Tianyu’s bedside, remembering that Tianyu had said that the bag contained valuables, looked at the layout of the room four times and shook his head to himself, "There is no furniture in the room. It seems that valuables can also be put on the bedside or bed."