These ghosts are not monsters. No one knows when they will appear, and it is the first time for everyone to see such a strange necklace. For a while, everyone was attracted by this necklace.

"Hey, hey, this necklace is the best equipment except the unique wind sword. In terms of comprehensive aspects, this necklace may be better than the unique wind sword. It’s not much to say. I will directly publish the information." Mu Feng said with a calm smile and hit the necklace attributes
Chapter 394 Rev. The dead bone chain
[Initiator’s Dead Bone Chain] Purple God-level equipment can be equipped in the necklace position. The equipment level is 4, which makes the demand level 35 God-equipped star ★★★★★★★ ★ Make the professional mage add intelligence to all two-turn occupations and special occupational attributes +1 point physique +6 points agility +35 points magic attack +2~3 points defense +1 point God-equipped unique special attribute. The critical strike damage is increased by an additional 35%.
Additional Skills Dead Door Active Skills Players make the strength contained in the bone chain of the initiator’s dead soul turn on the gate of the underworld to summon the dead soul to help players fight. Every time a dead soul is summoned, it costs 1 point of magic, and the number of summoned dead souls in a single day is limited to 1 when cooling down.
Equipment Introduction The skeleton chain of the Initiator and the Dead was forged by a master from an ancient race in the underworld who studied equipment for generations. At first, the skeleton chain of the Initiator and the Dead was not called by this name, but the way to the underworld was to deliver it to the people in a short distance. Later, the underworld caused an outside monster to invade, and the outside monster destroyed many things in the underworld, including the destruction of the underworld door at that time, which angered the foundry master who created the underworld door. So the angry master decided to transform such things and inject a large number of dead souls. Among them, people from the underworld, monsters from the outside world, died. Later, the gate of the underworld was upgraded to the bone chain of the dead. When the invasion of the outside monsters stopped, the bone chain of the master’s dead was also completed. However, the master felt that there was something missing in this bone chain, so the master ground his ribs into a bone chain and injected his soul into it. Finally, the master’s name was Andy, the Initiator of the underworld.
The appearance of the bone chain of the revealer and the dead is like a head lurking in the deep sea for thousands of years, which brings people that kind of shock. It is incomparable theory that the appearance properties of the bone chain can make people crazy and want to rob it. After all, the properties of the bone chain of the revealer and the dead are too powerful.
Close to 2000 points of main attribute bonus and extra magic attack super defense. For mage players, this is no longer an ordinary equipment. This is a very unusual god-class equipment! Because the mage is fragile, this kind of defensive attribute will not appear at the root of magical attack equipment. This bone chain also adds 1 point of defense, and the only attribute behind it is even more powerful, so that the critical strike becomes a dark critical strike and the damage is increased by 35%, that is, if you hit a critical strike with a value of 30,000, it will increase the damage by 10,000 to 40,000. This bonus is not only for the player, but also for the boss.
There is also the additional skill of the bone chain of the revealer’s dead soul. The Dead Door can summon one dead soul every day to help the player fight. Each dead soul consumes 1 point, that is, it takes 10,000 magic points to summon a dead legion. This skill is combined with ghost summoning or other summoning skills, which makes the horror almost unimaginable.
It’s no wonder that Mu Feng will say that this equipment surpasses the Juefengjian in a certain level, because Juefengjian is very powerful for swordsmen, but it is not good for French players like Mu Feng. This bone chain of the dead is the wizard’s paradise.
"Magic Day depends on who has better luck this time." Mu Feng smiled heroically and was about to start equipment distribution when he was stopped by magic day. The latter looked at Mu Feng with a cold expression. "We discuss one thing. If it becomes equipment, you can take it away."
"Do you want me to join the magic door?" Mu Feng stared at him and probably guessed the magical providence and said it.
Magic day smell speech after zheng was obviously Mu Feng guessed right, for the rev dead bone chain this equipment magic day attitude is still indifferent, this equipment is dispensable for him, but it happened that magic day don’t want this god level equipment to fall into the hands of Mu Feng.
After all, Mu Feng’s strength is not bad. When playing Xiao Shengfeng, he also paid attention to the fact that Mu Feng switched several staves. These staves don’t look like ordinary weapons. If he becomes his enemy or targets the magic door in the future, God knows that he is not the magic genius of his opponent. He wants Mu Feng to join the magic door. He would rather give up this equipment.
But the magic day didn’t expect this Mu Feng to put on his own mind. It seems that this guy is more powerful than he thought, but even so, the magic day needs to know whether Mu Feng thinks he will enter the magic door.
"Magic door, I think I will integrate into this big family in the near future, but not now. Let’s divide the equipment. I’ll roll the dice first!" Mu Feng ha ha smiled and called out the interface and clapped his hand on the virtual button. Then the interface popped up a flip roll. After a while, the roll stopped and Mu Feng threw it out at six o’clock. The limit for two-person equipment was six o’clock, and Mu Feng took it full.
Mu Feng’s results have come out, but the magic day has been slow to make moves. He is wondering what Mu Feng means when he talks. Does it mean that he will join his magic door soon? Or does he want to collect the magic door? It’s not just magic days thinking, even fire inflammation keeps a close eye on Mu Feng. Fire inflammation vaguely feels that he must have met Mu Feng before.
"Brother Wang, it’s your turn!" Nana touched him with her little arm when she saw that the magic day was still in a trance-like state. Nana felt that the magic day was strange today, and it was not as usual. Of course, she was indifferent to herself as usual.
After waking up in the magic day, he came up with an amazing idea, and then the virtual interface disappeared in front of the magic day. The magic day canceled the equipment distribution and gave the equipment directly to Mu Feng
"I believe that you will owe me a favor when we meet again." In the face of everyone, the magical sky is indifferent with full doubts.
It’s better to make him owe a favor than to fight for a piece of equipment with him. This is what the magic heavenly heart thinks. After all, there will be a chance for this Mu Feng to owe himself a favor after the god-class equipment, but it’s hard to come by.
Mu Feng, ha ha, smiled and took the skeleton chain of the revealer to his hand. It’s better for magic to give up the equipment than human feelings. It’s not worth the money. It’s the most important thing to help if you can’t help magic. You can’t get the equipment yourself
Chapter 395 Eggplant Beauty Luck
Once again, I saw the bone chain of the dead. Mu Feng still thinks this necklace is good, but it can be compared with the weapons of the Emperor Lingshi. Mu Feng just wanted to take other measures to rob the equipment such as pk or other equipment for this magic door. Now it seems really great. It is a verbal favor to give nothing.
However, Mu Feng believes that his human feelings are enough to crush the skeleton chain of the dead, because in the near future, hey hey … Mu Feng will not fantasize in the future with low-key people.
"Well, I wish us a happy reunion." Mu Feng said to the magical day with a smile, and then Mu Feng looked at another person. At this time, the mad cow, the low-key god, the arrow through the heart and the eggplant beauty, including Nana, all fell into a brief consternation. For the magical day, the bone chain will be handed over, which is unexpected for no one, because as far as they know, Mu Feng is magical, and it is the first time that it is closed for the first time. It must be false if you are not surprised.
However, Mu Feng didn’t care much about everyone’s doubts and surprises. After calming everyone’s "injured" hearts, he took out the fourth piece of god-class equipment and said, "Everyone is optimistic that this is a ring without professional restrictions."
The phrase "ring without professional restrictions" has just been said, and everyone’s attention has focused on Mu Feng’s body. To be precise, it is the ring in Mu Feng’s hand. The shape of this ring looks different from that of an ordinary ring. It is a hoop, a hoop, a black ring, and a gem is also black. Compared with being full of strange gas and dead people popping out of bone chains, this ring is dark and dark as ink, except for black.
But is Jin Lin a thing in the pool? How can god-class equipment be ordinary? Even if it is a dark ring, everyone’s eyes will not twist from the ring until Mu Feng shares the ring attributes.
[Abyss Crime] Purple God-level equipment can be equipped in the ring position. The equipment level is 4, which makes the demand level 35. God-equipped star ★★★★ Makes the occupation restriction attribute add intelligence +5 points of physique +5 points of agility +2 points of strength +3 magic attacks +1~25 points of physical attacks +2 special attributes of God-equipped equipment. Every time you release a dark skill, three ordinary attacks will add 3% of damage. These three attacks will crit additional skills. Abyss fear initiative skills will apply abyss fear to enemy targets for another ten seconds. Can restore life, reduce movement speed and attack speed by 5%, parry attack by 5%, and enter a state of fear, that is, be numb. If you are frightened, move for ten seconds, the release effect of the player will be halved, and the magic will be consumed by 5 points and the cooling time will be 5 hours.
Equipment introduction Abyss crime depravity fiend Caderas collects rings-Caderas is a very fond of collecting ring equipment. When the demon people in the underworld invaded the soul world, Caderas distributed his collection rings to all the demons. Among them, the most powerful Abyss ring suit not only contains powerful dark power, but also can deter people from being alarmed. It is said that anyone who owns a Caderas ring suit will have Caderas’s depraved magic. The depraved fiend Caderas said, "Ha ha … ambitious people, do you want to gain my power?" Then look for my re and fuse my ring! "
"This ring called" abyss crime "is not what I said, is it? I believe that you have also seen that the Abyss Ring Kit has four main attributes and special attributes of double attack bonus. Although it is necessary to darken the skills, the effect is very strong, and there are additional skills that must have a good effect against boss. The most important thing is that all professions can. "
Mu Feng said it from the bottom of his heart. This abyss crime was valued as early as when Mu Feng was too palace. His comprehensive ability was as good as the bone chain of the revealer and the dead. Of course, it was the best choice for some physical magic double attack players and Mu Feng, the emperor’s spiritual master.
Of course, Mu Feng is also optimistic about this equipment. Although he can’t get it, it’s all the same to whoever takes it. After all, everyone will have to play Huangfuyi in the future. Whoever takes Mu Feng is very optimistic.
Present Mu Feng and fire inflammation have taken the equipment, and the distribution of abyss crime has been far away from them. Two big men are also embarrassed to make do with it and give up the other seven people in turn.
The maximum number of points for the first roll between mad cow and Nana is 21 points, but the mad cow throws a little Nana at 11 points, and both mice throw a low number of points, followed by Ji Yue and an arrow through the heart. Ji Yue is lucky to throw a shock field at 1 point, and an arrow through the heart is 1 point, so there is no chance to take the abyss crime.
Ji Yue, a doctor should not be guilty of the abyss, but she rolled the dice. Mu Feng guessed that Ji Yue must want to get the ring herself. After all, the abyss crime is a god-class ring. Ji Yue has no reason to abandon Ji Yue and was not too happy after throwing it out at 1 o’clock. She responded with a red face and an egg smile and prayed for the ring at the same time.
In the back, it’s a low-key god. 15 o’clock is still high. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that the lovely Ji Yue Ji Yue has been very lucky in this random sub-equipment. This time, I’m afraid it’s difficult for others to get this magic ring with her participation.
It was only 17 o’clock on magic day, but it also made him lose the chance. The highest score was Ji Yue.
"Xi Yueyue congratulates you on getting the ring." An arrow pierced the heart and looked at the people who lost in Ji Yueyue’s point in a row and immediately laughed and said that it was like seeing the abyss crime fall into Ji Yueyue’s hands.
"There will be eggplant sister ….." Ji month small whispering and then du du mouth charming.
The eggplant beauty has been afraid to press the button to roll the dice. She didn’t react until she heard Ji Yue’s words. She said in a low voice, "I … You are so lucky there. I’ll give up …"
"Er, eggplant, you’d better try it. It’s important to take part in it." The sitting position is quite similar to that of eggplant beauty. The low-key God said that it is understandable that Mu Feng and Huo Yan abandoned it, but eggplant beauty should try it anyway.
Listening to the low-key God’s advice, the eggplant beauty looked up again. MengMeng looked at the fire inflammation and smiled and nodded his head to make it mean that the eggplant beauty tried.
As soon as the latter expressed it, she smiled and raised her little hand and pressed the button "buzz". After five seconds, a number appeared in front of everyone and shocked everyone. The number of eggplant beauty points was-2 points!
Chapter 396 is also a god-made man
The limit of points thrown by four people for the crime of allocating abyss is 21 points, and then the eggplant beauty throws 2 points, which can be said to be the limit and the highest point of luck for the eggplant beauty.
"ah? 2 o’clock … "The eggplant beauty looked at the number in front of her eyes. Zhang Xiuqing’s face appeared incredible. The eggplant beauty never thought that she would throw such a high number of points. She also came to throw it with a focus on the forehead, but she never thought that this throw would directly take the ring that was originally intended for Ji Yue.
Watching the abyss crime be taken away by the eggplant beauty, everyone else blessed the latter. Only Ji Yue pouted and moped. Ji Yue didn’t envy her, but she felt so bad that she couldn’t even get a ring. If she got the abyss crime to Mu Feng, Mu Feng would be much stronger. Ji Yue thought simply.
"Ha Yueyue, don’t be sad. The eggplant beauty took the fourth costume. I have another one here. This one is specially for you." Mu Feng didn’t follow her sad because she didn’t get the abyss crime, but she still laughed. In fact, Mu Feng didn’t care about the abyss crime when she came. Whether Jiyue got it or not, this ring was called the anti-eggplant beauty. Then Mu Feng would be congratulated
Because this equipment is the exclusive doctor!
When Ji Yue looked at herself glumly, Mu Feng put a new ring in the palm of Mu Feng’s hand, and an abyss was finished. On the contrary, the former was dark and dim, but now the ring in Mu Feng is crystal clear. * * A white ring gem exudes a bright and beautiful white luster. This ring can be said to be exclusive to female players, especially female doctors.
[Moon Guarding Soul] Purple God-level equipment can be equipped in the ring position. The equipment level is 4, which makes the demand level 35. God-equipped star ★★★ makes the professional doctors and doctors change their occupation and special occupation attributes to add intelligence +1 point physique+point God-equipped special attributes. The player’s own life and magic recovery speed will increase by 1%, and the effect of all released treatment skills will increase by 15%.
Additional skills: Kyauk Moon God Shelter Active Skills Physician players can apply Kyauk Moon God Shelter to a maximum of five people at the same time, and get Kyauk Moon God Shelter in 5 seconds. Players will reduce all damage and treat the enchantment effect. The value of enchantment treatment is equal to 2% of the total life magic of players who get Kyauk Moon God Shelter. After 5 seconds, players will have 5% to trigger Kyauk Moon God Shelter, and the subsequent effect will be reduced by 5% for 5 seconds. It takes 2 magic to apply skills to one of our targets, and so on, it will take 1 magic cooldown for 1 hour.
Equipment Introduction: This equipment originated from a very old story. There is an ancient sealed valley entrance in an isolated mountain peak closest to the moonlight. There is a gorgeous armor and a beautiful ring in the middle of the ruins of the valley. No one knows the origin of these two equipments until one day someone enters that place and takes them away. It is from this that the beautiful ring is taken out.
The additional skill of Kyoyue Guardian Soul is extremely overbearing, especially for Mu Feng, who brushes a small team for five seconds, and there is still a certain chance to reduce the damage. It’s a bunker-to-bunker skill, and the god-equipped attribute is also good, which can strengthen Kyoyue’s treatment for everyone. It’s simply a waste of time not to give such an equipment to Kyoyue, which is why Mu Feng doesn’t care about the crime of eggplant beauty getting the abyss, because she can’t get the ring again.
No one objected to giving this ring to Ji Yue, no matter whether it was the turn of the wind or other reasons. After all, eggplant beauty is a judge’s profession, and this kind of doctor’s professional ability to return blood is not strong enough to be used as a skill. To be precise, it is obviously not as good as Ji Yue’s, and eggplant beauty has also got a piece of equipment. Naturally, she is afraid to participate in the guardian spirit of Jiao Yue.
So it’s no surprise that this equipment didn’t even have a chance to allocate it to the system, so it was handed over to Ji Yue by Mu Feng, and Ji Yuemei got a bright moon ring in her hand, and smiled wearily, which also made Mu Feng understand that he hid this equipment until the last time to take it out, so as not to let eggplant beauty share it with himself.
In this way, Ji Yue is also a god-pretending person.
There are five people left: mad cow, low-key god and magic day, and Nana, although they didn’t get the magic costume, but it’s understandable that the first three people regret that an arrow goes through the heart and low-key god can’t get the equipment. After all, there is no shooter and stabbing spirit in these magic costumes. Because of the typical RP problem, magic day and Nana don’t lack the equipment. They will get it in a few days.
"Well, the equipment has been divided up. Let’s try to upgrade these days. Try to get to level 35 in three days, and then we will kill the Thundercat and Huangfuyi once and for all. I don’t want to go to that palace for n times." Mu Feng cleared his throat and said to everyone present.