Unfortunately, there are no martial arts students at present. It will take a long time if you practice slowly on your own and then remember your body to feel that your martial arts are improved a little bit.

When I didn’t come to Langsuolin, I chose to study, such as studying a virus antidote … I have to say that Lin was lucky to touch not other viruses but zombie viruses, which are composed of tens of thousands of harmful substances. It is definitely not possible to get out the zombie virus antidote for a while, but it may not be possible for this batch.
Lin studied with the spaceship for twenty years and was ready to quit this special training by himself.
Compared with this special training, Lin pays more attention to nature and the special reward of the God Corps. Besides, even if he continues to stay in the special training scene, I am afraid he will continue to stay for another ten or twenty years.
"Are you leaving to say hello to Bayrou?"
"Come on …"
"But this time is so quit? Or suicide? "
"Well …"
"Experience the taste of death so that the memory will be more profound!"
In the special training, everyone quits the special training once his life dies, but there is no loss. Although he dies and can be resurrected outside, he will lose a lot of things and cannot die easily, especially if Lin dies once now, the loss value is really huge.
Lin is a captain … He can’t bear to die once and lose one level. After all, he wants to attend a special training and doesn’t know what rank he needs next time.
"How to die?"
This is a serious problem.
Death is lighter than a feather, and death is heavier than Mount Tai … It seems that no matter how you die now, you have nothing to do with these two.
"Caesarean section … this is definitely not selected!"
"Cutting wrists … is too common!"
"commit suicide … this is a bit heroic!"
"Swallow the gun … this is too fast!"
"* * … this should be very painful!"
"It seems that coming to this scene without changing a zombie is tantamount to coming once in vain." Lin thought for a long time and finally decided, "Yes, choose this way to die!"
Lin found an original to detain the zombie room! (cloning zombies to do research experiments)
Enter the room, lock the door and sit cross-legged directly on the ground.
I looked at my hands, picked the finger rings neatly one by one and put them in front of me, then put my neck necklace in front of me, and picked my anklets or put them in front of me …
Finally, take off your clothes to reveal a silver vest … This vest is a bulletproof vest with strong protective ability and weighs five pounds.
This is the last piece of close-fitting silver
Lin stretched out his hand to untie the silver vest and pulled it quickly. Lin is not a procrastinator and decided to finish it as soon as possible.
Take off this last silver vest and hold it in your hand. This let-go is over.
Lin closed his eyes slowly, holding a silver vest and dropping it to the ground.
Death arrival!
This time, the death arrival was different from the previous encounter. The previous encounter was all from the outside and oppressed from a certain direction. It felt that this time it was completely different from the outside, but all directions appeared in an instant and directly wrapped themselves up to form a sense of terror and oppression, but this is just a sense of oppression. This is the smell of death that Lin has experienced a lot.
At the same time, from the outside, it seems that the hand of death is going to break through and stick out from his chest.
Lin is suddenly opened his eyes at this time, the palm of his hand directly toward his chest position, where death feels, and the hand of death is stretched out, which is very powerful.
This palm, though sudden, was played by him with all the skills and strength that could be used instantly.
Great power exploded in Lin’s chest!
This is the method that Lin learned in the first special training. In this second special training, he learned physical memory. He can play out the dark energy every time if he wants to do it once. This is the great place of physical memory. Learning is learning that he doesn’t need any familiarity and doesn’t need to spend a lot of time practicing.
In front of the forest, the floor was sprayed with blood lines … half bright red and half thick black, and it smelled a little black.
Lin hasn’t hung up yet. Looking at the blood fog in front of him, he turned white.
One mouthful blood spurted out again … This one mouthful blood is red blood without any black blood.
Lin is stupid!