Looking at the floating injury, Ah Fu couldn’t help secretly cursing, "What am I doing with your mother? It’s impossible for me to attack others." Listening to Ah Fu’s scolding Mu Feng, I have a bottom in my heart at this time. That bold guess has been established. It’s time for a test. Thinking about Mu Feng, I sank and said, "Ah Fu, don’t scold you. You should be honored."

"Ah, it’s an honor." Ah, Negative listened stupidly. It’s an honor to be a Mao Mao. His ghosts can’t attack Hehe Dia behind him, but they can attack others. Hehe Dia provoked himself to run here. If the average person said this to himself, Negative must immediately turn against him, but Mu Feng can’t be depressed. Negative retorted and asked, "Tell me about the honor method …"
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-three Camp conversion
While the ghost emperor is busy making things, he also notes the strange things on the negative side. When the negative ghost monster can’t attack Hehe Diya behind the negative, the ghost emperor has already noticed it, but the ghost emperor can’t figure out a reason for it. When the negative ghost monster is a pet, it can be attacked in a visible way.
But now listen to Mu Feng such a test and say strange words. The ghost emperor can’t help but think about the reason again. In his heart, he is also surprised. An idea pops up. Thinking about the ghost emperor, he turns to Mu Feng and says, "Mu Feng, don’t you want to … Hehe Dia behind Ah Fu is … Hehe Dia himself." The ghost emperor confuses himself and says it directly.
"Ha ha, this means that it is an honor to say that Hehe Dia gave up attacking me and changed my strategic goal. Now, if I attack Ah Fu, I will know if it’s Hehe Dia …" Listen to the ghost emperor and have the same idea as myself. Mu Feng can’t help but smile and talk. After a flash, he has reached Ah Fu’s place behind Hehe Dia. Looking behind him, he suddenly turned to look at himself. Mu Feng’s heart has definitely reached 9%, and the remaining 1% depends on this sword …
"Bang …" People hurt themselves when they reach the sword! Mu Feng in one go in Hehe Diya’s angry eyes, the tip of Mu Feng Leidi sword sank deeply into Hehe Diya’s back, with 120,000 injuries floating slowly.
"Yo, I guess I was right …" Mu Feng laughed and said to Hudya, who turned his head.
"Hum, I didn’t expect it. It seems that you are already familiar with fighting, especially you!" A negative behind Hehe Dia slowly lived in front of Mu Feng, and when he spoke, Hehe Dia had lived, and Ah negative continued to run forward, and the white shadow flashed behind him, and suddenly a Hehe Dia continued to attack him.
Behind Ah Fu, there was another Hehe Diya. Everyone could see it at this moment. Everyone was surprised. They saw Mu Feng cut a sword and then the damage floated. Then Hehe Diya’s figure appeared …
"Click …" On the move, A negative saw a brilliant Diyala appeared in front of Mu Feng. Mu Feng had taken away the brilliant Diyala behind him, but he was not happy yet. Behind it was a pain and a red injury that floated from the top of his head.
"Ah, what’s going on, Mu Feng? Don’t you take away Diyala behind me?" A negative depressed asked Mu Feng.
"No, I pulled myself away from behind you, but now there’s a Hehedia behind you. I think now you ghosts should be able to attack Hehedia behind you," Mu Feng Ma replied to Ah Fu in the team channel.
Listen to Mu Feng’s words, Ah Fu is also skeptical and instantly recruited back to the ghost monster, trying to attack it. As Mu Feng said, it hurts itself and then floats.
Squinting at the situation over there, Mu Feng, in front of him, said to Mu Feng with a calm face, "I’m going to kill the remote departments one by one, but I didn’t expect you to find out that I have a real problem so soon and guess where I am. How did you do it?" Hehe Dia asked curiously.
"Oh, who makes your expression too rich? Your acting is too bad!" Mu Feng teased and answered, "The figure sank, and the Lei Di sword stood in front of him. The beasts such as the ghost emperor, the ghost brake and others, such as Yoga Na and Ling Sha, also moved up." Ready and unprepared … so dead … no "Mu Feng said with a cold face.
Chou the eye some arrogant Mu Feng and looked around a circle around people hehe dia expression seems to be some don’t care "even if let you identify my true identity, so … do you think you have the ability to kill my true identity before busy kill you?"
Hehe Diya said it was slow, giving people a feeling that when he was procrastinating, his doppelganger attacked everyone again. Mu Feng felt that these doppelgangers also seemed to have a certain attack frequency, about two seconds. With the consumption of magic, Ji Yue, snowflake fluttering and other four people also seemed to be a little overwhelmed, some couldn’t keep pace, and the attack on the doppelganger was also slow to see the effect. The blood in the doppelganger didn’t seem to be as much as usual
Listen to Hehe Diya’s words. Mu Feng, Ghost Emperor and others have received two messages. The first one is that this doppelganger is difficult to kill or even impossible to kill, but there are also Hehe Diya lying to scare them. Maybe the second one will kill Hehe Diya, and those doppelgangers may disappear. Of course, this message also contains Hehe Diya lying.
Mu Feng, Ghost Emperor and others will also ignore the information they have inferred. Mu Feng, Ghost Emperor, Ghost Brake and others once again launched an offensive against Hehadia. "Puff …" Mu Feng recently attacked Hehadia and hit Hehadia in Mu Feng. When Hehadia’s figure flashed, he actually avoided the past. At the same time, the dragon sword in Hehadia’s hand drew a backhand and a blood print appeared in Mu Feng’s waist. "Paz …" The damage suddenly floated from Mu Feng’s head.
"Hum, don’t forget my profession. I am a swordsman who played with you earlier. Now … it’s time for you to learn more." Talking, Hehe Diya left Mu Feng’s side and rushed out to see that his direction turned out to be negative. It seems that Hehe Diya has fulfilled his persistence this time.
The ghost emperor looked at Hehe Diya and rushed away, and he was also ready to brush the ghost emperor from his side. Suddenly, he had a feeling of being despised. At a high speed, Longyuan slammed into Hehe Diya and squinted at the ghost emperor’s attack on Hehe Diya, ignoring it and moving on.
The ghost emperor had been discriminated against in this way, and when he met a roar, he slashed it vigorously. "Mao …" A crisp and loud hard object hit the place where Longyuan Hehe Dia struck, making a sound. The ghost emperor’s body slammed and I couldn’t help falling back, while Hehe Dia continued to rush past as if nothing had happened.
"Well …" The ghost emperor’s encounter made Mu Feng prepare to attack the ghost brake, romantic swordsman and other melee attacks. It was a surprise. How did the ghost emperor encounter now and Yoga’s attempt to attack those unseen renowned Dias were somewhat the same?
"Brush …" A water-blue shock wave was sent from the quiet sea to Hehe Dia S to slow down Hehe Dia so that Ah Fu could escape far away. Some strange things continued to happen. When the light beam attacked Hehe Dia’s body, it was like a stone sinking into the sea and there was no response.
Associating with two places at once, you can’t attack if you see it, but you can attack if you don’t see it.
Combined with the attack effect of the Ghost Emperor and the Quiet Sea, Mu Feng Mabai’s original body also has an attack attribute at this time. This attack attribute turns out to be the opposite of the avatar. The attack attribute is that you can’t see the avatar, you can’t attack the avatar, and you can only attack the avatar if you can see it.
The idea was almost instantly understood by everyone, and several people stopped attacking Hehe Diya’s real body, but instead resumed and attacked him. The responsibility for attacking the real body was handed over to Mu Feng for a bunch of pets
With a group of pets, Jia Na chased Mu Feng behind Hehe Diya. At this time, Hehe Diya was depressed to death. The moving speed was too fast. He couldn’t chase Hehe Diya himself, and Ah Fu didn’t know who was added to the speed buff. He kept running in front and unconsciously fled to the area where the king of destruction, mad cow and others attacked Frost.
Because Mu Feng is forced to kill Hehe Diya and delay the frost tactics, the battle here seems a bit boring, but from a distance, looking at the skeleton, the golden dragon and the war maniac against the distant mountain battle scene, Mu Feng is also lamenting that there are so few large-scale battle pets that we don’t lose a head when we are in size, which is very important.
Suddenly, Mu Feng thought that he was hit by an angry dragon and left the battle field. He didn’t receive the attack of Hehe Dijia, and he became a visible member. So this group here is not the same as himself.
Thinking about Mu Feng, he shouted in the team channel, "Everyone should pay attention to the fact that the personnel against Frost are moving in the direction of Ghost Emperor and Ghost Brake at this time. There are two places behind Ghost Brake and they are also moving here to prepare to replace Frost Yi and Yuanshanyuan to attack Frost Yi. In addition to treating the profession and attacking the skull, gold and silver dragons and war fanatics, they attack Hehe Dia …" Said Mu Feng and marked Hehe Dia with a big white skull head.
It is forbidden to get Mu Feng’s orders again as Mu Feng orders all the troops to move.
The king of destruction is the fastest. The king of destruction didn’t want to do it here for a long time. He wanted to really take the lead and face Hehe Diya. He wanted to do "hiss …" While rushing at the bloodthirsty sword in the hand of the king of destruction, there was a red light coming from the weapon of the king of destruction.
"Dude, it’s up to you …" A negative shouted when he passed by the king of destruction. At the same time, he also got the demon nine, maple dance and others here to treat the critical blood volume, which was instantly taken up.
"Coagulation … chop!" Without answering the action certificate of the king of destruction, the king of destruction rushed to the front of Hehe Diya with a long ghosting, and he felt that the air around him seemed to press his chest quickly, and he felt a feeling of tightness. "Bang …" A dizzy impact made Hehe Diya suddenly stop.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-four Lei Di came to the world
"No matter what you just ordered, attack Hehe Diya and give me the maximum attack output. Keep large skills and short CD skills and throw them at Hehe Diya. I want him dead!" Mu Feng shouted that he had come behind Hehe Diya in a flash, and at the same time, Lei Di Jian in his hand was instantly dyed with blood red.
The sudden personnel change made Frosty feel a little strange, too. Just now, the battle really made her feel timid. It was either the guy with super thick blood control or the trap hunter who was placed all over the ground. Although the attack power was high, it was cheap, and these people didn’t seem to be in a hurry to attack themselves, so it took a while to become a stalemate war of attrition on Frosty’s side.
However, the sudden change in Mu Feng has changed the war horse around Frosty. According to the evidence, Ghost Emperor, Ghost Brake, Yunling, Fire Inflammation, etc. are all high-attack occupations. Looking at them behind Hehe Dia, Frosty is in two places at once. It turns out that they have encountered the attack of Hehe Dia Nulong avatar method to attack Hehe Dia.
After figuring this out, Frosty smiled coldly. It seems that the chief decision-makers of these four teams are not very clever either. What’s the difference between sending the professional department behind him to attack himself and sticking out his neck to cut himself? Maybe he looks down upon me too little. Frosty is a little funny. Thinking of Frosty, he pulls out five black arrows on the bowstring.
"Five evil spirits rushed at the arrow …" Frost growled.
"Swish swish …" Five arrows hit the immediate target in a second, and the red five-digit damage slowly floated, but the frost’s mouth smile just floated and froze there. The five players were shot by themselves and the blood volume was instantly restored, and it was almost at the same time.
Doubt, Frosty looked at the peripheral treatment. Oh, my God, are you kidding? Nine treatments are attacking him around. There are actually nine treatments in this group. Looking at the peripheral sacred beam, natural healing skills are shining. Frosty’s eyes are full of doubts. This … Here, the four challenge teams have all the treatments.
If that’s the case, then … don’t they have any doubts about a treatment against Hehe Diya? Frosty is a little worried and looks over at Hehe Diya because he knows that when Hehe Diya is in a 6% death storm, it is very powerful, and his movement speed and attack power are high, but he also bears a certain combat risk, which will double his chance by 5% if the other party restricts his skills to death tactics, then he will be in danger and there is no need for a treatment … Frosty is a little worried and looks over there.
A look at the frost, the heart is cold, and the other party is really making restrictions! At this time, Frosty realized that the commander of each other’s four teams was not a fool as he just thought, but he was a very clever man. He could actually see through the skill characteristics of Hehe Dia Nulong avatar in this extreme moment. Frosty turned his eyes to Hehe Dia and was attacking Hehe Dia Mu Feng. This person must be removed! Frost, silently thought.
Speculation about the shock in Frost Yi’s heart is actually that Mu Feng Mu Feng root has not seen through such things. At this time, he wants to eliminate Hehe Diya as soon as possible to solve the problem of Hehe Diya behind Ghost Emperor and Fire Inflammation, and considering that letting Ghost Emperor and Fire Inflammation attack Frost Yi’s blood consumption is too high, there should be insufficient treatment to let all treatments stay in Frost Yi’s side. There is no treatment here, so there is a restriction skill. This is because all roots are not as complicated as Frost Yi thinks.
Destroy the king just make coagulation chop skill is his own idea and Mu Feng didn’t.
Unfortunately, Wang Ning-chop has a 5% chance to fix the target in place for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, this 5% chance broke out again. Unfortunately, Hehe Dia’s 5% chance was restricted and his skill doubled. When Hehe Dia was still fixed after being restricted, Wang Ning-chop couldn’t help wondering, "It’s strange that Ning-chop is limited to 3 seconds …"