And the star helper over there in Tonghua Rain’s view is the demon river. After knowing the properties of the demon river, Tonghua Rain has a new plan.

Who will win?
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Unexpected fighting
At the beginning of the battle, the cat blessed itself with a state and then instantly transformed into a therapeutic posture.
Although Qiantong Huayu teamed up with Gao Rang for such a long time, I really didn’t know that this guy could be transformed into a therapeutic posture in addition to various attack postures.
The cat hid behind tourmaline for the first time after transforming into a therapeutic posture.
And this time the opposite shake light has been killed.
Shake the big sword in your hand, hold it high, and then chop it hard toward the demon river. It seems that the flower rain is some fear of the control ability of the demon river.
"shake a sword!"
A great injury floated from the top of the demon river, and at the same time, it shook the light and injured the old man’s tarsal bone next to it.
"White mans stars rain!"
Followed by flowers and rain, Bai Mang also started the group attack skills.
Everyone on this side of the instant machine has been covered into the attack range.
Critical strike 966
Four injuries drifted away in turn, but fortunately, the cat was hurt, not the crit injury, and at the same time, he gave himself a healing skill, which kept his blood volume from being beaten
Tong Huayu seized this opportunity and immediately prepared to let the nearest shake light start the group attack skill to solve the secret, but at this critical moment, the demon river shook the light to make the star magic shake light forcibly bound.
At this time, the cat’s life light suddenly started.
Four healing figures float from the top of the head of the three star helpers.
At this time, the flowers and rain also shot.
This time, the flower rain made a skill that she had never shown in the previous battle.
See a wave of his wand in the hand of Tong Huayu, a green vine suddenly sticks out from one end of the wand and flies directly to the cat to wrap it around, and then Tong Huayu pulls the cat with a hand and is directly pulled to Tong Huayu’s side.
When Tong Huayu pulled the cat to his side, he found that the cat was actually looking at himself and smiling. That smile was very …
Instantly, a white light is directly emitted from the chest of the cat, and at the same time, the therapeutic posture of the cat is lifted.
Yes, this beam is the cat’s pulse beam.
The cat was very unexpected, but it failed to kill Tong Huayu directly, and then he fell down in front of Tong Huayu.
In the rain of flowers, a pulsed beam of light was fired, and at the same time, the secret weapon of the rain of flowers was also shot.
Damn it, cry, give a sharp howl, and then the whole person jumps out of the cloak
It was a figure dressed in leather armor, with a dagger shining with cold light in each hand.
In an instant, the ghost cried and turned into a meteor that fell directly in front of the cat. Two daggers crossed the cat’s neck at the same time.
Critical strike 132
With this five-digit injury, a cold body was transformed.
However, the cold body was not cold for a long time, and soon it became hot.
At the very beginning of the battle, the skill of rebirth by fire was started, and at this time, this skill finally reached the 5% chance of rebirth, which actually triggered.
The cat was all around the flame, and then the blood blue was full of medicine resistance and skill cooling, and it also returned to its initial state.
Getting up again surprised Tong Huayu, and the cat was surprised by Li Huayu. This leng changed two two-handed weapons and then transformed into a melee posture and launched a double whirlwind of dragons and phoenixes.
In an instant, two cyclones engulfed the surrounding flowers and rain and the three star helpers next to them.
The cat quickly retreated and hid behind his star helper tourmaline.
This recruit dragon, phoenix and double whirlwind directly killed the flower rain, while other star helpers also knocked out a lot of blood.
Later, the cat started the lotus dance skill of green fire again.
After this skill, the white mans also fell down.
Then the cat was able to solve the ghost crying with the skill of tourmaline and broken stars.
Finally, the light shook in the marrow poison and the cat’s own three star helpers joined forces to encircle and finally turned into a corpse.
In this way, the secret that was not optimistic and was not dominant in all aspects won the battle, and it was still a wonderful victory
Looking at the victory, Lian Zhen didn’t know what to say.
Even Lian Zhen is not optimistic about the secret. He will be killed by the rain, but unexpectedly, the secret will have such a magical skill as rebirth.
Although Lian Zhen was unhappy with the victory of the cat, the rules of the game did not say that he could not be reborn in the battle, and that the cat was still reborn by his own ability, not by external forces. Lian Zhen also had something to say
"Alas, although the result is somewhat disappointing, I still want to congratulate you on this small battle. It’s really surprising. I feel the breath from the Qingluan God Bird from the skill you just resurrected. You know, the strength of that big bird is very strong, even if I am no match for it, but how can it come from its stunt rebirth? Murphy … "Lian Zhen curious about high let them ask.
"The bird of God is dead, and we are the ones who killed it," said Grandet when he came out.
"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. It is absolutely impossible to kill Qingluan with your strength." Lian Zhen still can’t believe it.
"Whether you believe it or not, Qingluan Shenniao died in our hands. Now that the battle is over, should you honor what you said?" Gao Rang also came out.