When Xing Xuan saw Bai Ling coming, he knew that his Linxi Palace was all right. He smiled and said, "Ok, I’ll leave the 50,000 prisoners to you!"

Bai Ling smiled and said, "That’s how it should be!"
Say that finish, mandarin duck thunderbolt sword in his hand was inserted into the sea water on both sides, and silver ferns were separated from the sea water and reached the top of Bai Ling’s head. As Bai Ling read spells and changed handprints, those silver ferns immediately turned into three-dimensional small arrays and set them on the heads of demon soldiers who fell to the ground and lost their weapons.
Star xuan eyes flashing red mans, immediately see a understand, the small array turned out to be their own once seized nine head worm body used telepathy array modified, I saw those small array set on the head of the demon soldiers kneeling on the ground, the demon soldiers suddenly have a little soul absorbed by small array, then, a black gas with a silver fern into the demon soldiers mind, the demon soldiers immediately body a quiver.
Xing Xuanjin’s eyes were clear, and his heart couldn’t help but tremble: this is not to brand these prisoners with mind, but a more powerful restraint method than mind branding.
The mind brand is just a ban on leaving one’s own gods in the other person’s mind, because even if a person’s gods are so powerful, they will always be exhausted. Therefore, such a ban on gods can’t be made very big, just with a simple small array, the active attack appears in the other person’s heart when he wants to hurt his master. In general, it is dormant, unless the master has the intention to explore the other person’s state of mind, he will know what the other person is thinking at this time, otherwise, generally.
Bai Ling is not trying to probe the other person’s state of mind, nor is it forbidden in the other person’s mind to prevent him from defecting, but it is another kind of more severe prohibition. This prohibition is to connect his life and death with the other person by extracting the other person’s soul. Once he is injured, he will immediately transfer to those who have been extracted from the soul, and if the owner himself dies, those who have been extracted from the soul will also die before the owner.
After reading it, Xing Xuan was horrified: This Bai Ling is even more cruel than herself, and she even came up with this usage of telepathy array. It really deserves the title of little witch, and shine on you is better than blue!
The chaotic Yin-Yang method deserves to be the mysterious method taught by Nu Wa Empress. In addition, the lunar power is abundant in this seawater. Bai Ling used the chaotic method without consuming the real yuan at all. In a moment, 50,000 improved telepathy arrays flew over the heads of the prisoners. In another moment, those prisoners understood their present situation, stood up pale, and stood in line behind Bai Ling.
Xing Xuan sighed: Now, even if they attack Bai Ling themselves, these sailors will probably come up and fight hard with themselves. Alas, this girl can’t afford to provoke herself now.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight Unify the East China Sea
Bai Ling smiled, saw the regret on Xing Xuan’s face, and said, "Don’t bully me in the future, otherwise, hehe, your magic weapons may not work!"
Xing Xuan didn’t have to be angry. He scolded, "Little girl, when have I ever bullied you? It wasn’t you who got into trouble and I helped you settle it. Now I don’t want to repay you?"
"Ha ha, right, brother Xing Xuan, when we first met, I didn’t know who hit me, dozens of times!"
What Bai Ling said immediately stunned Xing Xuan, and it took a long time to think of it.
"Well, don’t pretend I can’t remember! Now, I’m saying goodbye to you. I’m going back to the human world to take Heiyue, my aunt and uncle, and I’ve borrowed my sister’s jade boat! " Bai Ling saw Xing Xuan standing there silly, ha ha a smile and said to Xing Xuan.
"Hey, wait, there is still a hidden danger that has not been eliminated. How can you lead the troops?" Star xuan immediately a pull Bai Ling said.
"Ha ha, brother Xing Xuan, don’t play tricks with me. Do you still need my soldiers to destroy those remnants in Geshang Palace? Brother Xing Xuan had a chance of winning early!" Bai Ling ha ha a smile, said to the star xuan.
Xing Xuan sighed and said in a low voice, "Little girl, are you the patriarch or am I the patriarch? How can I establish prestige in front of everyone in the future?"
Bai Ling giggled again and said to Xing Xuan in a low voice: "Brother Xing Xuan, I don’t care if you can establish authority. If you are only kind to Zirui, I’m afraid that Sister Qiongzhi and Sister Heiyue will leave you, and Lingxi Sect will lose two elders.
It’s not what you want! "
Xing Xuan was suddenly embarrassed and shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense! Be careful on the road. Go back quickly. By the way, Buda Winter Palace can’t bring it. Give it to Fengshen Gate and tell Taoist Feilong that I have Fei Qiong now. Everything is fine. Let him rest assured! "
After listening to Xing Xuan, Bai Ling smiled and shouted, "Yes, Patriarch.
Bai Ling will not fail to live up to her life! "
Say that finish, offering yuyu Qiongzhou. Lead 60,000 sailors to the nearest space passage to the human world.
Long Xingxuan saw that Yuyu Qiongzhou had disappeared from sight. Weihui sighed and thought to herself: After the unification of the East China Sea this time, I really need to practice hard. The achievement method of chaotic Yin and Yang is really wonderful. Originally, Bai Ling’s skill was far worse than her own. Now, after practicing this achievement method, her skill has gradually caught up with herself, especially in the East China Sea. The ancient lunar power is endless. If I don’t have a few chaotic magic weapons in my hand, I’m afraid I won’t be her opponent.
Just thinking, a light flew out of the floating palace. It was Qiongzhi.
"Brother Shi, Ge Lang is clamoring to see you!" Say that finish, Joan branch face don’t in the past.
At this time, Xing Xuan remembered what Bai Ling had said to himself when she left, and her heart couldn’t help trembling. She asked Qiongzhi in a low voice, "Qiongzhi, do you think you will leave Lingxi Sect one day and go to the exhibition yourself?"
After hearing Xing Xuan’s words, Qiongzhi turned pale, grabbed Long Xingxuan’s hand and shouted, "Brother Xing Xuan, what do you mean, are you … are you going to kick me out?"
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and said, "I’m not driving you away, Qiongzhi. Although you have cultivated the chaotic Yin-Yang technique and your skill has greatly increased, you can still be stagnant. Even Manyun has passed you slowly now. There must be a reason. Tell me, what’s your problem?"
After a few words, the Qiongzhi turned whiter and trembled slightly, unable to speak.
Xing Xuan knows that this is the problem of heart knot. If a person has regrets in his life, he will be brought to practice immediately. It is different from skill cultivation, and the skill is insufficient. It can be solved by eating elixir, refining the ghost, absorbing external forces, and so on. But this cultivation must be improved under the condition of his inner peace and perseverance, and all external forces can’t help her, even if Xing Xuan now masters the ancient magic practice. There is nothing I can do. All I can do is to change their baby status, help them get rid of all these external things, and directly improve their cultivation. Even Nu Wa Niangniang can’t do it, let alone Xing Xuan.
"What is it, Qiongzhi? Say it, and Brother Xing Xuan won’t blame you!" Long Xingxuan said softly to Qiongzhi.
"Brother Xing Xuan, that’s because … because I … always … always, always I like you!" Qiongzhi suppressed for a long time, and her face turned from white to red. Finally, she got up the courage and confided in Xing Xuan.
"Well, do you like me to say it like this? Why keep it in your heart? You can’t improve yourself. Just say it. Ha ha, ha ha … hee hee …" Xing Xuan had a strange laugh and passed away.
"You … you … this bad guy!" Qiongzhi was flushed immediately. For many days, the depression in her heart was suddenly swept away, and she only felt that her body was swollen violently, which was a sign that she was about to break through. Qiongzhi was overjoyed and flew to Linxi Palace. She wanted to practice immediately.
Halfway through the flight, Qiongzhi suddenly remembered something: Did he hear what he had just told Long Xingxuan about Ge Lang’s request to see him?
"I think you heard it. No matter what, it’s important to practice. Go back to Linxi Palace and let Sister Zirui protect me!" Qiongzhi said, and turned into a streamer again, and threw it at Linxi Palace.
Xing Xuan didn’t go to see Ge Lang, but called the moth singer and Man Yun.
"The Dragon Palace has been unable to attack Geshang Palace for a long time, and now it is estimated that it has retreated. You take Ge Lang to occupy Geshang Palace, and then give that Geshang to Prince Mochen!"
Xing Xuan said quietly to the two of them.
"There are hundreds of dragon soldiers, and Geshang Palace has not been attacked yet. We only have 20,000 people here!" The moth sang for a while and still didn’t understand the meaning of Xing Xuan.
"Idiot, we have GeLang, isn’t it? That boy is crying to see the patriarch, and he doesn’t just want the patriarch to spare his life. Since he is so afraid of death, we have to use it. Let him help us knock on the gate of Geshangshui Palace! Ok, moth sings, come with me! " Manyun understood it long ago, and pushed the moth to sing and said.
The moth sang this to understand Xing Xuan’s intention, ha ha smiled and went back to order soldiers.
On this side, the bone spear in Xing Xuan’s hand was scratched, and immediately a ball wrapped in black was formed in front of him, which was handed over to Man Yun. He said, "Let Ge Lang swallow this ball. So, so! " Send a secret message and give Manyun a plan.
After hearing this, Namanyun immediately smiled. Take the ball and leave.
"Wait a minute. After capturing Geshang Palace, we will divide the treasure in it into half. Send it to the Dragon Palace! " Xing Xuan quickly stopped Man Yun and told her.