Has getafe ever had such an outstanding performance before?

This is also the source of confidence for the players.
Now they don’t feel crazy when they think that Chang Sheng said that the goal of this season is to upgrade.
Because we really have this strength!
Changsheng is glad that the atmosphere of the team’s recent training is good, and everyone seems to be full of energy. This is especially true in offensive training.
Obviously, everyone has tasted the sweetness of this new tactic.
This makes Chang Sheng more confident about the success of this tactic.
There is nothing to say next, keep practicing!
"Good luck! This is the headline used by a newspaper to report the match between getafe and Murcia.
The word "luck" has also become the key word for many media reports on this game.
These media all think that getafe’s game is just luck.
One is lucky, but it doesn’t mean that getafe’s tactics are getting better.
In fact, it is still passive and conservative, and it is extremely ugly.
Changsheng just won a game like this, and he was so arrogant that he directly provoked the other head coach at the press conference. Such a person is not far from failure.
For such remarks, Changsheng simply ignored them.
Anyway, he has confirmed in the system that he really won a beautiful game last time.
Then as long as he continues to win like this, he will come back to show those media good-looking!
You call me luck?
Then I’ll show you what great luck this is!
Changsheng is working hard to upgrade and hit the face of the media.
In Madrid, another person is also working hard.
As a senior novelist, Shi Bin also has his own professional ethics.
That is, try to confuse the real with the fake, seven points are true and three points are false, true and false, and false and true. At first glance, people feel as if it is true, but when they look closely, they feel that it is true … There is no flaw at all.
In order to ensure that his personal topic is true enough, he has collected a lot of information about Changsheng this week. It is very difficult to collect so many reference rooms when the Internet is not as developed as in the future.
Because newspapers are time-sensitive, it is impossible to sell them on newsstands all the time after reading them in the current period.
It is very difficult for him to collect old newspapers.
Fortunately, he has worked as a reporter in Madrid for so many years, and he has also met a familiar face in the Spanish peer circle. He can still get some friends.
It took a week just to collect information.
Looking at it while collecting, then a three-dimensional constant victory appeared in his mind.
According to the description of the media, Chang Sheng is a narrow-minded and rude hooligan. He once beat the directors of Real Madrid Club, spat on the team logo of Real Madrid, threatened Atletico Madrid after his unsuccessful application, and then went to getafe and was restless. He fought with the players on the first day … and then banned the media. Until now, he is still in the cold war with the media.
Shi Bin felt blushing after reading it-this man is so embarrassing to us in China!
No wonder football in China is not good! All because of such an idiot!
Let such a man run amok in Spain under the name of head coach, which is simply discrediting China!
Maybe this person is not a coach at all?
He just pretended to be a coach to get these jobs. Anyway, China is far away from Wan Li, and it is impossible for a Spanish football club to verify it … So this gave him a chance to take advantage of it …
No, I must expose this shameless liar to my Spanish counterparts!
In addition, we should tell the domestic fans and readers about the despicable behavior of this liar.
When the time comes, we will liquidate him in Spain, expose him in China, and attack him from inside and outside, which will eventually leave him with no way out, nowhere to hide, and completely lose the soil for survival!
At the thought of this, Shi Bin’s blood suddenly boils. He has a great sense of mission to essence the football atmosphere in China and sweep away pests for football in China.
With this in mind, he will reorganize his experience of reading materials, then open the documents on the computer and start to integrate his sense of mission into his fingertips and instill it on the screen.
The sound of scratching on the keyboard rang in the room.
It only took Shi Bin more than two hours to complete a 10,000-word character feature manuscript, which was really a one-stop effort.
He feels good about himself and feels that this is really the most level manuscript he has written since he started his career.
After writing it, he reviewed it again, trying to correct something wrong. As a result, only some typos were changed, and the others were not moved at all.
Suddenly I feel that my level is superb.
My heart is full of pride.
Then he sent the manuscript directly to China thousands of miles away by email.
He is confident that this manuscript will be published in the newspaper. Because it is so attractive.
First of all, it’s interesting enough for an China to be a football coach in Spain. Secondly, the China is a liar, so it’s even more interesting.
This is the most important thing.
Then supplemented by those ridiculous things that Changsheng did in Spain.
A real, detailed and attitude-oriented good feature article is released!
When the time comes, it will naturally be reprinted by countless media and denounced by countless fans and readers.
I can continue to publish follow-up surveys myself …
It is estimated that the whole five or six issues are completely fine.
By then, I will have earned enough eyeballs and become famous, and the bonus in the club will not be less … How can I climb again with such excellent results? Just a reporter in Spain … How can that be satisfied?
I heard that the club is planning to produce a football magazine, which mainly introduces European football.