Just then, the waiter had brought their coffee.

The two men picked it up, blew it, took a sip, and Vandewich went on to say, "Melo, what are you doing out looking for me so late?"
Anthony swallowed his coffee and thought that he had finally got to the point. He also said unequivocally, "Qiqi heard that our team is going to change its head coach?"
"Huh?" As soon as Vandewich put the coffee on, he said, "Melo, why do you suddenly say that?"
"I’m guessing," Anthony said with a smile
"I told you about the manager of Melo team. Don’t guess. If the boss knows, it may not be good for you." Vandewich suddenly said seriously. "You know this kind of thing is the most shocking thing for the team."
"Qiqi" Anthony didn’t immediately answer Vandewich’s words, but changed his tune and said, "I remember you said that you hoped I could lead the team to the top and win the championship."
Before Vandewich could answer Anthony, he said, "Do you think it is possible for me to do it now? If that’s the case now, the head coach’s level is not good and the locker room is still problematic. Although I just entered the nba, I also know that a winning team is definitely not like this. "
"I know you also want the team to do well. It depends on money and reputation, doesn’t it?" Anthony finally said
Van der Veitch suddenly stopped talking. He knew more about Anthony from the aspect of ball skills. Anthony, who usually has little contact with him, suddenly feels that Anthony is far more mature than he looks.
After a long silence, Vandewich sighed and said, "The team has been losing recently, and it’s getting a little restless. You know, he went to San Antonio sb Arena to watch your premiere at the opening game, and his expectations for the team have changed this season."
Anthony nodded his head, and he could guess these things even if Vandewich didn’t say anything.
"Do you remember the time you talked about the coach at the boss’s banquet?" Vandewich then asked
"Remember the boss doesn’t seem to be the case," Anthony said and picked up the coffee again.
"Yes, but the boss won’t be after the team’s losing streak. Otherwise, he thinks you are far-sighted and he decided to change coaches." Vandewich is also telling the truth at the moment
Anthony took a sip of coffee and put a cup on it, then asked, "Who is the new coach? Was it the first time I recommended D ‘Antoni to you? "
Vandewich shook his head. "If the boss is inclined to be George Calderon, I also suggest giving it to the boss and handing in all his resumes, but you should know that the boss thinks D ‘Antoni can do as well as George and he is more experienced than D ‘Antoni."
Mao! Anthony couldn’t help cursing Vandewich when he heard him, but he knew that the Suns would be bombarded by western powers in the next few seasons, and D ‘Antoni was the first step. Nash was the key, and now the contract between Nash and Mavericks is about to expire. He hoped that the team could be robbed before Nash decided to return to the Suns.
"Qiqi, do you agree with the boss?" Anthony asked Vandewich directly.
"Me? From my point of view, I still prefer the team to choose D ‘Antoni "
"You don’t agree with the boss?" Vandewich’s answer surprised Anthony a little.
"No," Vandewich shook his head and said, "My general manager has my own position. I also told you the other day that the goal of the team this season is the playoffs. You are a rookie. Camby is injured. Most of the teams are newcomers. It is certain that the goal must be set too high sometimes. If you expect quick success, the greater the disappointment. I think D’ Antoni’s venture capital is less. If he takes a season to see if it can’t be changed, it will be a low investment and high return."
"So that’s it." Anthony nodded thoughtfully. Vandewich thought about this, but he really didn’t expect that there were still great differences between different positions and angles.
"But you also know that it’s not me who makes the final decision," Vandewich said with some frustration. "What the boss says is the final decision."
Listen to Vandewich’s words, Anthony didn’t answer. He dragged Ba thoughtfully.
Vandewich didn’t go on talking. He took another sip of coffee and then took his watch to his eyes. When he looked at it, he just wanted to say it was too late.
Just then Anthony seemed to make some decisions and said, "Qiqi, can you help me make an appointment with a boss?"
"Do you want to see the boss? !” Vandewich was surprised. He didn’t expect Anthony to suddenly have this idea.
"Yes, I may make my boss change his mind," Anthony said, looking at Vandewich.
"No," Vandewich refused. "Melo, it’s not good for you to meet the boss. You know, after all, you are a player. If the boss doesn’t think he wants you, he can trade you at any time. Don’t blame me for saying that straightforward players are not much different from businessmen in the league. Don’t be naive."
"No, I can’t." Anthony didn’t want to say Taibai. "Kiki, it would be good for you, me and my boss if you could arrange a meeting with me."
Van der Veitch frowned at Anthony’s promise, but some suggestions were made, "Melo arranged for you to meet the boss, but it’s really not good for you, and you’re not in a hurry. I’ll try to change it slowly in the future."
Change slowly? Anthony knows that when george karl coached the Nuggets for nine years, Anthony has returned it to him a year earlier, but Anthony can’t wait ten years later.
Although george karl’s coaching level is not bad, his best result in Nuggets was the second round, which Anthony didn’t want to see.
"No, Qiqi, I’m willing to take risks," Anthony said firmly.
Vandewich looked at Anthony in surprise for a long time and finally sighed and said, "Well, since you insist so much, I’ll arrange it for you."
Anthony breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Vandewich’s words.
Chapter 50 Lobbyists ()
The Nuggets went to a game against the Los Angeles Clippers after the Cavaliers game. When they had a full four-day rest, Anthony met with his boss Kroenke, which was also the day after he met Vandewich.
Anthony was taken directly to his manor by Kroenko’s driver this afternoon.
Croenko is playing casual golf with his business partner Qiao Sen John of Detroit Motor City on the golf course on the second floor.
Anthony arrived at the golf course quickly under the guidance of the security guard, but because golf was still playing there, the security guard did not let Anthony pass, but found him a chair to sit next to.
It was a dozen hours. Anthony watched them. He knew that a businessman of Kroenke’s level obviously had his own ideas. He could wait even though he talked.
"Buzz …"
Just then a car motor came in the direction of the door.
Anthony turned to the door and saw two Mercedes cars coming in. It seems that another guest has come over.
Looking at this scene, Anthony frowned. Kroenke was so busy that he probably didn’t have time to see him. He was thinking about whether to come back another time.
Just then.
"Hey Melo"
A voice suddenly sounded from the ear.
Anthony looked up at Kroenke beside him, smiling at him. Maybe he was so focused on the door that he didn’t even notice it.
Anthony quickly got up from his chair and said slightly nervously, "Boss, I didn’t notice you coming …"
"Nothing nothing to keep you waiting so long …" Kroenke was very polite.
Just then the security guard walked up to Kroenke and said, "Boss Rick’s boss is here."
As soon as Anthony heard that he was the boss of another company, he still knew how to be busy and said, "Boss, why don’t you get busy first and I’ll wait."
Kroenke glanced at Anthony’s hand and rubbed it on Bahu Zha. After a while, he said to the security guard, "Please let Rick wait for me for half an hour and say that my side is not finished."
"It’s the boss"