Makhedi wants to rely on this method to temporarily stop thieves in the southern foothills from looting the residents. However, in Chen Kai’s view, this method is a palliative. If there are robbers in Khedira, Makhedi will never take back the southern foothills to Khedira City. At the same time, this retreat policy is also disguised as telling robbers that Khedira City is weak, which is also the case.

When Chen Kai and his men left Khedira with a hundred trainee temple knights and city guards, the defense force of the whole city was directly reduced by half. Makhdi could rely on less than 50 city guards to defend the roots. I don’t know how many robbers there are. This is as difficult as a child holding a toothpick against an adult. Although the child holding a toothpick may be superman, the adult’s strength may not be worse than superman. Because there are a large number of demons in the wild in Khedira, before Makhdi’s strength is restored, he is equivalent to. An ordinary demon Lord. Now this situation is not dominant in high-end force. Although there is news that several demon lords who used to be Huli Grice were swallowed up by evil Warcraft, they all died out of bad luck or poor strength. In Mark Hedy’s view, those demons who came alive must be very strong, and there are hundreds of thousands of them far more than the number of Khedira demons. Even if the evil Warcraft can be eaten, it is impossible to eat them in part. At least 200,000 to 300,000 demons fled into the surrounding wasteland.
What worries Mark Hedi most is that according to his wife Wei lù nika, the demons have built several small cities outside Khedira, where some inferior demons and human beings live as hard laborers. However, these cities are far away from Khedira, so they have never been discovered by Khedira humans. The most important thing is that these cities rely on the power of some demon wizards to create the same place as the magic greenhouse outside the mage tower to produce food and even keep livestock in captivity. In the depressed situation, the demons developed urban agriculture and even more developed. Hearing Nasari’s words made many high-level heads in Khedira dizzy all the time. They always thought that the two huge magic greenhouses in Khedira were the most miraculous things in this plane, but they didn’t expect that the demons built several magic greenhouses quietly and kept wild animals as meat and energy storage.
This kind of developed agriculture and animal husbandry can hardly be accepted by the complacent human beings, because it means that even if the demons are driven out of Khedira, there will be no starvation. On the contrary, those hidden demon cities will flourish even more, which will definitely not be a good thing for Khedira. Therefore, Makhedi has to announce a new round of urban transformation plan to rebuild three magic greenhouses on the basis of rebuilding the old city, but now Khedira is poor, let alone build one. Even the repair of the original magic greenhouse was completed with the help of the little witch Chrisann, because the mage towers have long lost the technology of building the magic greenhouse.
Faced with this situation, the leader of the mage tower * * Shi Suolong’s face twitched, which is not the end of his fault. The magic greenhouse is a combination of magic science that consumes a lot of materials and resources. Although the mage tower still retains some information about the original construction of the magic greenhouse, the most important way to protect the magic circle from the evil atmosphere of the outside world has been lost. However, the old wizards also know that Khedira doesn’t need those two things now, because the temple no longer exudes sacred glory. In Khedira’s daily prayers, the sacred field is constantly expanding to the gods. The evil light disappears in the sacred area, and the soil slowly becomes plantable under the divine power. Because the soil has been invaded by the evil power for a long time, the soil fertility is extremely high after being purified by the divine power, which is very suitable for the growth of agricultural products.
But now Khedira’s purified soil is close to the temple, which is the longest when it is shrouded in sacred power, followed by the mage tower, probably because the little witch Chrisann once stayed here, and she naturally purified the surrounding land unconsciously. Now, the magical greenhouse is not high for Khedira, but the only thing that is lacking is various arrangements to adjust the temperature and moisture. After the demon city of Khedira was thoroughly cleaned up, Mark Khe. Dee finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although most demons have taken away the things that can be taken away, some magical materials still remain, which left a glimmer of hope for the mage tower mages. Of course, for Makhedi, the huge demon city is the whole Khedira worry, because even the knife witch Wang Nashali doesn’t know how many exits there are in the demon city, how many machines there are, and how many secrets are hidden. Because Huli Grice didn’t design it uniformly when building the city, but delineated the areas for each area. The devil built it himself, so every demon Lord didn’t know what it was like for other demon lords to build areas. Nathalie could know some areas because she had been to those areas, but she was not clear about other areas.
According to the facts, the Yugoslav capital of Khedira is not only a threat to the bandits outside the city, but also to the demon city passages that don’t know where they lead. After Chen Kai and his team left Khedira, it took Mark Hedi three days to clean up the demon city. Although he found a lot of magical materials, he couldn’t make the duke feel calm. Although they found almost three magical greenhouse materials in three days, they also found a lot of evidence that demons sneaked into Khedira city. Covered in the sacred power of the goddess of life, these demons dare not go to the sun openly, but Mark Hedy got the report that in these three days, 15 people were missing in the dark corner of Y and N, and one of them was a new city defense force.
When Makhedi sent someone to look for the missing person, the only thing he found was a torn body. Looking at the fragments of weapons and armor scattered around, Makhedi knew that it was the missing Yugoslav Army soldier, but before he disappeared, he was alive, and now he has become a body full of flies. Looking at the dead body, Makhedi was extremely depressed. Although he wanted to say that killing soldiers is not a demon, it seems from the paw prints and other scars on the body that no other creatures can do such a thing except the demon. At this time, Mark Hedy is the biggest headache for the devil to hurt people. Because his fiancee Wei lù Nika has just integrated into the Hedera family, it is a big blow to Mark Hedy that the devil hurts people at this moment.
In fact, if there are enough soldiers at hand, Mark Hedy will definitely not hesitate to send people into the demon city to clean it up, but he finds that he can’t have so many people. Maybe even the demon himself doesn’t know how big the demon city is, but one thing Mark Hedy can be sure of is that this city can accommodate as few as 100,000 people, and it is still 100,000 bigger than ordinary human beings. The demon said that Mark Hedy can’t put his hands in the Central Plains, so there are not enough people to fill the hole in it. This may never be enough for him. Can send someone to clean up the urban area a little bit, so that the dwarf can block the tunnels and secret passages in the urban area and keep some main roads. It was once simple for Makhedi to give the urban area of Khedira to civilians who lost their houses, but Makhedi did not allow it.
Although this can solve a large part of the housing problem, the dangerous demon city will cause great casualties to Khedira human beings. No one knows how many demons are hidden in those dark passages. Later, exploring the city of Khedira and cleaning up this city has become the most difficult for Khedira. There is nothing. Some people would rather face the title of King of Life than explore in the city where there are no demons, so at least you can know when you will die, but in the city where the root can’t see the light and the Mi Palace is the same, you can even find a way out.
There was a group of unlucky players who walked in this Mi Palace for half a month, but when they committed suicide, they sadly found that the exit was only separated from their death place by a wall. This happened many times after the players entered Khedira, because even the demon who built this dungeon could not recognize the road inside. Of course, Chen Kai did not enter this dungeon, so when Chen Kai came back from Khedira, he tried to try a dungeon Mi Palace, but he almost didn’t starve to death.
Now, of course, Chen Kai is eating and hunting outside the city of Khedira, or it can’t be called hunting but poaching. Because of the evil Warcraft in the wilderness, they must be careful when hunting. If the prey emits blood, it will attract predators. Now, the highest predator in Khedira is no longer the devil and those Warcraft, but from time to time, it is screaming and flying over the dragon and the purgatory black dragon beast. After being attacked by two levels of evil Warcraft, it is said that the novice city guards and temple knights are still sent as nannies. Shi Wei and Chen Kai all know that it is absolutely fatal to emit blood in the wilderness.
The original hunting action has turned into poaching like a thief. It should have been the owner of the wilderness, Khedira. At this moment, human beings are approaching those low-level Warcraft like poachers. They are not afraid of these low-level Warcraft counterattacks. Because not only Chen Kai, they can easily kill these Warcraft, but those Shi Wei can also be armed to the teeth. Trainees, temple knights and city guards can also do the same, but everyone is afraid that being killed will lead to evil Warcraft, so they will face the danger of death.
After all, the two low-level evil Warcraft put too much pressure on ll and them. More than one hundred soldiers armed to the teeth plus five swordsmen with a rank higher than the order plus ll and a group of them were almost crippled by those evil Warcraft. Ten soldiers were killed in that attack, one named Kuru Shiwei was badly injured and there were more than two dozen injured soldiers. It can be said that the whole hunting team lost one-fifth of its combat effectiveness in less than half a day from Khedira City and had to flee back to the city in a mess.
After summing up the lessons, Chen Kai and others went into the wilderness for the second time. This time, Mark Hedy sent Shi Wei nanny to increase two. At the same time, the injured soldiers were transferred back to the city. Although the manpower was reduced, the hunting team finally became cautious after eating a loss. Every time they fought, they were compressed as much as possible to one minute. At the same time, when dealing with the body of Warcraft, they also tried to compress all the fur of Warcraft, giving up the body and directly dividing it into bags.
Although this hunting method is very slow, the number is much higher. The most important thing is that Chen Kai is not worried about being attacked by evil Warcraft, because they will repeatedly explore the surrounding situation before each hunting. Unless the evil Warcraft attacks from the sky or the ground, Chen Kai and they can definitely find out the fact. Chen Kai and they later found that the number of evil Warcraft in the dozens of kilometers outside the city of Hedila is actually not much, or that the total number of really alive evil Warcraft is not much. Now many evil Warcraft are actually far away from the town. It is difficult to see a trace of evil Warcraft in the city’s sphere of influence. Chen Kai, they just met two low-level evil Warcraft in one day
At present, Chen Kai is looking at a cow named Kola, which belongs to the unique soil of Khedira’s plane. Warcraft is relatively low. Compared with other Warcraft, it is only five orders less than six orders. In Kola, the strength is the worst, but even the worst Kola is a carnivore. Its developed cow can easily tear a thin-skinned armor than its teeth, and its forehead horn can easily pierce ordinary armor. The most important thing is that it is huge. It is three meters long and weighs more than three tons. Once it is hit by such a creature, the outcome will not be better than a car. Where is the worst or its forehead?
In Chen Kai’s view, the low level of Cora cattle may be because it has mastered the magic of Warcraft, which is called Warcraft because most of Warcraft have mastered one or two spells, and Cora cattle magic has been called chicken ribs by Chen Kai. That is because it is just to ignite the tail and turn it into a torch. The root of the fire tail doesn’t have much damage. Everyone wants to laugh every time they see it. The so-called "not hurting the enemy first" probably means that Cora cattle burns its tail root without causing harm to others, but then drags a burning tail in pain.
It is also difficult to deal with the running of Cora cattle, which is caused by its large size but not slow at all. Once it runs, the impact will be great, but this is also the reason why Cora cattle are best caught alive. The running bison has no resistance to sudden rope mixing, especially when the rope mixing is made of metal, it is impossible for it to even break the other side. Chen Kai, once they find Cora cattle, their favorite way is to send a U-legged man to lead you after arranging the accompanying trap. Leading the opponent around the rope-mixing trap and running at a high speed, Cora cattle like to run with their heads down against the horns, so that its huge horns will block its sight and jump up the rope-mixing rope unseen. The final result is usually that its U-shaped foot is broken and then it is captured alive or killed by falling too fast.
At the moment, Chen Kai, they are staring at Cora cattle, which is the first time that they have seen the success of capturing seven Cora cattle alive. The group is very excited. After all, Cora cattle are the best energy storage except for biting and eating meat. No other animals in Khedira have Cora cattle at the same time. For Chen Kai, Cora cattle may be able to cultivate a cattle cavalry in Khedira, but he believes that with several * *. It is absolutely easy to domesticate these stupid cows. If these creatures have not been domesticated yet and are too fierce, Chen Kai really wants to be an ox knight addict. Of course, compared with Lala’s style, these cows are too unbearable, except for those horns. There is a big gap between other places and the real bison … Q!
The first volume Chapter 113 The day before the reunification (2)
Chapter 113 The day before the reunification, Li Er
If Khedira people want to eat what kind of animal meat, then Chen Kai and his team are definitely the first to catch Cora cattle. This is not only because it has the word cow in its name and tastes like beef, but because this kind of Warcraft has a layer of body that can resist external evil spirits and enter the body. Very few of the meat in the body is polluted by evil forces, which is a kind of pure natural and highly polluted protein meat.
At the same time, because of the hot environment in Khedira, most of Warcraft living here don’t need thick fat to keep warm. Although Cora cattle do have fat layers, they are evenly distributed with bright red lean meat, showing layers of very beautiful patterns. This pattern makes Chen Kai look a bit like the salmon meat texture in the display, which makes people look very appetizing. However, it is only the chest, abdomen, thigh and muscle, and the fiber is unusually thick than those muscle fibers. Chen Kai just knows how thick this part of the meat is just by seeing the cut muscle incision.
However, for Khedira, this kind of meat is already delicious. The most important thing is that compared with those soft and tender meat pieces, Khedira people prefer to bite the tendons, so that the meat pieces are more delicious. Looking at those soldiers stuffing the tendons with blood in their mouths, Chen Kai thinks that the cooking level of Khedira must be high as soon as possible, but Chen Kai doesn’t know that he is dismissive of this dish now, but it is the most famous dish of Khedira City Guards. It is difficult to eat Incolla cattle on a normal day. At that time, it was the most important storage power in Khedira City unless he died naturally.
The dead Cora cow gave the soldiers who went out hunting an unusually pleasant dinner. Of course, Chen Kai and them also got a big piece of beef. The most important thing is that he paid back the money and bought two beef tenderloins that were made into old people by the soldiers from Hadmen. For them, this kind of tender meat is suitable for the old people, but for Chen Kai and them, these two pieces of beef tenderloin with snowflake marbles are absolutely the best ingredients. Just looking at the pattern, Chen Kai feels that it is very worthwhile to spend a secret silver coin if it is placed in the original mainland. It takes less than one hundred gold coins to make a steak with a rib, but one rib can make at least 20 copies with two ribs. Chen Kai spent a secret silver coin price, but if he put it on the original mainland, he could sell at least two purple gold coins.
This can’t be said that Khedira humans don’t know the goods, but that Khedira didn’t consume the market in this way. The most important thing is that Khedira humans are oppressed by demons, and many people don’t even have enough to eat. How can they study cooking techniques? Maybe the devil’s cooking methods are much higher than those of Khedira people now. At least Chen Kai thinks that it is difficult for those soldiers to cook broth roots, but they still drink it as if it were delicious, but they don’t put seasoning broth with a bloody smell. Although delicious, it is definitely not delicious
Relatively speaking, Chen Kai still likes Su Wan’s broth, although it still smells a little fishy because of the lack of seasoning, but it is much more delicious than those broth without any seasoning. However, Chen Kai’s liking for this flavor does not mean that others like it. Relatively speaking, those soldiers still like natural broth or they prefer the taste of meat because they seldom eat meat. Chen Kai and others are not used to chopping meat and cooking soup. They all drink soup in large pieces and cook it in water. Similarly, the amount of meat in their plates is also very large. Each piece has Chen Kai’s two fists, which are as big as those of ordinary people.
Seeing those soldiers eating meat samples, Chen Kai felt that he couldn’t eat meat any more. When those pieces of meat were not cooked, these soldiers couldn’t help but catch them and bite them. If it wasn’t for the bodyguard Hardman’s wooden stick, it was estimated that the meat would have entered the soldiers’ stomachs before the broth was cooked. In fact, if it wasn’t for checking the wounds, Chen Kai doubted whether these soldiers and trainee knights had eaten meat before deliberately killing the two Kola cows instead of transporting them back to Khedira alive.
"Boss! Is it okay for us to cook with fire? Don’t these meaty smells attract predators? What if there are two more evil monsters? " Cloud squatted by the campfire and watched the doodle rolling broth with saliva and worried about the surrounding environment.
"Worry about fart! When the horse gives me something to eat, go to scout for me. If an evil Warcraft comes in, I will twist your head and kick it as a ball! " When I heard the evil words from Lleyton Cloud, I vomited to stick out my tongue. Who let him die a day ago? Lleyton was kicked by the orc Carragher. As a result, Lleyton almost strangled him with a sullen face. Although the little jj grew back, it was always cut off, which made people feel very wrong. But the cloud was unlucky and urged which pot didn’t directly hit Lleyton’s angry muzzle. As a result, Lleyton has always had a bad face on the cloud. After all, Little jj can’t be cut off by himself, even in the game.
"oh! Horse! Hey! " Yun heard Chen Kai’s angry face with a hint of smile. He knew that Chen Kai’s anger was almost over. It is estimated that Chen Kai would not lose his temper with him if he asked him not to do it again. So after dinner, the horse sneaked into the wilderness around the camp. He wanted to arrange some alarm devices in the wilderness and explore whether there were predators around. This is the most difficult place for thieves. Many times thieves often feel aggrieved when they are complained that they are not agile enough, because they can usually afford to take risks. Go to bed earlier than chickens, go to bed later than dogs, and sometimes eat worse than pigs. When taking risks in the wild, thieves need to explore the road ahead for one night in front of all the members’ lines. When all the members’ lines rest, they have to be busy setting up alarm devices for the campsite. If they are lucky enough to eat, they can eat hot food like clouds. If they are unlucky, they have to hide in the wild for a long time, so they have to eat cold bread to live.
This is not the end of some facts. As the player’s level rises, more and more players come into contact with the world in the game and some high levels are gradually taken over by players. These are all extremely demanding for thieves, and this is only to dismantle traps. When exploring in cities and other places, a good thief will have three or four meat shields. Sometimes it is better to have a good thief than three or four meat shields. After all, once the meat shield is attacked by people, it will also hang up. However, a good thief can arrange many warning devices when camping to minimize the probability of being attacked by monsters or enemies in the wild adventure.
Although there are many thieves in the game, there are few good thieves. After all, the players are not aborigines in the game. Many of them have never suffered in reality. Even the number of players in the bloody mode is only one tenth, which is less than the good thieves. Compared with the total number of players, no one is willing to do coolies in the game. Not everyone can stand it, so many players turn to attract aborigines in the game, but even if the level of thieves in the game is only four. Some thieves are as easy to play as playing cards. After dozens of cases of players’ teams being looted by thieves and employees in the game broke out, this trend was suppressed. After all, if a player thief cheats money, it will be difficult for him to get mixed up in the game, although it is not found by the horse. There is nothing to change his appearance, equipment and skills in the game. If a player commits fraud, he will be notorious on the Internet, but no one wants to team up for a while and lose his name. It’s not the fact that thieves who are powerful players will do things. Nowadays, most senior thieves are more or less registered in some guilds except playing games with their friends. In addition to the benefits from the game, the grandfather will give them some gold coins to ensure that these thieves don’t quit.
Of course, paid thieves are naturally under greater pressure, because their wages are linked to their own income from completing guilds and outdoor adventures, which also causes these thieves to study their fighting skills, crack traps and set traps, and finally make these thieves become stronger and stronger. Some players in the game have made a list according to the comprehensive strength of current players and thieves, but the higher the ranking, the greater the controversy among thieves, because the ranking of this list depends not on the division of combat effectiveness but on various kinds of thieves. Trap-cracking ability and trap-setting ability and field exploration ability are divided into three integral calculations, all of which have great fluctuations, resulting in the list ranking always changing. At present, Zhiyun ranks in the first place in this list, and this fluctuation difference is already very small. Once a thief ranked first fell to more than two places the next day and climbed back to the third place a week later. It can be said that compared with the ups and downs of thousands of players, the cloud fluctuation is not great, which is probably due to the fact that he has been hanging around with Chen Kai. Some areas where no one has set foot are very helpful to the thief ranking points.
However, for Yun, although this area of Khedira is very helpful to increase his ranking of thieves, this place is not worthy of his nostalgia, but now he has got a condition that is worthy of his nostalgia. The beef tenderloin with snowflakes and marble lines made him drool. He even went to the bodyguard Hadmen to buy all the beef with snow patterns, eyes, brains and legs, because he thought it was the best meat. It must be said that it was the food quality of Yun that impressed him with Khedira. It’s a little better, of course. It’s just the ingredients, not the cooking. Watching Yunhua secret silver coins buy those soldiers don’t like soft and tender meat pieces. The bodyguard officer Hardman felt very strange. Although the patterns of these meat pieces are beautiful, in his opinion, they are too soft and tender, and there is nothing to chew. When Yunyun spends money to buy them, Hardman can’t help but recommend a meat piece that he thinks is the best. But when Yunyun sees the shape of the meat piece, he directly chooses to look at the other person because Hardman actually gave it to Yunyun. It is recommended that the meat piece closest to the tendon is very difficult to boil and chew when it is cooked. It is also difficult to chew these meat pieces because of the horrible teeth of human beings like Khedira.
Yun walks slowly in the wilderness. Of course, he won’t run too far away from the camp, but he won’t be too close or too far away. If he is alone, he will be in great danger. Although he is a thief and can hide in the shadows, the high temperature in Khedira makes him sweat all the time and hide his body. For some monsters with a keen sense of smell, it is too dangerous for Yun to investigate in the bare wilderness without a trace of shelter, which he doesn’t like. One of the reasons for Khedira is that the thief’s skills are not strong enough to hide his body completely. If he is alert, all creatures can see the ground thieves stepping on footprints or hear the shoes rustling on the sand.
Although Yun tries hard to reduce the movement of his feet on the ground, the sand generated by long-term weathering always makes a rustling sound when he steps on the ground. This kind of sound makes Yun very depressed. If it is in a fierce battle, absolutely no one will pay attention to it, but at other times, for example, when it is quiet now, then the cloud is very entangled. Fortunately, there is still a little wind around to cover up these rustling, which makes the cloud not particularly sad. Of course, at this time, he has no time to entangle these problems because he must set up warning traps as soon as possible. In this wild wilderness, there are not many common warning traps, and the area where traps need to be arranged is too large, so it is impossible for him to make efforts to dig holes one by one to arrange large traps, and to arrange small warning traps with various simple devices. Fortunately, the number of thin-line bells in the hands of the cloud is quite large, even if it is arranged in an area twice as large, and this area will later become a fixed camp where the guards of Khedira City go out to camp. Now, the warning traps are arranged, and almost every one is constantly strengthened. Every thief who comes here will make up some new traps in this trap area out of comparison. In the end, if the team wants to get in and out of this camp carelessly, it will cause an alarm, a big scene, a bad luck, stepping on a harmful trap and almost dying.
These continuous traps almost didn’t destroy this camp, which was hard to build, because there were so many traps around that the adventure team couldn’t get in and out. In the end, it is estimated that the first field camp in Khedira will be completely trapped by the action of thieves and players if it hadn’t taken three days to dismantle some traps at the risk of demotion.
Of course, Yungen doesn’t know that he has created a trap area called the death zone for this camp. He wants to arrange a large alarm array that can alarm. Thin lines are arranged in the hands of the cloud with a root cutting stick. Bells are arranged in the crevices of rocks by the cloud in a very secret way or on the surface of the bunker. Once the bells are connected with thin lines, they will jump out of the hidden place and make a loud bell. It can be said that this alarm trap cloud is now at the peak of trap knowledge. After that, he almost collapsed to the ground, but looking at the increase in his trap knowledge, he felt that it was all worthwhile. However, Yun did not expect that he had just completely arranged the trap when the bell in the northwest suddenly rang, and then it sounded like a domino. At the same time, he also alerted the camp not far away.
"no! Some bastard ran into my trap! Damn it, don’t let the uncle catch you and kill you! " In Gaopo Cloud, I didn’t see the sound of the beast. He thought it was a patrol soldier who accidentally met it, but he soon found that this judgment seemed to be wrong. Because he set a trap area, the roots were outside the patrol range of soldiers, so he would never be a soldier. If he wasn’t a soldier, there would be an attacker left. But Yun couldn’t figure out what the attacker was, but when he thought of attacking the mage Tower in Khedira, he immediately lost sight of the evil Warcraft.
"Boss! Beware of the invisible evil Warcraft coming in! " As soon as the cloud news rang in the team channel, a soldier was attacked by Warcraft and screamed. The red leopard slowly emerged from the shadows. It still bit an unlucky trainee knight in its mouth, but the trainee knight’s head was gone.
"It has a magic tattoo on its head!" When this sound sounded in the team channel, the cloud knew that Chen Kai and others were in big trouble, because the whole mage tower had a layer of evil magic circle, and a total of 13 monsters with magic lines were transformed, and this one must have been the original one-meter-long leopard, but the cloud was not white. A tooth-toothed demon would turn into a red leopard in the magic circle, except for the head horns with a hint of demon characteristics, there was no connection with the devil root in other aspects, but considering that those transformed creatures seemed to have little connection with the original evil. The demons are connected, but it is clear that those who have the demon-patterned evil Warcraft are absolutely powerful, because the first one who has the demon-patterned evil Warcraft is the dragon that scares the teachers.
With such a horrible biological example, the top leaders of Khedira labeled the monsters with magic lines as dangerous. However, ll never knew that they had just repaired the camp and prepared to rest. Fortunately, the cloud set traps to help them report to the police before, otherwise they would definitely suffer more casualties. Of course, the most important thing is that this monster came out of the shadows after attacking a person, and a bright red fur was displayed in front of ll and if anyone swallowed the trainee knight together with armor.
The first volume Chapter 114 The day before the reunification (3)
Chapter 114 The day before the reunification, Risan
Chen Kaiji has no information to make him know that the other party is thirteen demon-striped demon-Warcraft I, and it is the only one with a petite body. If it wasn’t for the red light shining in its forehead, Chen Kaiji would regard it as an ordinary red leopard instead of an evil demon-Warcraft.
However, no one will regard the other side as a red leopard just because this monster looks like the red leopard in the wild Warcraft of Khedira. When he saw this monster, Chen Kai first remembered that it was the original Mifis, which was full of charm and charm. The dog-beast variant was also brighter than fur, and every movement was extremely elegant and beautiful. It also had the strength that Chen Kai could hardly resist. The dog-beast was later lost and disappeared. It may have been taken back by the druids to serve as a stallion to breed offspring, or it may have fled to a place to occupy the mountain king.
Of course, ll think of that beautiful dog and beast, not because of the appearance of evil Warcraft in front of him and the fact that the dog and beast are animals, but because he thinks that the eating animal of evil Warcraft in front of him, like the dog and beast at the beginning, is a monster that integrates elegance, a term that should not have appeared in the beast’s body, into the eating animal.
Looking at each other chewing the corpse of a soldier in armor, ll felt a strange feeling instead of a trace of fear. He felt that the other party was eating the corpse and it was very beautiful, so he should be swallowed slowly by the other party.
Thinking that he should be swallowed up by the other side, ll’s body should be uncontrolled, and he should step forward step by step towards the body of evil Warcraft as if he were taking the initiative to throw himself at himself. The fact is not only that others, even those guards, are also the same. The whole person is in a daze and doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. If it is not a cloud, even if he feels that maybe everyone in the camp will slowly walk into the mouth of evil Warcraft in the slightest awareness.
When Yun hurried back to the camp, he just saw that this monster’s mouth looks like a red leopard’s mouth opening. The scene is even more terrible than those of the python’s mouth. If the python’s mouth can be closed at the maximum angle, but after all, its mouth will become so big. But at this moment, Chen Kai and others slowly walked into the mouth of Warcraft, which was originally 30 centimeters wide, but now it is two or three meters wide. The huge mouth is displayed in front of those soldiers like a black hole. It is not a matter of angle size, but the whole mouth suddenly. However, it has become a problem several times, so the head of this monster has become bigger than its body. Its body is only three meters long, but now its head width alone is more than three meters. There is no tongue in its mouth. These things are just a deep black hole that seems to lead to another dimension. Of course, it is definitely not to some beautiful place, but to the stomach bag of this monster.
Therefore, when the cloud saw that horrible mouth, the whole person stayed directly. Fortunately, he had seen a mouth less than this. The crocodile mouth living in the holy lake in the north of Khedira was much larger than the other side. Just one tooth is as high as the cloud, but no matter how big the other side’s mouth is, it is absolutely not procrastinating. That is to directly pull out the waist dagger and do its best to the other side’s ass.
This is not to say that the cloud attack is obscene, but because when he rushed into the camp, the evil Warcraft just turned his back on him. The most important point is that if the cloud came in and just saw the other side’s front, the scene would never be changed by Chen Kai. It is precisely because he rushed into the camp from behind the other side and escaped being controlled by the mind after the monster opened his mouth that the cloud can act as a hero when everyone is facing a crisis, but the hero’s ending is usually not very good, especially. His heroic deeds just disturb this evil Warcraft eating. No one will be disturbed by people while eating, and even worse, it is not a person who is disturbed by clouds, but a cruel monster.
Cloud attack, not to mention that it was absolutely successful. I kept my mouth open and manipulated the soldiers mentally. The root of Warcraft didn’t notice the arrival of the cloud. By the time it noticed the moment, the cloud dagger was less than 30 centimeters away from its ass. Although it tried its best to shake its tail like Strafe and wanted to sweep the cloud out, the result was that its tail collided with the blade of the cloud dagger.
Force is mutual, not only in reality, but also in the game. If the cloud doesn’t make violent kinetic energy when stabbing with a dagger, he will definitely do harm to this monster. It is precisely because of this desperate skill of making violent kinetic energy, which is extremely long in D, that he can hold the evil Warcraft, which is like Strafe’s tail. The power increase twice makes the cloud power value soar to the same level as Zhao Tiezhu in a short time. Although this time is only a short ten seconds, it is enough for him to hold the evil Warcraft roaring. The most important thing about the steel tail is that this unfortunate monster’s tail is so good that it will not die and split in the cloud to erect a dagger. Although it is said that it is an inch long, an inch strong and an inch short, the shorter the weapon is, the tighter and firmer it can be held. In the case of holding the weapon with one hand, the longer the weapon is, the harder it is to hold it. If the weapon in the cloud is a sword, the cloud may not be able to hold it when the tail of Warcraft hits the tip of the sword, but what he holds in his hand is a dagger with a blade length of less than 2 cm. The most important thing is that the dagger handle is
At twice the power increase, the cloud arm was discounted, but the more tragic thing is that the force of the evil Warcraft is mutual. Although the tail of the evil Warcraft is strong enough and the fur defense is strong enough, it hits the cloud holding the dagger blade, and half of the tail is directly chopped off by the dagger blade. The sharpness of the cloud dagger is not necessarily the highest among all people, but it is also a high-quality blue magic weapon. The sharpness value is as high as 53. Plus, the magic pair of dagger suits makes the dagger famous among thieves as high as 50,000 gold coins. The purchase price is second only to the purple sacred weapon among the high-quality blue weapons for thieves at present. Of course, Yun has absolutely no intention to sell them. After all, this pair of daggers is not only beautiful, but also strong in cutting magic power. The most important thing is that it is very suitable for Yun’s hand type and his attack habit. Unfortunately, this dagger has no soul binding ability. Otherwise, Yun definitely binds the dagger soul, so you have to worry about whether your dagger will explode every time you hang it. Of course, Yun’s dagger has not exploded. It is estimated that they have been taking risks instead of taking part in the game. If Chen Kai and others do such things every day, even if the dagger is kept well, it is hard to guarantee that one day it will be blown away.
Although the tail is not very important for this leopard-type monster of Warcraft, it is absolutely impossible to lose part, even if it can grow back later, but now it must live with a half tail. The most important thing is that the tail is chopped off and the pain makes it directly swallowed up by the original and turned into a painful roar. It pours out from its ferocious mouth and screams out the city guards and trainee knights who are close to its mouth. The horrible sound wave almost bled to death by the recent unlucky people, but even if their eardrums are lost, if they are not treated, maybe the Japanese foundation will be in the world.
For Chen Kai and his players, the roar of evil Warcraft was directly transformed into a numerical attack, and they were generally hurt by 300 to 500 points with different values. However, compared with the eardrum perforation injury of the aborigines, Chen Kai, although they were as miserable as before, was only in a negative state of hearing loss for minutes, but they were not completely deaf, which is also the difference between the players and the aborigines. However, for Chen Kai, the real shock was not that they were hurt, but that a trace of fear and fear in their hearts. They seemed to recall. At the beginning, when I met that charming dog and beast in Mepheus’ room, everyone would involuntarily avoid each other when they attacked, and their bodies were out of control to resist the attack. This kind of cheating scene made everyone unable to resist when facing the dog and beast. Because you resisted, it may not be because they now think of the dog and beast, mainly because the ability of this evil beast is similar to that of the dog and beast, but it is even more frightening.
After all, at that time, the dog and beast with charm ability only lured them to attack themselves, and the temptation ability was limited, but this monster could lure hundreds of people into its mouth slowly. If it hadn’t arrived at the time of the cloud, maybe Chen Kai and them would have walked into each other’s stomachs now. I don’t know if it can hold hundreds of people in its belly, but the other side can make its head so big. Obviously, this monster’s ability is not as simple as charm.
At the same time, when the cloud cut off the other person’s tail, they also saw the unification of this creature. It was probably because it was like a leopard that its last name was given the name of the leopard, but several other naming words were very suitable for its image, which could control the natural charm and terror and directly devour the human mouth. However, Chen Kai and others did not rank behind the word charm and charm in vain, but soon they became white because Chen Kai saw a faint shadow slowly in the body of evil Warcraft. There are more and more shadows around, and as time goes by, among those shadows, he is most familiar with a knight wearing armor, because he can see the symbol of the temple of life on the armor surface. Obviously, this knight shadow is the trainee knight whose head was bitten off by the evil Warcraft not long ago. At the same time, Chen Kai also knows what this is called the spirit that eats the leopard spirit, which can summon the soul of devouring creatures. The fighting ability is like a tiger and a ghost. These souls that are swallowed by it are Hwa-Sung Do ghosts that are controlled by it.
What scares Chen Kai most is that there are so many shadows appearing in the monster’s body that it makes people feel scared. At first glance, there are at least hundreds of shadows emerging in it, all of which are ferocious before death. Fortunately, there is still some light around Khedira at night, otherwise it will definitely look extremely gloomy. Maybe many timid people will have nightmares at night. Chen Kai doesn’t know if he will have nightmares, but he knows very well that it will be a disaster for them if those shadows are put into full shape.
"All trainee temple knights give me magic to bomb it!" Chen Kaida went to those trainee knights who are still covering their ears like headless flies, but he shouted at both sides. These ears buzzed and the temple knights heard it, but by the time they wanted to summon the sacred power, it was too late. The first shadow, that is, the head knight, was slowly coming from the body of the demon spirit that devoured the leopard. At the end of the day, its body became as big as the original trainee knight. The first shadow came only because behind it, a larger number of undead were slowly guided out.
Looking at these people who were human demons but undead of Warcraft, Chen Kai felt his hair stand on end, because he knew very well that these undead were all energy creatures. Ordinary physical attacks had no effect, except magical powers, and spells or quarrelling forces could cause them some damage. However, Chen Kai’s trainee knights and soldiers who controlled quarrelling in their team added up to less than 20. Although most trainee knights knew one or two magical powers, when Chen Kai saw those gods, they almost didn’t vomit blood after surgery, because these trainee knights were big. Part of the mastery turned out to be to treat minor injuries or increase the life halo. This magical power is really fought by two or three trainee knights, and the basic power is even worse than Chen Kai’s instant magical impact. Of course, it can’t be said that it is slag, but their magical proficiency is too poor. It took Chen Kai half a day to summon the sacred flame to attach to their weapons. Chen Kai thinks that the development of the temple of life in Khedira is not expected to be smooth, because these trainee knights are expected to have a little strength for a long time. Of course, before they were alive today, if they all died, there would be no future.