Whether the surface temperature of the instant frozen magma decreases or the central temperature is still very high, but the temperature of the magma stone will drop rapidly because the surface frost invades the center all the time. However, for the sealed rock meat, this high temperature is enough for the meat inside to be quickly roasted and cooked. In fact, when the rock is taken out, the meat on the surface of the animal leg is burnt root, so it is impossible to eat a piece of more than 50 kilograms of animal leg, and finally it can be served with less than 20 kilograms.

The fire element magic crystal emits fire element, and the residual fire element in the magma is immersed in this last barbecue. There is not much difference between eating a piece of meat in your mouth and eating a small fireball. Every bite is going through a small fire element baptism, so people with low strength eat this kind of food, which is to die. At the same time, because this kind of food consumes too much materials and spices, the dwarves will not make a lot of food unless it is a major festival or a harvest season. This kind of food is also on the ground. Dwarf chefs in Lord Chen Kai’s house can make a flame dish with wave materials.
However, even the dwarves themselves can eat a little food. Some powerful dwarves can eat this horrible food, but these dwarves don’t have two flying dragons to eat, because after eating a few pieces, they can bear the cumulative fire element and attack their bodies. The whole face is like a fire, but the two big guys are holding the dwarves’ thighs and looking at each other. Although they have eaten nearly 100 kilograms of food,
Looking at two dragons bigger than himself clutching his legs, the dwarf chef had a feeling of crying and laughing, but in the end, the dwarf chef couldn’t bear the desire of two big guys to work hard. He was busy in the middle of the night to fill the terrible stomach of two dragons, and then the next day he never appeared in Lord Chen Kai’s house again. He directly took his kitchen utensils and changed to a new dwarf chef. These dwarf guards made meals.
Of course, how novel the flame cooking is, for Vivian, she is not in the mood to take a bite. How much she wants her husband to wake up at once, but as for her, Andre is still lying in bed and sleeping. Although Vivian stuffed some life-saving drugs into Andre’s mouth and Andre recovered extremely quickly from any angle, he just didn’t wake up.
"Sister Vivian! Andre pavilion doesn’t have many physical problems, but I’m too weak to wake him up! " Rola Chen wiped the sweat on her forehead. This is the third time that she has made the goddess of life forgive Andre. The powerful life force slowly flows on the surface of Andre’s body, but more power is directly lost. Because Andre’s body is not much problem, he never wakes up. It is because of consciousness problems.
"Thank you!" Vivian didn’t take her eyes off Andre’s face. The silk in her hand slowly wiped away Andre’s face, and it wasn’t dusty.
"no! Sister Vivian! If it’s okay, I’ll go to rest first! You also have a little rest! After all, you haven’t eaten all day! " Chen Yiqin talked about the actual treatment ability. The bishops in the Dawn Temple were very honored. The treatment ability of the combat god officer was all in Rola Chen, but they couldn’t wake Andre up. That’s why Rola Chen was dragged to a dead horse to be a living horse doctor. Unfortunately, she made many methods, even the forgiveness of the goddess of life, which cost a lot of magic, but it didn’t work.
"good! I’ll stay with Andre for a while and then I’ll eat! You can rest assured! " Although Vivian said so, Rola Chen knew very well that she didn’t mean to eat. This was not the first time that Rola Chen persuaded her. She was not the only one who persuaded her. However, since Andre was sent back to the ground for three days, Vivian almost came to Berkner town at the first time. For three days, she didn’t eat much, just drank some rice soup. At the moment, Vivian’s face was strange and gaunt, and Andre was at least better in anger than Vivian.
Watching Rola Chen slowly leave the room, Vivian slowly turned back to her body, but she didn’t notice that Andre’s eyelids moved a little when she turned to see Rola Chen leave the room. Although the horse fell silent again, people could find it, but if Vivian could observe it at that time, she might be in a better mood.
In addition to the long-term battle loss, the most important thing for Andre is that he is not far away from the sacred weapon Leila, which dominates the crime-breaking blade. The weapon made by the demon master contains a ray of will that the demon dominates. Although Andre won the recognition of the weapon because of the hundred-eyed giant, this recognition is only temporary. After the crisis is eliminated, the demon’s will will will will bite Andre, the master. If he can be found earlier, if Bass and others carry the chain that bans the sacred weapon, then maybe Andre will not encounter this crisis.
Although Bath and they are very clear about the evil of this weapon, they all think that Andre has lowered this hallows and won’t encounter any danger, and even if they know that there is no sealed chain in their hands, don’t look at those original sealed weapon chains, but the surface is decorated with tens of millions of gods. This chain can’t be made in a short time, even in the temple, there are few libraries now. After all, this kind of thing is too narrow in place, so slim and chained, but it is extremely expensive. If it is not temporary, it will not be made without a sealed chain to lock the devil consciousness in the weapon. In the end,
The demon consciousness entrenched in the weapon sneaked into Andre’s brain, and now Andre is fighting for his life and death in his brain. If Andre loses, his body will be occupied by the demon consciousness in the sacristy, and finally he will become a humanoid demon. As if he wins, he can completely control this weapon and become the first master of the crime-breaking blade.
However, if Andre is awake, he may still have a chance to win, but he is in a coma and has been taken advantage of by the sacristy consciousness, so he has always been in the wind. If several temple bishops have not been treating him with magic, and recently Rola Chen has forgiven the goddess of life for several times and released magic to help Andre recover the decline. It is estimated that Andre has now become a puppet whose consciousness is occupied by the devil consciousness.
If you look over Andre’s eyelids, you may see that there is a red S light flashing in his pupil from time to time, but the horse will be occupied by a little gold S light. Of course, for Andre, because his body is him, he is gradually regaining control of his body. In his consciousness, the gold S demon consciousness appears to be the image of the demon master Leila, and the demon master radiates gold S light. The horn on his head stands like a towering sword, while Andre holds a weapon shadow in his hand, but he looks too weak compared with the demon influence up to 100 meters.
The scenes in consciousness are still in ruins in the underground lava city, and the lava city has become an Andre and Leila battlefield. The explosions and flashes are constantly released from Leila’s hands and bombarded Andre who is running.
The first volume Chapter four hundred and sixty-five Burning Rapier fault blade (6)
With an angry roar and a dull beat, the whole lava city Dongcheng District became a ruin in less than 15 minutes after the hundred-eyed giant started work. One third of the M city was pushed to the plain, and one third of the 40-to-50-meter-high wall was still standing, and it was still a pair of swaying and falling.
For Chen Kai, the past fifteen minutes was definitely the second time that he experienced the scene of the sky falling down on the ground. The first time was in the holy mountain of Chenxi, and that time he was smashed by a rock before he lasted long, but this time he was alive. When the wall was cut by the scarlet line, he jumped off the city head and limped towards the back.
Fortunately, Chen Kai ran fast enough. Otherwise, he would have been crushed on a stone surface and trampled into patties by a hundred-eyed giant. Of course, Chen Kai could not have jumped directly from a wall more than 40 meters high. If he had done that, he would have fallen to his death now. Although he had experienced running from the wall, it was in a violent state. When he was rational, he really rarely did such high-risk moves. Of course, Chen Kai was still alive and always shrank behind. Zhao Tiezhu even turned around and ran behind when the first wave of scarlet SH lines broke the wall.
Although he didn’t see the hundred-eyed giant, he saw Chen Kai’s leap and thought that even Chen Kai was scared to jump off the building directly. This situation was definitely not something he could resist, so he didn’t hesitate to turn around and run away. Of course, he also informed Chen Yiyi when he ran away, but he was surrounded by many dwarves. Will Chen Yiyi still retreat?
The high wall was almost cut into pieces in front of Rola Chen, and the impact caused by the explosion almost directly knocked everyone behind the wall out. At this moment, the dwarves, together with the guardians of the wall, are all looking at the giant who is still running wild in the city with fear. The horror is so terrible in Chen Kai’s eyes. When the third wave of scarlet SHE line appeared, all the people with eyes in Dongcheng District of Lava City chose to bow their heads and lie on the ground. Of course, the dwarves would not have done that because they were a little far from the battlefield, even if the scarlet SHE line was no longer possible to cross several times.
They don’t know what spell that terrible scarlet SHE line is until now, but there is no doubt that the power of each SHE line is comparable to that of a seven-order spell that instantly inspires hundreds of such horrible spells. This power alone is enough to make many people feel scared. Therefore, no one will not be afraid of the giant with a hundred eyes roaring like a fiend, especially when the giant with a hundred eyes just appeared. The horror is even more frightening than the predatory atmosphere that enveloped the earth. It is even more frightening than Rowen. Many dwarves don’t feel this way when facing Edmunds, but when facing the giant with a hundred eyes, even if the two sides are several miles away, they can still feel the horror, which makes people feel that they are about to be eaten.
But now these smells are all rushing towards Andre, so those players and other defenders around them have the ability to lift their legs and run away. Otherwise, the closer they get to him, the more they can’t walk. In this horrible smell, two battles will lie on the ground like sheep in front of tigers.
In fact, many players were scared to move when the hundred-eyed giant bombarded the wall, and eventually they were filmed alive as meat sauce. Of course, these meat sauces were eventually caught by the hundred-eyed giant and licked completely, but they were all exposed to the outside. More players were covered with stone powder and died, even saving burial.
Thousands of dwarves guarding the East City Wall, 30,000 to 40,000 players finally managed to run into the tunnel, and there were more than 3,000 dwarves and less than 20,000 players. If Chen Kai’s Black Armored Cavalry Corps and Tauren Heavy Troops hadn’t been resting in the rear all the time, it is estimated that this time it would be doomed. Even Arno and Drake are in the rear with a face of fear. Let alone Arno, who was almost killed and injured by Latamius, it has never been good. Drake wanted to take care of the wall this time, but in the end, it was
With the help of the underground cave, the light that has become more dim, Chen Kai can barely see the image of the giant with a huge eye several miles away at the moment. If Chen Kai is crazy to escape, they are in a mess, then this monster is crazy to rise with a kind of red blood Se fog, and the whole crypt is shaking with a roar, but after the third wave of scarlet Se line broke out, his breath weakened a little. Obviously, such an attack is not a loss, and there is a price to pay after continuous release.
But in any case, the hundred-eyed giant is an extremely horrible person, and the strong is stronger than the demigod. The biggest difference between him and the odd strong is that there is no field, and the unique predatory breath of the hundred-eyed giant’s strong body has not been lost to a high-eyed monster. At the same time, in terms of * * destruction ability, he and a demigod’s strong * * destruction ability are quite equal, but the strong rarely fight with * * strength, but it is also because this hundred-eyed giant has not yet completed its age, and its eyes are even more huge.
The angry value of the hundred-eyed giant who has been chasing Andre has reached the edge of rage, and at the same time, he has several eyes blinded by Andre’s crime-breaking blade. When Andre risks extremely great danger and directly rushes to the opponent’s body with flash power, then waves his weapon and directly inserts it, and after a blow, the horse retreats and does not respond to the other party.
But it is precisely because of this that the hundred-eyed giant is even more resentful of Andre. Unfortunately, whether he slaps his palm or makes the scarlet thread hit Andre, it has wasted his strength. This situation has made the hundred-eyed giant even more violent and almost on the verge of runaway, but it happened that Andre, who is extremely fast, had nothing to do. Of course, Andre himself suffered a lot when he stabbed the eyes of the hundred-eyed giant. If the eyes of the hundred-eyed giant were so good at stabbing lies, they would not have become the most horrible ancient creatures in hell and were sealed by Vivian.
When attacking those eyes, Andre could feel a force impacting his body, especially when those with foul blood splashed on her body. Andre felt a kind of madness that had never surged out of his body. Not only did his body become heavy, but his eyes gradually became red. An idea of turning around and pouncing on flesh and blood would come to his mind from time to time. Fortunately, Andre’s quarrelling has a strong recovery effect. The most important thing is that the temple paladin has many special things. The temple is for every higher level. Grade-I paladins, especially paladins with deep background like Andre, take good care of his helmet. The morning gem has more than a dozen bishops’ blessing to protect the mind. After being influenced by God J and jīng, this gem slowly emits a faint light to dispel Andre’s evil thoughts.
However, because of this, Andre didn’t dare to attack the eyes of the hundred-eyed giant again, because he found that the morning gem on his forehead had clicked and broken, which obviously dispelled Andre’s evil thoughts. The power contained in this gem was very expensive
However, the damage has been done in front of Andre, and the hundred-eyed giant will hunt him down wherever he hides. Those eyes that ooze blood are staring at Andre for more than ten minutes. Andre can be said to be exhausted. If he hadn’t stopped, he would have been shot to death. It is estimated that he would have stopped to have a good rest. If it hadn’t been for drug support, Andre would have been tired now. Of course, it is much more advanced for Andre to take drugs than for Chen Kai to eat those popular goods. It is the morning god. Both the temple and Andre’s own family have channels to get high-grade recovery drugs. These drugs are better in quality and recovery effect than those produced by Chen Kai, even if they are the source of life. Andre has them in his hand. This is the biggest difference between a high-grade paladin with background and an ordinary holy order. It is estimated that it is very good to have a good recovery drug if it is replaced by an ordinary blade master. It is almost impossible to buy the source of life.
This time, Andre’s figure flashed behind the broken wall, and the high wall blocked the vision of the hundred-eyed giant and let him catch his breath. However, Andre knew very well that the other party had remembered his breath, and it would take more than ten seconds to find himself. At that time, he would be desperate to escape again, so when he grasped it, he put something in his mouth and drank a mouthful of water and looked at himself in the puddle. Andre was in a very bad mood, although he got a sacristy, but the price and ending were a bit too tragic. Looking at the surrounding ruins, who would have thought that there were still buildings around the city ten minutes ago
"Strange! How did it take so long to find me this time? " After a full rest for nearly half a minute, Andre suddenly felt a little uneasy. If he were another enemy, he might have had an abnormal heart at the moment, but now his enemy is a huge creature bigger than Archaea.
"Not good! This guy must have found me! " Andre’s anxiety became more and more intense. He didn’t even think about leaping from the ground and flashing to a very thin body. He flew away in the distance like a golden light, but just at that moment, a line thicker than scarlet swept towards Andre.
Back to more than ten seconds ago, when Andre swallowed his last bite of cake and took a sip of water, the hundred-eyed giant had already discovered him. But this time, he was going to kill Andre. Instead of making the wave force scarlet, he gathered huge power into his mouth, and a little scarlet light spot gathered in his mouth. Finally, all the lights gathered into a red Se light group with a diameter of more than five meters, which appeared in his mouth. These gathered lights burst into Se in a light ring and came out toward the hiding place of Andre, and the beam was at least three or four meters thick.
Almost at the same time when Andre flew out, he hit him hard. The rubble of the wall was flying in the air and hitting Andre’s body. But for Andre, there is not much danger when it hits the gravel root of his body. The biggest danger comes from the red Se beam that chased his footsteps behind him.
For Andre, this time is definitely a huge crisis, because even if his body moves faster, it can’t be faster than chasing the horrible light from behind. The horrible light chasing Andre’s body sweeps through the ruins, and the traces of tens of meters deep appear on the ground, while those buildings swept by the light directly fall apart. Although Andre makes the flash speed increase to an extremely fast speed, he must have a place to stay and accelerate. The most important thing is that Andre Genfa’s skill of continuous transportation is landing. Sometimes he will have a short pause, which is absolutely fatal at this time, because without a pause, the beam will get closer and closer to the last beam, which is less than one meter away from him and almost grazes his body.
People hiding in the tunnel also saw the horrible light beam, because this light beam is too huge and the destructive power is too terrible. No dwarf holy order strong man dares to say that he can stop such an attack for a second, but everyone thinks that Andre may not be able to resist this time.
But at the moment when Andre was about to hit in the end, the original jump was in the middle, and Andre’s body suddenly became short, and the Se line seemed to break in an instant. Everyone thought that maybe Andre was hit and killed, which led to the disappearance of the light, but actually Andre slipped and then fell from the middle, but this fall made him avoid the slaying attack this time, chasing his body, and the light beam narrowly passed over his head. By the time the hundred-eyed giant found out, Andre had pulled away from the light beam again, and at this time, the light beam sprayed by the hundred-eyed giant had dissipated.
"Is Andre dead?" Ll asked Bath, who was bandaged around him, but the latter shook his head. Of course, this is not to say that Andre didn’t mean to die, but that Bath dared not think so.