"The boss is not at this time! I’ve only been there for a few days, and I guess I’ll be in Yuan Long soon, but my opponent is Sun Ce! Sun Ce! Three thousand mixed weapon hit the whole Jiangdong Xiang Yu so much! Can Lian be an opponent? " Zhang Feng saw that Cao Cao was in no hurry and Xuzhou could not help but wake up.

"Also speak of! They are all your references! Never let me stop for a moment! " Cao Cao was awakened by Feng Zhang, but swept away. Just now, he was lazy and pointed to Feng Zhang like a long-lost dissatisfied housewife. "Lombardi, I’m still going to pursue the victory and feel that the troops are not enough! That Chen Yuanlong had nothing to do, but he took the initiative to provoke Sun Ce to go to my Tianxiao daughter and just married the horse, and the woman was not so fast! "
"And that call you xian brother xian brother Liu Daer! Although there was no him in this rebellion, he didn’t see anyone connected to his hand the next day, and all the people ran away, and now they still don’t know where to go! "
Cao Cao put on a handful of spittle stars. Anyway, these two people are not strangers. Taishi Ci’s mother is still in his house, and she will keep this small look pleasing to the eye. When Hua Er grows up, she will marry in the past.
"Now facing a lot of positions, you can’t swing around. Just a few birds are flying there, right? It’s not always a day or two to select talents. Who can care about Guangling so much? "
Feng Zhang was scolded one leng one leng, shrinking his head and not talking. Taishi Ci was not that honest and honest young man in those days, and was influenced by Zuo Zuo and Yang Feng to be glib like a traitor.
"The boss Sun Ce again how much also can’t be better than a brother? Why don’t you just leave it to brother Zhang? There is a brother who can solve all difficulties easily! Nothing can be done without him! At most, I’ll ask my brothers to help me gather together a number of people to help cheer. "
Zhang Feng looked at Taishi Ci with a strange eye, and Taishi Ci’s scalp was numb from foot to toe. This was the first time when the arms were full of caution and courtesy. Is it also Taishi Ci?
Even Cao Cao heard their voices straight. This tone is very similar to that of Dian Wei.
"Know the machine well. Who did you say you were taking?"
"Righteousness since he said but a pre-announced jiangdong didn’t lombardi so rich! When you lose your way, don’t look for me to cry! "
Taishi Ci rubbed his hands with joy and even said, "No, no! But … that … boat can also be exchanged for money? "
Feng Zhang "…"
Wait until Feng Zhang and Taishi Ci quit before Cao Cao rubbed his face with a straight face and rubbed out a smiling face of Zhang Wei. "This Yuan Long really has some things! Can save for a rainy day thinking about Sun Ce salary? If you don’t knock, it’s too radical and it’s not a good thing. "
Another thought, "the birth day of your son is coming soon, right? You won’t be angry with me and won’t go back to your family during the New Year, will you?"
"What master is going to return to Sheyang?" A young man with blue eyes and purple beard was sitting next to Wu Fu’s office with a white brocade robe and a very ordinary black silk scarf. Zhou Yu and Sun were left behind.
I know someone here will jump out and say that Sun is blue-eyed and purple-bearded. Why not say he has green eyes? I think blue is more likely as far as eye color is concerned.
"Back to the Central Guard, the master heard that Chen Deng and Yan Baihu were furious and immediately said that they would attack Guangling." The soldiers respectfully knelt in front of this young Central Guard and dared not breathe.
A joke. Even the master’s younger brother salutes him, so what about himself? Moreover, it was not Sun Ce who wanted Sun to do so, but Sun himself admired Zhou Yucai.
Sun shook his head gently, explaining and saying to himself, "My elder brother is sometimes too hasty. In fact, now Yan Baihu and be beheaded have to renovate farmland and develop business so that people can live and work in peace and contentment. Who can object to my Sun Shi clan? With the support of the gentry, these buffoons will disappear like Genping and will cause trouble again when they crusade against Liu Biao? "
Zhou Yu was relieved to show a touch of men’s smile, which made people feel warm like the sunshine in March. "Zhong Mou, you are much more sensible."
Sun hurriedly took a deep salute. "Brother Gong Jin taught me well!"
Eyebrows pick a way "if only BoFu can listen to advice! I’m going to write a letter. I hope it’s still coming. Now that Cao Cao has defeated Yuan Shao in Guandu, it’s really unwise, and our Jiangdong just has a lot of things to be done and there is not much surplus food to cover it. Can Cao Cao be hostile? "
Pulling up his sleeves, he wrote a letter and was about to give it to your soldiers. Sun Wei Wei pulled Zhou Yu’s sleeve. "If not, say that Da Qiao’s sister-in-law is pregnant?"
Zhou Yu laughed after one leng for a moment "indeed as expected know brother than brother! Good idea! "
Section 221 Reform
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Yesterday, I didn’t watch the curtain ceremony, and it was not surprising that there were two chapters missing … Yes, there were.
I feel that the image of Liu Huan is too … and that song is not pleasant to listen to. Why can’t you write Italian Summer as exciting as it is? I went to bed after listening.
The roar of the Taiwan Province woman who came third in the women’s 4 kg competition was quite shocking when she tottered with a barbell.
Feng Zhang took the brigade to Xuzhou, and Lao Cao was as busy as a bee. First of all, the list of generals who made meritorious service in Guandu was drawn up in court for raising. Although it was already that he and several advisers had decided to avoid falling into the population, they still had to do it.
Feng Zhang was finally promoted, ranking ahead of Liu Bei and becoming a post-general.
It turned out that the most difficult thing was Lv Qiling’s award of a white horse. She made great contributions, but because she was a woman, you can imagine how difficult it was to let the court fairly admit a female general. However, before Guandu’s decisive battle, this chaos made most of the opposition to Cao Cao in the DPRK disappear, and a few people dared not dare to speak again. Although many ministers complained a lot about the female general, when Cao Cao cited the example of being a good woman, it was passed without much problem-even the queen in the Shang Dynasty could seal something now?
In view of the lack of many official positions in the imperial court, Cao Cao issued three "orders for seeking talents" in January, regardless of his background or past talent, so that he could recommend himself or herself. This made the number of days of reading poems shine at the eyes of the national scholars like a lamp, which not only caused many people to swarm, but also erected a clear banner for the Cao Shi delegation that had just messed up, which was quite beneficial to the people’s hearts.
Not only that, Cao Cao also established the Central Military Academy and the Central Academy because of Feng Zhang’s first method of training foot soldiers and Xun You, Guo Jia and others’ repeated discussions.
The military academy does not say that Cao Cao must have been the dean (with the same meaning as President Jiang of Huangpu Military Academy) and Feng Zhang was the honorary military adviser (understood as a military teacher). For well-known reasons, the conditions for enrolling in the military academy were quite strict.
1. Cao Shi regimental brother, Zhang, Mi, Xun, Sima, Guo, and other confidant families can participate or recommend people to participate.
2. All military secondary vocational personnel who were born in Yanzhou for generations can participate.
3. Those who have served in the army for five years can also participate in this condition are
In this way, the military quality of generals in the army will be greatly improved in the next few years. You know, the lecturers in this military school include Cao Caoren, Feng Zhang, Xia Houyuan and other famous men, as well as Guo Jia, Ye Liu and Jia Xu, who are specialized in Yin counselors, who can graduate whether they are good at fighting or planning, and work in Cao Cao’s army in secondary vocational schools.