It is unprecedented for the eastern team to win the championship, and Dynamo Dresden won the championship in the first three rounds this year, which triggered a heated discussion on the topic of "the rise of eastern football" in various German media. Dynamo Dresden will grow rapidly and be able to compete with another giant in Bayern Munich for a long time.

However, the reality is cruel. A few days after winning the championship, Dynamo Dresden fans heard a shocking statement that Bayern Munich Club wanted to dig corners, including Neuer as the main force of several teams!
"I originally wanted to stay and compete with you for the Champions League gold cup. Now I still listen to Mendes’ advice to find a family with the strength to win the Champions League!" Gao Jun thought with some regret after confirming to the people of Neuer that the transfer was not groundless.
It must be admitted that Hess really has a way of digging people up. Before he paid a sky-high price for Neuer, he first contacted the central defender Hummels from Bayern Youth Training Dynamo Dresden, and offered him an annual salary of 30,000 euros after tax at a generous contract. This is a situation that Hummels method has not been famous for a long time. This young man was playing in Bayern not long ago, and he was deeply attached to it. Seeing that the player insisted on leaving Bayern and paid as much as 110,000 euros (including additional terms), he felt that he did not refuse the transfer after earning Magat. However, he didn’t expect that letting the main players go before the end of the season had a very bad psychological suggestion, and he felt that Neuer, the top manager of Dynamo Dresden Club, had a big ambition.
In the end, Dynamo Dresden Club had to agree to Neuer’s transfer to Bayern Munich. Although the transfer of 30,000 euros was absolutely sky-high for the goalkeeper position, there was no loss in the economy. However, after Neuer decided to leave, Gao Jun quickly and rationally dismissed the idea of staying in Dynamo Dresden. This loss was too great.
Although Magat will have a lot of money in the next transfer period, Dynamo Dresden is very limited in Europe, and there is absolutely no way to introduce enough to replace Gao Jun and Neuer, the two core football superstars in tandem, and there are other main players who are as eager as Neuer. Even if they are stubborn as Magat, they have to admit that Dynamo Dresden will be unable to compete with Bayern Munich again this season.
However, it is a good thing for China fans that Gao Jun should leave Dynamo Dresden. They have long generally recognized that Gao Jun’s strength requires the world’s top giants to stay in Dynamo Dresden. Such a small club is a waste of youth, but fans have different opinions on which giants Gao Jun should go to. At one time, they argued endlessly, and fans of opposing teams even quarreled.
Yu Gaojun’s own opinion is that he stressed to Mendes that Barcelona will not go. First, because this team will enter its heyday in the future, it will be meaningless to find its opponent Gao Jun there. Second, because Barcelona already has Messi as an outsider, it will also be a supporting role, while among other giants, if Gao Jun is chosen, it will be completely left to the agent Mendes, because he still has many important games to play, so he really doesn’t have the energy to transfer.
First of all, there are club events. Because the results of the three games left in the Bundesliga are already critical and the UEFA Cup final is imminent, Dynamo Dresden coach Magat naturally made a wise choice, but even so, he continued to set a new record for individual goals in the Bundesliga single season. Gao Jun was still very active after coming off the bench in the home game against Hertha Berlin on May 7, and seized himself to find out the loopholes of the other side while watching from the bench. In limited games, Mei twice led the team because of too many main players. Dynamo Dresden, who was absent from the Bundesliga and was not in the mind at the same time, once fell behind by two goals, successfully reversed 32 points and defended the home honor!
On May 1 ST, the away game against Rostock was too close to the UEFA Cup final. Magat gave it up and sent an assistant coach with second-line players. As a result, it unexpectedly lost a 3, but Dynamo Dresden didn’t take this defeat to heart because the UEFA Cup final was the highlight four days later.
Although Dynamo Dresden’s coach and players are confident in the final, the amazing performance of rival Dzenit in St. Petersburg slaughtered Bayern Munich 4 at home in the semi-final still made everyone dare not be careless, which made Gao Jun, who knows that the strength of Dzenit in St. Petersburg this season, feel a little relieved. If everyone is careless, the achievements made before will probably become a stepping stone for the big black horse St. Petersburg Dzenit to reach the top of Europe.
Dzenit team in St. Petersburg has a long history, but it will not be until after the new century that they truly become a strong Russian team. After the acquisition of Dzenit team by Gazprom with deep pockets in 25 years, this team has obtained the most indispensable large sum of money for modern professional football clubs, and its development has been smooth since then.
After that, Dzenit, with abundant financial resources, continuously introduced reinforcements, and in the summer of 26 years, invited the famous Dutch coach Dick Edwards to fully deploy their personnel. Therefore, they became the biggest dark horse in this UEFA Cup competition. If history has not changed, Dzenit in St. Petersburg will beat Glasgow Rangers in the UEFA Cup final to win the first UEFA Cup in the team’s history, while Dzenit unexpectedly defeated Manchester United, the world’s top club, 2-1 in Monaco on the 29th, and won back the European Super Cup.
Compared with the unexpected rise of Dzenit team in St. Petersburg due to the butterfly effect caused by Gao Jun, a passer-by, Dynamo Dresden is another dark horse in this UEFA Cup competition. From the strength point of view, Dynamo Dresden should still be slightly better, but from the experience of Gao Jun’s crossing today, those historical champions often have a good luck in the game, and changing history is not as easy as expected, so there must be no carelessness.
Although Magat didn’t fully realize that Dzenit was good, he still made full preparations. Soon after the home game against Hertha Berlin, he led a team to Manchester, England, the final venue of the UEFA Cup, to adapt to the venue.
To Magat’s delight, there are many Asian players, especially China players in Dynamo Dresden, so the UEFA Cup final attracted more than 20,000 Asian fans (more than 90% of whom were China fans) from the mainland of England to Manchester. It is far more convenient for Dynamo Dresden to come to England with German fans, so this game is actually equivalent to the home game of Dynamo Dresden.
However, Magat didn’t expect that all aspects were in the wind. Dzenit team dared to play offensive football after the game, which also helped Dynamo Dresden to play its best defensive counterattack. However, Belgian teenager Kong Pani, who started the game in this game, accidentally slipped at the crucial moment, which led to a huge loophole in Dynamo Dresden’s original defender line. Arshavin, the core player of Dzenit team, immediately lost no time in playing a beautiful wall-to-wall match with his teammates, and Vinsu Botic formed a single knife. Denisoff calmly pushed and broke through the tens of thousands of Dresden Dynamo who guarded the goal stands by Neuer.
"Sure enough, the champion is not so easy to win." This Gao Jun also frowned slightly, but seeing that Dzenit did not retreat after leading by one goal, he posed to play against Dynamo Dresden. Gao Jun quickly smiled again. "If you really won Bayern 4, you will say that you are the first in the world? The opponent can win our Dynamo Dresden team. The earth hasn’t appeared yet! " to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine A massive counterattack
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"Dynamo Dresden’s counterattack was very threatening, but the last one was a little bit too big. The goalkeeper of the other team attacked very timely." Gunter Zell, the gold medal host of a football program in Germany, commented easily that he did not care about the outcome of the game but was full of confidence in Dynamo Dresden’s attack.
And his partner Paul Blaettner gave his own opinion: "Other Dynamo Dresden players are still a little poor in running position and grasping opportunities. In fact, today, the opponent’s tactical strategy is high, but the Dzenit team can focus on the offensive and defensive formation alone. His breakthrough ability is not strict, even if it has not reached the world-class level, it may not have no chance of success, and it is fatal for him to be calm in front of the door and shoot twice in the sky."
It seems that he heard the commentator’s words. In the third minute, Gao Jun retreated again and didn’t take the ball out, but he took the ball forward by himself. After a few steps, an opponent’s lower back violently pushed him over. When Gao Jun saw that he was tall and strong, he immediately made an emergency stop. As a result, the guy immediately rushed over his head and Gao Jun took the opportunity to get rid of the restricted area. Dzenit team immediately had a central defender rushed out to prevent Gao Jun from having a chance to shoot from the foot. Who knows, Gao Jun suddenly changed direction and let the guy jump. After taking the ball obliquely, he lifted his foot and shot the
Gunter Zell, who used to be the world’s top football star, can’t help but sigh deeply that "Gao Jun sometimes tricked the goalkeeper with a false move before he became more and more confident. Now he is shooting directly because Gao Jun believes that even if the goalkeeper judges the right direction, he will definitely not jump out."
In this regard, Paul Blaettner’s view is that "in fact, Gao Jun’s shooting skills have not improved significantly in the past year. After all, he was already very powerful, but his physical fitness has been further improved, making him shoot more powerfully and faster, thus greatly increasing the difficulty of the goalkeeper’s rescue. A year ago, it may not be a dead angle, but now it is enough for the goalkeeper to do nothing."
After listening to this, Gunter Zell shook his head slightly and added, "In fact, I think it is more important than the improvement of Gao Jun’s shooting ability that the high-level goalkeeper has more rich experience in fighting, which enables Gao Jun to estimate the limit of goalkeeper’s saving ability more accurately."
"The level of the UEFA Cup competition is not the highest. Oh, I get it. You mean to compete with teammate Neuer in training?" It took Paul Blaettner a long time to think that White Partner suddenly laughed. "It seems that Gao Jun has made great progress this year thanks to the rapid growth of Neuer! It is true that Xiaoxin is now the best goalkeeper in the world, and I hope to see his wonderful performance in the European Cup soon. "
Equalizing the score Dynamo Dresden’s offensive became more and more intense, but many boys left at half-time were finally able to enter the player’s channel with regret, but at this time, both fans and commentators believed that Dynamo Dresden would win the game.
However, the charm of football is largely due to its uncertainty. Not long after half-time, Arshavin, the core player of Dzenit team in St. Petersburg, relied on his excellent dribbling skills to continuously pass two Dresden players on the right and then cut the ball. Then he got the message at the moment when Kong Pani jumped in front of him, and rushed to teammate Zlyanov to reach out and touch the ball before Neuer touched it, and scored it into the Russian. Once again, he took the lead!
"I didn’t expect that there are players with such excellent skills in Russia. It seems that Dynamo Dresden really needs some effort to win today!" Gunter Zell smiled and praised Arshavin’s wonderful performance, but judging from his relaxed expression, this guy still has confidence in Dynamo Dresden.
Paul Blaettner, his partner, made a more direct statement: "St. Petersburg Dzenit played well in attack today, but I am still more optimistic about Dynamo Dresden because they are invincible in grasping the opportunity and efficiency. Should Dynamo Dresden have enough luck now?"
The deepest feeling for Arshavin’s performance is that he just passed Hao’s excellent prediction. He was completely cheated this time. "Great, I can’t do this kind of move and it’s hard to get the ball in place like that, but our striker is Gao Jun! Even if the ball is not in place, he can still score the ball! "
In the 66th minute, Dynamo Dresden immediately launched a counterattack after breaking the ball in the midfield. Hao made a high-speed forward insertion at the first time and finally paid attention to his teammates’ running position. After Yang Hao came over, he was already in the middle. Hao even hung the ball directly to the front of the restricted area of Dzenit without stopping for half a second.
Gunter Zell got up and was silent for a moment, then shouted and clapped his hands. "Beautiful! This is really a pleasing goal! What’s more, it’s still such a key. I think it should be the best goal in the UEFA Cup! Dynamo Dresden’s counterattack was too fast, and there was not a foot to deal with it in the middle. Although it was a little too big, Gao Jun was far superior to others in nerve reflex speed. At that moment, he took the most appropriate treatment. Before attacking the Dzenit team, the goalkeeper was very exaggerated. He straightened his left foot and almost picked it on his toes. No, it should be said that he grazed the other team’s head and flew into the net. The shooting was just right in strength and angle. Look at it again and feel that it seems a bit like chopping in table tennis. It’s a guy from China. "
He explained that his partner Paul Blaettner also praised him, "Gao Jun never lets his teammates down when the team needs goals most, and his teammates trust him more because everyone knows that he is so good! What will the Dzenit team do? Still want to continue to adhere to offensive football? "
Although the coach of Dzenit team on the sidelines looked unwilling, the Dutch’s love for offensive football really went deep into the bone marrow, and the Dzenit team in St. Petersburg really played well today. In the end, he resolutely decided to continue attacking, so that the defense line could strengthen the defense of Gao Jun.
However, Edward Carter didn’t expect that the offensive and defensive conversion of both sides was surprisingly fast in this game, which led to the physical consumption of the players in both teams and fields being much higher than that in the general game. Seven minutes later, a player from Dzenit in St. Petersburg showed some signs of physical exhaustion, but Dynamo Dresden, who had experienced the winter training of the Magat Devil, showed the training results at this time.
"Force him! Grab him! Don’t slow down. Good. That’s it! " On the sidelines, Magat shouted with a red face. Although the score is still tied, it can be seen from his expression that this guy with mixed reputation in media and public opinion is now a shoo-in.
"Dzenit team will lose, although its physical fitness is not the football department, but it is the foundation of this sport. No matter how good the technology is, it must be fully developed on the basis of abundant physical fitness. Now the players of Dzenit team have been unable to run, but the players of Dynamo Dresden team can’t see the fatigue. It is obvious that the two sides have won and lost." Gunter Zell smiled and commented on the situation.
And another commentator, Paul Blaettner, expressed his heartfelt sigh after agreeing, "Yes, but the teams that can reach the UEFA Cup finals must be well-trained. Dynamo Dresden actually spent more than seven minutes running them to exhaustion. It is really a Magat team!"
Just as they were talking, watching the appearance, Edward Carter had to change including South Korean kim dong-jin in two substitute players to maintain the running ability on the field, but Gunter Zell smiled and shook his head. "Changing the substitute players with abundant physical strength can partially alleviate the dilemma of the Dzenit team, but it’s not yet 75 minutes. Is it good to finish three substitution places in such a hurry? Magat hasn’t played a card yet! "
When kim dong-jin and the two of them were behind the field, Magat said a few words to the bench with a smile on his face. Two of them immediately got up to warm up. Paul Blaettner suddenly cried, "Mark Wagfield is finally going to be sent to the field. This means a big counterattack! And who will lewandowski, a Polish teenager with a rising season, change after the game? "
"Oh, the teenager Royce has been replaced. After all, he is too young and too thin. Today, frequent physical confrontation with the other side consumes too much physical strength. Even Magat can’t make him stick to the end in such a fierce competition, but we still want the teenager to applaud actively and hard today." Gunter Zell said after seeing the card raised on the sidelines. "So that’s it. Tell Lin Lala to play left avant-garde and let Gao Jun and Levan partner to play double forwards? It is convenient to be versatile! " to be continued
Chapter one hundred and sixty Triple Crown
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Dynamo Dresden had already occupied an obvious advantage before the two-man field, and Dynamo Dresden was even more like a duck to water after the two-man field. In the 79th minute, Gao Jun turned his back to catch the ball and put it back in the back row. Mark Wagfeld, who pushed the ball into a dead corner in the restricted area, helped the team overtake the score field 32 times. Fans cheered!
"Magat’s substitution immediately received the amazing mark Wagfield’s post-insertion shot, which is really a must. However, this ball has to be thanked by Gao Jun. If he hadn’t attracted two players from the other side to defend Mark, even if he inserted in the back row, he might not have the opportunity to finish the shot under the interference of people, and the quality of Gao Jun’s return was quite high. The direction of strength was just right, so that Mark could kick out a high-quality shot directly without adjustment." Gunter Zell praised the goal with a thumbs up.
And his partner Paul Blaettner said with anticipation, "This goal is enough for Dynamo Dresden to win the gold cup. St. Petersburg Dzenit has no counterattack strength, but I don’t think the boys will be satisfied with the current score."
As Paul Blaettner said, with the continuous decline of physical fitness, the Dzenit team in St. Petersburg will soon be on the verge of collapse. Even if it is backward, it must strengthen its attack, and Magat will obviously not miss this good opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs and see him with a wave of his hand. Dynamo Dresden’s offensive is getting more and more fierce.
In the 6th minute, he moved to the left side and told Lin Li that he had extraordinary strength and leaned back against the opponent. The right back made a small interference behind him, but unexpectedly his heel turned to the left. When he sent a beautiful ball, he got the message. The left back Hao caught the ball easily in the situation of being watched by people and immediately sent a foot with just the right arc. The ball made the opponent goalkeeper attack hard and exposed the door behind him.
Although Hao’s goal was not very good, at this time, the restricted area of Dzenit team was already crowded with Dynamo Dresden players. Zhong Gaojun and Lewan didn’t reach the ball, but Hao Junmin, who was inserted into the restricted area to the right, made a powerful shot to help Dynamo Dresden expand the score again. Dynamo Dresden has touched the championship gold cup with one hand!
"The Dzenit team has no ability to fight back now. The pressure of falling behind the score has amplified their physical fatigue. At least four of the players who are staying in the field now can’t sprint. How can they kick this ball?" Gunter Zell looked at the Dzenit players with a confused face in the broadcast footage and sighed somewhat sympathetically.
Paul Blaettner smiled and spread his hand and said, "But Dynamo Dresden has never understood the meaning of’ hand mercy’. Although there are not many left, the score may change!"
As a result, it was really his misfortune. Unfortunately, due to his physical fitness, his mentality was worse than anxiety. Dzenit team in St. Petersburg made a fatal ball mistake within a minute after the ball in the middle circle. Dynamo team in Dresden took the opportunity to launch a quick counterattack. After Gao Jun received Ozil’s accurate direct plug, he was offside and successfully took the ball all the way to the restricted area of Dzenit without hesitation. The goalkeeper of Dzenit team abandoned the door when he saw it. Who knows that Gao Jun pushed the ball gently and followed the Polish teenager lewandowski by the middle road at high speed, and finally locked it into the entry score of 52!
"In fact, Gao Jun can definitely score this goal by shooting himself, but he still chose the ball because he thought that he was going to leave Dynamo Dresden and feed the ball to Levan to help him increase his confidence? I can see that Gao Jun still has deep feelings for this team, but professional players are often involuntarily. "Gunter Zell sighed somewhat."
And his partner Paul Blaettner nodded his head and praised Gao Jun’s incredible performance in this UEFA Cup competition. "Yeah, but even if he didn’t choose to shoot this time, Gao Jun’s goal count in this UEFA Cup competition is still one goal per game. How terrible is this data? The past dust has sealed the historical record for more than 20 years, but only 14 Gao Jun can surpass so many for the first time to participate in the UEFA Cup competition. I really want to know where his limit is. "
"The referee blew his whistle and ended the game, congratulating Dynamo Dresden for winning the first UEFA Cup in the team’s history, and the club achieved the’ triple crown’ for the first time. It is almost a miracle for an eastern team to win the Bundesliga, the UEFA Cup and the German Cup at the same time in one season. I hope that eastern football will lead to faster development and make German football more competitive." Gunter Zell congratulated Dynamo Dresden and sent his best wishes to eastern football in front of the camera.
Paul Blaettner hit home the potential crisis of Dynamo Dresden in its heyday. "This is the most powerful Dynamo Dresden team in history. They can kill the Bundesliga overlord Bayern Munich again and again in the league. They can make a dramatic reversal in this game and finally win three goals. Not long ago, they swept Bayern Munich team St. Petersburg Dzenit team with four goals. I doubt that their strength is probably the best in the world. If this team can maintain its current position and participate in the Champions League season, I want to. Whether the method is correct or not can be confirmed, but it’s a pity that this powerful team can’t get rid of the fate of the small club after all. According to the news at present, Neuer, the core of defense, and Hummels, the main central defender, have both decided to join Bayern Munich in the summer, and Gao Jun, who is still a loan player, should also choose a real giant to permanently transfer to Dynamo Dresden. The miracle they created this season will be engraved in the history of world football forever. "
After the game, Gao Jun was arguably elected as the best player in the game with his excellent performance of double goals, and then he won the best player and top scorer in the 27/2 UEFA Cup. These two honors were also real names, but at the press conference after the game, media reporters from all walks of life were most concerned about Gao Jun’s transfer. Gao Jun directly threw his backpack to his agent Mendes. "After the season, I also have a national team and an Olympic game to play, so I have no leisure to consider the transfer. Please give it to Mendes. You should interview him."
In fact, these words of Gao Jun are seven points true, He was really busy after the three-point holiday and entrusted the transfer exercise to agent Mendes, but it is obviously impossible to say that he has no idea at all. Although his outstanding performance this season has made Gao Jun a sought-after steamed bun in the transfer market, he has further raised his social status. According to the estimation of several major sports media in Europe, even if he looks at Gao Jun’s current transfer of skills, it will never be less than 50,000 euros. If he counts his age and the premium brought by the China market behind him, he will definitely be able to afford such a large sum of money. Even if he has searched all over Europe, there are only a few super giants, and they may not
"In fact, Barcelona Club is relatively well-off now, but you just don’t want to say that Barcelona has Messi, and you have different characteristics from him. Barcelona also has a center!" Mendes complained somewhat discontentedly
Gao Jun argued with a smile, "The characteristics of Barcelona tactics and Messi are perfect match. With Messi’s mature skills and physical growth, it will inevitably become the core of the team for a year or two. I don’t want to give him a beater. I am not afraid of competition, but I am competing with Messi. It is uncomfortable to lose. Needless to say, even if I win, Messi will be squeezed into the bench and wasted, it will be a loss of world football! For such a top superstar, well, he is not only quick for the time being, but I prefer opponents to beat them rather than teammates to appreciate the loneliness of the masters in the game. "
"Okay, okay, it’s your decision to transfer, but you can only afford it if you are worth the top giants now, but how can this team not be the star player? Do you still intend to stay with Dynamo Dresden? " Mendes gave in, but his problems were more acute.