Ji Guo was ashamed of not staying on the court after scoring 61 points. The Clippers have already gained a 25-point lead. It is extremely shameful that he is still on the court. If he hits the Lakers again, he will be damned to deal with him.

The immortal fox was arrogant after the game, and everyone could imagine his nostrils facing up.
Emma Watson didn’t watch the game. When she returned to the hotel to rest, the game had already finished three quarters.
A few days after returning to England, little Hermione was already a little restless. This guy hasn’t spoken to her for almost a week since Zhou returned to England to shoot Harry Potter’s last film, Ji Guo Shame. In the end, the British girl couldn’t hold on after watching the game. First, she called a dead fox.
Ji Guoshi is at home with rolled sheets, a young singer. Where can I pick her up? Besides, at home, she didn’t dare to make her own special dual-card fox mobile phone. Isn’t that exposed? But it doesn’t matter. The two brothers’ mobile phones now have more high technology-if one of them is inconvenient to answer, it will automatically transfer to the other’s mobile phone.
At the moment, the answer is actually Ji Guoqiu. The giant panda is rolling his eyes and chatting with little Hermione according to the idea of thinking and reading the manuscript in telepathy.
Their two sounds are similar. Reagan can’t tell whether it’s a brother or a younger brother. Even if you make a video call, you’re not afraid that they both have the same hairstyle. With this clarity, the front camera can’t tell who is who, even if it’s their sister.
The two brothers even figured out the problem that the camera will become clearer in the future, and then they will give the video call an automatic skinning function. At that time, the sisters still can’t tell who is who.
Of course, it happens occasionally that both of them are inconvenient to answer the phone, so I really can’t get through. But this kind of thing happens very rarely. Emma Watson sometimes can’t figure out how a dead fox can answer her phone at any time when she lives with that fake chest.
Ji Guoqiu also secretly lamented in his heart, sighing that little Hermione was blind. The fox didn’t know where he didn’t call his sister for a week and asked her to call him herself. Doesn’t that make that guy more proud?
Chapter six hundred and ninety-six Embarrassed fox
On December 12th, Clippers played Memphis Grizzlies at home.
Last month, the Clippers lost to this youth team. Mark Gasol+Blake Griffin formed a beast line to show their power. This season, they defeated many strong teams. Excellent defense on the outside line is their magic weapon to defeat the enemy, especially the ability to attack the line is also growing together with the growth of the two lines.
However, all teams have defects. Teams are like season clippers. There are real dynasty teams in history that are perfect. Grizzlies don’t have this strength yet.
The problem of Memphis people is that their ability to shoot outside is very poor. They have played for almost two months in the regular season, and all the statistics can be used to measure the advantages and disadvantages of each team. Grizzly bears’ three-pointers and high-position shots are the third lowest in the league, but they can’t beat Grizzly bears. Kneel!
The Clippers lost to the Grizzlies for the second time because they suffered back-to-back losses. Now they have rested for three days, and the core state of the team is surprisingly good. More importantly, the Grizzlies have become a back-to-back team on the road this time. The Clippers are all gearing up for revenge not long ago!
The grizzlies’ comprehensive strength is not as good as that of the Clippers, and their beast line faces the combination of O’ Neill and Ji Guoshame, which is actually the restrained side.
Mark Gasol’s strength and height are hard to take advantage of O ‘Neal, and it’s hard to say that Jordan Jr. will win.
Ji Guo Shame vs Griffin is a highlight of the game, but just like Ji Guo Shame always suffered from James and Gart in the first two seasons, the young players are not mature enough in technology and rich enough in experience, and they can’t beat the old superstars, not to mention Griffin’s physical fitness. Although he is slightly better in bounce and strength, Ji Guo Shame also has the advantages of flexibility and height and wingspan. Neither of them can take too much advantage of the body.
Clippers fans think it’s a pity that Ji Guo’s shame is gone today. Crazy little Hermione probably knows that she scared the dead fox. She returned to the United States a few days ago and didn’t do that again. Ji Guo’s shame has been secretly dirty at Emma Watson’s for a few days while Taylor Swift was holding a concert outside.
Taylor Swift will of course call back from time to time, and sometimes he will make a surprise attack on a dead fox in a hotel in the middle of the night, which is very painful!
But it doesn’t matter. Ji has prepared all kinds of high-tech weapons. Otherwise, what are those Cheng Xuyuan who support the company for?
Ji Guo humiliated, coerced and forced the poor guys in the company to distribute all kinds of software that met his requirements. Of course, he wouldn’t say what all this was for. The technicians of "Cat and Fox Technology" didn’t know that it was meaningful to get their boss’s family background on the mobile phone.
It’s a shame for Ji Guo to forge evidence that he stayed at home.
Ji Guo’s shame that the mobile phone can’t hang can make the background fool the little singer during various video calls. Besides, even the domestic servants have been bought for him. It’s not money to buy those maids and girls who are now working in his company. This is much better than giving money to buy them.
However, after the problem was temporarily solved, Ji Guo was ashamed of his body and lost the pressure. Today, instead, he lost his previous good state. In this game, Ji Guo tried his best to get 35 points and became angry because of Griffin’s entanglement. In the last quarter, he gave the rookie champion a hard elbow and was sent out by the referee for a malicious foul. A ban is certain
Seeing that many Lakers fans who watched the game before saw Ji Guo’s humiliation in Los Angeles for no reason, they felt excited!
Today, for the first time, they feel that the dead fox is not so hateful, and it seems to be pleasing to the eye. They all say that it’s good to play basketball. That’s the way to elbow when it’s time to elbow. Don’t be polite to them. This is the core style of the Los Angeles team
Ji’s elbow of shame not only sent him away, but also got Griffin. Although Griffin attended the press conference as usual after the game, the Grizzlies didn’t have Griffin’s counterattack momentum in the last few minutes and couldn’t fight at all. They won four consecutive victories by the Clippers.
Griffin suffered a lot today. Before being elbowed in the fourth quarter, he almost clashed with Ji Guoshi.
After the game, Griffin’s face was still black and angry, saying, "fo is the greatest player of my generation. I have never experienced Duncan and Gatt, and fo is the greatest fourth player I have ever seen."
Griffin didn’t take advantage of this game. He’s not a player like Malone. He’s ashamed to have a wrestling match and finally he can spit it out at the post-match press conference.
However, Griffin’s mouth gun is very technical. First, he unexpectedly praised Ji Guo’s humiliation to the sky, and then he showed his real attack. He said in front of a group of puzzled reporters, "He will try to overwhelm you mentally. He will often elbow me, stop me from moving, and hit me. I told him that if he wants to fight with me, then he will play well, and then he will really ko me. I think I can’t beat him if I really fight with him."
The reporters all laughed and peed Griffin. How wronged would he say such a thing? Look … It’s too bad that the dead fox bullied the rookie like this.
Ji Guo was ashamed. Why didn’t he think that he had been blinded by Griffin?
That night, Griffin’s remarks were hyped up by the media and pushed to the forefront. From then on, he really became the worst and dirtiest player in the nba as Bill ranbir and was rated by the new york Times.
Although David Stern loves his father like a mountain, he is sad in the face of the pressure of the whole public opinion, but he still has to put the righteousness above the family.
So the next day, the league announced that Ji Guo was banned for three games and fined $25.
Ji Guo’s shame was furious when he learned the news. His league banned him for one game, which would be the sky. I didn’t expect that michel platini didn’t love me anymore after three games.
Clippers fans cursed the league for being biased against Fox’s younger brother. Without Ji Guo’s shame, the Clippers’ offensive ability dropped by a level, which needs to be frosted. The Clippers will play Orlando Magic back-to-back at home the next day. How can they play without foxes?
Howard is so excited that O ‘Neal can play more than two quarters. Who else in the Clippers can stop him without Ji’s humiliation?
It’s a pity that the game didn’t end as he thought. Joel Anthony was in charge of beating Howard after O’ Neill’s field. The Canadian’s strength was still very good. On the contrary, his height disadvantage allowed him to concentrate on resisting Howard’s hook outside the penalty area, and he ignored it. You are amazing if you can score.
Howard was embarrassed in this game. Even if he could turn around and break through Joel Anthony Clippers, other players would immediately foul him and send him to the free throw line. What level of Howard’s free throw is best known to O’ Neill with reference to Clippers.
Iguodala became the Clippers Raiders today and came to the Clippers to degenerate, averaging 12 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 masters. Today, Iguodala scored 24 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Star data Iguodala and Ray Allen and Billups combined in the backcourt today. Three arrows were fired together and the rotation array was added. Old Hill and Dragic Clippers played bravely on the offensive end. Do you want the magic team?
Clippers fans are also stupid. Why didn’t they expect that the team’s firepower would be stronger without Ji Guo’s humiliation?