Rivers took a look at it and left Ray Allen and Gatt with Pierce alone. The Green Army coach planned to let Ray Allen and Gatt play the whole quarter in the fourth quarter, and Pierce would take a break for a few minutes. After Alston finished, he could play for a few minutes instead of the Green Army commander.

Old Deng Liwei was much more ruthless than Rivers. He didn’t intend to exchange twins for Billups and Artest for Mobry and Garcia at the half-time instead of Blaine Knight, Mobry, Garcia, Ji Guofen and Ji Guofen at the end of the third quarter of the Clippers.
Celtic team Kassel, Alston, Pierce, Glenn Davis, pj Brown.
Old Deng Liwei is determined to double-team Pierce Celtics in this formation. Except Pierce, the other four players are not capable of independent attack.
Although Castle shoots accurately, the Clippers won’t give him an easy shot. The threat of the 39-year-old alien breakthrough is negligible. Thornton’s breakthrough ability is outstanding, but having a twin brother in the Basketball Association defense is not worried that he can go straight to Huanglong with his finishing ability. Besides, Mobry’s sudden prevention can prevent this rookie breakthrough without much loss. The other two Celtics are not too much of a threat. The Clippers can focus most of their energy on Pierce, the most threatening point.
In the second half of the third quarter, the Celtics’ offensive end suddenly misfired, and the Clippers line became a no-fly zone for a while. Celtics players could choose to hit the iron on the outside line continuously, making the Green Army fans feel as if they had been punched in the chest. This sound is simply desperate!
The offensive end is unfavorable, and the Celtics’ defense is also quite bad. A group of old arms and legs can rely on experience to finish their legs and feet, and the strength defects of the Clippers’ Green Army bench are exposed.
Blevennett was ordered by the old Deng Liwei to aim at Castle and shoot when he had the chance. If he didn’t have the chance, he gave the panda brother to let the latter continue to storm pj Brown. This is also an old guy who is almost 4 years old. The Clippers tactic is to aim at the Celtics, two 39-year-old veterans, to play singles crazily!
Rivers killed castle in less than two minutes, and immediately Eddie House, the patron saint of water dispensers, was replaced by a screen alien with a height of 13 meters.
Blevennett had forced Kassel to score twice in a row to turn the score into 7: the Celtics were in a very dangerous situation.
House, a player, is a point guard, but generally has no ability to control the ball, organization, defense and speed and explosive power. He is so-so tall and 13 meters tall, and he has nothing to gain except his good shooting ability.
In this way, the player may become a star player like Allen Iverson in ba, but in nba, he just eats the bad taste and doesn’t regret the chicken ribs.
Blevennett didn’t get any other orders, so he continued to pounce on House, and then made a sudden stop to get rid of the Celtics’ defense, which was very general, and the third point guard.
Pj Brown had to make up for Blaine Knight. As a result, Brother Panda hung directly from the basket a second later and the Clippers played a wonderful relay, which forced Rivers to call a timeout.
"Mom!" Rivers cursed in his heart. He never thought that old Deng Liwei would break the game with Blevennett, and this little guy really messed up the Celtics’ defense. It was disgusting.
Score 9: The Clippers suddenly broke out at the end of the third quarter, and the team charged for a double-digit lead. Now they are one point away from completing this.
Boston fans sang the team song during the timeout period, and the team encouraged the team to launch a counterattack in the last minute of the third quarter to narrow the difference, otherwise the Clippers took a double-digit lead and entered the final quarter, which would be really finished. Once the Clippers had enough lead, they would surely defend well to hold their advantage and succeed almost every time.
Rondo returned to the Celtics this season after the suspension, and the price paid for forming the Big Three was that the bench was weak. If it was not for the accidental acquisition of Alston and Castle, their bench would be even more stretched, and they might not reach the finals at all.
Old Deng Liwei didn’t adjust the ball array after the timeout. Blevennett released Rondo’s one-and-a-half-step defense and gave the Celtics a three-pointer opportunity.
Rondo hasn’t made a few shots in the whole series. In the 27 playoff games of the three-point season, he hit 26% of the three-point shots.
However, although the shooting rate of 26% is cheating, it doesn’t mean that Rondo can’t shoot once. This small injury often has an attribute bonus, which is usually the exclusive passive skill of the star. However, the second-year rookie of the Celtics also has this skill. Rondo’s awkward shooting posture finally scored a key three-pointer at the key moment.
Ji Guo was ashamed to go back and cheat Glen Davis on the three-point line for a foul and almost scored three plus one in his skill of abusing vegetables.
Rivers buried his face on the sidelines and felt that he should have replaced Gatgren Davis. This round of series performance was really poor. Rivers felt that the only thing he did was to make Ji Guo feel ashamed of bullying and being afraid of hard work. The dead fox smiled all the more when he saw this big meat ball.
There are 35 seconds left in the third quarter, and the score is 9:3. Ji Guosheng will make three free throws this time. Rivers is worried about rebounding problems and specially sent Gatt to protect the backboards in the backcourt.
"Boss, I thought of an extreme shame plan," Ji Guoshi said in his mind before making a free throw.
"Have you forgotten that we have telepathy? If you don’t say I already know, I will do it your way."
Ji Guo’s shame showed a sly smile at the free throw line. Taylor Swift knew he was going to play tricks when he saw the dead fox.
Emma Watson saw the close-up of Ji’s national humiliation on the big screen, but she shouted "How handsome!"
Even my sister’s idea is the correct answer, especially Taylor Swift’s accurate view. Ji’s first two free throws are normal, and two of them are free throws.
Boston fans in the North Shore Garden Stadium have now cursed the "sick man of East Asia", "braided pig" and "communist butcher"! However, these laws prevented Ji Guo from shaming the free throw, which made the anger in the hearts of the two brothers more determined and decided to play tricks on the third free throw.
"Mom, I’m sure all American fans don’t want us to win at this time, especially when we are about to surpass their country’s genius. The Americans must want us to sprint backwards."
"Give me your crap. Remember to hit the right. Don’t make a mistake."
Ji Guo’s shame, hey hey, smiled, and made the maiden fox honey crazy before seeing it. See Ji Guo’s shame’s third free throw "thud"-this is the first free throw missed by the twin brothers today.
"No, stop them quickly!" Rivers was there to see the basketball pop up in the direction where Brother Panda landed, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat at this moment.
"Well done!" Ji Guoqiu doesn’t feel ashamed of this despicable trick. It’s a championship ring. How many great players didn’t get one until they retired? No matter what meanness or shame he is.
Pj Brown stuck in front of Brother Panda. If it was a normal free throw, there would be no chance here. Unfortunately, this free throw was not an accident, but people played basketball far more far than Celtic players expected. Even if pj Brown got stuck in the position, he still couldn’t stop Ji Guoqiu.
When Ji Guoqiu is well calculated, he jumps to the top of his head. Basketball has equal opportunities, but everyone knows that this kind of ball, pj Brown, can’t beat the vertical bounce beyond m unless he is ten years younger. The gap between them is too wide!
Chapter three hundred and twenty Who told you that you couldn’t get the rebound?
Ji Guoqiu grabbed the rebound at pj Brown’s head, and Gatt immediately rushed to block the panda warrior’s quick take-off in the defense of two Celtic linemen. Before the clearance, a hook sent the basketball to the basket and then lost his balance and fell to the floor.
The referee hesitated after the basketball fell into the basket and blew the defensive foul whistle!
Gatt’s thug was so obvious this time that the stadium people could hear him clearly. It is estimated that the front row fans could hear him and could not turn a blind eye. Besides, the purpose of the league is to let the players decide the ownership of the championship by themselves, which means that the penalty should be fair and never fall short of the population
If the twin brothers are white-skinned, then the referee and the league’s top management will not care so much, and they will do everything possible to make the Clippers win the championship and push the two brothers to achieve novelty.
However, the twin brothers are yellow-skinned, which makes the alliance legally determined to create a new god. The two yellow-skinned superstars make most white fans very exclusive. After all, whites account for a small part, especially in European and American countries. How can China people have a good impression on Chinese whenever they have the opportunity?
Coupled with the recent gambling referee turmoil, even if the two brothers win the championship, the new nba broadcast contract will reach an amazing digital alliance. In the end, they still choose to let the players decide for themselves whether the two brothers can achieve a novelty or not. Since the fifth game, no one has helped them to fight for it on their own.
Ji Guo’s shame is overjoyed at the moment. These two brothers are really fighting for it now, which requires your help. When the time comes, they will be scolded and won the championship by relying on the alliance’s partial help.
Brother Panda scored this goal in Boston, and the fans were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood. If it wasn’t stupid, they could have guessed Ji Guoshi’s free throw. If it wasn’t intentional, it would be a ghost! Who doesn’t know that their two brothers can’t play so far even if they miss, and the direction is just the direction of Ji Guoqiu, which M is so clever?
The referee also thinks that this is the truth, but according to the evidence, it’s not self-defeating to punish Ji Guo and shame others. It seems a little ridiculous to punish Brother Panda for grabbing the frontcourt rebounds. Can’t others grab the frontcourt rebounds?
Besides, the two brothers cheated. This is speculation. If you can get a conviction by guessing?
If this really punishes Ji Guoqiu for rebounding, how can he hack China dictatorship?
The North Shore Garden Stadium is about to explode, especially when Ji Guoqiu is at the penalty line again. Boston fans can’t wait to kill these two despicable guys with guns!
Celtic players look at Ji Guoqiu with the same bad complexion. Just after my younger brother was punished, now my brother is punished again. Who knows if these two bitches will do it again later? It will be endless …
They guessed it right. If Ji Guoqiu makes a penalty, the score will become 95-3, and the Clippers will lead by 12 points. And the answer is not limited to this one. What if Ji Guoqiu misses the penalty and the rebound is picked up by his younger brother? Hehe, then I don’t know what the final score will be. Maybe it will really limit the cycle.
Celtic players are now on edge, staring at Ji Guoqiu and ready to rush out to protect the backboard as soon as there is any problem. They are now 11 points behind and can’t afford any more mistakes.
Rivers replaced Perkins with old pj Brown. The fat bounce may not be as good as pj Brown, but he has the strength to get the main position, which is very important.
Old Deng Liwei is not a good crop for Tim Thomas for an old cat. The Mobry Clippers are much taller than the Celtics now.
Then all eyes were on the free throw. Brother Panda and the two brothers slapped the free throw three times and then shot quickly.
But this time, Ji Guoqiu made a shot after slapping twice, and before basketball was shot, he shook his head to guard against Celtic players.
Garth and Perkins were shaken by Ji Guo’s hatred and almost rushed out with a slight forward tension.
Ji Guoqiu not only changed the number of shots, but also made a slow shot when he raised his hand to shoot.
Garth and Perkins didn’t expect this usually honest and honest giant panda to be so nervous and shaken. Before they could react, they saw Ji Guo’s shame "sou" and rushed out to move to the left waist first. At this time, the basketball hasn’t touched the basket …
"bang!" Ji Guoqiu’s free throw hit the basket and popped up high.
Celtic players and ex-fans have a secret passage in their hearts: "Sure enough!" Celtic players also added "damn it!"
It suddenly occurred to Gatt that Ji Guo’s humiliation had just fallen to the left waist position first. Now, isn’t it just the left waist position to look at the direction of basketball ejection?
"They must have discussed it before the game!" Gatt realized in his heart that this was the only reasonable explanation.
Ji Guo’s shame came to a favorable position before, and even if Gatt had equal opportunities, it would be a tragedy for Ji Guo’s shame to play faster, not to mention the current unfavorable situation, Ji Guo’s shame made it easy to get the rebound root without giving Gatt a chance.