Jespoke actually has a front position. Everyone is ready to hide when they see the acceleration door opening, but his shells are extremely fast and always hit several people at the right angle.

"I can’t wait until I’m better," the stone man typed
His big move is that a stone man with strong control hovers around looking for someone who can hold the other key and is about to rush.
Lu Zhan also put his finger on the Q key and waited for a ball to kill the enemy tower.
Chapter 4 Fierce Group Wars
Lu Zhan stared at the stone man’s head, and there was a small circle next to it. He waited for the stone man’s circle to turn green, which meant that the stone man had made a big move.
But surprisingly, before the stone man got better, the other side of the group first
First of all, the little girl Annie, with the advantage of team resources, has produced three pieces of output equipment, which hurts a lot.
She seemed to be swinging around, but she suddenly took advantage of the opportunity in front of the policewoman to make a fuss.
"yeah! Bos! " Annie flashed a big move without hesitation. A bear hit the policewoman on the head.
Broken fire!
Light it!
Annie’s passive folding to the fourth floor can stun people for 175 seconds, which is enough for her to release so many skills. Three skills have been used to make the policewoman directly disabled.
But it’s not over yet. The other cow’s head also rushed out, and the second company kept the policewoman in place.
The blind monk quickly kicked out the female gun and Jess also threw the output skills at the policewoman desperately, which symbolizes that the policewoman in Picheng law died before she could export it.
Annie and Niutou not only fainted to the policewoman, but also fainted to the policewoman’s side. The fire man, however, suffered less damage but was still bleeding.
Many singles like to hit as many people as possible, but in fact, this big move is definitely worth it if you can drop the opponent’s key characters at one time.
Annie, the other party, obviously understands this truth. The policewoman who develops best in the second is equivalent to pulling out the blue square teeth, and the toothless tiger can be slowly consumed to death.
This combo came too suddenly, and several blue people didn’t respond, so the policewoman died.
It’s hard for Jacques to join the league, but it’s still a situation of four to five.
Advance or retreat? There are four people left in Lu Zhan’s side who are obviously divided.
Fire Man and Nightmare chose to retreat, but Stone Man and Jax chose to charge.
"Boom!" The stone man just got better, and the big move finally came out.
This goal is very true, that is, the female gun and the Jessi stone man look at the blind monk and the bull’s head protruding in front.
Both the female gun and Jess were bounced by the stone man, and the stone man got closer. Jess hung up, slowed down, stuck and hit.
But Jess reacted quickly this time and directly hammered the stone man.
Lu Zhan Jax was beating the blind monk in the front row and saw Jess out of the E skill horse and shifted the target.
Jump and chop!
He jumped into Jess, swung the street lamp and continued to "bang".
At this time, everyone found out that Jax had played for a while first, and the blind monk was trying to stack up his passivity while waiting for Jess to develop E skills.
This time, Lu Zhan charged first, Q, and the other person’s face was flat again. This was calculated. The attack frequency happened to be accompanied by big moves, passivity and brilliance. The additional damage was very considerable. He reset Ping A again and smashed it. This time, Lu Zhan was lucky, and the glory CD just ended, which triggered the additional damage of brilliance again.
This set is that Jacques read the information before he even recruited Lu Zhan. It said that it would not come out at that time, but after several attempts when the road was alone, it was almost touched
This attack cycle has two skills, Q and W, two flat A injuries, two brilliant injuries and one big move injury. In an instant, it broke out with great fighting power, knocked out Jess without meat, and Lu Zhan also hung a light for Jess in his busy schedule.
And the three forces are attached to accelerate, so he can stick to Jess and continue to output.
Jess was hung up by the stone man when he came. Slow down and reduce the attack speed. At this time, he can’t leave, so he can choose to fight with Jax recklessly.
Fortunately, after Lu Zhan finished, he didn’t start E skills. Jess and the female gun next to him can still do harm to Jacques.
However, Jax’s output of the three broken items is really too high, and he has already killed Jess before one of his E skills improved.
There were no soldiers around, and poor Jess went back to guard the future without using Q skills to escape.
At this time, Jacques turned his head with a street lamp and looked at the female gun next to him with a smile.
The sexy woman’s gun has a sudden heart. She has not flashed. She can cut it flat and deal with Jacques.
Jax jumped in front of her mercilessly and ravaged her. Soon, the female gun’s charming body was running out of blood. The female gun was retreating while fighting. At this time, it had retreated to the attack range of the second tower
When she decided to put all her eggs in one basket and made her own big move against Jacques,
However, only two rows of bullets were fired, which was interrupted by Jax’s stunned E skill, and soon she was killed, too.
Killing another man, Lu Zhan, Jax didn’t have much blood. He quickly escaped from the attack range of the defensive tower and observed the situation on the field.
When Jacques rushed in, the blind monk tried to save his back row, but Nai was stopped by the stone man, and the fire man and nightmare found that the team battle was still being fought and turned back to output. However, this time, the purple side three people first besieged the stone man, and the stone man was very resistant to beating after all, and soon he was bleeding.
The cow’s head is made of meat, the blind monk is made of meat, and the output of half meat depends on Anne. At this time, Anne folded a fire ring and continued to burn the stone man to death. At the same time, she fainted to output the nightmare. Anne received a Q skill and cooperated with the bear injury to cripple the nightmare.
And the fire man is also a beautiful blind monk. Unfortunately, his range is limited, and he can hit the front row but not Annie.
But just because he can’t hit it doesn’t mean that others can’t. At this time, Jacques cut the soldier and sucked a little blood, and once again waved the street lamp and rushed at Annie.
But this time, the purple side didn’t let him succeed. The auxiliary tauren seems to have been waiting for Jax to return to see Jax’s shadow. The tauren simply turned his head to protect Annie regardless of the blind monk. After all, Annie is alive now to continue fighting.
The tauren turned back decisively, and the brutal collision of W skills hit a small soldier and moved to the front of Jacques.
But after all, Jacques still has a jump. He jumped into Annie’s body and output a bull’s head to react and chase Jacques back.
Jax, nightmare, and fire man are all residual blood. If Anne folds up dizziness again, it will be a steady group to stop the rhythm.
Lu Zhan must drop Annie as quickly as possible, but at the moment there is still a bull’s head in front of him, and the bull’s head is still holding a blow to fly Jacques to jump and chop, but it has already passed.
At this time, Jax’s blood volume is not too much. If he is involved with the tauren again, I’m afraid Root will not be able to get close to Annie, and this wave will not be won.
After all, some time ago, Jess had the advantage here, and it was so simple for Lu Zhan to make a quick comeback.