After China surprisingly swept the strong Costa Rican team, their dark horse status was finally affirmed, but most people still think that they have come to an end in this competition, because their opponent in one competition will be Brazil, the favorite team to win the championship.

However, even if it stopped in the semi-finals, this China junior team still created the best result of the China junior team in the World Junior Games. Therefore, not only many well-known sports newspapers in China sent reporters to Finland, but even CCTV Sports Channel sent people to broadcast the Finnish side. However, although it was finally settled, it was impossible for China to participate in the semi-finals due to time constraints. There is always a game behind the semi-finals. That live broadcast can still be guaranteed.
At this time, Liu Chunming did his best to be a head coach. He rudely kept those reporters out so that the team could prepare for the war with peace of mind, which made Gao Jun have a little confidence in a game.
However, this year’s Brazilian national team is really strong. Although there are no future football superstars, the team’s tactical coordination is very skilled and the defense is quite good. History is often like this. The fact that the Brazilian team is the most horrible is that this Brazilian team may be the strongest in history. The 17-year-old Brazilian youth team can look at the history and their invincible record will be white.
However, in the juvenile competition, the maximum age of players should not exceed 17 years old, the gap between countries is far less than that of adult teams, and their play is even more unstable, so there is still a chance of surprise, especially now that the team has the core of the second-generation high army attack
On the 27th and 23rd, Beijing, the FIFA 17-year-old World Youth Football Championship in Finland entered the ninth competition day and entered the semi-final competition. Among them, the match between Brazil and China was held at the Latina Stadium in Tampere, a city in southwestern Finland, with 7675 spectators attending the match.
Only three minutes after the game, China team created a murder weapon and boldly assisted to the frontcourt. Zhang Chenglin suddenly shot back after receiving the ball from teammate Li Chunyu 3 meters away from the goal, but Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno was very attentive. He struggled to jump up and block the ball.
Chapter 23 The Strongest Brazil
Then China’s offensive went from wave to wave and even kept Brazil in the half-court for ten minutes, but perhaps the previous game ran out of luck. China’s attack was always fruitless, and even the shot was as sure as a gun. Gao Jun was no exception. A powerful shot from the restricted area hit the post and a good chance popped up. The header hit the door and flew off the crossbar, which made him hate to beat his thigh.
The wave opportunity really deserved retribution. In the 15th minute, Brazil seized the only chance to take the lead after the game. Abodah, the top scorer in the team, jumped high in the restricted area of China and received the ball hammer from teammate Jonathan. The previous four games were the first to take the lead, and China finally tasted the taste of losing the ball first.
With this goal, Brazil quickly found the rhythm of the game and completely controlled the situation. However, Brazil’s heavy pressure made China see the opportunity to fight back. Nine minutes before the end of the half-time game, China’s left-back Yu Hai and left-back Hao played a beautiful two-over-two match, and Yu Hai broke into the penalty area and volleyed vigorously. However, in this game, Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno miraculously saved the ball, but the ball did not fall far. Gao Jun, a master of leakage, appeared in a dangerous position and grabbed his foot in front of the Brazilian defender to shovel it.
After scoring goals, I always don’t like to celebrate. Gao Jun waved his arm and shouted at his teammates, "How can you lose when you finally hit here?" What about Brazil? Kill him as well! "
"That’s right! Kill Brazil! Advance to the finals! " The boys of the China team are fearless of age, and the good performance in this World Cup has made their confidence burst. Now they are greatly boosted by the morale of Gao Jun.
After the game became more and more fierce, the two sides moved more and more. Li Jian, the core of China’s midfield, was injured after being maliciously fouled by Brazilian players. Because of the yellow card suspension, a lower back was unable to play. At this time, Liu Chunming had to send Li Jian, who had just turned 14 years old, to replace the injured one, but gave Brazil a yellow card, which would be a big loss for China.
Although * * Peng has a promising future, now he still can’t compare with Li Jian, especially in offense, and he is too rough in defense. This loophole was immediately seized by the Brazilian team with strong tactical literacy and desperately attacked.
In the 72nd minute, the Brazilian team got a quick counterattack opportunity. Ivanderoli deftly and easily crossed Peng’s shovel and took the ball forward. Cai Xi, the main defender of the China team, quickly came to make up for the defense, but Ivandero did not entangle with him at this moment, but accurately gave the ball to Abodah Abodah. After receiving the ball, he pushed the ball from the far corner and was a little slow. He could watch the ball roll into the net from his armpit and Brazil pulled the score again.
"Don’t worry, you are still very long. Keep attacking!" Gao Jun saw that his teammates seemed to be hit by this lost ball, and he quickly spoke encouragingly. In the fifth minute, Gao Jun suddenly sent a straight plug to the ribs after he got the ball. Yu Haishi’s high-speed forward insertion was offside, and after successfully receiving the ball, he continued to take two steps forward, then pushed the ball across the door to Gao Jun and easily pushed the ball into the net. This record was like a goal of teaching science to equalize the score again!
After a while, the normal time ended at 9 minutes, and the two sides entered overtime with 22 draws.
At this time, the weakness of China players’ general poor physical fitness has been fully exposed. In Brazil, the flood of offensive can support hard and it is not easy to have a quick counterattack opportunity. However, Yu Hai was destroyed by the opponent’s defender because of his physical decline. Fortunately, due to the opponent’s physical consumption, he also moved and somewhat deformed. He wanted to kick the ball out of the sideline, but he kicked the ball to the corner flag and gave the China team a corner kick.
For China, which has many high points, corner kick is also a good chance to score, but Hao Junmin, who takes the penalty corner kick, also consumes a lot of physical strength, and his skills are severely deformed. He always has a good footwork. As a result, the Brazilian central defender easily pushed the ball out.
But just when the Brazilians breathed a little sigh of relief, the young substitute, Peng Peng, volleyed at the top of the restricted area against the falling ball. Although the quality of the ball was good, the angle was still a little off, but who knew that the ball happened to hit an unlucky Brazilian player and changed direction and refracted and flew into the net. The score became 32. According to the rules of this World Cup, the Brazilian team suddenly died! China was lucky to win this tough game!
It’s hard to accept the harsh reality that the goalkeeper of Brazil watched the net roll the ball with a dull face. He performed almost perfectly in this game. Why did this happen? Gao Jun, on the other hand, has rushed to the young hero and threw him to the ground, almost out of control and cried, "You really are my lucky general!"
Gao Jun said that * * Peng was his blessing for a reason. When he first entered Gao Jiajun, his abilities in all aspects were actually not excellent. At that time, Gao Jun had to plan ahead and turned the national team into a base for training new people. Peng Cai got into the national team early because of this, but his personal ability was not excellent at that time, but he was always able to score key goals, most of which were very lucky, such as refraction. Considering that he played as a right back at that time, there were not many chances to get a shot. I have to say that he was indeed a lucky general, and Gao Jun successfully survived the initial crisis of taking over the national football team with his savior several times. When he won the reform of the national football team, he didn’t expect that Peng was a lucky star of Gao Jun after crossing.
China and Brazil decided the winner, then another semi-final was held, and the winner was quickly decided. The Spanish team launched a tidal offensive in the unfavorable situation of falling behind 2, and finally equalized the score and entered overtime. When the game was about to enter the penalty shootout, another city suddenly killed the powerful Argentine team, and they became an opponent of China.
Chapter 24 decisive battle in Spain ()
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In this game, Spain scored 26 shots and the possession ratio reached a frightening 62% (the opponent was Argentina), showing a strong attack, while Fabregas, the core midfielder of Spain, scored two goals by himself.
"Fabregas? This is my first world-class star across the back, right? Although he is a world-class star in the future, "Gao Jun, the hotel room, silently watched the screen and ignited an unprecedented fighting spirit in his heart."
Now Fabregas is only 16 years old, but he has already reached a fairly high level of competition. You know, after more than a month of history, he played for Arsenal in official competitions, and his strength can be seen. It is really enviable to think about it.
However, Gao Jun’s self-confidence will not be lost to himself. Although he has just entered the puberty, all other physical qualities except his height have surpassed the semi-mutilated body in his previous life. Moreover, after three young people’s training, he has completely adapted to this new body and almost recovered to the level of subversion in that year. Some of his skills are still very good. That is to say, Gao Jun has now surpassed himself in the past. That is to say, when he plays the position of second striker or shadow striker, his strength has reached the top of the country and the first-class level in Asia. In most cases, he is worried about injuries because his body is
However, the football match is not one-on-one, and Fabregas’ teammates are suspected to be stronger than Gao Jun’s teammates, and the Spanish team is terrible because they are becoming more and more mature in ball control, and they can even reach 62% of the ball control rate against Argentina, a team with strong technical skills. If China is much rougher in technology, it is possible that China players will be tired and exhausted after running after the ball, especially most of China’s players will be physically weak and consume badly in the semi-finals.
However, after all, this Spanish team is not the one that won N world championships in the future, nor is it a weakness. Gao Jun has specially conducted targeted tactical training for several players in the frontcourt, such as cracking it with confidence.
Now Gao Jun gradually discovers that Liu Chunming, a coach, dares to give it to him although his professional level is very low. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with this guy continuing to take it with him. Of course, if he has a choice, Gao Jun still hopes to have a high-level coach. After all, he certainly can’t see the problems in the game so clearly.
"Hello, fans and friends in front of the camera, I’m Huang Jianxiang, and this is the CCTV sports channel. The final match of the 23 Finnish 17-year-old World Youth Football Championship will be held in Helsinki. The two sides are the Chinese national youth football team and the Spanish national youth team. I am familiar with Zhang Lu Zhang’s guidance and we will explain it together." The famous football commentator Huang Jianxiang, the guest of V Studio, Zhang Lu, talked with a big smile about the wonderful performance of the China junior team in the previous games.
"Zhang directed the China junior national team to perform well in the World Junior Championships in Finland, and a recording and broadcast reversal of the lore of the Brazilian team won the applause of the fans. It is rare in recent years whether it is skill, tactics or volition. Can you analyze why this junior national team can perform so well?" Huang Jianxiang smiled and asked Zhang Lu.
"Hey, hey (Zhang, hey, hey), this is first of all a tactical approach to building Xiang. You see, the advanced technical play of the country’s less ground ball cutting is almost the same as that of our national security small fast spirit (boasting one by the way), which is very advanced." Zhang Lu pointed to the screen to play the first few games.
"Director Zhang is right. If China football wants to have hope, it must adhere to this technical flow style for a long time." Huang Jianxiang responded very well
"And then, hey, hey, that is, the team has a core player with a better level. Although Gao Jun is not tall, he has scored a goal and an assist in this competition, which is second only to Cesc Fabregas of Spain (5 goals and 6 assists), and he has also played one less game. These two players have performed far better than other players, which one is more powerful is also a highlight of this competition." Zhang Lu continued to analyze.
"When this Gao Jun was called’ China Diego Maradona’ by Xu Genbao Xu before, I still thought he was exaggerating. Now it’s great to look at this child!" Huang Jianxiang couldn’t help but praise, but immediately worried, "But there are too many things that China football" hurts Zhongyong ".I hope he won’t follow the old path of Li Huajun and others."
Zhang Lu also followed a sigh, but he thought that Gao Jun’s excellent performance in the World Cup should attract many European professional clubs, even the top five leagues. If we can seize the opportunity to go abroad as soon as possible, the chances of becoming a talent are much greater than staying in China.
Seeing that the teams on both sides of the screen have entered the arena, Huang Jianxiang quickly stopped chatting and said in a positive voice, "Well, the game is coming soon. Regardless of whether the China team can win or not, they have already created the history of China football, but I believe all China fans like me hope that they can go further."
Few people could have predicted that China took the lead in scoring just after the game, and the way of scoring surprised almost everyone.
"Is this a long punching crane?" Huang Jianxiang asked with a face of language.
"Sort of," Zhang Lu mused, forgetting to say the iconic "Hey, Hey" because of meditation. "I said how to push Lang Zheng to the winger position, but it is really rare to have such a long punch."
"What do you mean?" Huang Jianxiang asked like a curious baby.
"Generally speaking, we say that the long-distance hanging is to hang the ball to the center, route the high center’s header to attack the goal directly or ferry it to teammates to shoot, but now the national junior team puts the tall players on the side and hangs them to the side and the middle. Because the high center often faces two opposing defenders, it is not easy to handle even if he has an advantage in height. But now the China team is hanging to the side. Because the other side usually has a defender and the full-back is generally shorter than the central defender, our tall player has a great advantage. Not only can we head the ball to our teammates, but we can also benefit the physical advantage to squeeze the other side’s full-back to bring the ball back from it. That’s what happened to the goal just now. It’s really difficult for Lang Zheng to guard against him. However, the quality of Lang Zheng’s ball just now is actually very general, and Gao Jun was able to grab the first point and score the ball. The ability to seize the opportunity is really strong. "
Chapter 25 Battle of Spain ()
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Only five minutes later, China team expanded the score again with the same style of play, and this time it was even uglier. Yu Hai headed the ball to the middle of the penalty area on the left side, and he was 1 meter tall and strong. Forward Jiang Chen jumped high and headed the ball in the relay way, which increased his number of goals in this competition to the second place in the five Fabregas tied scorers list.
Gao Jun’s strange play was made when he led the team to play in the league, but there was nothing he could do at that time. There were three 1.9+foreign AIDS in the team and an opponent’s full-back was very short, so he came up with this strange trick. As a result, the other team had the world’s top striker like Drogba of Warcraft, but he still lost in his crazy three-tower tactics.
Spanish players are generally short, and European players rarely change their ages, so most of their physical development is still incomplete (Spaniards are from southern Europe, which is not much earlier than that of China, and when they grow up, they are almost as bad as those from China, which is even worse than that of northerners). This time, the taller of the two full-backs of the Spanish team has just reached 1.7 meters, so Gao Jun came up with the idea of bullying people again, and it really worked wonders.
However, the head coach of the Spanish team was not stunned by the surprise attack of the China team. In his opinion, it is impossible to prevent the attack. The tall winger certainly has an advantage in the middle, but speed and physical strength are bound to be a big problem when defending. Modern football is an important player to defend China. The little demon base does not defend the left wing. The tall trotters will stay in the frontcourt and fight back. Now the right winger can’t defend, so China’s defense will be too weak
Sure enough, Gao Jun immediately scratched his head after the Spanish team pressed heavily, and let Lang Zheng come back to play as a central defender, and the style of play also returned to the regular 442. Although the Spanish team quickly regained the advantage of the scene, it repeatedly missed many scoring opportunities because of impatience. When the China team stabilized, the two goals were lost in vain
"This is a three-legged axe. This Spanish team can’t do it well. If China is behind by two goals, it will have a chance to fight back. Yu Hai, Gao Jun, Jiang Chen and Hao are all fast players. Well, Mao Jianqing also won five fast horses. What should the Spanish team do?" Huang Jianxiang smiled with a relaxed face. Although the strange style of play is not good-looking, the result is the first in this tournament system. If this is not white at all, his explanation for so many years will be in vain.
However, Mao Jianqing didn’t help China to expand the score. On the contrary, because he never defended, lost the ball and rarely grabbed it, China was in danger in front of the door. Fabregas had scored five goals in the previous game, and he seized the opportunity to make a long shot to narrow the score gap to one goal.
However, in a few minutes, Mao Jianqing, who was in a bad state but was extremely angry, was maliciously violated by the Spanish defender when he took the ball back. This fellow did not hesitate to fight back on the spot and was immediately punished by the referee. This change made everyone stunned.
Huang Jianxiang is also very dissatisfied with Mao Jianqing’s performance. "Xiao Mao’s performance in this World Youth Championship is simply a bit of a contribution, but after receiving a red card in such a key game, the national youth and Olympic coaches have to seriously consider whether to recruit this potential anxiety factor again."
Although the team played more and played less, China was more determined to retreat and left Gao Jun alone in the frontcourt. The problem that Spain could not seize the opportunity became more serious. After the siege when stubbornly resisting the Spanish captain, China finally got a quick counterattack opportunity.
When Gao Jun was about to break into the 3-meter area of the frontcourt with the ball, he was thrown to the ground by the Spanish defender’s tactical foul. China got a position, but Hao Junmin sent the ball out of the frontcourt. The short Spanish defender jumped up and competed for the top. Although he failed to top the ball, it just fell in front of Jiang Chen. The score of the hot striker in this game was unceremoniously shot and broke the net, which expanded to 31 again.
"Zeng Cheng’s big foot went out and Gao Jun received the ball. He pulled the ball beautifully and passed the Spanish player who was watching him. Er, he was hooked by the other side. The referee showed a yellow card. China team also got a chance to kick the ball in the frontcourt about 35 meters away from the goal." Huang Jianxiang was excited. "Hao Junmin sent the ball off and shot directly? No, he hit the ball in the sea, but he caught the ball in the opposing defender and flew directly into the air. Jiang Chen flew to Jiang Chen! The Spanish defender tried to squeeze him, but the size was too far. Jiang Chen hit the opponent’s body and didn’t move. He scored! Jiang Chen leaned against the opponent’s defender’s chest and stopped the ball. After that, China volleyed the net and expanded the score to 31 great performances! The youngster has scored six goals in this competition, second only to his teammate Gao Jun, Spain, who performed better, and tied for second place in the scorer list. "
Then the Spanish team went crazy and stormed around the China team’s restricted area. Although it finally scored a goal, the China team fought back sharply and scored two more goals. Jiang Chen and Yu Hai privately sent out two beautiful straight plugs, but they were called "black holes in the stadium" by some media. The score of Gao Jun was finally fixed at 52. China was less than one person in the field. The unfavorable situation miraculously won the victory over his own Spanish national team. Huang Jianxiang was so excited that he lost his voice.
"Congratulations to China, who won this great game. They proved that they are not dark horses, but the strongest team in the world at this age. Congratulations again! I hope that these young geniuses will not take the old road of their predecessors, and China football will bring a beautiful day! " Huang Jianxiang, who has been incoherent, now has a hoarse voice and sent his blessing to the national junior team, which also ended the broadcast of this game that made the national football fans excited.
It was incredible that the result of this game was that most of the world football teams at that time thought it was caused by the unstable state of the youth teams. It was not until several years later that some people realized that this World Junior Tournament was the first successful response of modern ground technology in the world arena.
Chapter 26 Arsenal Chief Scout
After the final, the World Junior Championships also came to a complete end, while the powerful Brazilian team won the third place in the previous third place competition by relying on excellent defense and sharp counterattack.
In the end, Gao Jun won the Golden Globe Award for his perfect performance in helping the team win the championship with nine goals and three assists in less than one match. Cesc Fabregas, the core midfielder of Spain, won the silver ball award for his outstanding performance of six goals and six assists, while the bronze ball award was surprisingly awarded to Bruno, the goalkeeper of Brazil, who was brave in the last match.
The winner of the Golden Boot Award is even more suspenseful. Gao Jun won it with amazing nine goals, while China team Jiang Chen won the silver boot award with seven goals and Spanish team core Fabregas won it with bronze boots. To say that the most depressing thing about this competition is that Fabregas not only failed to win two individual gold medals, but also shrank. Although it will not affect his bright future, Fabregas still deeply remembers Gao Jun, a guy who was born and robbed of honor.