Lin Ze and Rabine have already bumped into each other in an instant. Dark Moon has had a confrontation with frost gloves, but the sharp dark moon left a series of white marks on the surface of Rabine’s frost gloves, which didn’t break the defense of these gloves. The gloves were condensed from frost and had the characteristics of freezing …

Close combat has always been the strength of Bantu people. Now that Lin Ze and Rabine are close together, Rabine naturally won’t show mercy. That pair of frost condensed into gloves, and Rabine waved a tiger and gave birth to wind and punched Lin Ze in the chest.
However, Lin Ze doesn’t fall in the wind and the moon is sharp, which is definitely not something that Rabine can stop. Whenever Lin Ze stabs Rabine with his sword, Rabine has to avoid it, and he can stop Lin Ze with his pair of frost condensed into gloves.
"Dang dang dang-"
Dark moon frost knuckles collided together and even made a sound of gold and iron
Rabine has been waving ten fists at this moment, and Lin Ze is also extremely fast to display the ghost fencing.
One punch versus one sword, two people are evenly matched.
The trainer Ruuge nodded while watching two people fighting. The strength from Allard, Lin Ze and Rabine is really different.
Rabine’s snow-capped mountain children have been fighting in the snow since childhood, and their physique is definitely stronger than that of Allard’s national human beings. It is also extremely difficult for Lin Ze to compete with Rabine and say that Lin Ze has experienced exercise.
For the animal trainer Ruuge, it is very appreciated that children should work hard. In his mind, even if Lin Zefa defeats the avalanche Rabine, he will let Lin Zefa take Rabine Mountain to have a look. Mintai himself has indeed taken Rabine to stay in the Strou Mountain Range for too long.
Compared with the trainer Ruuge, Obese and Cecilia are both very worried about looking at the battlefield.
Both girls don’t want their supporters to lose. Obese knows that Lin Ze will definitely not make ghosts and gods power here. If ghosts and gods power, Rabine Root will resist Lin Zeli’s blow.
It is because of the power of the law that Obers will worry about Lin Ze.
And Cecilia looked at Lin Ze and gave off a strong dark force. The Walker girl could feel that Lin Ze’s physical strength had surpassed that of Rabine!
Rabine’s power should belong to the peak shadow clan according to Arad’s mainland grade, while Lin Ze’s power seems to have broken through the boundary of shadow clan and become the king of shadow.
All two girls know that they are not sure of winning on their side.
But two people on the battlefield don’t care what the battlefield people think. In the battle, Rabine was extremely afraid of Lin Ze’s sharp black sword.
I can’t be easily stabbed by this black sword, and Lin Ze * * seems to be very strong, and he was hit by several punches in a hurry. There is no avalanche at all. Rabine naturally doesn’t know how strong Lin Ze’s body is against frost. His punches have been greatly weakened when hitting Lin Zeshen …
I can’t do this. Rabine decided that he couldn’t save his strength. Seeing that he threw his fists at Lin Ze with a strong frost breath, Lin Ze seemed to feel the blow. He wanted to forcibly block Rabine’s fists in the dark, but when he touched these fists in the dark, Lin Ze was hit to the ground by Rabine.
Dumped his shoulders slightly numb. Lin Ze looked at Rabine with some surprise. He didn’t seem to know what Rabine had just been able to release such a big punch in an instant.
But when he looked up at Rabine again, Rabine’s whole body changed greatly. At this time, the original dark skin turned into light blue. At this time, Rabine seemed to have become an ice sculpture, and the whole body was covered with frost. The bright ice reflected dazzling sunlight, which made Lin Ze’s eyes narrow.
Is that Rabine’s card?
But this is Rabine’s own card frost armor, which is a skill that Rabine will only use when he meets an opponent with equal strength and sharp weapons that may cause harm to himself.
He doesn’t want to put energy waves in frost gloves to block Lin Ze’s dark moon attack. With this frost armor, Rabine can completely destroy Lin Ze with his own iron fists.
Seeing that Rabine showed his frost armor so quickly, animal trainer Ruuge also spoke highly of Lin Ze. He naturally knew that Rabine’s card could inspire Rabine’s card so quickly. This young filmmaker from Allard is really strong.
He knows that Lin Ze is a star shadow king, and his strength needs to be high in Birabi, but it doesn’t matter to Rabine that Rabine is a snow-capped mountain child, Lin Zeying’s soul force is even more than one level and two levels.
Rabine, who has frost armor, rushed to Lin Zechong again.
"When …"
Lin Ze Dark Moon stabbed Rabine in the chest accurately, but Rabine didn’t defend himself. Dark Moon seems to have broken through Rabine’s frost armor.
Because I didn’t know the defense force of this pair of frost armor, I attacked the place where it would be saved. Lin Ze didn’t do much defense when he stabbed out in the dark moon. However, because this frost armor completely blocked the sharp dark moon, he took a pair of iron fists with Rabine’s powerful power and slammed it on Lin Ze’s chest. Lin Ze was once again hit by Rabine.
But this time, Lin Ze’s appearance is much more than a mess.
Once, Lin Ze’s dark moon blocked Rabine’s fists, but this time, Lin Ze accepted Rabine’s fists attack on his chest!
A flush on Lin Ze’s face even if Lin Ze * * is very strong after several kinds of strength refinement, but face to face with Rabine with great power and iron fist Lin Ze still has some strength. After all, it is impossible for * * to be as strong as armor.
Watching Lin Ze fall to the ground, Rabine rubbed his shoulders and just punched his strength. Now he feels his shoulders are very weak, but with frost armor, he can finally attack Lin Ze without worrying about defense.
"Hey Lin Ze, how do you feel? Is the defense of my frost armor okay? Your black sword should be able to break my defense again. Do you have any cards? If so, it will disappoint me. "
Rabine rubbed his shoulders while watching Lin Ze fall in the snow. It seems that he is looking forward to getting up quickly in the forest …
Chapter 56 Avalanche Rabine’s strongest weapon
A smile appeared on Lin Ze’s face for Rabine’s kind taunt when he fell in the snow. Since the dark moon method broke your defense, he is a more powerful weapon! Lin Ze slowly climbed out of the snow and the dark moon disappeared instantly.
"Rabine, you don’t think you can beat me like this!" Lin Ze smiled politely, and everyone around Rabine felt a burst of heat in his hands.
A dark moon looks similar. A long red sword appears in Lin Ze’s hand. Does it still break your frost armor?
Feeling such intense flame power, the trainer Ruuge’s face changed. The flame frost is opposite, but how can Lin Zeshen’s dark shadow make the flame weapon!
Animal trainer Ruuge naturally doesn’t know that Lin Ze’s red emperor blade has the power to change the angel’s attributes.
Obese saw Lin Ze take out the red burn blade, and the power of the red burn blade is certain. She has seen it on the back of the day curtain beast …
Looking at Lin Ze’s hands constantly braving the blue flame, Red Emperor Blade Rabine is very wary of this huge flame power. So he is as confused as the animal trainer Ruuge. Isn’t Lin Ze a dark shadow? If these flames are the power of this sword, how can Lin Ze manipulate the power of flame attributes so accurately?
Rabine think impassability trainer ruuge think impassability Cecilia three people also think impassability …
However, when Lin Zeke didn’t, they introduced this frost armor that had just condensed from Rabine, which made him suffer a big loss. Now it is time for him to repay them.
Lin Ze pours the whole body dark attribute soul force into the red burn blade. It seems that he hates the climate in the snowy area of Sidon. The slender blade of the red burn blade emits a more intense blue flame.
Seeing this situation, Rabine can confirm that the flame of this red sword body can be manipulated by Lin Ze, although he doesn’t know what it is. But this flame sword can definitely bring him a great threat, and this frost armor may also block the power of this sword again.
Lin Ze corners of the mouth slightly Yang murder fluctuation has been released by him out of a few strange fluctuation seal has emerged in Linze head …
Lin Ze Jian’s body shape is disillusioned instantly. He has released the bully skill, and the Raptor is broken and chopped. Due to the fluctuation of the printing speed, Lin Ze released the Raptor and chopped very fast. When Rabine Gen didn’t respond, Lin Ze’s body shape instantly appeared in front of him.
Red burn blade like a red dragon fangs ruthlessly hit in Rabine frost armor is a Rabine, you can feel your frost armor is being red burn blade blue flame violently * * * * with cracking sound constantly into Rabine’s ear. He can feel the red burn blade blade flame blazing. Rabine’s body has also been broken by Lin Ze Raptors this time.
Lin Ze is really strong!
Rabine thought in his heart that although he was hit in the air, he had already thought about it in his heart. If he wanted to counterattack Linze and let him land, he was ready to let Lin Ze taste his iron fist again.
However, Lin Ze doesn’t seem to want Rabine to land. The Raptors cut off Lin Ze. Now the power can use four attacks, which is just the first paragraph.