I didn’t expect Mo Daolin to destroy Yuan Ying and dare to stay outside instead of returning to the sword door.

You know, Yuan Ying, a monk in Yuan Ying period, is of great benefit to many monks.
Therefore, it is often dangerous to have a baby out of body experience, only under absolute safety. Monks dare to try, for fear of being evil.
Also, if the friar hasn’t reached Yuan Ying’s later cultivation, but only Yuan Ying’s out-of-body experience, Yuan Ying can’t use many spells.
Only when Yuan Ying in the body is as big and small as this deity can Yuan Ying cast spells like this deity.
Moreover, by that time, Yuan Ying’s ability to cast spells and magical powers will be even faster, and he will also wear other wonders.
Although the other party has only one Yuan baby left, the realm is still there, and Yang Xiu can’t be careless.
Mind move, there is no intention to answer each other’s words, directly to wear a cloud cone to stab Mo Daolin’s head.
However, although Mo Daolin destroyed the flesh, his gods are still there.
Although I didn’t see the cloud cone coming, I was immediately sensed by him, and my body flashed and disappeared in the same place.
The other party’s teleport is too wonderful to come and go without a trace. Yang Xiu had to form an encirclement with Bai Zhi, the ghost king, with his back to his back, echoing each other. At the same time, God knowledge pervaded the surrounding area, and he did not dare to relax. And while on the alert, slowly move towards the place where the pool is located.
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Encounter an accident
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Encounter a reason.
The field repairman holds a bow and arrow, and points it directly at the two-leaf single tree, which is Mo Daobang and Chuan Jia, and he will not hesitate to shoot at the club.
And Bai Zhi and the prince of the devils, it is cautious alert around, dare not let each other near.
Just to Yang Xiu’s surprise, Yuan Ying just teleported, but she couldn’t escape into the void like the ghost king. Why hasn’t the other party come out for so long?
Thought of here, to the pool, can’t help but stopped.
Just then, I saw a burst of color light from the three-leaf single fruit, and the color of its three colored leaves was gradually forced from the tip of the leaf to the blue fruit.
Yang Xiu said, know that this is a symbol of three-leaf single fruit will mature, in the heart can not help but more nervous.
Suddenly, my heart moved, and I immediately sacrificed Bibaofeng to the outside world.
At the same time raise my hand a finger, Biluofeng "whoosh. 1, stopped at the top of the pool.
Then immediately pinch out a method, and the gravity of Biluo suddenly shifts.
And the demons imprisoned above Biluo Peak also overflowed together, rolling and roaring around the pool.
However, just when these ghosts were close to the pool within ten feet, they were suddenly taken out by a sudden light curtain.
And the disappearing Mo Daolin is in this light curtain! I’m staring at that trifoliate fruit that wants to ripen!
This fellow was hiding nearby!
Fortunately, Yang Xiu had a long mind’s eye, so he tried it with Biluofeng first. Otherwise, no matter how big the magical power is, he will not be able to guard against the sneak attack of the other party!
And more to Yang Xiu’s surprise, beside Modaolin Yuanying, there was a still young man lying on the ground.
Young men have the appearance of twenty-seven or twenty-eight. Regular facial features. But the xuan eyes closed, pale, with a chill.
Turns out it’s dead, just an intact body.
"Is the other party planning to have a baby?" Yang Xiu said, in the heart can not help visiting.
Mo Daolin was surprised, angry and disappointed when he realized that he had been exposed.
Make his baby face look unusually ferocious.
I saw that he immediately pulled out a magic formula and hit it on the screen.
After the curtain was moved by him, it suddenly became green and generous. And the resentment and gravity extrusion of Biluo Peak are blocked out one by one.
Yang Xiu said, hurriedly commanded Bai Zhi and the prince of the devils, and at the same time pointed his finger at Biluofeng. Suddenly, with a bang, he fell down and smashed on the screen.
However, I don’t know what kind of strange ban this light curtain is, but it is abnormal.
Although it was hit by Biluofeng every time, it turned out to be like a balloon with good elasticity. Other attack methods such as Biluofeng can only make it deflate.
And when it reaches a certain level, when it unloads the power of Biluofeng, it will be as good as ever, feeling that it is as wonderful as four or two pounds, and it is completely powerless.
Yang Xiu saw the attack for this result. Without knowing it, I frowned, so I had to let Bai Zhi and the Ghost King break the array together.
He wanted to shoot the shield with a bow and arrow, but considering that there was too much spiritual power injected into the bow and arrow. There must be a lot of noise when you shoot past.
Perhaps, the three-leaf single fruit will also be destroyed by the bow and arrow, so he decided to wait until the last minute.
See if you can break this defense by attacking with the Ghost King and Bai Zhi at the same time.
If he can’t break through the opponent’s defense by the time the three-leaf fruit is ripe, he will have to use a bow and arrow.
At that time, I didn’t care if the three-leaf single fruit would be destroyed.
After all, even if the trifoliate fruit is destroyed, it is impossible for him to release Mo Daolin and let the other person go to trifoliate fruit to increase the other person’s cultivation level.
However, a few minutes passed. The defense law arranged by the other party is really very advanced. No matter how Yang Xiubai and Zhi Wang attacked, they still didn’t suffer any damage.
Seeing that the three colorful leaves of the three-leaf single fruit are getting lighter and lighter, I feel that I will completely force the color into the fruit. Even if I don’t make up my mind, I will really be picked by Mo Daolin.
Yang Xiu helpless, a malicious in the heart, immediately put his hand in the bow and arrow lifted, aimed at Mo Daolin, no longer hesitate, immediately shot the arrows out.
He didn’t dare to wait until the elixir was mature. After all, the other party would teleport. If Mo Daolin picked the spiritual fruit when he got there, and then teleported out, it would not be worth the loss, so he attacked now.