However, the searchers of the three major guilds did not search in the direction of the Lord’s House, but slowly explored the periphery of the city. If they were not still trying to recover Yasu Town and completely solve the problem of Yasu Town, there is no doubt that they should evacuate the town now instead of staying here. Of course, they are still middle-aged elves, because he knows very well that the evil body has been sent away, that is to say, the source of evil forces has disappeared and the monsters created by evil forces need to be eliminated, so Yasu Town will return to the past, even though there may not be many people in Yasu Town at that time.

When Chen Kai appeared around the Adventurer Guild, he first saw that nature was clinging to the wall shaped by magic. Hundreds of undead and evil spirits were temple occupations and players in Chengtouji. Because of the roots of ordinary aboriginal professionals, they resisted the erosion of those evil forces. Maybe nothing will happen for a short time, but after a long time, they will be occupied by evil spirits and attack their own people.
When a group of people arrived, the evil spirits who attacked the fence found them, so unexpectedly, nearly half of the monsters turned around and rushed towards them. At the front, they were just killed by rebel soldiers not long ago, and the four evils of Yasu were killed before Chen Kai and them, Sir Gallas.
There is no doubt that he is an undead creature now, and his pale face is ferocious than the wound. Black blood is still flowing, and his chubby body exudes a strong stench. He is waving a trident that looks extremely strange in his hand. His chubby body has never been agile and rushed towards ll. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 13 Kandohart Day of Destruction (10)
"bang! ! !” With the light sound of armand musket, Sir William Gallas’ head directly turned into a piece of mud, and the handle that looked like a trident weapon fell to the ground with his body and finally stopped.
But the killing of Sir Gallas, who turned into an undead, doesn’t mean that other monsters stop. On the contrary, the undead transformed from dead soldiers and residents are coming towards Chen Kai and others at a faster speed. Almost when the dwarf musketeers are preparing for the second round of shooting, they have already rushed to Chen Kai and others, so armand and others have to retreat behind them, while the melee personnel with weapons in their hands directly step forward.
The appearance of a group of people holding high weapons made the adventurers’ association build a simple fence to observe the fighting players feel a little relieved, because they saw Chen Kai and other people emitting white light, holy and sacred power, which was absolutely the best thing for these players and adventurers, because it showed Chen Kai’s status as a professional in their temple, and when Chen Yi showed his aura, the white smoke around the fence made the adventurers feel more worried. For the adventurers and players guarding the three major guilds at the moment, nothing is more worthy of their hearts than seeing a priest with a large range of magical powers.
These adventurers and players have had enough of being afraid of the sun. Although it has only been two hours since the fighting broke out, for some adventurers, they already feel that it is like a year, because they are always facing their comrades-in-arms who are suddenly controlled by evil forces and wield weapons to attack themselves. If there is a priest or an official who has mastered a wide range of magical skills, there is no doubt that this will not happen.
However, after all, the scope of Rola Chen’s aura power is limited to maintain the low consumption level of magic. Her aura range is firmly limited to 20 meters by her, so that her magic can be maintained for a long time. After all, these evil spirits and undead living in evil forces are very difficult to destroy, and it takes less magic to destroy a wisp of evil breath. This is still when those evil forces are exposed to the air. If they are attached to the monster body, there is no doubt that Chen Yi will consume more power to destroy them.
Fortunately, Rola Chen’s magic power will not be consumed in this respect. Her aura does not bless the sacred purification aura that has great lethality to filthy creatures, but the ordinary recovery aura and the guardian aura. These auras have enveloped Chen Kai and their bodies with a faint divine force, effectively preventing the evil forces escaping from the bodies of those killed monsters from invading their bodies.
The roaring sword cut the body of an undead resident very easily, but some strange pieces of meat actually jumped out in a short time and tried to stick to the cut body. This situation reminded Chen Kai of those evil dwarves who met in the wilderness, and they also had extremely terrible self-recovery ability. Of course, those evil dwarves were supported by extremely powerful evil forces at the beginning, but these monsters are relying on their over-speed regeneration ability to recover.
Fortunately, Sir armand didn’t have the ability to shoot him in the head, or even if he blew off the other person’s head, it wouldn’t be able to make him die. These monsters with overspeed regeneration ability are undoubtedly extremely difficult to kill, because even if Chen Kaiju cuts off the other person’s stretch with his sword, even if he relies on the ability of fighting and breaking evil spirits to destroy the additional muscles of the wound, it will take a few seconds for these wounds to heal again, and the body will slowly recover in a long touch.
For these monsters, the guards in the adventurers’ association are also extremely headache and afraid, because they know that the physical contact in these monsters can not only make them have strong resilience, but also can be inserted into the target body and then erode the target guard fence. Many adventurers are players and fall into the hands of such monsters. The thought of those people being eroded by physical contact can’t help but wake up Chen Kai.
But before he could speak, these monsters with overspeed regeneration pulled out one fleshy tentacle from their bodies and attached themselves to Ll. They saw hundreds of flesh touching the wall and just wanted to make the adventurer wake up and turn into a sigh. In their eyes, Ll has been beaten to death.
But for Chen Kai, he doesn’t look at these flying meat tentacles. Chen Kai’s face flashed a trace of depression, because his mind suddenly flashed an extremely evil picture. There is no doubt that the most famous nature of the tentacle monster is’ horse monkey shochu’. Of course, Chen Kai is not a horse monkey shochu, but now he has to fight the tentacle monster, and he never wants these sticky tentacles dripping with black liquid to touch his body
Fortunately, at this time, it was Rola Chen’s magical skill that helped Ll avoid the embarrassing scene of being touched by these tentacles. When a golden breast wall appeared in front of Ll, many tentacles directly hit the surface. The huge impact force made the whole breast wall constantly shake and hit the breast wall tentacles themselves, not to mention that a large amount of dirty black liquid was directly sprayed out, which instantly discredited a large area of golden breast wall.
"It’s disgusting!" Yun looked at the black smudge and a faint expression of disgust flashed across his face. Actually, it was not only him, but everyone else felt sick when he looked at such a filthy scene. Fortunately, these smudges containing filthy power were quickly worn away in the confrontation with the sacred power attached to the surface of the sacred shield. When Rola Chen recovered the sacred shield, those flying tentacles had returned to the monster’s body.
"Quickly kill that a few tentacles blame! Old don’t want to really change’ horse monkey shochu’. "Waving a giant sword, Chen Kai quickly jumped at a monster with overspeed regeneration ability. In fact, a creature with a level of more than 60 is a very good tentacle monster. Without special spells to protect itself, this tentacle attack is impossible to prevent.
"good! Keep it so that you don’t become a’ horse monkey shochu’ "Waving the ruling blade feather, quickly waving the ruling blade, the sharp blade evolved in his hand, and waves of knives were cut again and again in these tentacle monsters. When he attacked a tentacle monster with a human appearance, the body collapsed. Every cut wound had a lot of meat tentacles crawling there, trying to make the body heal quickly, but obviously ll will never allow this to happen. The spellcasters quickly put their hands ready to cast spells behind these tentacle monsters.
The magic power made these monsters drop their health points and finally did not recover quickly again. Finally, when everyone joined forces to attack the tentacle monsters with strong regenerative ability, they were killed. Of course, they did not give any valuable benefits because every piece of meat was burnt and the sacred power was completely removed.
However, even if Chen Kai and his team survived all the monsters that rushed in, there was still no way to rush into the adventurers’ association because a simple defensive wall blocked their way and they wanted to enter the adventurers’ association. The only thing they could do was to wait for the fence people to throw ropes and pull them away. Of course, for Chen Kai, the five-meter-high fence was not a stop for him, because if he was willing to straighten his arms and jump lightly, he could reach the top of the wall and climb in easily.
Of course, Chen Kai won’t do that. It’s not because he is lazy, but because he needs to hold a weapon against the monsters coming towards them. Although they have cleaned up the evil spirits that lead to the adventurers’ guild, there are still more evil spirits and undead residents around him. Looking at the street, more and more evil spirits and undead residents, Chen Kai’s forehead sweat is gradually increasing, and deep down, he is worried that there will not be many living people left in Yasu Town after this disaster.
Actually, the real threat to Yasuo Town is not the mutant residents and undead around the Lord’s Mansion, but a place dozens of kilometers away from the city, where Barbat was just resting for a while. Sabinin came from the same evil breath in his body and had a special induction, which turned Sabinin into a war monster. This strange force drove Sabinin to run wildly towards Yasuo Town without Barbat’s control.
However, instead of being angry, Barbat became extremely excited because he felt two words from Sabinin’s consciousness, one word is food and the other word is the same kind. These two words made Barbat very excited to understand Sabinin’s body composition, because he knew that for Sabinin, food meant low-level evil forces were rich, while the same kind was possessed of evil spirits and evil forces constituted new monsters.
Barbat did not hesitate to turn and ordered a huge army to move quickly towards Yasu town, and it took less than an hour to reach a village on the border of Yasu town. In less than a quarter of an hour, the border village was completely in ruins.
When the village was in ruins, Chen Kai and others had been pulled into the wall by the rope of the wall adventurer, but before Chen Kai could catch his breath and follow him, Motom suddenly pulled out his weapon from his waist and rushed at a person not far away.
"Achilles, you bastard!" There is no doubt that Motom managed to escape from the Lord’s Mansion, Aceh, but at the moment, the rebel leader not long ago has been unable to find the revenge when he broke into the Lord’s Mansion. The whole person hung his head, even though Motom waved his weapon and rushed to him, he didn’t look up.
"Get up for me! Achilles, get up like a man! Didn’t you look great not long ago? Now look what has become of Yasu Town! !” Motom is very angry. Although he doesn’t know how all this happened in Yasu Town, there is no doubt that the city would not be like this at this moment if there were no rebellion by Aceris and others.
"It’s Motom! You’re not dead? That’s great! " Aceris’s eyes are far away, and the words that look extremely happy sound as if they are lifeless. Because during this period, Aceris was really in great pain, watching soldiers who followed him become enemies, but he had to wield weapons to kill them. The scene made his whole spirit collapse. Although he is alive now, he is not much different from death.
"You … you!" Looking at his face numb, Aceris Motom was extremely depressed. He really wanted to teach each other a hard lesson. But at the moment, he looked at each other with a sword in his hand, but he couldn’t cut it off.
Llewellyn looked at Aceris squatting on the ground and sighed, then walked towards the Adventurers Association. However, at this moment, the Adventurers Association has become an injury camp, and the injured adventurers are here to take over the treatment. Chen Yi and Wang Feifei joined them soon after their arrival and became one of the main treatment personnel.
Of course, Chen Kai came in not as an assistant, but to look for Nero Aria and others. However, after he toured a circle, he did not find any traces of elf wizards and saw Hillan, president of the Adventurers Association who was resting against the counter.
"President Hillan, I think we need to talk!" Chen Kai went straight to the middle-aged elf. Although he looked at each other’s tired figure, he was a little reluctant, but he had to ask each other in order to find out the source of the matter.
"It’s baron Berkner! Sorry, I fell asleep because I was too tired! " The middle-aged elf sighed gently and then slowly reached out and motioned ll to follow him to the second floor.
"I know your purpose! Baron Berkner, but I want to tell you that this is an accident that no one wants! " Hillan sighed, and to tell the truth, he regrets his mistakes more and more now, but since the mistakes have been made, the only thing he can do now is to make up for them as much as possible.
"What’s the accident? Where’s Nero Eluge? What? They are not here! " Chen Kai saw that some experience had been suddenly added to his experience tank, which showed that he had deliberately completed a source of change in Yasu Town, but Chen Kai did not want this in his heart like a depressed middle-aged elf.
"They have left here! As you know, the evil spirit body was sealed in Nero Ai Lou in the world of Ness, and the evil spirit body seal was broken again, but Nero Aria had no power to seal it, so I had to help, but we didn’t expect that a ray of power escaped from the evil spirit body at the moment of opening the seal and re-sealing, which caused this tragedy! " Slowly pick up the glass in front of you and pour the wine into your mouth. The spicy wine makes the middle-aged elf look extremely rosy, but the face is depressed and painful, but it is still extremely clear.
"Alas ~ ~" Listening to Hillan’s words, Chen Kainai sighed. Although the other party hasn’t said the reason why Nero Aria and others left, Chen Kai has guessed a large part of these reasons. The most important point is to protect the evil body carried by Nero Aria. Because God knows if those evil forces who escaped will create monsters and rob the things left in Nero Ai, so it is the best solution to prevent Nero Aria and others from leaving.
When Chen Kai left the Adventurers Association, he sat in the Hillan office for nearly half an hour. Of course, he didn’t drink elf wine, but he was thinking about the situation in Yasu Town at the moment. There is no doubt that Yasu Town is extremely dangerous at the moment, but it is also full of opportunities for players. Actually, if you look at the forum, you can see that many players are shouting that people here don’t want to get rich quickly.
Actually, Chen Kai and others actually searched some residential houses along the way, but they didn’t find much money because Yasu Town is not a rich city. Although there are still rich families here, it’s a pity that Chen Kai and others are not there. At the moment, there are two roads in front of Chen Kai and them. The first one is naturally the safest, and the second one is a little dangerous, that is, staying in Yasu Town to clean up the monsters in the city. Relatively speaking, the latter one has higher income, although it is not necessarily experienced, but it can get some money, while the former one is undoubtedly the safest.
Of course, when Chen Kai made a decision, he didn’t know that Barbat was taking thousands of dark knights and two war puppets at the moment. They had seen Sally, a white-boned dog, and moved quickly to Yasu Town for dozens of kilometers. It took them almost two or three hours to get there at a speed close to running.
Once they arrive, it will definitely be a disaster for the defenders and lucky people in Yasu town, because there is not much power in Yasu town to fight against the powerful forces in Barbat’s hands. The most important thing is that there is a Sabinin in Barbat’s hands, and its arrival is the biggest disaster. No one knows what consequences two monsters with the same evil spirit will have in the end.
The first volume Chapter 14 Kandohart Day of Destruction (11)
When the scattered sunshine is shining from the clouds, everyone thinks it should be a very fresh and comfortable afternoon, especially for the residents of Yasuo town, who should have sat at home and drunk tea comfortably. Even the hardest workers have a chance to rest for a while now, but now Yasuo town is gloomy and bleak.
Merry is a lovely little girl who is only nine years old in the eyes of neighbors. She is definitely synonymous with innocence and cuteness, but now she is a complete demon in the eyes of her parents, because she has become an evil spirit less than five minutes ago. Merry directly took out her grandmother’s heart and slapped her grandfather’s head for more than a dozen times.
This kind of thing is not uncommon in Yasuo town, especially in the initial period. Meili’s parents would never have thought that their children would have such a terrible scene, especially when they saw Meili put her grandmother’s heart in her mouth. The only feeling was that the sky was falling, and Meili’s mother almost fainted on the spot. Fortunately, they were much luckier than others. Just after Meili ate her grandmother’s heart and slowly turned to her parents, the door was kicked.
"mom! What is this? Breaking the door is so fragile! " Zhao Tiezhu patted the scattered sawdust on his leg armor, and then pushed the broken wooden door thoroughly. Of course, the pushed wooden door soon fell to the ground in crunch one, and finally a large piece of dust was photographed.
Of course, Zhao Tiezhu’s move was very easy to attract the attention of turning into a monster. Meryl looked at the little girl Zhao Tiezhu, who had turned into a monster in front of her eyes, and there was a pity in her eyes. But soon, he turned pity into a shield in the hands of the ruling. He patted the little girl on the body very quickly and directly took the other shield out of the room.
"Let’s go! If you want to live, get out of here quickly. There is always hope for people to live! " Zhao Tiezhu said to the middle-aged couple who embraced each other, relatively speaking, Meili’s parents lost two generations of relatives in one day, but at least they were still alive. However, when Meili’s mother saw her daughter being taken out of the house with a shield from Zhao Tiezhu, she suddenly remembered something. She suddenly struggled from her husband’s arms.
"Don’t kill my daughter! Please! Don’t kill my daughter! She’s not a monster! She’s not a monster! !” The piercing sound is full of sadness, but this is relatively outside the door. It’s not like humans yelling at ll outside. They will soon solve the problem of Meili who has become a monster.
When Meili’s mother broke free from her husband, the only thing she could see was her own child’s burning body. In this street, the bodies were being dragged into the fire by the numb residents, and her child was walking slowly towards the fire by her neighbors.
"no! Give me my daughter back! Give me my daughter back! ! !” Seeing her daughter’s body being dragged backwards, Meili’s mother was almost crazy, but in a moment, she was severely hugged and fell to the ground. At this time, her husband ran out and threw his wife to the ground with tears in his eyes.
"Stop shouting! Anisha! Merry is dead! She’s dead! ! !” The language full of tears floated into Chen Kai’s ears in the helmet, which made him sigh, because he had seen many things like this and watched many at the same time.
As time went by, when Chen Kai and others left the Adventurers Association area and entered the main city to search for materials, this was the first thing they encountered. They searched for lucky residents in one broken house after another, but some residents were sent away soon after being rescued, but because many residents didn’t want to leave their homes, they burned those bodies and piled them up, causing plague.
Of course, if Chen Kai knew that a group of more terrible enemies would attack Yasuo in the near future, there was no doubt that Chen Kai would definitely let these residents stay but send them away as soon as possible. Of course, because he didn’t know, he himself stayed in Yasuo Town to find some supplies in the urban area. Chen Kai did find a lot of potions in some broken shops, but of course, there were some gold coins. However, after the initial wealth, the situation was like a nightmare, because the whole town of Yasuo was full of unknown enemies and sad things.
Compared with the Meili family, they are actually lucky because many residents have few living people in their homes. The closer they get to the Lord’s House, the more the residents are affected by evil forces, especially because of the rebellion of Aceris and others. As a result, most residents hide in their homes, resulting in a family tragedy. The father died in the hands of his son and the husband died in the hands of his wife. These are not the most tragic, but they still have a chance to live. As a result, when Chen Kai and others hit a residential house, they first saw several dead people hanging from the beams. This scene was full of nai and sadness.
Of course, it is even more depressing that these residents who commit suicide by hanging themselves are uneasy even if they die. When Chen Kai wasted a lot of effort to release their bodies from the beams, they were resurrected and turned into undead. Besides preventing the plague, another important reason is to prevent them from being resurrected and turned into undead.
In the bonfire full of corpse odor, Yasu town gradually ushered in the first night after the change. In this cold night, Chen Kai found a somewhat dilapidated church, which was a glorious temple church. In this church, it was full of rich and morning light, but now the sacred power in the church has been lost, because the church was covered with black blood and scattered human limbs.
When Chen Kai and others walked into this church, they saw an abomination made of corpses among many piles of corpses. This huge abomination was made of corpses, and its huge legs looked twisted even more than of course, or its head consisted of three or four heads, and its body had several faces growing in the pile of meat. If this abomination body and limbs were merged again, there was no doubt that Chen Kai and others would spend great effort to kill it.
But now most of the limbs have been thrown into the fire, and they have also found many things in this hateful body, such as a jewel pendant that looks a little beautiful, the presiding priest of the glorious temple, the walking stick to protect the church, the knight’s helmet and weapons, etc. There is no doubt that these things have effectively explained the reasons for the collapse of the church and the disappearance of clergy in the church
"Hua!" Clear water from the well behind the church quickly washed on the polluted ground. Chen Kai slowly shook his hands, picked up the brush and scraped the ground a little. After all, this is where they sleep at night. Although it is a very dangerous period, it is always good to tidy up their living place.
"To tell the truth! Boss! I always feel Mao Mao when I sleep here! " Zhao Tiezhu slowly let go of the hammer, and the broken window in the church was simply nailed by him with the board.
"What a good Mao Mao! Even if it is a ghost, we will still kill it!" Chen Kai waved a brush stained with black blood, then rushed the bucket filled with clean water toward the ground and washed the ground with clean water, which quickly recovered. Of course, some black marks can still be seen in some places.
"all right! Hurry up and get ready for dinner! " Ll slowly threw the bucket in his hand toward the outside and hit it directly on an evil monster body that appeared at the entrance of the church. The huge impact force made it involuntarily lean back, and then the weapons in everyone’s hands quickly greeted it. In the past, those residents who were huddled in the corner of the church did not take part in the battle because they knew that they could not help at all.