Han Long asked a young man with yellow hair, "Who are you hanging out with?"

The young man held his head high and said, "We are with Brother Lei."
"Fuck your mother, which brother Lei has more?"
"Fuck Big Brother Kong Lei" shouted the young man, staring.
Han Long pie mouth said "hole a fucking b ray old haven’t heard of you fuck what fuck? I’ve been waiting for JB for more than a year. Which is your turn to fuck? "
Han Long brought the two men in and surrounded them all. Zhu Feng smiled and said, "Take these four SB away and don’t dirty the classroom."
"Come on, take it away," Han Long said with a pie mouth.
Those young people were subdued and taken out of the teaching building after a few rebellions. When they saw four Mercedes parked outside, they all panicked and thought, "Today is the day when I provoked the Lord."
Han Long looked at the two people and scratched his head and said, "If I had known so many people, I would have got a truck. It can’t hold so many people."
"Just keep these four people, don’t let them go," Zhu Feng said.
He walked up to the young man and said, "Go back and tell your brother Lei that my name is Han Long. These four animals provoked my brother and I took him away."
When everyone heard him, they nodded in panic and heard beans several times. This person didn’t expect that the boss was n grades behind them, let alone himself. We played firecrackers and people played grenades.
"Go away," said Han Long, motioning with his hand.
When everyone heard what he said, they ran away with joy for fear that they would run slowly and be shot to break their legs.
Now several people are surrounded by watching students, some of whom are secretly pointing fingers at Zhu Feng.
Zhu Feng waved and said, "Take the four of them with the car."
At this time, the four men stared at the car door desperately and didn’t let a few people beat the car door. When Han Long saw his door, he kicked their knees and cursed "Fuck me, I let you stare at me, I let …"
Then a National People’s Congress shouted, "Zhu Feng, are you? What are you doing? "
Hearing someone calling himself, he turned his head and found that the speaker was his former squad leader, Lao Geng Zhu Feng, who stopped Han Long’s move, and then smiled and said, Mr. You Huang, it’s been a long time. Won’t I come back to visit an alma mater? "
Lao Geng said seriously, "Zhu Feng school is a last resort except you. Don’t be embarrassed."
Zhu Feng quickly interrupted her words, "SOP Miss Huang beat my girlfriend yesterday before I came to find them and the school without any money. I can’t let them die if you look at your face."
Lao Geng felt that she was able to save the day and nodded and said, "Just don’t make trouble. I’ll go first." She turned and left. She was still thinking about a good child, so she was ruined by the underworld.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen A tooth for a tooth
Just sent Lao Geng away and suddenly two police cars went straight to the crowd. After several police cars, they were very old-fashioned and shouted, "Who is making trouble in school?" Is there any public morality? "
"Brother Han, why are you still competing with the students?" The policeman saw Han Long here and hurried over to say.
"Captain Li, these four men beat my brother’s girlfriend. We were just about to take them to the police station when you came." Han Longkou said, thinking that if there were not so many people present, the old man would not care about you.
Captain Li knew that he was giving himself a face in front of everyone, but he was still flattered and quickly said to the people behind him, "Take these four people back."
Zhu Feng said at this moment, "I still have some things to find these four people to do and go home with you."
Han Long turned to the people behind him and muttered a few words. Then a group of people left the school and left two people with him. He said, "Come on, I’ll go with my brother."
A Mercedes-Benz was caught in the middle of two police cars and went to the police station. When everyone saw that they had dispersed after leaving, Zhu Feng’s former classmates saw that he was chatting now. "This buddy is really awesome now, and even the police can’t control it."
"Yeah, look how overbearing he was just now."
Li Qian and his roommate saw what happened, and one of them said, "I don’t believe he was sweeping the street."
"It seems that his girlfriend was hurt. I don’t know who it is?"
"He just looked so handsome."
Li Qian hasn’t spoken, thinking that he should go and see Jin Caiyi sometime. Do you know if she is hurt seriously?
Zhu Feng sat in the car and said to Captain Li, "Let’s put the five of us in one room for a while, and you will be in the trial later."
Captain Li didn’t know where he came from, but Han Long called him a brother and he was absolutely not to be taunted. He nodded and said, "Don’t make too much noise or we will be difficult."
When we arrived at the police station, several policemen took four stupid people in a single room, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. One of them said, "It’s a good thing we weren’t taken away by those people, otherwise we couldn’t even find the bodies. I felt that the police station was a good place for the first time."
No sooner had he finished talking than Zhu Feng came in. When four people saw him coming in, they panicked and stepped back. When the policeman closed the door, one of them was so scared that he almost didn’t sit on the ground.
Zhu Feng walked up to the four men and asked, "Do you know what I have to find you?"
"Eldest brother, if we are wrong, please spare us." One of them begged with trembling.
"Even if you hit me, what are you still like a woman throwing a bench?" As soon as Zhu Feng asked, he grabbed the chair and threw it at Jin Caiyi. He said, "It’s a good thing you didn’t hit my girlfriend, otherwise I will pay you back ten times and one hundred times."
The young man was hit by a bench and lay on the ground. It took a while to get up and nodded stupidly. Zhu Feng said to another person, "Why don’t you hit the chair on the table? There’s a wooden brazing rod stuck in my girlfriend’s body. "Then he took out a handful of wooden brazing rods from his pocket, two of which were enough.
When the man saw Zhu Feng’s hand, he hurried back and panicked, saying, "Brother, I really didn’t mean to. It was an accident. Your girlfriend didn’t have a wooden drill. It was another woman."
"Fuck, they are both my girlfriends." After that, Zhu Feng tied the wooden drill to his arm. Unfortunately, he turned back and tied it directly to his ass.
Zhu Feng ignored him and said to the other two, "I smashed two benches and you smashed four benches. Let’s just forget it. If you finish fighting, I will run away. Maybe I won’t find you. Don’t touch others when fighting. Women are not like men at all."
Four people are passive and Nuo Nuo nods.
"Come on, you hit me, so forget it. Goodbye, everyone. How do the police handle you? It’s not within my jurisdiction." Then he went to the door and knocked on the door. He saw a policeman knocking on the door. Zhu Feng said, "This little brother accidentally made a wooden drill and his ass bled. He had to be sent to the hospital to be bandaged."
The policeman looked at him and then smiled and thought that the young man asked, "Did you accidentally?"? If it’s him, tell me we’ll do business. "
"I accidentally sat in the chair. Didn’t you see that the stool fell down?" The young man said with a wry smile, he thought to himself that if I told you that he had done this to you, I would have to let him torture me. Do you think I’m stupid?
Zhu Feng walked out of the room and suddenly saw a policewoman with a camera brain running fast. He smiled and said, "Comrade, help us take a picture."
The policewoman looked at him doubtfully and walked into the room. Among the four young people who could not smile bitterly, she saw her colleague nod to herself. She quickly pressed the shutter twice. Zhu Feng took the camera and took a picture of the young man with a broken ass. He smiled with satisfaction and put it in his pocket. YY thought that I was so talented in photography.
After seeing Han Long, Zhu Feng said with a smile, "Brother Han has been busy with my business for a noon. Don’t say that there is no time or my brother will feel guilty."
Han Longxiao smiled and put his arm around his shoulder and walked to the car. Zhu Feng and he and his two hands asked for a dish, two bottles of Maotai and Zhu Feng excused himself from being sick and asked for two bottles of beer. Han Long also learned from Lin Kunlun that he did drink it and went to the hospital for gastric lavage, and he didn’t force the four of them to blow it for more than an hour before eating. At the end of the meal, Zhu Feng specially went to the bank to get 10 thousand yuan. He took it out and said, "Brother Han doesn’t have much money. Take it and buy cigarettes for his brothers."
"What are you doing? How can I charge you for such a trivial matter? Who wants arms and legs when talking to me later? Take back the money quickly. "Han Long refused with a smile.
"Don’t help my brother so much. I’m embarrassed. Take this and buy cigarettes for my brothers. If you don’t want too few brothers, I’ll send them to you again."
"Alas bro and I mention it? I’ll keep the money. If you want it, I can be anxious with you. "
Zhu Feng nodded with a smile. He felt that it was worth spending this 10,000 quick money. After Han Long sent him back to the company, two hands left Zhu Feng and walked into the company. They found that there were 7-1 people around each designer.
Jin Caiyi saw him come in and said, "Why did you just get back? Didn’t cause anything? "
"I this good citizen can make what matter? Why are there so many people today? "
"Phoenix owners left at noon. This is the second batch. Up to now, 9 owners have paid the first payment. In the afternoon, Fenghua Group Liu Jingli brought three project managers. They have many workers in charge of the construction. They guarantee that there will be no quality problems on the construction site. If there is any problem, they are willing to compensate for everything. I have signed a contract with them and asked them to go to the owner’s home to sign the bill yesterday. Liu Jingli also brought five project supervisors who are responsible for supervising the construction of workers and the quality of materials. If there is a problem, they will also compensate for the loss. The monthly salary is 5,000 yuan. Many of our materials are ordered from manufacturers, and some materials are sent to Siyu by camel to talk with an engineering supervisor. "
"Wow, you’re amazing. Did you do so many things in one afternoon? Is Siyu’s arm okay? " Zhu Feng was surprised to think that this woman is really amazing, and now she has nothing to do with herself, so she will help to fix it.
"Nothing is just a small wound. I ate with chopsticks early today. Oh, by the way, the owner didn’t pay the project payment yesterday and paid the deposit this afternoon. I have already returned the money to them. This is the account." Jin Caiyi said and took out a chapter form and handed it to him
Zhu Feng nodded at ease. "Don’t work too hard if you don’t watch it. Don’t worry about the rain. Why don’t you come to work and help me?"
"Ha ha, she said later that she would quit her present job and come to help you. I said I couldn’t do it. Let her talk to you."
"ah? Come and help without pay? What the hell is this girl doing? " Zhu Feng muttered something and then said to Jin Caiyi, "I’ll go upstairs first. Don’t tire yourself."
Jin Caiyi smiled and nodded his head with happiness.